I’m on Norman Lear’s “People For the American Way” email list. Watching their heads explode is entertaining but every once and a while I just have to respond to what they are saying. Their recent missive said they were “fighting against Trump Republicans’ all-out assault on our constitutional rights and values – – the American Way.” They wouldn’t know what was Constitutional if it bit them and when did supporting Islam become the “American Way”?

The subject line of their email was, “CORRUPTION, EXTREMISM, LAWLESSNESS – WE CAN’T STOP FIGHTING”. The following was my reply:

Really? Do you have ANY ability to self-examine?

Corruption on the Right?? Did the Right conspire to ensure Bernie Sanders couldn’t win? Did the Right bus people to vote in different districts? Did the Right say you could keep your doctor and your plan? Did the Right go on five television shows to say Benghazi was caused by a video when they knew it wasn’t? Does the Right pay people to silence Conservative speech? Did the Right send debate questions to the candidate and indignantly deny it…..before admitting it? Did the Right set up an UNSECURED private server for the State Department putting classified information in danger and delete emails? The DNC is so corrupt Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to resign. Do you really not know why you lost the House, Senate & White House? Or elections across the nation, Governorships, legislatures, etc?

Extremism? Since when did supporting the Constitution become “extreme? Since when did the Free Market become “extreme”? Since when did free speech become “extreme”? When did our sovereignty become “extreme”? When did not wanting our children indoctrinated become “extreme”? Telling our children there are more than two genders and gender is fluid is “extreme”. Taking away parental rights is “extreme”. Calling people who believe marriage is between a man and a woman (something the entire world believed for 2000 years) homophobes is “extreme”. Calling people who recognize Islam is not compatible with our culture Islamophobes is “extreme”. Calling people who want stop illegal immigration racist bigots is “extreme”. The Right doesn’t call people who disagree with them racist bigoted Islamophobic homophobes. They don’t silence people, they don’t harass sponsors. No, it’s the Left that is beating people with bicycle locks, burning cars & businesses, silencing people, and threatening to boycott sponsors unless they take Conservatives off television. THAT is “extreme”.

And Lawlessness? Where did the Constitution give Obama the authority to grant amnesty to illegal aliens? Didn’t he say 22 times he DIDN’T HAVE THE AUTHORITY? When were the laws against illegal immigration changed? I must have missed that. But it’s the Left (YOU) who is insisting we ignore our immigration laws. You who want Sanctuary Cities. That is the very definition of “lawlessness”. Where does the Constitution allow you to ignore laws you don’t like? Obama illegally made recess appointments. Invoked “executive privilege” to prevent investigation into Fast and Furious (that unlawfully allowed American guns to go to Mexican cartels). Obama changed rules regarding intelligence and unlawfully unmasked American citizens to allow the leaking of classified information. Congress passed (in bipartisan vote) DOMA, marriage is between a man and a woman, but Holder said he wouldn’t enforce it. Where does the Constitution give the DOJ that authority? How legal was it for the last DOJ to meet with Bill Clinton while his wife was under investigation? It’s the Left that supports Sharia law being recognized. Where does the Constitution allow two Rules of Law? Please explain how you support Sharia Law that gives women NO rights while supposedly fighting for women’s rights. Leftist Judges are actually helping illegal aliens avoid the law, where does the law authorized Judges to do that? Two illegal aliens raped a 14 year old girl but no charges were brought against them. When did rape become legal? I believe sex with a minor is illegal even if it’s consensual. It is the Left that is lawless.

You are projecting. You are accusing the Right of what the Left does in spades. You are harming this country and causing more division with your “extreme” claims. You need to do some “extreme” soul searching.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Jack Remington says:

    Yes! How correct this Blog Post is! I am also stunned to find out that California voted one woman one man TWICE and somehow the voices of the people were ignored, and now we have grown men shaving in the girls’ restrooms. Bruce Jenner’s dog is now his cat. Even Canada got into the act, threatening to take away children if they are not taught “gender-neutrality”. If my father was alive, he would be in jail over this mickey-mouse Godless, unconscionable misconduct. Yes, misconduct, because that what all the Left’s garbage is. The Courts allowing minority rights starting with the Atheists’ Madelin Murray with the stopping prayers in public schools. Oh, don’t get me started on what the schools are teaching our malleable children. When I went to school, George Washington chopped down that cherry tree, lied about it, but then confessed. Still punished despite confessing, the lesson was learned: integrity must be constant and take your mistakes with the punishment like a good American. Today, George Washington would be run out on a rail, chumping out when he had the incident “beaten” by lying.

    We now have O.J. Simpson, who had many vendors on Venice walk selling those “Don’t Squeeze the Juice” and that man told me he made over $200,000 in three months! He tried to GIVE me a shirt as I was nice to him despite my opposite stance of the matter, I politely refused the shirt.

    Today MILLIONS of so-called Americans act Non-American. Crime is okay so long as you get away with it. Looting during riots and power outages are okay if you “have the nerve” to take chances. Lying is okay if it saves your bacon because you got yourself in a “tricky” situation. Getting young girls pregnant then leaving them with the baby is okay because she “deserved it for being so stupid”. ILLEGALS can vote in our elections because they are already here and SOME of them are working( I kid you not this female Yuppie got in my face last week with this!!) I could go on and on, but that would be a bit much.

    The Term RESPECT has been stripped away in America. Until we can figure out a way to get RESPECT back in the American way of life, the future looks, well, disrespectful.

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