These are the words Winston Churchill spoke a month after taking office as Prime Minister of Britain on May 10, 1940. The films, “Darkest Hour” and “Dunkirk” made me realize how true the saying, “if you don’t know history, you are bound to repeat it. “

When Churchill took office he was despised, not only by the opposition party, but by his own party as well. King George considered him a lose canon. He was unfiltered, outspoken, brash and impatient. Every branch of the government was working and conspiring against him. England was in desperate straights. Hitler had swept across Europe and had the British Army surrounded on the beaches of Dunkirk. British ships were too big to get close enough to Dunkirk and too vulnerable to German planes, torpedo boats and submarines to evacuate the troops. England was on the verge of losing most of their army. If France fell, England would be next.

Churchill’s war cabinet was pressuring him to enter into peace negotiations. Churchill’s instincts were to fight but his troops were trapped in Dunkirk. Three days after he took office he spoke to Parliament and said, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”. He then replied, “You ask what is our aim? I can answer in one word….Victory. Victory! Victory at all costs….Victory! However long and hard the road may be, for without it there is no survival.”

Churchill’s plight makes me think of President Trump’s. When Trump took office his opposition despised him as well as most of his own party. He too was an outsider. Unfiltered, outspoken, brash and impatient. America too was facing invasion. Not a military invasion, a stealth invasion.

Churchill faced seeing a Nazi flag flying over Buckingham Palace. If Trump hadn’t become President we faced seeing a Muslim or Mexican flag flying over the Capitol. Under Progressive administrations in addition to the million legal immigrants America brings in and unknown by most American citizens, the UN Global Compact on Migration required us to take in several hundred thousand more from mostly Muslim countries. More come in from Refugee programs, more from the Visa Lottery and even more from open borders. Progressives basically want anyone and everyone to be able to come into this country. Due to the fact that the majority of these migrants are from third world countries, are uneducated and unskilled they not only place an enormous financial burden on the American citizens, they are changing our culture and traditions. The results of the stealth invasion of America would be little different than a military invasion.

A little over a month after Churchill took office he spoke to the people, “….the battle of France is over. I expect the battle of Britain is about to begin…..Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this Island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into the broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and it’s Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour’.”

“….perhaps more sinister, perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science”. I don’t know if that meant to him what it means to us today, but I find it interesting that he used those words. Today our liberty is being eroded by “perverted science” that is, indeed, sinister.

One of the differences with what Churchill faced then and what Trump faces now, is that for Churchill, both parties were trying to save the country. They differed on how to accomplish that but they wanted to preserve the English way of life. Churchill was able to speak to each side and then bring them together in the end. I don’t believe Trump has that possibility. His opposition (from both parties) isn’t trying to preserve the American way of life or even the sovereignty of the country. They are determined to oppose everything Trump wants to do even if it’s good for the country. Trump’s opposition isn’t trying to prevent an invasion, they are welcoming one.

Like Churchill, Trump succeeds when he goes to the people. Churchill asked individual citizens if they were willing to live under German rule. They told him in no uncertain terms they would fight with broomsticks if necessary to defeat the Germans. Trump has asked individual citizens if they wanted to stop illegal immigration and secure the borders. They told him in no uncertain terms, YES!

Churchill inspired the citizens when on June 4, 1940 as he explained how the German eruption had swept Europe like a sharp scythe. He told them, “We shall not flag or fail. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans. We shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender.”

Faced with the prospect of signing a peace agreement, which would force him into exile, King George gave his support to Churchill in the end. We know what happened next. Hundreds, if not, thousands of private English boats sailed across the channel to Dunkirk and rescued most of the troops. Once back on English shores they added additional troops and gained the support of the United States to ultimately defeat the Germans.

Britain is again facing invasion, sadly, with no Churchill to defeat it. The leaders of the Europe Union, apparently, don’t know history. God bless England. God bless America.

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In case you hadn’t noticed, Christianity is under attack. Christians are called “haters”. Recently, Senator Diane Feinstein said she didn’t think she could support a judge nominee because of her “Christian dogma”. It’s a judge’s duty is to enforce the law as written. Being a Christian wouldn’t conflict with enforcing the law. Most laws conform with the Ten Commandments. We have laws against stealing, murdering, libel, adultery, etc. Progressives like secular judges who are likely to loosely interpret law and legislate from the bench. That’s how they circumvent the will of the people. Christian judges are more likely to follow laws as written. Romans 3:31 “Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means. On the contrary, we uphold the law”.

We just have to look at what is happening around us. Christianity is banned from our schools. Many schools won’t even allow a Christian club or prayer group. But Islam IS being taught in our schools and Muslims ARE allowed to pray in school. Sports teams are sued to prevent them from praying before, during, or after games. They aren’t allowed to even show signs of thanks or faith such as looking skyward or bowing their heads. But Muslims are allowed to pray in streets, blocking traffic. Nativity scenes at Christmas are restricted or banned. Cross memorials are being taken down. But, why? What is the downside of Christianity?

I remember a time when being a Christian was a career enhancement. It has become a career ender in these days of social justice. But why? May I remind everyone of #27 of the Communist Goals read into the Congressional Record in 1963, “…..replace revealed religion with social religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a religious crutch.” and #28 “Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in schools on the grounds it violates the principal of separation of church and state.” Good job, Progressives, you can check those off.

Christianity teaches forgiveness. Matthew 6:14 “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly father will also forgive you.” Christians understand we are all sinners and fall short in the eyes of the Lord. “Judge not lest ye be judged”. The Bible teaches to “hate the sin but love the sinner”. Because Christians believe marriage is between a man and a woman they are called “haters” with such viciousness no rational discussion can continue. But let’s discuss it anyway. Does believing marriage is between a man and a woman mean Christians hate gays? Of course not. Many have gay friends or family members that they care about and want to be happy. But the Bible says homosexuality is a sin. Christians are being persecuted for believing the Bible. The Left is demonizing the Bible. It must be removed from hotel rooms. Removed from schools. Not read, not quoted. Christians can believe homosexuality is a sin and still love gays. And they can forgive the Left for judging them. Without forgiveness people carry the burden of anger, resentment, revenge and sorrow that prevents them from living a full, happy life. It has been my experience that people able to forgive are free of that burden. What is the downside of forgiveness?

Christianity teaches the sanctity of life. Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Do Christians seriously need to defend that? If a society no longer believes life is scared there is little they won’t accept. For a civil society to survive there need to be values, principals and guidelines to live by. The secular Left wants us to believe until birth an infant is just a lump of cells and it’s mother has a “right” to abort it. Christianity doesn’t take away a woman’s “right to chose”. There are numerous choices a woman is able to make BEFORE aborting a child. She can chose to abstain, she can chose to use birth control, and as long as Roe vs Wade is law, she still has three months to chose abortion. But why would she chose to abort a viable child when she could give birth and give the child to a couple desperate to love and raise her child. What’s the downside of protecting life?

Christianity teaches redemption. 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Christians know if they admit their sin and ask forgiveness they will be redeemed. Recognizing what they did was a sin prevents them from repeating it. The problem Progressives have with this is that they don’t want anything to be considered a sin. They don’t think anyone should feel guilt or shame. If an Islamist kills hundreds of innocent people, it’s because they were provoked. If someone turns to crime it’s because they had a bad childhood. If protestors damage property, loot, or burn businesses someone treated them unjustly. But the property owners didn’t treat them unjustly. How do you solve injustice by being unjust to others? Justice needs to be equal to all or it isn’t justice. For a civil society there need to be rules to live by. There need to be behaviors that are not acceptable. Christianity gives us those rules and forgives us when we fall short. What is the downside of redemption?

And Christianity teaches there is life after death. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”. Even if atheists are right and this is it, there is no more…..nada, nothing. What is the incentive to live an ethical, moral life? Why not lie, cheat and steal? What have you got to lose? And, how unfair life would be if you were born with a birth defect, you were born into slavery, you were one of the millions murdered by dictators, you were maimed in war, or contracted a deadly disease? How meaningless life would be. People need to believe life has meaning. Losing a loved one is one of the most painful events in our lives but believing you will be reunited with that loved one makes their loss less painful. The belief in life after death is comforting and reassuring and it inspires Christians to live kind, moral, unselfish lives. Even if atheists were right, you’d never know, would you? But believing inspires you to be a better person, so, what’s the down side of believing in life after death?

While there have been violent and evil acts done in the name of Christianity, they have been done against the teachings of Jesus, not in accordance. Christianity’s offer of forgiveness, redemption, love and everlasting life attracts followers. There is no need to mandate belief in Christianity. You are free to believe or not…….so what is the down side?

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I was surprised, pleasantly surprised, UCLA allowed the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department to have Professor William Happer speak skeptically about Climate Change at a Physical Chemistry Seminar, until I learned two Conservative Chenistry professors had to do it under the radar. Nevertheless, in a room that could hold under 100 there were at least 50 standing with many in the hall outside. I’m told there has never been such an overflow attendance for any previous seminar in the past.

William “Will” Happer is an American physicist who has specialized in the study of atomic physics, optics and spectroscopy. He is the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, Emeritus, at Princeton University, and a long-term member of the JASON advisory group, where he pioneered the development of adaptive optics. From 1991 to 1993, Happer served as director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science as part of the George HW Bush administration. Happer invented the Sodium Guide Star that most telescopes now have.

Dr. Happer was invited because of his accomplishments in atomic physics which would be acceptable to the other very Liberal professors in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department. What wasn’t known to them was that Happer was allowed to pick the subject of his talk and he chose Climate Change.

Happer started by saying we all agree that climate changes. It has since the beginning of time and will continue to change until the end of time. He also mentioned that no one can tell you what the “average temperature” should be because there isn’t no average world temperature. The temperature at sea level is very different than the temperature 3000 feet up a mountain just a few miles away.

Happer admitted he, himself, had grossly over predicted the effect of increased levels of CO2. He said the hysteria over climate change is caused by computer models not observation. He pointed out the model predictions don’t come close to the observations. They predicted an increase of 0.2 degrees Celsius over the last decade but the temperature has only increased 0.05 degrees. He put up a slide that showed what the computer models predicted and what has actually been observed. The models show dramatically higher levels than have been observed. (see slide #1)

The Professor believes carbon dioxide is a minor contributor to climate change. In fact, the earth has had a CO2 famine for millions of years. CO2 was 1000 to 2000 parts per million during prehistoric times. We have a little more than 400 parts per million now. We could double that amount and little would happen. Happer pointed out the classroom we were in would have at least 2000 parts per million. The CO2 we exhale is 40,000 PPM. Each of us exhales two pounds of CO2 daily. The only effect increased CO2 has is more greening of the planet. (see slide #2)

Happer explained that water vapor is what greenhouse gases mostly consist of and he explained how the molecules of the various greenhouse gases react. That part was a bit over my head but it wasn’t for the students in the room. He went on to explain how atmospheric circulation transports heat from the equator to the poles.

We’ve heard a lot about the acidification of the ocean caused by increased CO2, however, as Happer explained (as well as Willie Soon at the IMPROV debate) if CO2 was the cause of acidification warming would be happening on the surface, but it isn’t. The warming and acidification occurs deep in the ocean. The claim is that if acidity increases 1pH it’s a disaster but Happer pointed out that the ocean surface varies 2 to 4 pH every day. (see slide #3 and #4)

Happer then addressed rising seas. He showed several slides that show sea levels rising no faster than in the past. (see slides #5)

During Q&A a student thanked the Professor saying he gave a compelling argument with data to back it up. He then asked why so many scientists disagree. Happer gave several examples of a consensus of scientists who disagreed with scientists who were later proven right. (see slide #6)

One student said Happer neglected to include the effects of increased water vapor in the atmosphere. Happer said the data didn’t reflect any increase. Another student didn’t think Happer’s presentation was scientifically rigorous. He said Happer was ignoring mountains of data that contradicted him. I wondered what mountain of data the student was talking about. Since the claim is that increased CO2 is causing warming and there hasn’t been any significant warming in 20 years what data contradicts that? Many students, however, appreciated the presentation and believed it was scientifically valid, one mentioning he appreciated the data from satellites in the presentation.

A man who identified himself as a science teacher said he would be out in the hall to discuss the fallacies of Professor’s position. I went into the hall and listened for a while. All they said was that Happer was offering opinion that disregarded data but offered no examples.

Several months ago when American Freedom Alliance brought Dr. Willie Soon to Los Angeles to speak, Dr. Soon, Dr. James Enstrom and I spent the day at UCLA trying to get any of the Professors in the fields that study climate to speak to him and none would. (see DR. WILLIE SOON AT THE IMPROV 10/2/2017; see REMEMBER THE DEBATE? NEITHER DO I. 2/12/2017)

Apparently, since Dr, Happer’s seminar and the overwhelming interest in it, the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department, as well as several other departments, are up in arms. They want to know how this happened. Who is responsible for allowing a skeptic to speak? They can’t have students questioning the Climate Change narrative. I’ve always believed when you are told not to listen to opposing opinions that’s exactly when you should. The truth can stand scrutiny.

It’s difficult not to be skeptical of the claims made by climate Alarmists when they are unwilling to even enter into a discussion with a colleague who might question their conclusions.

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America was a country where principals, character, integrity and truth mattered. There were principals we all believed in, like the Constitution, Judeo/Christian values, free speech, and the value of our founding. Of course, there were Fabian Socialists/Progressives who hated everything we believed in but they were few and far between. For the most part we believed Communism was a bad thing, marriage was between a man and a woman (accepted world wide for centuries), there are two sexes, and for cleanliness, safety and modesty men and women should have separate bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers. We aren’t that country anymore…….and why aren’t we? Progressives.

Progressive, Ted Kennedy changed our immigration regulations from bringing in educated, skilled people from countries that shared our values to bringing in primarily minority people from 3rd world countries. Changing from merit based immigration to chain migration. Plus, a wink and a nod to keeping our borders unsecured and immigration laws unenforced to allow millions to enter our country illegally every year. As well as discouraging immigrants (legal and illegal) from assimilating, learning our language, or learning the value of our form of government. Add to that Progressives refusing to allow us to verify our voter roles or use voter ID to ensure illegal immigrants can vote. Some cities are even allowing illegal immigrants and felons to vote. How does allowing people to vote who have demonstrated a disregard of our laws benefit us?

All one has to do is look at what Progressives have done to California. They created a permanent Democrat majority, not by winning a debate of ideas but by changing the demographics of the state. California has the highest percentage of immigrants, both legal and illegal. It has more people on government assistance than working. California pays one third of the welfare of the entire country. Sacramento is gleefully passing every Progressive social experiment they can think of. But let’s look at what Progressives have done to the rest of the country.

Every city with high crime, high poverty, high unemployment and failing schools has been run by Progressives for generations. Think Detroit. Every state bankrupt by unfunded pensions is run by Progressives. Think Illinois. The cities with the strongest gun laws also have the highest gun deaths. Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and Washington, D.C. are the first four on the gun deaths list in 2016. The more dangerous our country has become the more Progressives want to prevent law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves. We used to believe the police were there to protect us but in Progressive cities police are told to stand down and allow Antifa space to destroy property and assault citizens who object.

What have Progressives done to our schools? The Department of Education was created by Progressive Jimmy Carter and our schools have had worse results every day since. At the time we were close to #1 of 36 industrialized nations, by 2009 we were #18, and as of 2015 we’re #28. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/global-school-rankings-interactive-map-shows-standards-of-education-across-the-world-10247405.html

Progressives completely took over education and now our children are taught that America is an imperialistic, racist country. Our history books emphasize everything from our founding to present in as negative a light as possible with no mention of the good America has done or is responsible for. Most schools no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the National Anthem. Nor do they teach civics or the Constitution. How are our children going to understand the value of our Constitution if they don’t learn about it……and the Federalist Papers. Most kids have never heard of the Federalist papers.

According to our history books now, Columbus was an evil man who killed hundreds of thousands of Indians. Obviously, Columbus didn’t intend to bring diseases Indians had no immunity to. Progressives imply Indians were peaceful people exploited by Columbus. There was no “United Tribes of America”. Tribes fought each other, took women captive and made others slaves. Many tribes were very barbaric. Columbus was an explorer among many explorers and to believe, if he hadn’t come to America, no other explorer from another country would have is absurd. Exploring, finding what is on the other side of the mountains or the sea is innate to man. We’re still exploring. And what would be amusing if it weren’t so devastating, is that these same Progressives, who demonize Columbus for bringing people to a land that didn’t belong to them, are the same ones demanding we keep our borders open for people to come to a land that doesn’t belong to them.

When I was in grade school we had an honor guard at every assembly. We sang all the American Anthems and Christmas carols. We had swings, slides, rings, jungle gyms, teeter tauters, marry-go-rounds, bars, etc. in the playground. We played dodge ball and tag. Most of those have been removed and in some schools kids are told they can’t have a “best friend”. There were two sexes when I went to school and sex education was only an explanation of the biology, not a tutorial on positions, anal sex, and alternate life styles. Now it’s “Students” instead of “Boys and Girls”. You can change your gender by changing your clothes and any and all “lifestyles” are equal. Christianity is banned but Muslim prayer rooms are installed. Everyone gets a trophy and score isn’t taken.

Progressives took over the media a long time ago. Their influence on the news media is extremely dangerous. There is no attempt at being impartial or objective. The majority of “journalists” vote Democrat and donate to Democrats. When not a single member of the White House Press Corps is a registered Republican, is it any wonder the President and everything he does is painted in a negative light? http://freebeacon.com/issues/no-white-house-reporter-republican/

There are many examples of Progressive media sources editing audio or video to make it depict something differently than actually happened. There are many examples of the media completely ignoring a story because it would reflect badly on their agenda. Kermit Gosnell, for example. Harvey Weinstein, for example. Benghazi, for example. Fast and Furious, the IRS obstruction of Conservative groups, Ferguson, Travon Martin, Baltimore, etc., etc. People can no longer trust the media. The same people who defended Clinton’s diddling a 20 year old intern in the Oval office as “about sex and his private life” but Judge Moore should not hold office.

The LA Times and NY Times refuse to publish anything skeptical of Climate Change (and I’m sure many other subjects, like anything negative about Islam, Sharia Law, or illegal immigration). How is the general public going to know what is true and what isn’t if they get only one side of an issue? A few years ago the LA Times had a series on the front page (I believe, weekly) that featured a different illegal alien or illegal alien family and explained how difficult it was to “live in the shadows”. I wrote them and said I could accept their series if they alternated it with a story of Americas whose jobs were lost to illegal aliens, or their wages depressed, or how the cost of schooling, policing, housing and supporting illegal aliens effected the taxpayers. Of course, they didn’t do it. Truth has become “hate speech”. I still have a hard time accepting that these newspapers, written and edited by American citizens, could be so determined to destroy this great country.

Skeptics of Climate Change are called “science deniers” but Progressives deny the science of sex. They pretend homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality. They pretend mutilating your body can change your DNA. They are willing to endanger our children by having unisex bathrooms and locker rooms. And now transgenders are competing in women’s sports.

Not only have they been destroying our culture, our traditions, and our moral fabric, they are destroying fun as well. The NFL is on their chopping block right now. Progressives already killed the “Greatest Show on Earth”. They demanded the circus stop using elephants. Progressives didn’t care how well Barnum and Bailey cared for the elephants. They use propaganda to turn people against using elephants.

No more Orcas either. Again, no matter how well cared for they were. “Black Fish” turned the public against Orcas in captivity the way “A Clear and Present Danger” turned the public against nuclear power.

Progressives are working on demonizing zoos as well. Forget many truly endangered species are alive because of zoos. Forget many veterinary discoveries have come from zoos. Zoos are responsible for the awe and respect we have for exotic animals. A picture doesn’t come close to the experience of seeing a live animal. Zoos breed endangered species, they study species, they care for injured animals and they teach us all to love and respect exotic animals. But Progressives won’t stop until they kill zoos too.

Progressives insisted Boy Scouts allow gays and women. Girl Scouts have been turned into feminists and social warriors by Progressives. Halloween is their target as we speak. Funny how Halloween costumes never offended people in the past. May I remind them that copying is the sincerest form of flattery? Are we all so fragile we can’t take a little kidding? These institutions and experiences they are destroying were recreation, escape, and family fun.

No bonfires, no frisbies, no beer, no dogs, on the beach. No Pledge of Allegiance, no national anthem, no Christmas carols. No Easter Bunny or Santa. No genders, no best friends, no winners, no valedictorians. No smoking, no vaping, but yes, marijuana. No patriotic clothing, no patriotism. No pedigree dogs, no elephants, no orcas, no zoos. No free speech, no guns, no religious liberty, No Constitution, no Confederate statues. No cars, no ranches, no farms, no private property.

When Progressives are done, what will be left?

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Dr. Willie Soon is a astrophysics researcher at the Solar and Stellar Physics Division of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He loves what he does.  When he talks about his work his face lights up and he gets very animated.  Willie is also a brave man.  He accepted an invitation to debate UCLA Institute of the Environment Adjunct Assistant Professor Jon Christensen at the Hollywood IMPROV.


Mr. Christensen is an historian and journalist, in fact “journalist-in-residence at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability” (aka Agenda 21).  He does not have a PhD and he is not a scientist.


Willie Soon received his Bachelor of Science degree from USC as well as his Masters followed by his PhD in Aerospace Engineering (with distinction).  As well as his research for Harvard-Smithsonian, he has also been an astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory.  He was chief science advisor for the Science and Public Policy Institute.  Doctors for Disaster Preparedness awarded Dr. Soon the “Petr Beckmann Award” for outstanding contributions to the defense of scientific truth.  He also received the “Courage In Defense of Science Award” by the George C. Marshall Institute.  Dr. Soon has had his character assassinated, his motives questioned, his life investigated because he questions the claims made by Climate Alarmists. Not many of us would have the courage to continue to speak after being so publically attacked for our beliefs.


We friends of Willie’s invited like-minded friends to the event to support Willie and make sure he wasn’t shouted down by Climate Change activists.  Environmental scientist Dr. Jim Enstrom brought a group of UCLA students…..who are also courageous.  They are members of the Bruin Republicans at an extremely liberal campus.  We arranged to have dinner before the event to give everyone a chance to speak to Dr. Soon.


I met Willie and Debbie Bacigalupi at Fred Segal’s for drinks first.  We were laughing and talking mostly about the fraud (GASP) of Climate Change.  As we were getting ready to leave two ladies asked Debbie if she really didn’t believe man was causing global warming. They asked her if she had seen Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”.  Debbie said she’s met Al Gore and he isn’t a scientist.  She said we happen to have an astrophysicist, expert on the Sun and it’s effects on the earth and they weren’t the least bit interested in speaking to him.  What a remarkable example of Alarmists disinterest in the truth that disagrees with their religious belief that man is destroying the earth.


We met the others at the IMPROV for dinner.  The students were very interested in talking with Willie and he happily obliged them.


The event was in the IMPROV’s smaller venue.  Along with our group there appeared  to be a group of Libertarians as well as a group of  true Climate Change believers.  Toby Muresianu hosted the show along with Lou Perez.  Toby was clearly a Climate Change believer and his routine reflected that.  Lou Perez was sort of on the fence. His routine mostly jabbed at Skeptics but his questions later showed he has some rational questions about the claims.  Lori Weiss was next. Her introduction said she has written for Joan Rivers. Joan was a Conservative, so I’m guessing if Lori wrote for her it wasn’t about politics.  They also said she worked for the EPA. They didn’t say what she did for the EPA but I’m guessing she was clerical as she had no understanding of science. Her routine seemed personal and hostile toward Skeptics. She believes Skeptics don’t care if the world is destroyed because they’re selfish and unwilling to sacrifice for the good of the collective.


The last comedian was Bryan Dey. He was refreshing. His routine was about his upcoming wedding and not about Climate Change…..and he was funny.


Willie began by expressing his gratitude to the Improv of organizing this debate, which was his first with an advocate of man-made Climate Change since 2012.  Also, since this was a comedy club, Willie recommended that everyone watch George Carlin’s routine on Global Warming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB0aFPXr4n4

George Carlin on Global Warming




Willie said CO2 was the “gas of life”. He said it had many, many benefits and a few potential negatives. He said those negatives deserve discussion but it is a mistake to demonize CO2. It is greening the planet.  Willie blew on his hand and said, “This is CO2”.  He said people are being made to be afraid of the sea rising maybe 4 inches in 100 years. He said this is a discussion worth having. But he said he looks at the data and the data doesn’t support CO2 having a dangerous effect.


Jon Christensen began a long, painfully slow dissertation on every Climate Alarmist talking point we’ve heard. He is a tall, lanky, greying blond with a receding hairline. He dressed all in black.  His attempt at being funny was saying he liked to say California was “Sunny with a chance of apocalypse”.  He praised Governor Brown for forcing us to make lifestyle changes based on Climate Change Alarmism.  He said we’ve cut water usage and are making strides in making renewables (wind and solar) the only source of energy in the near future (as if that is a good thing). What the Alarmists neglect to mention is that wind and solar can’t replace fossil fuels 100% and if we eliminate the use of fossil fuels there WILL be energy rationing and energy prices will be unaffordable.


Bryan Dey reminded Mr. Christensen that cheap, abundant energy has bought wealth to this and other countries and that countries without cheap, abundant energy are poor, have lower life expectancy and more disease.  Mr. Christensen said that that may be true but renewables can be subsidized to make them affordable for the poor. (I want to ask where he thinks the money to subsidize energy comes from).


Lori Weiss chimed in and said the “consensus” is that we are causing Climate Change. This is such a good example of a lie repeated over and over being believed. The 97% consensus has been debunked by several studies, including one by Willie Soon, but Alarmists don’t care and continue to repeat it as if it’s fact. Bryan Dey countered her by saying “follow the money”.  He said many scientists are funded to support that man is influencing warming. He said if they say nothing is happening they won’t be funded to continue their studies.


Christensen made the claim that there are Alarmists at one end, Deniers (I prefer Skeptics) at the other end but about 74% in the middle think man is doing something causing change (I don’t believe that number. Most studies show the majority of us aren’t worried about Climate Change). Christensen would lean over his crossed legs as if he were having a private conversation with you and speak WAY to slowly.  I kept wanting him to move it along.


Lori Weiss made an argument I’ve heard many times from Alarmists.  That even if man isn’t causing warming shouldn’t we prepare just in case?  What?  By regressing to before the Industrial Revolution for something on as shaky ground as Anthropogenic Global Warming? No, thank you. So far, I’m not aware global warming has killed anyone, but the lack of air-conditioning certainly has.


In response to a question from the audience about why we need to lower temperature, Willie said he asked Al Gore that question, face to face. He said to Gore,  OK, say we reorder our lives and reduce temperature less than a degree, what are we going to get out of it? What is that going to do? And what is the temperature supposed to be? Gore can’t answer that. How is life going to be better without air-conditioning, cars, private property?


Someone asked about the temperature of the oceans increasing.  Willie said, they did a study of the ocean temperature. They took the temperature deep in the ocean, then in the middle and then the surface.  The middle temperature is warmer than the surface.  The middle can’t be warmed by CO2.  We don’t know why it is warmer below the surface and that is worth investigating but it isn’t being caused by CO2.  Once again, Willie said he looks at the data and the data doesn’t prove man is the cause.


Based on the questions asked and the applause for Soon versus Christensen, I believe there were more Climate Change Skeptics in the audience than there were Alarmists.  This was amazing given that Hollywood is Ground Zero for Climate Change Alarmism.


After the show we took pictures outside and talked to some of the audience members. Bryan Dey congratulated Willie for participating.  We thanked him for his rational view. The UCLA students want to do something similar with Willie at UCLA.  I hope they can pull it off.


Thank you, Willie, for being willing to jump into the fray.



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The Santa Monica Republican Women Federated held their September monthly luncheon at the Beverly Hills Women’s Club due to the overwhelming response to speaker Robert Spencer and the subject, “The Left’s Jihad Against the Freedom of Speech”.

Those on the Right are acutely aware that our speech is being censored and silenced. As people arrived and gathered around tables, the talk was of how many ways our speech is being silenced.

Robert Spencer began by saying if he were to name the time we are living in he would call this “The Era of Absurdity”. We are being told to believe the unbelievable. Let’s begin with Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers of the Woman’s March where women wore “pussy hats” and “vagina” costumes. She recently gave a speech saying that before she started wearing the hijab, she was just a white woman from Brooklyn. But when she put on the hijab she became a woman of color. She now identifies as a Palestinian-American woman of color. Absurd.

Linda Sarsour (translated in Arabic is “cockroach”) describes the hijab as liberating. But how is a hijab liberating? The purpose of a hijab is to cover one of a woman’s more beautiful features so that they will be less attractive to men. In fact, Islam considers it a woman’s responsibility to cover herself so she won’t attract men. It is not a man’s responsibility to restrain his passions. Absurd and unjust.

The Left wants no restraints on immorality but embraces Muslim restraints on women. Again…….absurd.

Let’s examine the absurdity of identifying as a Palestinian-American woman of color. First, there has never been a “state” of Palestine, nor is there a Palestinian ethnicity. Those called “Palestinians” are from Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. In the 1960’s Yasser Arafat invented Palestine and Palestinians. Brooklyn born Linda Sarsour is saying she’s from a country that never existed and is a White woman of color.

Spencer said if you are Black, you don’t need to tell anyone you are, it’s obvious. He asked why anyone would pay attention to White people who say they are Black or a religion that says they are the religion of peace when…..they’re NOT? They need to keep reminding people because they’re worldview keeps conflicting with reality. Absurd, absurd, absurd.

In the absurd world where people accept that you are whatever and whoever you say you are, Robert Spencer said he is Linda Sarsour.

Spencer went on to describe how Conservative speech is being silenced. Spencer’s Facebook page, “Jihad Watch” normally had about 20,000 hits a day. All of a sudden it went down to 2,000 a day. The same has happened to many Conservative pages. Facebook had no answer to the drop.
Before this happened, if you googled “Jihad”, “Islam”, “Muslim” his page would be one of the first to come up, but that is no longer the case.
Spencer said Joel Kaplan, Vice President of Public Policy at Facebook, recently traveled to Pakistan and assured them Facebook would will remove fake accounts and explicit, hateful and provocative material that incites violence and terrorism.

A California Imam recently called Muslims to kill and annihilate all Jews. https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/california-imam-calls-for-muslims-to-annihilate-the-jews

Facebook didn’t remove the video showing the Imam saying this. Apparently, Facebook doesn’t think that might “incite violence or terrorism” or offend “community standards”. However, Twitter said Spencer saying “Islam is not a religion of peace” was hate speech and deleted it.

“The Left is at war with reality”. Spencer said Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube have more control over speech than ANY government has EVER had. It started when Obama gave control of the internet to the United Nations. Let that sink in.

Spencer said we must not surrender, we must keep fighting. He said think of the blades of grass that poke through the concrete. BE A BLADE OF GRASS!!

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Last month I went to downtown LA for the Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Committee meeting to support Sheriff McDonnell and his opposition to SB54 (Sanctuary State Bill).

The month before the committee had not said the Pledge of Allegiance because Rabbi Beth Chadashim objected to it as a violation of the separation of church and state. Mentioning God is in no way a violation. Our founders not only didn’t intend God to be banned from the public square, they began every public meeting with prayer. Today Congress begins their sessions with prayer. God is on our money and on many building and monuments all over Washington, D.C. The founders simply wanted to protect us from having government dictate that we practice a specific religion. Freedom of religion gives every citizen the right to practice the religion of THEIR choice or no religion at all.

Raul Rodriguez, Jr. from We the People Rising, objected to this ban and stood to lead the Pledge along with other attendees. The result is that the Committee now recites the Pledge at the beginning of their meetings.

Last month’s meeting they discussed police use of drones and sanctuary cities. For several hours we listened to dozens of people speak against the country and the Rule of Law. Most of the speakers talked about how selfish people who are against sanctuary cities were, how they had a right to be here because America illegally took the land from Mexico. Have they ever been told we won a war with Mexico, signed a treaty and paid Mexico for the land? OR that after winning the war, we could have taken over ALL of Mexico, but didn’t? One speaker said he was a teacher and he only spoke the truth but his truth didn’t match the actual evidence.

Megan Dowling spoke to the committee and read the statistics on illegal alien crime. The number of illegal aliens in prison, the number of murders, assaults, sexual abuse, robbery, etc. crimes committed by illegal aliens. Committee member Hernan Vera reprimanded Megan saying she could have her own opinion but not her own facts and that none of the statistics she read were true. Her statistics came from the FBI but she was not allowed to rebut his comments.

I spoke next and said that we have always been a country of laws, not men. I said if we don’t enforce laws or our border we have no country. I said Sanctuary Cities enabled crime. The tragedy in Texas where 18 illegal aliens died packed into a truck was caused by sanctuary cities. With the promise that Coyotes will get them to a Sanctuary City where they’ll be home free, they pay thousands of dollars to be brought to one.

I said I was sick of hearing what a terrible, selfish country America is. America is the most generous country in the world. We are the first to respond to natural disasters around the world, we give foreign aid tto other countries and we bring in twice as many LEGAL immigrants per year as ALL the other countries in the world combined. I asked if we were such a selfish, evil country, why are millions of people willing to risk their lives to get to America? We must return to the rule of law or we shall parish.

This month the Sheriff’s Oversight Committee moved the meeting to a Federal building in Pasadena where we weren’t allowed to have signs or take pictures or record any of the meeting which is in violation of the Brown Act. The Brown Act extends to the public the right to participate in meetings. Individuals, lobbyists, and members of the news media possess the right to attend, record, broadcast, and participate in public meetings.
Members of the public weren’t allowed to bring cameras into the meeting and if anyone used their cell phone camera, they were escorted out and not allowed back in unless they surrendered their phone or took it to their car.
The first thing the Committee did was to pass a resolution condemning Trump for telling the police to “not be too nice”. This was a very contentious meeting. At one point one of the Committee members shouted at a speaker, said he didn’t have to listen to this and left the room.

When I was able to speak I said the number one job of government was to protect us. When we see masked people in combat gear beating peaceful protestors with bicycle locks as police stand by, we are not being protected. I said I object to their characterization of Trump telling the police to “not be too nice” as encouraging inappropriate use of force. When masked people are beating others, breaking windows, destroying property, “not being too nice” IS the appropriate use of force. While they make broad assumptions about the President’s intentions, no such assumptions are made about the black geared, masked attackers. We need to return to the Rule of Law. How ironic it is that needs to be pointed out to a law enforcement committee.

I attend many public meetings. Townhalls, School Board meetings, SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments), City Councils, Sheriff’s Oversight Committee, as well as many others. What I’m struck by and still can’t accept is that, in general, our public officials are working against the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the Will of the People. Those of us who object are talked down to, smirked at, treated as if we are disobedient children.

The supreme goal of all of the meetings I’ve attended was to protect illegal aliens at all costs. I have to ask this, have you ever seen your representatives work as hard or as passionately to protect anything as they are to protect ALL illegal aliens? They make no distinction between your sweet nanny or gardener and criminals, gang members, sex trafficers, etc? They want ALL to have amnesty. ALL.

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