“Trump says immigrants are animals”. Everyone knows that’s not what he said. If anyone doubted the media was determined to overturn an election, this should end all doubt. But not to be deterred, the Progressives then JUMPED THE SHARK by doubling down and defending the “humanity” of MS13 gang members, whose motto is “rape, control, kill”. Seriously? They’re going to defend the most vicious, violent gang on the planet? How embarrassing was it to watch them try to justify defending MS13?

The Left’s hysteria over Trump’s election hasn’t subsided and, in fact, seems to increase as every Saul Alinsky tactic used against him fails. With each failure, the Left seems to make more and more outrageous accusations, become more hysterical and move farther Left. Even retiring CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz (another shark jumper), who said if anyone didn’t support same sex marriage he didn’t want them as customers, said the Democrats have moved too far Left for him. He said the Left is talking about single payer healthcare and jobs for all and that
just isn’t economically possible. Shark Jump! Good for him for being honest.

What is so curious to me is how quickly the Left has moved and how far. During Obama’s first term both the Obamas and Clintons said they always believed marriage was between a man and a woman. Practically overnight they enthusiastically endorsed same sex marriage, with the
media’s unquestioning support, and anyone who didn’t immediately agree was called a homophobic hater. With even swifter action, people who didn’t fall in line were punished, shunned or fired.

There can be no doubt the media’s obsession is not just to overturn an election but to make sure no outsider ever runs for President again. Since it became apparent Trump would be the Republican candidate the media, deep state and Democrat leadership have done a proverbial
anal exam on Trump and everyone around him. They have destroyed people’s lives to send a message to anyone foolish enough to work for a Republican candidate again. Don’t you wish the media had been as curious about Obama’s sealed records, the people surrounding him, his
mentor Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, his association with Bill Ayers, his sealed records, his racist remarks about his White grandmother, his sealed records, etc., etc., etc.?

In just the last decade the Democrat party has gone from believing marriage was between a man and a woman to supporting gay marriage, from staunch supporters of free speech to silencing opposing opinions, from abortions should be safe and rare to no restriction on abortions up to and including birth, from supporting Israel to supporting her enemies, from supporting law and order to supporting criminals over police, supporting illegal aliens over American workers, supporting Muslims over Christians, supporting a democracy over a Republic, supporting Communism over Capitalism, supporting open borders over America’s sovereignty. They call Conservatives anti-science while they claim you are what you identify as, not what you are biologically. Scientifically, there are two genders. No matter how someone mutilates their body or how many hormones they take, every cell of their body identifies their scientific gender. The problem exists in their head, not their body. However, the Left tells us when a man “identifies” as a woman or when White people like Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King
identify as Black, we should not believe our lying eyes….or science. In fact, if we even question it we’re called homophobic racist bigots. There’s a shark jump right there.

The Left says we now have more than a hundred genders and they are passing laws against “misgendering” people. You may not know what the hundred plus genders are but you can get fired for using
the wrong one. Shark jump!

I keep reminding people that there isn’t a single act that can’t be described as having an evil or angelic intent. Since Trump became a candidate the hair-on-fire, exploding-head media coverage is so over the top describing everything Trump does in the most negative terms, it’s
sometimes laughable. I’ll switch on CNN or MSNBC and hear “Trump is going to meet Kim Jong-un, he’s going to cause a nuclear holocaust”….”Trump called off the meeting, he’s going to cause a nuclear holocaust”. A porn star is a respected guest on every show. A PORN star!

Every night we hear Liberal talking heads repeat things we know aren’t true. They repeat and repeat Trump is a racist because he said ALL Mexicans were rapists or murders though they know that’s not what he said. Or Immigrants are animals. Or he’s a dictator or has dementia or
is stupid. They’re true believers in repeating a BIG lie often enough it becomes true. And they wonder why they’re called “Fake News”.

I’ve never seen a President or his family treated as badly as Trump’s. Can someone tell me what Ivanka did that warrants her being called the “C” word…..besides being Trump’s daughter? People on Twitter and Facebook defended calling her names and said she deserved worse. Why? Do they not know she is actually a Liberal? She arranged for Trump To meet with Al Gore in hopes Gore would change her father’s mind about climate change and she is pushing for Congress to pass PAID family leave (another entitlement we can’t afford). The Left should love her. Before Trump became President, she traveled in elite Liberal circles. Ivanka is a lovely, accomplished, intelligent wife, mother, sister, and daughter. She doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. And the party that promotes themselves as being the tolerant, inclusive, morally superior party loses credibility everyday when they shout down Conservative speakers and seek to, not just silence opposing opinions, but destroy people for having those opinions. Shark Jump!

In the Left’s ongoing kindergarten tantrum over losing the election, they have completely stopped trying to win back voters or win the debate of issues. Robert DiNero’s “F**K Trump!” tantrum is a perfect example; Or Bill Maher wanting the economy to tank to get rid of Trump; Or Madonna wanting to blow up the White House; Or the play about killing Trump; Or Whoopi Goldberg’s Trump (blowing his brains out) T-shirt: Or Kathy Griffin’s decapitated Trump head. Or any of the network and cable commentary shows. They jump the shark everyday attacking
Trump and all his supporters. Not only is their WAY OVER THE TOP, unjustified, unfair hatred of Trump not winning them any new supporters, they are so unglued they are turning moderates
and undecided into Trump supporters. Good going, guys, keep up the good work.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. tbdancer says:

    One of your BEST blog entries!! I totally agree with you about the Left turning Undecideds and Never Trumpers toward the right side of the aisle; their hysteria is also turning people who are suffering under their “pay your fair share” philosophy into people who, if they don’t VOTE Trump in 2020, will stay home rather than bring back Leftist rule. (They are seeing that when the Left is in charge, EVERYONE is wealthy enough to pay more in taxes. “Fair” has nothing to do with it). Anyway, GOOD JOB!!! I’m sharing this on my Facebook feed.

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