Most of us are busy getting our kids to school, getting ourselves to work, paying our bills and living our lives, completely unaware that in remote areas of the world (January Davos, February Kuala Lumpur) the elites, the “smart” people, are meeting to decide our fate. They are deciding how we can live, where we can live, and how much we’re allowed to have. They fly around in private planes, stay at five star hotels and eat lavish meals while discussing how to ration our access to the same. The rest of us have no seat at the table. Apparently, we’re just not smart enough to know what’s good for us.

Why did we travel to the other side of the world for the UN Habitat 9 Conference? CFACT and American Freedom Alliance want to make sure “the people” have a seat at the table. UN Habitat aka World Urban Forum has been convened by the United Nations Human Settlements Program since 2002 (Ten years after 173 nations signed Agenda 21). The topic is the “New Urban Agenda”. What exactly does that mean? MORE THAN 30.000 people from 193 countries registered to attend WUF9 although attendance was between 20 and 25 thousand.

The Program said the focus would be on “Cities for All” as a tool and accelerator for achieving the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Discussions were on “Sustainable Urbanization”, “Sustainable Urban Development, Social Inclusion and Ending Poverty”. There are no discussions about suburban living, farming or ranching. The conservations were more about changing our economic system from Capitalism to Socialism than about the effect man has on the Climate Change.

So, what does that mean for people who don’t want to live in “Cities for All”? What if you want a home in the country and a swimming pool? It’s difficult not to notice that nearly every building constructed in the last few years is multi-use with commercial space on the ground floor and apartments above. And not just in the United States but around the world. Is it your dream in life to live in an apartment and tote your groceries home on a bus or a bike?

Are you curious about how they plan to “end poverty”? Would everyone get paid the same whether or not they work or if they dig ditches or perform brain surgery? What would be the incentive to study for years if there was no financial benefit?

The media isn’t very interested in what the elites are planning for us but we need to be. We went and are reporting back to you.

To be continued…….

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At last week’s Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Committee meeting they read a draft of their recommendations to Sheriff McDonnell, who at present is co-operating with ICE.

1. That the Sheriff’s Department not honor immigration holds – holding inmates longer than their release date so that ICE has extra time to take them into custody – unless required by state or federal law.
2. That the Sheriff’s Department not disseminate information about the release status or other confidential information concerning an inmate unless required by state or federal law.
3. That the Sheriff’s Department not provide information to ICE if not available to the public.
4. That the department avoid responding to ICE requests for backup or assistance on operations that lack “exigent circumstances,” such as lives being at risk.
5. Not giving ICE officials prioritized access to space and equipment inside its inmate reception center.
6. And to consider limiting the use of department resources for coordination with ICE without federal reimbursement.

During the public comments I said, of course we want law enforcement agencies to co-operate with each other. Where would we be if they didn’t? What if each state said they wouldn’t share their DNA or fingerprint data with other agencies? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH-_YZNDZD0

They informed us that before they submit their recommendations members of the public could make an appointment to speak to the Ad-Hoc committee for ten minutes to voice their agreement or opposition to their recommendations. The following is what I said to the committee:

“I’ve come to speak today because the people being disenfranchised are not the illegal aliens. The disenfranchised are the legal, natural born citizens of California. Not a single California representative or governing body represents us. Due to legal and illegal immigration, we are now a one party state and WE have no seat at the table, WE have no voice. We may not be the majority in California anymore but we are the majority in the country. I gave you two articles, one from The Hill and one from the Washington Times that say the majority of American citizens (I believe it’s 80%) from both sides of the political spectrum want less immigration altogether. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jan/22/shock-poll-us-wants-massive-cuts-legal-immigration/

They also say the majority of us oppose Sanctuary Cities or States. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/320487-poll-americans-overwhelmingly-oppose-sanctuary-cities

Our founding documents say our government is to govern by the consent of the governed. Our government has NEVER had our consent for unlimited immigration or open borders. In fact ,we have made it ABUNDANTLY clear that we want secure borders and an end to illegal immigration. People are painfully aware and understandably angry that our representatives don’t care what we want.

I grew up in California and I remember what California was like before the 1986 Amnesty and what it’s like now. Homelessness, poverty and crime have risen in tandem with the increase in immigration from the south. It is undeniable. California used to be the Golden state. It’s now the poverty capital of the country.

Believe me I get the concern about children brought here by their parents. I understand not wanting to punish people who are behaving responsibly. But let’s not pretend they are all college grads, business owners, or serving in the military. A large percentage of them commit crimes, and yes, they ARE more likely to commit crimes than we are. I also gave you a study that shows illegals commit crimes at double the rate of native born citizens. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jan/26/illegals-commit-crimes-double-rate-native-born-stu/

But what I don’t get is protecting illegal alien CRIMINALS. You and I both know they more than likely to reoffend if released into the community. We expect our law enforcement to protect US not illegal alien CRIMINALS. And we expect all law enforcement agencies to co-operate with each other because that’s their job……to protect us. That is actually the PRIMARY job of government according to the Constitution. I find it impossible to believe that I actually have to beg you to allow our Sheriff to do the job he took an oath to do.

I’ve worked extensively with American born minorities who are against illegal immigration. I’ve spent time in their communities. So, if illegals are less likely to commit crimes, as your committee has asserted in the past, why do all the houses and businesses in their communities have bars on the windows and doors and high fences around their property? The truth is that minority communities are those most likely to be victims of illegal alien criminals.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. is my friend. I’ve been a guest in his house and I’ve seen where his son was shot dead a few feet from his home by an illegal alien who SHOULD have been turned over to ICE. In fact I’ve met dozens of people from the Remembrance Project who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens.

Let me use the argument our representatives use when imposing unrealistic gun regulations on law abiding citizens, “if it saves one life it’s worth it”. Well, if it saved Jamiel Shaw or Kate Steinle or the thousands of other victims of illegal aliens to turn their killers over to ICE, it would be worth it.

I firmly support the Sheriff co-operating with ICE, and all law enforcement agencies. No one is asking Sheriffs to round up illegal aliens. But we ARE asking them to co-operate with ICE. You said you didn’t want Sheriffs to provide back up for ICE. But why wouldn’t they? They provide backup for the FBI. I’ve never seen law enforcement agencies unwilling to back each other up. You also said you don’t want ICE to have access to illegal aliens records that are not public record. Why are illegal aliens records not public? American citizen’s records are? Not co-operating with ICE puts us all in jeopardy. I’ve been dumbfounded by how hard your committee has worked to protect illegal alien criminals and prevent Sheriff McDonnell from doing the job we WANT him to do, enforce the law.

Finally, the last hand out I gave you was former Colorado Governor Lamm’s speech, “Eight Steps to Destroy America”. It was supposed to be a warning but, apparently, it became a guideline. I challenge you to read it and honestly consider what those steps have done to this country.

Thank you.”

There were the three members of the Ad-Hoc Committee in the room as well as several other people, I assume were staff. The members were very polite and there were several points I made they seemed to take notice of. Several nodded when I said American citizens have no representation. They also seemed to pay attention when I said California went from the Golden State to the poverty capital of the country.

While we can always hope our words will influence some of them, ultimately, I doubt it will cause them to change their recommendations. We can hope the Sheriff will file their recommendations in his circular file and continue to do what he wants to do, what he promised to do, enforce the law and protect us from criminals.

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Many, many Christians and Jews are Democrats. I constantly wonder why. Some of the most actively religious people I know, who go to worship every week and can quote scripture, are from the Black, Latino and Jewish communities. “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God”. I don’t understand how you can obey God and vote Democrat so I have to ask Christian/Jewish Democrats to seriously consider the following and explain how you reconcile them.

I want to ask you……what party is actively removing religion from the public square, schools and politics. What party was for slavery? Do you know not a single Republican owned a slave? Who supported Jim Crow laws? The KKK was the military arm of what party? What party supported segregation? What was the party of the Governor who stood in front of schools to prevent Blacks from entering? What party fought against civil rights for a hundred years?

I keep wondering how Christians and Jews can keep voting for an ideology that supports teaching Islam in our schools? Allows Muslim prayer in our schools but not Christian prayers? That supports making criticism of Islam a crime? How do Christians and Jews support an ideology that wants abortion any time for any reason? That supports Planned Parenthood that sells aborted baby parts? How do Christians and Jews reconcile that with their faith?

What ideology has removed civics, the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem from schools? What ideology supports multi-genders, unisex bathrooms and locker rooms? Who supports teaching transgender and homosexual lifestyles as normal to kindergarten children? What ideology is teaching our children about anal and oral sex in grade school? Who is sexualizing our children and then accusing those who act on it of sexual abuse? What ideology supports punishing people who believe marriage is between a man and a woman?

What ideology believes in anthropogenic global warming even though there has been no warming in 23 years? Who wants to return us to pre-industrialization? Wants to ration our use of energy and water? What ideology is forcing us off our private property and wants us all to live in apartments? Wants us out of our cars? And is willing to use punishment, high taxes and regulations to FORCE us out of our cars, homes, farms and ranches? Who shut off water to the San Joaquin Valley and turned green, bountiful farmland into dust?

Who was for the European Union and the North American Union (precursors for One World Government)? What ideology is for Global Governance? What influence do you think you’d have on policy if there is global governance? What “angels” do you think would rule? And if you didn’t like it, where would you go? Who wants no nation states, no patriotism, no sovereignty? Who wants to allow Sharia courts? What party wants amnesty along with open borders that will bring more illegal immigration? When we are becoming a technological economy and don’t need more unskilled workers, why would we bring in more? What party supports replacing skilled American workers with H1B visa workers?

What party has allowed violent protestors to destroy, loot, and burn property? Has told police to “stand down” and allow protestors to beat those who disagree with them? Who supports Occupy Wall Street? AntiFa? Black Lives Matter? Who refuses to accept Michael Brown was the aggressor in Ferguson even though the Holder Department of Justice and FBI investigated Ferguson and found that to be true?

What party created the Department of Education that dumbed down our education system, The War on Poverty that has spent trillions and not lowered the percentage of poor, The War on Drugs that has also spent trillions to no effect, Welfare that has destroyed minority families? What party removed Social Security from it’s “lockbox” and want to give it to illegal aliens who have donated nothing to it? Who calls Social Security an “entitlement” when it’s really a pension system WE contribute to?

What party is actively censoring speech they don’t agree with? What party is calling the truth “hate speech”? Is Liberal speech being censored? Have Republicans rioted to prevent Liberals from speaking on College Campuses? Are Liberals being banned from Twitter and Facebook? Are Muslims? Democrats used to be passionate Free Speech advocates. No more. Why is that OK with you?

What party prides itself on being for “women’s rights” but supports Islam under which women have no rights. Under Islam women are subjected to genital mutilation, must cover themselves, can’t drive or work or go to school without permission. Can’t leave the house without male relatives. Can’t get a divorce and have no right to their children.

What party prides itself on being the party of tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity? Yet, not diversity of thought, inclusive of White people, or tolerance of opposing opinions? What is the party of those who decry White Privilege and discredit everything White people have done as evil? What is the party of identity politics?

What party is taking more and more of your rights from you? What party is making energy too expensive to use? Who will be hurt the most from this? Who is making it too expensive for low income people to own a car? The elites of your party will still have all the energy they want and own cars, but you won’t.

I understand the temptation to want one party rule if it’s your party, but do you really? Look at California. For all intents and purposes we have a dictatorship. Half of us have no seat at the table and our legislature doesn’t care what we think or want. That is exactly what our founders didn’t want. They wanted everyone to have a voice. Everyday our legislature passes laws that take our liberty and impose punishments on us for behavior they disagree with. Certainly you see the value of having two parties. One party to reign in the other. Neither being able to disenfranchise the other.

I’d like to ask you, when have your representatives fought harder for anything than they are fighting to protect illegal aliens? How does it benefit YOU to have criminal illegal aliens protected from deportation? Just before Christmas Governor Brown pardoned two illegal alien criminals so they wouldn’t be deported. He pardoned 132 criminals and commuted 19 sentences of illegal aliens. Why are criminals being protected? Would you be?

I sincerely ask how Christian and Jewish Democrats reconcile their religious beliefs with the policies of those they vote for.

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How do I describe this movie? What is it’s genre? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Action? Romance? Horror? Musical? Film noir? Spy movie? Comedy? Umm, yes to all.

This film was nominated for seven Golden Globes a few days ago, so I went to see what all this adoration was about. Hmm, how can I describe it? I think they are marketing it as a romance but I find it difficult to wax poetic about the Creature From the Black Lagoon entwined with a naked Adrian from Rocky I. Sally Hawkins could be Talia Shire’s clone. There are some very violent bloody scenes, several horror scenes, many really cringe worthy scenes (like the Pie Guy, or when the creature eats the cat’s head or Michael Shannon’s gangrene fingers) and then there is the scene where the creature and his love, Elisa, break into dance ala Fred and Ginger.

Michael Shannon is a wonderfully creepy evil villain. His wife, a bawdy Mrs. Cleaver, is quite a piece of work and their “love” scene will give you nightmares. Just about everything Michael Shannon does in this movie makes you want to take a shower.

My favorite, Nick Searcy, is always a treat as the evil General who wants the “asset” autopsied. Richard Jenkins, in his slipping toupee and love of pie is the comic relief but also the sad sack loser. Then there are the Russian spies with sub-titles.

Bradley Whitford, in an uncredited role, plays a bumbling colleague of Shannon’s. Octavia Spencer plays Elisa’s talkative friend. I keep wondering if there’s a law in Hollywood that every movie has to have either Octavia Spencer or Samuel Jackson in their film. Fine actors but……..seriously?

Throughout the movie there is a theme about “green”. Green jello, green key lime pie, Shannon’s green candy, green car, and his wife’s green desert.

I find it interesting that so many of the films that win Academy Awards or Golden Globes are not movies we’d care to see again.

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These are the words Winston Churchill spoke a month after taking office as Prime Minister of Britain on May 10, 1940. The films, “Darkest Hour” and “Dunkirk” made me realize how true the saying, “if you don’t know history, you are bound to repeat it. “

When Churchill took office he was despised, not only by the opposition party, but by his own party as well. King George considered him a lose canon. He was unfiltered, outspoken, brash and impatient. Every branch of the government was working and conspiring against him. England was in desperate straights. Hitler had swept across Europe and had the British Army surrounded on the beaches of Dunkirk. British ships were too big to get close enough to Dunkirk and too vulnerable to German planes, torpedo boats and submarines to evacuate the troops. England was on the verge of losing most of their army. If France fell, England would be next.

Churchill’s war cabinet was pressuring him to enter into peace negotiations. Churchill’s instincts were to fight but his troops were trapped in Dunkirk. Three days after he took office he spoke to Parliament and said, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”. He then replied, “You ask what is our aim? I can answer in one word….Victory. Victory! Victory at all costs….Victory! However long and hard the road may be, for without it there is no survival.”

Churchill’s plight makes me think of President Trump’s. When Trump took office his opposition despised him as well as most of his own party. He too was an outsider. Unfiltered, outspoken, brash and impatient. America too was facing invasion. Not a military invasion, a stealth invasion.

Churchill faced seeing a Nazi flag flying over Buckingham Palace. If Trump hadn’t become President we faced seeing a Muslim or Mexican flag flying over the Capitol. Under Progressive administrations in addition to the million legal immigrants America brings in and unknown by most American citizens, the UN Global Compact on Migration required us to take in several hundred thousand more from mostly Muslim countries. More come in from Refugee programs, more from the Visa Lottery and even more from open borders. Progressives basically want anyone and everyone to be able to come into this country. Due to the fact that the majority of these migrants are from third world countries, are uneducated and unskilled they not only place an enormous financial burden on the American citizens, they are changing our culture and traditions. The results of the stealth invasion of America would be little different than a military invasion.

A little over a month after Churchill took office he spoke to the people, “….the battle of France is over. I expect the battle of Britain is about to begin…..Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this Island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into the broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and it’s Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour’.”

“….perhaps more sinister, perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science”. I don’t know if that meant to him what it means to us today, but I find it interesting that he used those words. Today our liberty is being eroded by “perverted science” that is, indeed, sinister.

One of the differences with what Churchill faced then and what Trump faces now, is that for Churchill, both parties were trying to save the country. They differed on how to accomplish that but they wanted to preserve the English way of life. Churchill was able to speak to each side and then bring them together in the end. I don’t believe Trump has that possibility. His opposition (from both parties) isn’t trying to preserve the American way of life or even the sovereignty of the country. They are determined to oppose everything Trump wants to do even if it’s good for the country. Trump’s opposition isn’t trying to prevent an invasion, they are welcoming one.

Like Churchill, Trump succeeds when he goes to the people. Churchill asked individual citizens if they were willing to live under German rule. They told him in no uncertain terms they would fight with broomsticks if necessary to defeat the Germans. Trump has asked individual citizens if they wanted to stop illegal immigration and secure the borders. They told him in no uncertain terms, YES!

Churchill inspired the citizens when on June 4, 1940 as he explained how the German eruption had swept Europe like a sharp scythe. He told them, “We shall not flag or fail. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans. We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender.”

Faced with the prospect of signing a peace agreement, which would force him into exile, King George gave his support to Churchill in the end. We know what happened next. Hundreds, if not, thousands of private English boats sailed across the channel to Dunkirk and rescued most of the troops. Once back on English shores they added additional troops and gained the support of the United States to ultimately defeat the Germans.

Britain is again facing invasion, sadly, with no Churchill to defeat it. The leaders of the Europe Union, apparently, don’t know history. God bless England. God bless America.

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In case you hadn’t noticed, Christianity is under attack. Christians are called “haters”. Recently, Senator Diane Feinstein said she didn’t think she could support a judge nominee because of her “Christian dogma”. It’s a judge’s duty is to enforce the law as written. Being a Christian wouldn’t conflict with enforcing the law. Most laws conform with the Ten Commandments. We have laws against stealing, murdering, libel, adultery, etc. Progressives like secular judges who are likely to loosely interpret law and legislate from the bench. That’s how they circumvent the will of the people. Christian judges are more likely to follow laws as written. Romans 3:31 “Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means. On the contrary, we uphold the law”.

We just have to look at what is happening around us. Christianity is banned from our schools. Many schools won’t even allow a Christian club or prayer group. But Islam IS being taught in our schools and Muslims ARE allowed to pray in school. Sports teams are sued to prevent them from praying before, during, or after games. They aren’t allowed to even show signs of thanks or faith such as looking skyward or bowing their heads. But Muslims are allowed to pray in streets, blocking traffic. Nativity scenes at Christmas are restricted or banned. Cross memorials are being taken down. But, why? What is the downside of Christianity?

I remember a time when being a Christian was a career enhancement. It has become a career ender in these days of social justice. But why? May I remind everyone of #27 of the Communist Goals read into the Congressional Record in 1963, “…..replace revealed religion with social religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a religious crutch.” and #28 “Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in schools on the grounds it violates the principal of separation of church and state.” Good job, Progressives, you can check those off.

Christianity teaches forgiveness. Matthew 6:14 “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you.” Christians understand we are all sinners and fall short in the eyes of the Lord. “Judge not lest ye be judged”. The Bible teaches to “hate the sin but love the sinner”. Because Christians believe marriage is between a man and a woman they are called “haters” with such viciousness no rational discussion can continue. But let’s discuss it anyway. Does believing marriage is between a man and a woman mean Christians hate gays? Of course not. Many have gay friends or family members that they care about and want to be happy. But the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. Christians are being persecuted for believing the Bible. The Left is demonizing the Bible. It must be removed from hotel rooms. Removed from schools. Not read, not quoted. Christians can believe homosexuality is a sin and still love gays. And they can forgive the Left for judging them. Without forgiveness people carry the burden of anger, resentment, revenge and sorrow that prevents them from living a full, happy life. It has been my experience that people able to forgive are free of that burden. What is the downside of forgiveness?

Christianity teaches the sanctity of life. Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Do Christians seriously need to defend that? If a society no longer believes life is scared there is little they won’t accept. For a civil society to survive there need to be values, principals and guidelines to live by. The secular Left wants us to believe until birth an infant is just a lump of cells and it’s mother has a “right” to abort it. Christianity doesn’t take away a woman’s “right to chose”. There are numerous choices a woman is able to make BEFORE aborting a child. She can chose to abstain, she can chose to use birth control, and as long as Roe vs Wade is law, she still has three months to chose abortion. But why would she chose to abort a viable child when she could give birth and give the child to a couple desperate to love and raise her child. What’s the downside of protecting life?

Christianity teaches redemption. 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Christians know if they admit their sin and ask forgiveness they will be redeemed. Recognizing what they did was a sin prevents them from repeating it. The problem Progressives have with this is that they don’t want anything to be considered a sin. They don’t think anyone should feel guilt or shame. If an Islamist kills hundreds of innocent people, it’s because they were provoked. If someone turns to crime it’s because they had a bad childhood. If protestors damage property, loot, or burn businesses someone treated them unjustly. But the property owners didn’t treat them unjustly. How do you solve injustice by being unjust to others? Justice needs to be equal to all or it isn’t justice. For a civil society there need to be rules to live by. There need to be behaviors that are not acceptable. Christianity gives us those rules and forgives us when we fall short. What is the downside of redemption?

And Christianity teaches there is life after death. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”. Even if atheists are right and this is it, there is no more…..nada, nothing. What is the incentive to live an ethical, moral life? Why not lie, cheat and steal? What have you got to lose? And, how unfair life would be if you were born with a birth defect, you were born into slavery, you were one of the millions murdered by dictators, you were maimed in war, or contracted a deadly disease? How meaningless life would be. People need to believe life has meaning. Losing a loved one is one of the most painful events in our lives but believing you will be reunited with that loved one makes their loss less painful. The belief in life after death is comforting and reassuring and it inspires Christians to live kind, moral, unselfish lives. Even if atheists were right, you’d never know, would you? But believing inspires you to be a better person, so, what’s the down side of believing in life after death?

While there have been violent and evil acts done in the name of Christianity, they have been done against the teachings of Jesus, not in accordance. Christianity’s offer of forgiveness, redemption, love and everlasting life attracts followers. There is no need to mandate belief in Christianity. You are free to believe or not…….so what is the down side?

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I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, UCLA allowed the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department to have Professor William Happer speak skeptically about Climate Change at a Physical Chemistry Seminar, until I learned two Conservative Chenistry professors had to do it under the radar. Nevertheless, in a room that could hold under 100 there were at least 50 standing with many in the hall outside. I’m told there has never been such an overflow attendance for any previous seminar in the past.

William “Will” Happer is an American physicist who has specialized in the study of atomic physics, optics and spectroscopy. He is the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, Emeritus, at Princeton University, and a long-term member of the JASON advisory group, where he pioneered the development of adaptive optics. From 1991 to 1993, Happer served as director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science as part of the George HW Bush administration. Happer invented the Sodium Guide Star that most telescopes now have.

Dr. Happer was invited because of his accomplishments in atomic physics which would be acceptable to the other very Liberal professors in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department. What wasn’t known to them was that Happer was allowed to pick the subject of his talk and he chose Climate Change.

Happer started by saying we all agree that climate changes. It has since the beginning of time and will continue to change until the end of time. He also mentioned that no one can tell you what the “average temperature” should be because there isn’t no average world temperature. The temperature at sea level is very different than the temperature 3000 feet up a mountain just a few miles away.

Happer admitted he, himself, had grossly over predicted the effect of increased levels of CO2. He said the hysteria over climate change is caused by computer models not observation. He pointed out the model predictions don’t come close to the observations. They predicted an increase of 0.2 degrees Celsius over the last decade but the temperature has only increased 0.05 degrees. He put up a slide that showed what the computer models predicted and what has actually been observed. The models show dramatically higher levels than have been observed. (see slide #1)

The Professor believes carbon dioxide is a minor contributor to climate change. In fact, the earth has had a CO2 famine for millions of years. CO2 was 1000 to 2000 parts per million during prehistoric times. We have a little more than 400 parts per million now. We could double that amount and little would happen. Happer pointed out the classroom we were in would have at least 2000 parts per million. The CO2 we exhale is 40,000 PPM. Each of us exhales two pounds of CO2 daily. The only effect increased CO2 has is more greening of the planet. (see slide #2)

Happer explained that water vapor is what greenhouse gases mostly consist of and he explained how the molecules of the various greenhouse gases react. That part was a bit over my head but it wasn’t for the students in the room. He went on to explain how atmospheric circulation transports heat from the equator to the poles.

We’ve heard a lot about the acidification of the ocean caused by increased CO2, however, as Happer explained (as well as Willie Soon at the IMPROV debate) if CO2 was the cause of acidification warming would be happening on the surface, but it isn’t. The warming and acidification occurs deep in the ocean. The claim is that if acidity increases 1pH it’s a disaster but Happer pointed out that the ocean surface varies 2 to 4 pH every day. (see slide #3 and #4)

Happer then addressed rising seas. He showed several slides that show sea levels rising no faster than in the past. (see slides #5)

During Q&A a student thanked the Professor saying he gave a compelling argument with data to back it up. He then asked why so many scientists disagree. Happer gave several examples of a consensus of scientists who disagreed with scientists who were later proven right. (see slide #6)

One student said Happer neglected to include the effects of increased water vapor in the atmosphere. Happer said the data didn’t reflect any increase. Another student didn’t think Happer’s presentation was scientifically rigorous. He said Happer was ignoring mountains of data that contradicted him. I wondered what mountain of data the student was talking about. Since the claim is that increased CO2 is causing warming and there hasn’t been any significant warming in 20 years what data contradicts that? Many students, however, appreciated the presentation and believed it was scientifically valid, one mentioning he appreciated the data from satellites in the presentation.

A man who identified himself as a science teacher said he would be out in the hall to discuss the fallacies of Professor’s position. I went into the hall and listened for a while. All they said was that Happer was offering opinion that disregarded data but offered no examples.

Several months ago when American Freedom Alliance brought Dr. Willie Soon to Los Angeles to speak, Dr. Soon, Dr. James Enstrom and I spent the day at UCLA trying to get any of the Professors in the fields that study climate to speak to him and none would. (see DR. WILLIE SOON AT THE IMPROV 10/2/2017; see REMEMBER THE DEBATE? NEITHER DO I. 2/12/2017)

Apparently, since Dr, Happer’s seminar and the overwhelming interest in it, the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department, as well as several other departments, are up in arms. They want to know how this happened. Who is responsible for allowing a skeptic to speak? They can’t have students questioning the Climate Change narrative. I’ve always believed when you are told not to listen to opposing opinions that’s exactly when you should. The truth can stand scrutiny.

It’s difficult not to be skeptical of the claims made by climate Alarmists when they are unwilling to even enter into a discussion with a colleague who might question their conclusions.

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