For the first time in my adult life, I’m ashamed of my gender. Come on, ladies, vagina hats?

Watching shrill, whinny, vulgar women dressed like vaginas made me cringe. What, exactly, were they marching for? When reporters asked them they didn’t seem know. Some said equal pay, whatever that means. Some said for “women’s rights”. Apparently, they don’t know under the Constitution we all have the same rights. I don’t know what “rights” they are being denied. Mostly, it seemed they were marching for the “right” to kill their unborn babies up to and including birth.

Whatever they thought they were marching for, dancing around in vagina suits and pussy hats didn’t bring dignity or respect to the cause. ….or, do I believe, sympathy. It appeared the celebrities that spoke were Liberals just furious Trump won. And they used vile, vulgar language to express that anger. Madonna dreams of blowing up the White House, Ashley Judd is a “NASTY woman”, and my favorite was Donna Hylton, a woman who kidnapped, tortured and killed a gay man. Now there’s a role model. http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/26/womens-march-featured-speaker-who-kidnapped-raped-and-tortured-a-man/

The argument for “equal pay” really annoys me. First and foremost, because it’s none of the government’s business what private businesses pay their employees. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the government to micromanage businesses. And second, what makes anyone think some government bureaucrat, who has never worked in the private sector or owned a business has the ability to decide what equal pay is or how to achieve it? Women make employment choices for very different reasons than men do. Women have very different needs and goals. But there are SO many examples of women making more money than men. Do they want to lower their incomes to equal men who make less? After all, if “equal pay” is the goal, that’s what would need to happen. To keep saying women make $0.72 for every dollar a man makes is purposefully dishonest.

There are “jobs” and there are “careers”. Many women chose to have a “job” because they have a husband and children and want to have regular hours and no demands on their free time. Others are just as ambitious and driven as men and seek careers. Women who work on commission can make as much or more than their male counterparts. Women and/or men who own businesses make as much as their business generates. The highest paid actress in Hollywood was complaining that she didn’t get paid what the men made in the movie that won her the Academy Award. It was her THIRD movie and one of her co-stars was a movie icon with decades of blockbuster movies and seven Academy Award nominations besides hundreds of other awards. Why would she be paid the same? Even by government civil service standards, the icon had seniority and would still make more. Actors are employees and are paid a salary based on many factors. However, Hollywood is where MANY women make more than men AND have more power……even decades ago. Mary Pickford started United Artists. During the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s television was dominated by Desilu (Lucille Ball) and MTM Productions (Mary Tyler Moore). Those companies produced the top rated television series of the era. How do you factor those women in the “equal pay” argument?

Are there women who are making less than men in comparable jobs? Sure. Sometimes there are valid reasons for it, sometimes not. I believe salaries, bonuses, and promotions should be based on merit. We’ve all seen what happens with civil service jobs where pay is based on seniority. If someone who comes early, leaves late, works hard, and comes up with better ways of doing things is paid the same as someone who does as little as possible, eventually, the hard worker will stop working hard. There is nothing more motivating than self interest. When promotions and raises are based on seniority there is no motivation to do anything but show up.

This movement on the Left to keep people feeling victimized, discriminated against, envious, angry and resentful is not going to end well. There isn’t a person alive who can’t give you and example of times they were treated unfairly, discriminated against, bullied or worse. If we look for injustice, we can certainly find it. Life isn’t fair and no amount of government intervention can make it fair. I have found it infinitely more productive to focus on what I can do to improve an unfair situation rather than obsess on the unfairness. Successful people I’ve observed, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, haven’t spent time lamenting their circumstances but focused on the goal. It is my observation that people determined to succeed, DO. But instead of encouraging women to think outside the box, they are encouraged to obsess on real or imagined injustices.

Is English Prime Minister Theresa May, not a woman? Margret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Eva Peron, Indira Gandhi, and the more than a hundred women who have lead countries, are they not women? What can’t women do? Especially, in this country? Can they dress as they like? Can they go to college and study whatever they want? Can they drive a car? Can they travel without an escort? Can they marry or not marry?

Wasn’t feminism about women taking responsibility for their lives? Not needing men? Accepting the consequences of their own actions? They are pro-choice! They demand to choose what to do with their bodies. Well, yes, but let’s examine that for a moment. There are MANY choices they have before choosing abortion. There is the choice of using birth control (free now), there is the choice to abstain (oh, horrors), and there are three months to choose whether or not to abort. In my opinion, if you are sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant, it is irresponsible not to use birth control and I don’t know why the rest of us should pay for your irresponsibility.

I don’t know where the fear that ALL abortions are going to be banned comes from (well, yes I do) but there is no serious movement to ban abortions in the first trimester. There ARE, however movements to ban late term abortions and despite what the media and Liberal pundits would have you think, most of us are for that. Polls show most of us believe once there is a heartbeat, there are two people whose rights need to be taken into consideration.

As for me, I love being a woman. I believe women hold the power if they know how to use it. I’ve never believed women couldn’t achieve anything they were determined to achieve. I don’t need or want the government to fight my battles for me.

But these feminists who don’t need men and want to make their own choices were marching last week to demand Uncle Sam pay for their birth control, their abortions, their maternity leave, their childcare and more. That doesn’t sound very independent to me.

Sorry, ladies, please don’t assume you speak for me. You embarrass me.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Liked the column, To paraphrase a Seinfield episode. “No pussy hat for you!”

  2. I didn’t read your comments and deleted it. I have asked you to stop using MY blog to spout your Liberal BS. And I will delete any further comments you post.

    Sorry, but it’s OBVIOUSLY NOT the Democrat party that believes in science. Nothing the supposed experts have predicted have happened and none of the computer models have even been close to the actual events. My non-profit is bringing Dr. Willie Soon to speak this week. He is an astrophysicist and one of the scientists responsible for the “Petition Project” that 31,000 scientists signed saying if man has ANY effect on climate it is minimal. Unless there are 9 million climate scientist 31,000 is clearly more than 3%…..especially when the 31K are only from America. There are far more world wide. That’s ANOTHER lie the Left continues to repeat. 97% of scientists DO NOT agree man is causing global warming.

    The Democrat party has revealed how UN-intellectual they are. They can’t tell the truth when it’s written in front of them.

    You Liberals need to GROW UP and accept YOU LOST!


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