Let me ask you a question. In Asian countries, China, Japan, North and South Korea, North and South Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. what is the race of most or all of their leaders? Asian, right? In Latino Countries, Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Venezuela, etc., what is the race of most, if not all, of their leaders? Latino, aren’t they? What about Black countries, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Haiti, etc., what is the race of most or all of their leaders? Black? So, why is it surprising, or racist, or evil that in America, a White majority country, most, but certainly not all, of our leaders have been White?

Yes, America was discovered and founded by White men, that is simply a fact. There was no evil intent. In fact, to use today’s Liberal mantra, the Pilgrims just wanted a better life for their families. Evil certainly does exist, but it isn’t exclusive to White men. White men didn’t invent slavery. Slavery has existed as long as man has been on earth. Indians had slaves long before White men landed on America’s shores. There isn’t a race of man that hasn’t committed atrocities. Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge killing fields, where more than 1.5 million were hacked to death with machetes, wasn’t caused by White men. The Armenian genocide of 1.5 million wasn’t caused by White men. Rwandan and Darfur genocides weren’t caused by White men. Venezuela’s downfall wasn’t caused by White men. Christians beheaded, gays thrown off buildings, women stoned to death in the Middle East is happening today and none of it by White men. White men are not responsible for all the ills and evils in the world, humans of all races are and we have to push back when the social justice warriors say they are.

The other night Don Lemon said White Men were domestic terrorists. We hear college professors, Liberal pundits, and politicians talk about White privilege. Many schools teach that our country was founded by old White slave owners. We’re told America is institutionally racist and doesn’t deserve respect because America, under the leadership of White men, has been responsible for slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, Japanese interment, and many other evil acts. The implication is that Whites, primarily White men, are responsible for all the evil in the world and they need to step aside and let other races take the lead.

Don Lemon said the caravans (of illegal aliens) coming to our border are nothing to fear. He said last time few illegal aliens actually cross our border (about 1000 a day cross our border daily). Lemon needs to talk to the families of the Remembrance Quilt who have lost family members to illegal aliens. Lemon said what we have to fear are “White men radicalized to the Right”. He was blaming all the mass shootings on White men. But not a word about Black on Black shootings. More than 1400 last year in Chicago alone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJbix0XJjGg

OK, lets talk about who the White mass shooters have been. They are primarily, White men, but what they are not are “White men radicalized to the Right”. They have either been mentally ill or they have been Leftists. The Pittsburgh shooter was an anti-semite, Trump hater. People on the Right are not anti-semites. Those sentiments belong to the Left. But the media has tried their hardest to tie mass shooters to the Tea Party or someone on the Right. Remember when Brian Ross found a Tea Party member with the same name as the Colorado Movie theater shooter. Ross was almost gleeful.

But are all the domestic terrorists, as Don Lemon claims, White men? Did White men kill 3000 and injure 6000 in the World Trade Center? Did White men kill 14 at a Christmas party in San Bernardino? Or 49 in the Orlando nightclub? Or the two soldiers at the military recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas? Are the Tsarnaev brothers, who killed 3 and maimed 260 at the Boston Marathon, White? How about the man who drove a truck down a sidewalk in New York killing 8 and injuring 11? Did White men bomb children at an Ariana Grande concert in England, or kill Charlie Hebdo employees in France? How about using trucks to mow down pedestrians in Europe?

The Left keeps telling us how evil America is because of White men. Who exactly are the White men they are talking about? Who were the slave owners? Democrats. Not a single Republican owned a slave. And it wasn’t only Whites who owned slaves. Blacks did too. Who fought, tooth and nail, against the end of segregation. Democrats. Who turned fire hoses on civil rights demonstrators? Democrats. Who created the Ku Klux Klan? Democrats. Who fought voting rights and civil rights? Democrats. Who fought against Women’s Voting Rights? Democrats. Who interred the Japanese? FDR, a Democrat. So, what the Left fails to mention when they point out the evil things American has done, is that they were done by their comrades, the Democrats……while White Republicans fought against their evil deeds.

Before I end this, I want to address the claim that Trump and his supporters are “White Nationalists” aka “White Supremacists”. Where are all these White Supremacists? I’ve never met one. Have you? I know Richard Spencer is one but he is a collectivist, socialist, atheist, which is the antithesis of the Right. He might have a small following but they have no influence.

To be clear, Trump and his supporters are not White Supremacists. They don’t believe White people are better or worse than any other race. And there are PLENTY of Blacks, Latinos and Asians who are Trump supporters so how can they be White Supremacists?

We simply can’t allow the Left to continue their war on White people. How can they justify fighting discrimination and injustice by discriminating and being unjust to another race?


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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12 Responses to EVIL WHITE MEN

  1. Frank says:

    Come on Micheal…there is no “war on White People”! Quit being so angry and so goofy! If anything, the “war” continues on people of color and any reasonable person knows and understands this. Why are you so angry lately? The Right Wing won in 2016 and yet, you are still angry! Why?

    I have tried to find you as a “casting director” and am unable to find anything about you. With whom did you cast in your career? I am certainly not doubting you but it is odd that I cannot find you or Kim anywhere! Please let me know if you choose.

    With all best wishes, I am yours,


  2. Frank, how are Robert’s comments different than many of yours?

  3. Frank says:

    See Youtube; Newsroom, Tea Party, American Taliban.

  4. Frank says:

    You were duped by Robert,…but don’t worry, I am seeking to find him.

  5. Duped in what way? How is what he said any different than things you’ve said. I answer anyone who comments on my blog. I refuse to allow people to make claims on my site unchallenged.

    • Frank says:

      See? I do not “dupe” you.


      • So, he plagerized a television show, so what? I assume he did that because it said what he wanted to say better than he could say it. And isn’t it interesting that many people’s opinion of the Tea Party is based on inaccurate and perhaps slanderous Hollywood propaganda pretending to be entertainment.

  6. Frank says:


    The Tea Party started out with good intentions but now they are associated with people like Todd Aiken, Richard Mourdock, Steve King, Michelle Bachmann, Ted Cruz and now even Lindsay Graham! (all lunatics in the eyes of any reasonable person) They have exhausted their credibility and are no longer a “player” in the world of politics. Tuesday’s elections (despite the fact that you posted in an earlier blog that “there was no way the “left” would win in Tuesday’s elections) should have told you that “reason” and “sanity” are coming back. Trump is “toast.” He cannot avoid or fire Mueller and the investigation of his Russian connections…and he WILL be found guilty. (wouldn’t it be fun to watch him taken out of the White House in handcuffs?) HA! I wonder if he will wet his pants?

    Who else do you know in your life who would constantly repeat: “I did nothing wrong…there is no collusion…” All Obama simply said was that the birth certificate issue was “silly.” And…he PROVED it, Michael! (I understand you do not like his color and have indicated that in many of your blog posts) Obama did not hold an 85-minute press conference where he violated “Freedom of the Press” as Trump did yesterday.

    Just out of curiosity, what would you say if your husband would have said to you: “Michael, there is a 99% chance that I never had sex or watched golden showers in Russia?” Would you believe him?

    Why don’t you denounce the Tea Party and use your blog to bring people together? Someone needs to do it. I might as well be YOU and me! I’ll bet you get many more people to follow you. America will survive Trump just as we survived GW Bush…barely) It took reasonable minds and people to realize the Fundamental “Christian” RWNJ’s were screwing up our country. Tuesday partially proved that Michael. And there is no way you can argue it didn’t. And 2020 will be more of the same.

    PLEASE do NOT send me countless links to ANY sites that you deem to be credible. I seldom have time to read or watch them. They are not credible. Just send me what YOU think without sending the nonsense of the RWNJ websites.

    I still admire you Michael but unless you are willing to at least look at, investigate different points of view that do not agree with your set and firm beliefs…there is no way you and I can find a way to truly Make America a Dignified nation again. (please take a day or so to respond if you choose as I will be traveling again.)


    • “Hey, Michael, you unreasonable, racist, lunatic, let’s heal the division”. LOL!!!

      You might start by not calling me names. You might start by answering even a few of the questions I ask you.

      Why are you obsessed by the Tea Party? I haven’t talked about the Tea Party in years. Yes, the Tea Party, as an organization, is no longer a “player”. Not for the idiotic reasons you cite but because Conservatives have lives and jobs and families to care for and aren’t inclined to protest in the streets indefinitely. Everyone simply found more productive ways to fight for our principals. Some ran for office, some started charter schools, some worked on voter integrity, etc. Some are making documentaries, some movies. I help organize a non-profit. We’re still active, just not in the same way.

      Where did I say there was no way the Left would win in the mid-terms? Where? Show me the quote. I’ve been saying for the last year that this mid-term was the most important one in my lifetime, if not America’s. I said the Left WILL pull out ALL stops to win…..and they have. I said there will be RAMPANT voter fraud……and there has been. I never believed the Democrats WOULDN’T take the House.

      In California there are 11 counties with more votes than voting aged people. On the view some idiot man said there were more Democrat votes for Senators than Republican so it wasn’t “fair”. He neglected to mention (on purpose?) that in California, the largest population in the country, there was no Republican Senate candidate to vote for. Republicans had to vote for the lesser of two evil Democrats so millions of those “Democrat votes” were teeth gritting Republicans.

      BTW, there is a video of me on Facebook talking last week about the voter fraud the Election Integrity Project found in 2009/2010. It has had more than 350,000 views.
      Broward county AGAIN! Home of the hanging chad. Home of Parkland. They are counting in secret (against the law). There is a video of private cars unloading boxes of ballots into a rented truck (all against the law). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvVrcVZojNA
      The election official has been convicted of destroying ballots in the past (why is she still in that job????). But then Sheriff Israel still has his job too. The districts just hit by a hurricane were able to count their ballots in time but not Broward county??? The election laws say the votes have to be counted by a certain time. Even you must admit not following the election laws and suddenly “finding” thousands of votes (coincidently Democrat) destroys voter confidence in our system. They also “found” entire ballot boxes at polling places. How does that happen? I’ve been a poll observer. The ballot boxes have to be delivered by the person in charge along with an observer. The DC Democrat lawyers SAID in a press conference that they were there not to just enforce the law but to WIN. If they steal another election there will be even MORE division.

      The Left just won’t accept losing. You STILL won’t accept losing the Presidency. I find it hysterically funny that you call US lunatics. Shall I show you the pictures of Leftists screaming at the sky? How about the LUNATICS that surrounded Tucker Carlson’s home and terrified his wife, vandalized his home, broke his front door? Is that an example of the “reasonable people” you talk about?

      We know why Democrats are so upset about Republicans picking up MORE seats in the Senate. Democrats want to control the appointment of Judges because the biggest changes have been brought by activist judges, not by legislation as the Constitution intended. Courts were intended to uphold laws NOT make them. But that’s how Democrats have circumvented the Will of the People. 33 states voted against gay marriage (Liberal California TWICE) but activist judges said SCREW the people. That is why LWNJ’s will scream, protest, and break things to stop ANY nomination Trump makes.

      You call my friends (people you know I know and admire) lunatics. That’s pretty funny when there are MILLIONS of examples of how completely UNHINGED the Left is. Keith Ellison, who abuses women? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wants free everything? Ilhan Omar, who married her brother to get citizenship, Robert Menendez, who took bribes and had sex with under aged girls? Commie Bernie Sanders? Maxine Waters, the most corrupt woman in Congress? Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who had to resign due to corruption? Anthony Weiner, who can’t help showing off his? Cory Booker, who admitted to abusing a woman? The Clintons? Shall I go on?

      You think Trump is done? Think again. Have you seen the crowds of his supporters? People in Missouri waited 10 hours in pouring rain, filled the stadium, and had as many still waiting outside. His popularity among Blacks is 40%. But dream on.

      “Reason” and “sanity” is what Trump has been bringing back. Lawlessness is not sanity. Sanctuary cities are not sanity. Open borders are not sanity. High taxes aren’t sanity. Paris Agreement that costs us billions and does nothing to reduce CO2 (if it needed reduction) is not sanity. Endless genders, unisex bathrooms are not sanity. BTW, when I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago I went into a bathroom in a large building and when I came out of the stall there were two men in there. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable. I wanted to freshen my make up and brush my hair but I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. THAT’S INSANE!

      Yes, Trump keeps saying there was no collusion, because there wasn’t any. But EVERYDAY the media says ALL DAY that there was collusion with not a scintilla of evidence, and call him Nazi, racist, evil, crazy, etc. He is simply not letting them get away with it. May I remind you that HILLARY CLINTON PAID for the “dossier” and that it has NEVER been verified. Christopher Steele testified that it had never been verified. What don’t you understand about that? And why hasn’t it been verified??? How hard would it be to call the hotel and ask if the mattress had to be changed after Trump’s visit? If you actually believe that crap I have a lovely bridge for sale.

      I wouldn’t denounce the Tea Party anymore than I would denounce my family. These people are the most loving, peaceful, generous, productive people on the planet. And, guess what, we had MANY Black, Latino, and Asian members who stood with us at rallies. Still do. When we meet I’ll show you pictures.

      I have said in MANY of my blogs that the thing I DO like about Obama was his skin color. Explain to me how calling me a racist is “uniting”. Every Liberals I’ve spoken to uses “racist” as a way of dismissing Conservatives. The truth is when the Left calls for unity they mean the Right needs to shut up and sit down. Sorry, the more you call us racist, bigoted, White Supremacists, Nazis, and fascists there will be no unity. When you shout people out of restaurants, surround their homes, beat people with bicycle locks, ban us from social media, not allow us to speak on college campuses and commit voter fraud there will be no unity. I love that you don’t see that the Left is causing the division. We aren’t doing any of those things.

      As I said to your friend Robert, I’m SURE I’ve spent more time and effort examining other points of view than you have. I’m willing to bet you have never been to a Tea Party event or to hear a Climate skeptic speak, or to look into the damage unchecked illegal immigration has done to California and America in general. It IS changing our country. We never had the homelessness, violence and crime we have since Ted Kennedy changed our immigration laws. I also think the hostility and chaos is causing already unbalanced people to become more unbalanced.

      I do nothing BUT examine different points of view. I probably went to 25 different city councils to persuade them to join the Federal lawsuit against SB54 (Sanctuary State) and heard every pro-amnesty argument on the planet. You just keep making the SAME accusations about me, and the people and things I care about. I GET IT! You don’t like Conservatives. I make the challenge to YOU to examine other points of view.

      Jim Acosta isn’t a reporter, he’s a political hack. He wasn’t asking questions, he was giving HIS opinion as if it were fact and trying to frame it as a question. He said the President was wrong saying the caravan was an invasion, that they are just poor migrants making their way to America. When they break down fences, throw rocks at the police, and say they are crossing our border whether or not we allow them to, they are NOT sweet, innocent “migrants”. When we have ONE THIRD of the population of El Salvador and Mexico living in our Country (mostly illegally) that is an invasion. And what I said has NOTHING to do with their race, it has to do with the NUMBERS of poor, uneducated people we have to support. I’d say the same thing if they were poor, uneducated Danes, or Germans, or Russians. We don’t need more unskilled workers and we don’t have the housing, schools or resources to support them all. When we are RATIONING resources, we have no business bringing in more to use them. I notice you ignored ALL the Democrat leaders saying the SAME thing a few years ago.

      Trump isn’t infringing on freedom of the press. He didn’t ban CNN, the way Obama banned FOX. He banned Acosta. CNN can send a different reporter. The media has had more access to this POTUS than any other. Obama hardly took questions. And then said, “I didn’t ask for an argument”. Obama spied on reporters, tried to plant things on reporters computers. This is from CBS, is that reliable enough for you?? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/fox-news-reporter-secretly-monitored-by-obama-administration-court-documents/

      You don’t want me to send you links? OF COURSE you don’t. Except most of the links came from sources YOU think ARE reliable. Are you saying the videos from YouTube of ALL the Democrat leaders speaking AGAINST illegal immigration AREN’T reliable?
      Your repeated use of RWNJ is cute and SO unifying. Are you capable of self- examination? I can’t believe a young man as intelligent as you appear to be even believes half of what you say. No reasonable person would.

      Well, I have more important things to do. My youngest daughter and her family were evacuated from their home in Thousand Oaks at 1:00am this morning. So was her best friend (an honorary daughter of mine) and her family. I have the TV on to watch where the fire is. Their homes are surrounded by fire but so far still there. And at the same time they are morning the Borderline shooting and the end of Thousand Oaks being the safest city in the country.

      Be well, Frank

      • Frank says:

        Hi Michael,

        The reason I wrote this note is in the last paragraph.

        Sorry, I’ve been out of touch…We’ve been very busy over here and we are all extremely exhausted! So many people from all over the world and so many languages to try to comprehend at >18 hours per day! We ALL agree unanimously that man-made global warming is happening as I write this. It SHOULD be the major headline of every newscast and every news channel in the world (including the American Fox News) every day and every hour from now on. (but of course, there are many who believe those smoking cigarettes never caused lung cancer and heart disease; and of course, the American Media wants to headline Trump each day). It is horrible to imagine the anguish that all of us feel for those who choose to believe the nonsense from the alt-right who only believe that “God” is controlling the earth’s climate. (It is a fantasy for us to imagine what the dinosaurs could have thought when their world was coming to an end)

        I am concerned about your daughters!! How are they doing? Is there any news you can share? (Use email to confide) The fires in CA are more catastrophic than any words I know how to use Michael! The human race is in grave danger and fortunately for you, witnessing it will be something you will be unable to see…as you will be gone. I fear for your daughters and grandchildren…as well as potential children I may have someday. I wish only the best for them and that your anxiety can somehow be diminished by hearing and seeing good news about their plight.

        I need some rest…it’s past midnight here!

        Happy Thanksgiving Lovely Lady!


      • I have no doubt ALL the people you associate with believe in AGW. That’s all they hear and all they are interested in hearing. No one disagrees that warming and cooling happen, the disagreement is whether man’s influence is catastrophic or not. What I have a hard time understanding is that when NONE of the catastrophic predictions Alarmists have made have any relationship to what is actually happening, what you base that belief on. When I went to college my Professors would make us examine both sides of an issue with the same objectivity and not try to influence our opinion. What a shame that isn’t the case anymore. I share your concern for our future.

        I ask you to ask yourself this, Frank, if Alarmists are right, why are they trying to make it illegal to have a differing opinion? Why do they need to silence skeptics? If they are right, it will be proven. There are people who believe all sorts of silly things but we don’t pass laws against them. The minute someone tells me not to question what they say, I QUESTION IT!!

        BTW, not everyone who smoked got cancer or heart disease. Everyone smoked (although I didn’t) when I was in my teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and I only know one person that smoked who got cancer. Both my parents smoked and both were healthy into their 90’s. My father was 92, my mother 98 when they died. I was exposed to second hand smoke most of my life and I’m perfectly healthy. Even though I don’t like smoking, I don’t think it should be against the law. If people know the risks and are willing to accept them, it should be their choice.

        The fires have been horrible but they weren’t caused by Climate Change. They were the result of INSANE Liberal policies. Our forests have been overgrown and we’re not allowed to do the things we know reduce devastating fires. We can’t do controlled burns. A ranching family was sentenced to five years in prison for doing a controlled burn on their ranch (something they had done for decades). We can’t clear out dead trees or dry grass and undergrowth. Logging was banned in California even though we didn’t do clear cutting. In fact, the forests are so overgrown the spotted owl (they use as an excuse to ban logging) have moved to Canada because the trees are too thick for their 12 foot wing span to fly through the forest.

        The government has also torn up roads into the forests making it impossible for fire trucks to get into them. In Paradise where most of the deaths happened, their 4 lane highway was cut to two lanes (“road diet” to force us out of our cars) and people died in their cars trying to get out. There’s a picture of a line of completely burned cars where people died. There was a company with 8 planes equipped to fight fires just a few miles from Paradise that offered their services as soon as the fire started but were turned down because they were single engine planes. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!!!

        My daughter Tori and her family were evacuated at 1:00am from their home and couldn’t get back for several days. The fire came within a block of their house. A dear friend of theirs is on the Fire Department Search and Rescue Team (he went to the World Trade Center to do S&R on 9/11). He went to their house when the wind was blowing in their direction and put out some flare ups. Good to have friends.

        Yes, Frank, the world is in grave danger but not from Climate Change. It is in danger from global governance. The globalists want less than one billion people on the earth so they may not allow you to have grandchildren. I don’t understand why you can’t see what is happening. It isn’t a coincidence that Western countries are being flooded by poor people (mostly men) from countries whose cultures conflict with the West. It isn’t a coincidence that the European leaders tell their citizens to adapt to the migrants not the other way around. They all agreed to the UN migration policy that basically says no country is sovereign and must take any migrants that come.

        Yes, Frank, I fear for your family. You aren’t going to like the world that is being created by the Progressive Left.

        If you think the “alt-right” has anything to do with the “Right” you are sadly misinformed. They aren’t Christians. They have more in common with the Left than the Right. They are secular, they don’t believe our Rights come from God, they don’t believe in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.

        I don’t know anyone who thinks God controls the climate. The Sun influences the temperature, not God……or man.

        You take care, my friend, and beware what you wish for,


      • Robert says:

        Trump spent the last weeks of the campaign hysterically warning about a non-emergency, the progress of a caravan of refugees a thousand miles from our border. Once the election was over, the matter was dropped. Well, to crib from Carpenter, if Republicans want to quit being accused of being “anti-immigrant,” they have to stop saying anti-immigrant things (e.g. calling them “animals,” talking about an infestation, making up a crime wave purportedly caused by immigrants).

        Indeed, this formulation should serve as a guidepost for Republicans:

        If Republicans want to quit being accused of science denial, they have to stop denying science.

        If Republicans want to quit being accused of being protectionist know-nothings, they have to stop saying that trade wars are easy to win, tariffs are good, consumers don’t suffer from tariffs, and the trade deficit means we owe other countries something.

        If Republicans want to quit being accused of hypocrisy, they have to stop being hypocrites about the debt (bad only for Democrats), executive power (bad only for Democrats) and corporate cronyism (bad only for Democrats).

        If Republicans want to quit being accused of misogyny, they have to stop suggesting that women invent allegations of sexual assault, don’t want to work hard enough to be on the Judiciary Committee and aren’t intelligent.

        If Republicans want to quit being accused of being the party of the rich, they have to stop giving big tax cuts to the rich, attacking Medicaid, rubber-stamping a Cabinet of billionaires and tolerating their abuse of travel privileges.

        If Republicans want to quit being accused of being doormats for dictators, they have to stop defending Trump when he refuses to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, to name just a few.

        If Republicans want to quit being accused of kowtowing to the National Rifle Association, they have to stop blocking every measure the NRA opposes.

        If Republicans want to quit being accused of contempt for the free press, they have to stop cheering when Trump calls the media the “enemy of the people,” takes away a reporter’s credentials for failing to be deferential enough and uses the instruments of power to threaten media critics.

        In short, Republicans bring criticism on themselves when they talk and act in ways that are factually wrong and morally indefensible. It’s a big reason that voters who care about facts and public morality won’t vote for them.

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