Having recently traveled to Malaysia to attend the UN World Urban Forum, I’m acutely aware of how pervasive the push for One World Government is.

As World leaders continue to meet and plan how to force us into Global Governance, we need to talk about how all their plans completely ignore the Nature of Man. Cultural norms may change but human nature doesn’t.

Human beings consciously and unconsciously seek what is familiar. People are most comfortable with people most like them. It is simply the nature of man. It’s not racist or bigoted, it’s normal. The UN demands Western countries take in hundreds of thousands of “refugees” (interestingly mostly military aged men, not women, children or elderly) who don’t share Western values. They say expecting them to assimilate is bigoted and hateful. Citizens are expected to accommodate the “refugee’s” culture and in some countries legally prevented from even suggesting this is not a good idea. Citizens certainly can become comfortable with people not like them but only if those people share their values. The idea that completely conflicting cultures can live together in harmony, especially when they don’t speak the same language, is a fallacy that goes against human nature.

This is why our government requires immigrants to assimilate. Legal immigrants are required to learn the value of our form of government and how it works. They are required to learn English. It’s really not complicated. People can’t get to know each other if they don’t speak the same language. Immigrants are also required to work, which allows them to interact with other Americans. This concept is now considered racist and bigoted by Progressive politics and the media. Illegal aliens are called “immigrants” but are not required to fulfill the requirements legal immigrants are required to fulfill. We’re now told to ignore the countless examples of conflicting cultures living side by side NOT ending well. Israelis and Palestinians come to mind.

Our schools teach our children Columbus was evil for coming to America and killing thousands of Indians. Does anyone believe Columbus intended to kill Indians? Of course not. The implication from schools is that Columbus shouldn’t have come to America in the first place. This, again, ignores the nature of man. Man is a curious being. He wants to know what‘s on the other side of mountains, on the other side of oceans. He wants to know what is in the heavens and under the sea. He wants to know how things work and why things happen. That is the nature of man. Since the beginning of man’s time on earth, he has explored. The Vikings explored long before England and Spain. Island natives made canoes and sailed off to other islands. Exploration is such a strong impulse in man that he’s been willing to risk his life to go into the unknown.

American Indians were “immigrants” too. They’re descendants of Nordic “explorers” who crossed the Bering Straits. Once here some Mayan and Aztec DNA was mixed in. To demonize Columbus for discovering America is to mischaracterize history and ignore the nature of man. If Columbus hadn’t discovered America, someone else would have. While the pilgrims were settling the East Coast, Spain was settling the West Coast. We bought the Louisiana Purchase from Spain. California is more steeped in Spanish heritage than Mexican. Spanish Missions and haciendas are historical sites.

To condemn explorers for finding new lands is to suggest people should stay where they are born and never leave. The pilgrims were seeking religious freedom. Don’t the “open borders” people say we’re all immigrants and we should allow people seeking a better life (wasn’t that what the pilgrims were seeking?) or fleeing an oppressive government be allowed to just come to America unvetted. What I find fascinating is that the “open borders” people saying anyone and everyone should be allowed to cross our borders (bringing diseases not seen here in centuries if ever) are the same people saying Columbus was evil for bringing the pilgrims with diseases the Indians had never been exposed to.

I’d really like to understand how the Liberal mind works. They say we must have compassion for these angelic people fleeing oppressive governments for a “better life” in America. But at the same time they say America is a bigoted, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, evil country, so how do they expect these angels to have a “better life” here?

The idea that we can all live under One World Government ignores human nature. We don’t all want to live the same way. We don’t want the same things. To move everyone into apartments in 41 megacities wouldn’t make us live together in harmony. People would still seek groups that shared their values. Other people would form groups with conflicting values. The groups would still oppose each other. And if you didn’t want to live in an apartment in one of the 41 megacities, where would you go? If One World Government failed (and I believe it would) what would we do? The farther you are from government the less influence you have on it. To change anything you’d have to travel to all the 41 megacities and try to convince the majority to agree with you.

The difference between the Left and Right is that the Right sees people as individuals with varying desires, opinions, and goals. We’re fine with that as long as you don’t try to force your desires, opinions, or goals on the rest of us. We don’t care what you do behind closed doors. The Left sees everyone as a collective that must think alike or be forced to. They imagine they have the moral high ground and therefore those who have opposing opinions should be shunned or destroyed.

When I visited China on my way back from Malaysia, I saw first hand how One World Government would keep the 41 megacities “safe”. Civilians are under surveillance 24/7. Cameras with facial recognition are everywhere. Part of their citizens credit rating is a “social rating”. If you attend a meeting that speaks against government policies, or if you resist government policies the cameras recognize you and it will be noted in your “social rating” and your “social rating” will determine what job you get, where you live, how much you can have, what you can buy, where or if you can travel, etc.

No matter what restrictions the Globalists try to impose on the population, human nature will find a way. That’s why Global Governance can’t work. The way blades of grass find their way through concrete or rivers find their way around obstacles, human nature will find it’s way around the control imposed on it.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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