People for the American Way (PFAW) is a group founded by Norman Lear, although it is run by Michael Keegan. I’ve met Norman Lear. I had a long one on one meeting with him after 9/11 when he had gathered some celebrities to read America’s Constitution and founding documents at events in several cities. He was overflowing with patriotism at the time but I think he and his group is very misguided now. PFAW sent an email to their members for Martin Luther King day that I had to respond to. They started with the above quote that begins with, “It’s a dark day in our nation when high-level authorities will seek to use every method to silence dissent.”

The email went on to talk about “….the ascendant Right Wing movement’s reliance on lies and propaganda….”, and “America’s commitment to the truth is already being put to the test, and in the days ahead, the preservation of free speech and expression could be challenged like never before.”

I can’t allow this sort of hypocrisy to go unchallenged. Who’s been silencing dissent? Liberals! Why does Mr. Lear think it’s necessary for Conservatives in Hollywood to have a secret group? In Hollywood you can’t let people know you’re a Conservative if you want to work. And it’s gotten worse over the last eight years. Look at the treatment of a celebrity who speaks even neutrally about Trump. If they say we need to respect the office and give him a chance, they will be threatened and intimidated into apologizing. Look how Steve Harvey was treated. I’d be curious how many of the celebrities who turned down the invitation to perform at Trump’s inauguration did so because they were afraid.

It saddens me that someone I respect like Norman Lear, and whom I believe loves America, is so wrong. I sent the following letter to his organization.

Dear People for the American Way,

Yes, The truth must be told. You are suggesting that you are the defenders of the truth. Can you name one Liberal who has been silenced or lost their job in the last eight years? Who has actually been silenced? Who has been demonized and called racists, homophobes, bigots, etc.? The truth is, Conservatives.

Let me give you some examples of what you say is “truth”.

“Trump insulted an ENTIRE race of people”. No, he didn’t. He said along with good people, “some” illegal aliens are rapists and murders”. He didn’t say ALL. Do I need to provide a link to him saying it?

“You can keep your doctor and/or your plan”. Do I need to provide a link of Jonathan Gruber saying they had to lie to get ACA passed? Or stats on how many Middle Class families are paying over $1000 a month with $12,000 deductible and can’t keep their doctor? And can’t afford to pay out of the pocket for doctor visits because they are paying so much for insurance. Why is there no sympathy for these people?

“Benghazi was caused by a spontaneous protest to a video”. You and I both know the WH and the Pentagon have real time contact to anywhere in the world and knew from the beginning it was a terrorist attack.

“I heard about Fast and Furious when you did”. Yeah, right!

“The IRS did nothing wrong”. Ask Catherine Engelbrecht, Ben Carson, Karen Kenney, and the many more people harassed by the IRS.

“Shovel ready jobs” —– “Weren’t so shovel ready” Can you name any crumbling bridges replaced with the stimulus money? Where did it go? Do you know?

“The Iran deal will prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons” How? We just gave them the means to do it.

“There is no voter fraud”, If you believe that I’ve got a lovely bridge for sale. I worked on the Voter Integrity Project to verify the voter roles. We identified THOUSANDS of dead people who voted as well as thousands of single-family home addresses with 20, 30, 40 or more registered to vote there. We gave the information to the registrar’s office before the 2010 election. Dead people are still voting.

“Voter ID suppresses the minority vote” There is no evidence of that and voter ID is just smart. Even the UN couldn’t believe we didn’t require voters to prove who they are. If you really believed voter ID’s were as bad as you suggest, why don’t you demand unions stop requiring them for their elections?

“Illegal aliens can’t vote” OF COURSE THEY CAN AND DO! Without California’s vote (increased by illegal immigration to a now permanent Democrat majority state) Trump won the popular vote by 3 million.

“Common sense gun laws” are NOT. They only take rights from law abiding citizens. Do you really think criminals will take their friends to get a background check if they want to give them a gun?

“Gun free zones protect you” No, they make people targets. We are NOT giving up our guns. You need to accept that.

“Man is causing Global Warming” The TRUTH is that man has little effect on climate. None of the climate models have come close to being accurate and none of the predictions have happened. We have natural warming and cooling periods caused by activity on the sun. We certainly don’t need to spend trillions, ration energy and kill our economy for something we have little effect on.

“97% of scientists say man is causing Climate Change” That claim has been proven wrong. 31,000 scientists (just in America) signed a petition saying whatever effect man has is minimal. That is certainly more than 3%.

“Trump is an illegitimate President” No, he isn’t and you know it. You say it (you also said it about Bush) just to keep the rank and file Democrats upset and angry. This is not a “democracy” it’s a “REPUBLIC”….and for GOOD reason. This wasn’t the first time a President won the electoral vote but not the popular vote.

“Russians hacked the election” I have yet to see proof the Russians had any effect on the election. I have yet to see people come forward and say they changed their vote because of the emails. Yes, Russians hacked us, so has China, Korea and others and our government KNEW about it and did NOTHING. But why don’t you talk about what was IN the emails (that aren’t in dispute). If the emails didn’t show the level of corruption, the fraud, and the utter disrespect for minorities of the leaders of your party, there would have been nothing to see. How do you claim to hold the moral high ground when you see what was in the emails?

I could go on with other examples of the “lies and propaganda” from the Left, but I’m sure you get the point.

You talk about being tolerant, inclusive and leveling the playing field but your actions prove otherwise. You are NOT tolerant of Conservatives or inclusive of a difference of opinion. When was a Liberal not allowed to speak on a college campus? The electoral college DOES level the playing field. It prevents the large urban states from imposing their will on the small rural states. Aren’t you always defending the minorities from the tyranny of the majority? Well, THAT’S what the electoral college does but you are calling for it’s repeal…..which would THEN allow the majority to rule the minority.

If you want to know why Trump won, besides you having the most corrupt, unlikeable candidate in history, your email is an example of why. We are tired of being lied to. And we’re tired of you claiming you have the moral high ground. You don’t.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. tbdancer says:

    I am sharing this column with everyone I know (who is still speaking to me) who is a liberal. A friend of long standing who is three months older than I (we are both in our 70s) was one of the women who went from Stockton CA to SF to March Against Donald Trump. Not sure if she wore one of those idiotic pink hats or called herself a pink “p*ssie” as did many of the women, but she was upset that she was no longer in the party of power. We have never agreed politically–when I’d complain about something like my teachers union dues going to support a liberal, her reply was always “That’s just the way it is.” Or she’d take great pride in telling me we canceled each other’s votes. However, when I asked her why she wasn’t as upset with Obama when he referred to his bowling score as on the par with Special Olympics (or protested against Slick Willy when he was actually DOING the things that angered her when Trump just SAID them) she has stopped all communication with me. My reaction to that is, “That’s just the way it is.” Perhaps she will “get over” the November 7 election and see (at her advanced age) what I have known all my life–that Liberalism is a mental disorder and that their reliance on FEELINGS always flies in the face of the FACTS. Do keep up the good work. I LOVE your blog.

  2. Thank you so much. Paying union dues against your will shouldn’t be “the way it is”. Not in a free country. ESPECIALLY, when they go to fund the party that goes against our Constitution.

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