Have you ever awakened from a nightmare feeling disoriented and not sure if it was real or not? That’s how I feel right now. I just left a Townhall given by Assemblymen Matt Dababneh (District 45) and Congressman Brad Sherman. It was standing room only, four or five deep.

I’ve never had a more difficult time sitting through a Townhall. I was crawling out of my skin wanting to run screaming or crying from the building. The event began with a lengthy talk from State Controller Betty Yee. She mentioned the people holding signs that said “Healthcare is a Human Right” and said she agreed. But there would need to be serious tax reform to pay for single payer healthcare. I was clearly outnumbered as the majority of the people applauded in agreement. These uninformed people want to impose the failing VA single payer system on all of us. About three quarters of the crowd were senior citizens that haven’t a clue it’s their healthcare that will be rationed, that sick people will flood into California for it’s “free healthcare” and overwhelm the system and that they will be waiting 6 months or longer to even see a doctor. And, of course, before you can say “healthcare” it will be over budget and out of control.

Controller Yee said tax reform would need to focus more on capital gains than payroll deductions. She said (and you will love this) that 40% of California’s state taxes are paid for by 7000 people. She said nothing about the other 38,993,000 paying their fair share. But she did brag about the earned income tax which gives about $6000 a year to low-income families.

She mentioned that she, Dababneh and Sherman were very opposed to Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord (to thunderous applause in agreement). She said how difficult it was to budget with the threat of the Trump administration pulling Federal funding from various programs. So, because the stock market was doing so well (why do they think that is?) they are putting money in the Rainy Day Fund as “Trump Insurance”. Again thunderous applause.

Congressman Sherman, with his permanent smirk, was up next. After 20 years in Congress, I consider him the poster boy for term limits. He congratulated Dababneh for being part of a state government that works (because it has a super majority and can run over the rest of us). He promised that the federal regulations Trump is rolling back, California will pass into state law.

He praised Dodd/Frank and promised to fight any attempts to change it because no bank should be too big to fail (thunderous applause). He fails to mention Dodd/Frank made the Big banks even bigger and denied small banks access to funds to loan small businesses. But we can rest easy, Brad Sherman is here to help. He proudly told the audience that he is sponsoring two bills, one to end Citizens United (but certainly not Union dues being used to fund Democrats) and one to end the Electoral College. Again thunderous applause.

If I wasn’t devastated enough he ended by saying never in our history, since Galileo, has science denying had such power. I’m sure he must be referring to those denying the science of gender. Gender is determined by DNA not wishful thinking.

Assemblyman Dababneh jumped up to heap praise on Sherman saying he was on the front line against the assault from the Trump administration.

He then went on to pat himself on the back for working to ensure his children will have the opportunities he had. He said he never loses sight that he works for us. He would fight against the Federal government trying to sell off our parklands to Big oil and developers (I picture Simon Legree twirling his mustache here). He is going to see that they provide more incentives for people to drive electric cars (read “force” them to). He is in full support of 100% alternative energy. (Ah, yes, instead of using and selling our ABUNDANT, CHEAP, EFFICIENT natural resources, let’s keep them in the ground and BUY expensive, unreliable solar panels and windmills that provide no income). Sadly, his children will not have the same opportunities he had if his vision is achieved.

He’s very proud that we will be having Cap and Trade and is concerned about Big farms and ranches being a greater threat to our environment than cars. As a vegetarian he thinks we should all eat more vegetables. Gee, do you think he’ll sponsor some legislation to see that we do? Why not?

One of my constant complaints at Brad Sherman Townhalls is that he doesn’t allow people to line up to ask questions. We have to have a number called or write questions on cards. This Townhall was even worse. An aide came up with cards and called out the names on the first five cards. They turned out to be either people who personally knew Dabaneh or were supporters. The first woman almost had the vapors telling him how wonderful he was. She was from Laguna but wanted to be an adopted constituent of his. Her Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, was so awful. She didn’t have a question she just wanted to breathlessly thank him. The next woman also had no question. She knew Dababneh and had asked him to sponsor the bill that would outlaw pedigree dogs from pet stores. She just wanted to thank him also. Next was a member of a union who wanted to thank him for supporting green energy that was employing him and his union members. Next was a woman who asked him to sponsor a bill to reduce bail to help people who couldn’t afford to pay it. They didn’t have time for any more “questions”. I couldn’t get out of there faster.

On the way home I tried to think why this Townhall was so different. I’ve been to nearly all of Brad Sherman’s Townhalls for the last 8 years and they were usually very contentious. People yelling at him, booing, yelling at each other. Now everyone is applauding. I realized that when Obama was President, people who belonged to the Tea Party went to Townhalls to express their displeasure with what was happening. Now that Trump is President the Left is going to express their displeasure with what Trump is doing. They don’t understand Obama was taking their liberty from them and Trump is trying to give it back.

I don’t drink, but if I did, this would be the time to have a few.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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6 Responses to PLEASE WAKE ME!

  1. tbdancer says:

    Rush Limbaugh has said many times that one cannot have a meaningful discussion with Liberals because they cannot stay on topic. The facts do not back up their beliefs or hold up under scrutiny when they state their philosophy so they resort to getting up from the table, name-calling (and urging their toady supporters to jeer and make fun) or thanking us for our “opinions” and changing the subject. They claim the best for last–“unfriending” us on Facebook. When conservatives make a point, many liberals stop the discussion by saying, “That’s just the way it is.” Nowhere to go from there. Debate stops. I feel your pain. I don’t drink either, but I’m thinking of more Libs drank, they’d feel better about their miserable lives and the misery they are putting the rest of us through having to listen to their whining and their misguided claims of being “right.”

  2. As usual, I do agree with your point of view. However as one who doesn’t live in Ca, I have to say I’m sorta hot and cold on the single payer concept being proposed. In the liberal dream world everything can be paid for with increased taxes much like my current phone bill. Four itemized pages of charges that don’t sound anything like what was agreed too by the smiling agent. What these dreamers don’t realize is the cost of this proposal will be horrific. If this bill passes, people are going to die. Talk to a veteran about healthcare. Maybe the worst thing to happen to the american healthcare was the end of the draft. The veterans are someone else’s problem. People just don’t get it. From my smug Ga. chair I can say(should this bill pass) the rest of the nation will watch in amazement at how fast this thing implodes. The question is how willing will the rest of the nation be to bail Ca. out? Trump is a long way from perfect, but he can see from any Healthcare ledger sheet that ObamaCare has failed and that is not his fault. The insurers who might be the coldest industry going are bailing as fast as they can like rats leaving a sinking ship. But maybe California can cause the Washington lawmakers to wake up and pass a suitable healthcare bill. By the way if assemblyman Dababneh is a vegetarian, it’s just a matter of time before he’s growing extra fingers out of his forehead from all the glyphosate he’s scarfing down that the farmers “don’t” use.

  3. Thank you. It’s impossible to believe people can be so dimwitted. We already have a single payer system, the VA, and Veterans are dying just waiting to see a doctor. Care delayed is care denied. Were the white hairs at the Townhall applauding for Single Payer aware that in countries with socialized medicine they would be denied cancer treatment after 70? When access to treatment is determined by the cost effectiveness based on your age, just who do they think will be rationed when the costs skyrocket?

  4. Jack says:

    Separating the world into “us versus them” is fundamental human behavior. If we could wave a magic wand and snuff out all racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, intolerance, and envy, all of these drives would return tomorrow. Humans seek to understand and manage the world around them by adopting convenient generalizations. And, of course, shifting responsibility for any and all problems to others. Thus, my lack of success is the result of a) undocumented workers taking away jobs, b) “communist” environmentalists destroying jobs with their regulations, c) liberal elites directing tax dollars to their lazy minority constituencies, d) feminists demeaning the traditional and proper roles of men…Feel free to mix and match the excuse(s) that work best. So, a political leader who comes on the scene and absolves you of responsibility for your situation, and puts the blame on somebody or something else, is always going to find followers. The educated who insist on using facts and knowledge and logic to describe the world are the enemies, because their conclusions will almost certainly disrupt the preferred thinking of the followers.

  5. What is interesting to me is that I believe you think you are describing Trump supporters when what you wrote actually describes Obama followers. It’s the Left that separates groups into victim status and tells them they can’t succeed without their help. The Right understands illegal immigration is harmful to the country in many ways, that secularism is destroying the country’s moral foundation, that “communist” environmentalists ARE destroying jobs and that liberal policies have literally plunged cities into bankruptcy, poverty, and crime, but we believe these policies can be reversed and people are quite capable of taking care of themselves. We don’t see ourselves as being victims, that’s the Liberal POV, we see unnecessary obstacles that need to be removed so we ALL can succeed.

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