For the first time in my adult life, I’m ashamed of my gender. Come on, ladies, vagina hats?

Watching shrill, whinny, vulgar women dressed like vaginas made me cringe. What, exactly, were they marching for? When reporters asked them they didn’t seem know. Some said equal pay, whatever that means. Some said for “women’s rights”. Apparently, they don’t know under the Constitution we all have the same rights. I don’t know what “rights” they are being denied. Mostly, it seemed they were marching for the “right” to kill their unborn babies up to and including birth.

Whatever they thought they were marching for, dancing around in vagina suits and pussy hats didn’t bring dignity or respect to the cause. ….or, do I believe, sympathy. It appeared the celebrities that spoke were Liberals just furious Trump won. And they used vile, vulgar language to express that anger. Madonna dreams of blowing up the White House, Ashley Judd is a “NASTY woman”, and my favorite was Donna Hylton, a woman who kidnapped, tortured and killed a gay man. Now there’s a role model. http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/26/womens-march-featured-speaker-who-kidnapped-raped-and-tortured-a-man/

The argument for “equal pay” really annoys me. First and foremost, because it’s none of the government’s business what private businesses pay their employees. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the government to micromanage businesses. And second, what makes anyone think some government bureaucrat, who has never worked in the private sector or owned a business has the ability to decide what equal pay is or how to achieve it? Women make employment choices for very different reasons than men do. Women have very different needs and goals. But there are SO many examples of women making more money than men. Do they want to lower their incomes to equal men who make less? After all, if “equal pay” is the goal, that’s what would need to happen. To keep saying women make $0.72 for every dollar a man makes is purposefully dishonest.

There are “jobs” and there are “careers”. Many women chose to have a “job” because they have a husband and children and want to have regular hours and no demands on their free time. Others are just as ambitious and driven as men and seek careers. Women who work on commission can make as much or more than their male counterparts. Women and/or men who own businesses make as much as their business generates. The highest paid actress in Hollywood was complaining that she didn’t get paid what the men made in the movie that won her the Academy Award. It was her THIRD movie and one of her co-stars was a movie icon with decades of blockbuster movies and seven Academy Award nominations besides hundreds of other awards. Why would she be paid the same? Even by government civil service standards, the icon had seniority and would still make more. Actors are employees and are paid a salary based on many factors. However, Hollywood is where MANY women make more than men AND have more power……even decades ago. Mary Pickford started United Artists. During the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s television was dominated by Desilu (Lucille Ball) and MTM Productions (Mary Tyler Moore). Those companies produced the top rated television series of the era. How do you factor those women in the “equal pay” argument?

Are there women who are making less than men in comparable jobs? Sure. Sometimes there are valid reasons for it, sometimes not. I believe salaries, bonuses, and promotions should be based on merit. We’ve all seen what happens with civil service jobs where pay is based on seniority. If someone who comes early, leaves late, works hard, and comes up with better ways of doing things is paid the same as someone who does as little as possible, eventually, the hard worker will stop working hard. There is nothing more motivating than self interest. When promotions and raises are based on seniority there is no motivation to do anything but show up.

This movement on the Left to keep people feeling victimized, discriminated against, envious, angry and resentful is not going to end well. There isn’t a person alive who can’t give you and example of times they were treated unfairly, discriminated against, bullied or worse. If we look for injustice, we can certainly find it. Life isn’t fair and no amount of government intervention can make it fair. I have found it infinitely more productive to focus on what I can do to improve an unfair situation rather than obsess on the unfairness. Successful people I’ve observed, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, haven’t spent time lamenting their circumstances but focused on the goal. It is my observation that people determined to succeed, DO. But instead of encouraging women to think outside the box, they are encouraged to obsess on real or imagined injustices.

Is English Prime Minister Theresa May, not a woman? Margret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Eva Peron, Indira Gandhi, and the more than a hundred women who have lead countries, are they not women? What can’t women do? Especially, in this country? Can they dress as they like? Can they go to college and study whatever they want? Can they drive a car? Can they travel without an escort? Can they marry or not marry?

Wasn’t feminism about women taking responsibility for their lives? Not needing men? Accepting the consequences of their own actions? They are pro-choice! They demand to choose what to do with their bodies. Well, yes, but let’s examine that for a moment. There are MANY choices they have before choosing abortion. There is the choice of using birth control (free now), there is the choice to abstain (oh, horrors), and there are three months to choose whether or not to abort. In my opinion, if you are sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant, it is irresponsible not to use birth control and I don’t know why the rest of us should pay for your irresponsibility.

I don’t know where the fear that ALL abortions are going to be banned comes from (well, yes I do) but there is no serious movement to ban abortions in the first trimester. There ARE, however movements to ban late term abortions and despite what the media and Liberal pundits would have you think, most of us are for that. Polls show most of us believe once there is a heartbeat, there are two people whose rights need to be taken into consideration.

As for me, I love being a woman. I believe women hold the power if they know how to use it. I’ve never believed women couldn’t achieve anything they were determined to achieve. I don’t need or want the government to fight my battles for me.

But these feminists who don’t need men and want to make their own choices were marching last week to demand Uncle Sam pay for their birth control, their abortions, their maternity leave, their childcare and more. That doesn’t sound very independent to me.

Sorry, ladies, please don’t assume you speak for me. You embarrass me.

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People for the American Way (PFAW) is a group founded by Norman Lear, although it is run by Michael Keegan. I’ve met Norman Lear. I had a long one on one meeting with him after 9/11 when he had gathered some celebrities to read America’s Constitution and founding documents at events in several cities. He was overflowing with patriotism at the time but I think he and his group is very misguided now. PFAW sent an email to their members for Martin Luther King day that I had to respond to. They started with the above quote that begins with, “It’s a dark day in our nation when high-level authorities will seek to use every method to silence dissent.”

The email went on to talk about “….the ascendant Right Wing movement’s reliance on lies and propaganda….”, and “America’s commitment to the truth is already being put to the test, and in the days ahead, the preservation of free speech and expression could be challenged like never before.”

I can’t allow this sort of hypocrisy to go unchallenged. Who’s been silencing dissent? Liberals! Why does Mr. Lear think it’s necessary for Conservatives in Hollywood to have a secret group? In Hollywood you can’t let people know you’re a Conservative if you want to work. And it’s gotten worse over the last eight years. Look at the treatment of a celebrity who speaks even neutrally about Trump. If they say we need to respect the office and give him a chance, they will be threatened and intimidated into apologizing. Look how Steve Harvey was treated. I’d be curious how many of the celebrities who turned down the invitation to perform at Trump’s inauguration did so because they were afraid.

It saddens me that someone I respect like Norman Lear, and whom I believe loves America, is so wrong. I sent the following letter to his organization.

Dear People for the American Way,

Yes, The truth must be told. You are suggesting that you are the defenders of the truth. Can you name one Liberal who has been silenced or lost their job in the last eight years? Who has actually been silenced? Who has been demonized and called racists, homophobes, bigots, etc.? The truth is, Conservatives.

Let me give you some examples of what you say is “truth”.

“Trump insulted an ENTIRE race of people”. No, he didn’t. He said along with good people, “some” illegal aliens are rapists and murders”. He didn’t say ALL. Do I need to provide a link to him saying it?

“You can keep your doctor and/or your plan”. Do I need to provide a link of Jonathan Gruber saying they had to lie to get ACA passed? Or stats on how many Middle Class families are paying over $1000 a month with $12,000 deductible and can’t keep their doctor? And can’t afford to pay out of the pocket for doctor visits because they are paying so much for insurance. Why is there no sympathy for these people?

“Benghazi was caused by a spontaneous protest to a video”. You and I both know the WH and the Pentagon have real time contact to anywhere in the world and knew from the beginning it was a terrorist attack.

“I heard about Fast and Furious when you did”. Yeah, right!

“The IRS did nothing wrong”. Ask Catherine Engelbrecht, Ben Carson, Karen Kenney, and the many more people harassed by the IRS.

“Shovel ready jobs” —– “Weren’t so shovel ready” Can you name any crumbling bridges replaced with the stimulus money? Where did it go? Do you know?

“The Iran deal will prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons” How? We just gave them the means to do it.

“There is no voter fraud”, If you believe that I’ve got a lovely bridge for sale. I worked on the Voter Integrity Project to verify the voter roles. We identified THOUSANDS of dead people who voted as well as thousands of single-family home addresses with 20, 30, 40 or more registered to vote there. We gave the information to the registrar’s office before the 2010 election. Dead people are still voting.

“Voter ID suppresses the minority vote” There is no evidence of that and voter ID is just smart. Even the UN couldn’t believe we didn’t require voters to prove who they are. If you really believed voter ID’s were as bad as you suggest, why don’t you demand unions stop requiring them for their elections?

“Illegal aliens can’t vote” OF COURSE THEY CAN AND DO! Without California’s vote (increased by illegal immigration to a now permanent Democrat majority state) Trump won the popular vote by 3 million.

“Common sense gun laws” are NOT. They only take rights from law abiding citizens. Do you really think criminals will take their friends to get a background check if they want to give them a gun?

“Gun free zones protect you” No, they make people targets. We are NOT giving up our guns. You need to accept that.

“Man is causing Global Warming” The TRUTH is that man has little effect on climate. None of the climate models have come close to being accurate and none of the predictions have happened. We have natural warming and cooling periods caused by activity on the sun. We certainly don’t need to spend trillions, ration energy and kill our economy for something we have little effect on.

“97% of scientists say man is causing Climate Change” That claim has been proven wrong. 31,000 scientists (just in America) signed a petition saying whatever effect man has is minimal. That is certainly more than 3%.

“Trump is an illegitimate President” No, he isn’t and you know it. You say it (you also said it about Bush) just to keep the rank and file Democrats upset and angry. This is not a “democracy” it’s a “REPUBLIC”….and for GOOD reason. This wasn’t the first time a President won the electoral vote but not the popular vote.

“Russians hacked the election” I have yet to see proof the Russians had any effect on the election. I have yet to see people come forward and say they changed their vote because of the emails. Yes, Russians hacked us, so has China, Korea and others and our government KNEW about it and did NOTHING. But why don’t you talk about what was IN the emails (that aren’t in dispute). If the emails didn’t show the level of corruption, the fraud, and the utter disrespect for minorities of the leaders of your party, there would have been nothing to see. How do you claim to hold the moral high ground when you see what was in the emails?

I could go on with other examples of the “lies and propaganda” from the Left, but I’m sure you get the point.

You talk about being tolerant, inclusive and leveling the playing field but your actions prove otherwise. You are NOT tolerant of Conservatives or inclusive of a difference of opinion. When was a Liberal not allowed to speak on a college campus? The electoral college DOES level the playing field. It prevents the large urban states from imposing their will on the small rural states. Aren’t you always defending the minorities from the tyranny of the majority? Well, THAT’S what the electoral college does but you are calling for it’s repeal…..which would THEN allow the majority to rule the minority.

If you want to know why Trump won, besides you having the most corrupt, unlikeable candidate in history, your email is an example of why. We are tired of being lied to. And we’re tired of you claiming you have the moral high ground. You don’t.

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Senator Diane Feinstein said, “The country is overwhelmed with fear”. Well, if that were true, Senator, Trump wouldn’t be President-elect, would he? But, I understand, I really do. We Conservatives know exactly how you feel. We were just as fearful when Obama was elected. But we didn’t have the media, academia, Hollywood and politicians to sympathize with us. We were mocked for being fearful and told we were fearful because Obama is Black and we were racists. You spent the last eight years demonizing us, calling us racist, homophobic, Islamophobic bigots. You had us fired, sued and silenced. I don’t want to do that to you.

Let me start by telling you why we were fearful. All my life America has fought against the evil of Communism and Marxism. Those ideologies are the antithesis of our founding, our Constitution and the Liberty they protected. Obama told us he chose his friends carefully and they included minority activists and Marxist professors. Frank Marshall Davis, a communist, was his mentor. His parents and grandparents were Marxists. Bill Ayers launched Obama’s political career with a fundraiser in his home. Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright was his minister. He said his grandmother, who raised him, was a “typical White woman”. Obama said we couldn’t drive SUV’s, eat meat or use air conditioning and think the rest of the world would say it was OK. He told Joe the plumber redistribution of wealth was good. And he told us he was going to “fundamentally transform” America.

Our Constitution designed our government so it couldn’t be “fundamentally transformed”. It was designed to make drastic, fundamental change slow and difficult. Laws are to be made by Congress not the President’s pen and phone. The Supreme Court is to UPHOLD the Constitution not rewrite it. The Senate is to ratify treaties, not the President. Judges are to uphold the law not legislate from the bench. The right to own a gun “shall not be infringed”. The right to worship freely (in the public square, schools, sporting events, everywhere) “shall not be infringed”. If you don’t like those things the Constitution needs to be amended and 38 states have to ratify any changes. Changes can’t and shouldn’t come from one party or one man.

You say you are fearful of being silenced and the media being punished. We were silenced us and Obama did punish any media that was critical of him. Media Matters and other organizations funded by George Soros went after Conservative talk shows, Fox news and other outlets that didn’t support the Liberal narrative. We saw some of the highest rated talk show hosts fired, something I had never seen in the 30 years I worked in television. Do you now fear that could happen to you? It won’t, but it should give you pause.

Let me ask you, why didn’t the Liberal media cover the Kermit Gosnell trial? Or the lies about Benghazi? We don’t like being lied to or about. We know those who believe in traditional marriage aren’t homophobic. We know those who don’t want men in women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms aren’t bigots. We know wanting our border secured and to know if people coming in our country want to harm us or change our culture or take advantage of our generosity, doesn’t mean we are anti-immigrant, Islamophobic or haters. We know there are rational, logical reasons to be concerned about the consequences of those actions…….and so do you.

When have American news papers ever said they wouldn’t publish letters that disagreed with their opinion? The claim that 97% of climate scientists agree man is causing Climate Change has been proven wrong and the media, Liberal pundits and academics know that, but continue to repeat the lie. Many newspapers have said they won’t publish letters or articles from climate skeptics. Many politicians want to make skepticism a crime. Is that not censorship? I always believed Liberals were as protective of free speech as we Conservatives were. But when have Liberals been shouted down or not allowed to speak on college campuses? Why does this not trouble you? Why didn’t it trouble you that Conservative groups were targeted by the IRS? We were afraid our culture and loved traditions would be taken from us and many were. We feared America wouldn’t survive Obama, but guess what? We survived. And you will survive Trump.

I watched Corey Booker break from 240 years of tradition and speak against a fellow Senator who, a year ago, he said was a privilege to work with. He said he didn’t believe Senator Sessions would protect the rights of women, gays and transgenders. May I remind Senator Booker that the job of the Attorney General is to uphold our laws equally, not protect the “rights” of one group to the detriment of another. You support Muslims praying in schools, the streets, and at work while denying Christians the same liberty. Target has signs on checkout counters that say “if you have pork or alcohol go to a different line” to accommodate Muslims but Christians are not allowed the same accommodation. Do you not see the problem with this? Do you not understand our concern when laws are applied to some people and not others? Now that you’ve rediscovered the Constitution, can you show me where the Constitution allows that?

Please take a moment and consider that with all our fear, we confirmed all of Obama’s appointees even though we knew they had no intention of upholding their oaths of office. We didn’t assassinate their character or call them names. Senator Sessions is not a racist. His record as Attorney General of Alabama proves that. The Justice Department is to uphold the law, not to defend the agenda of the President. You knew when Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met on a plane while his wife was under investigation was wrong…..but you said nothing. The media knew it was wrong and yet protected them. We don’t like being lied to……and we don’t like the media covering it up wrong doing. “You can keep your doctor and your plan”, “Benghazi was due to a video”, “I don’t know anything about Fast and Furious”, “The IRS did nothing wrong”.

We warned you that you needed to be careful what you wished for because you weren’t going to like it when the shoe was on the other foot. I think you thought Republicans would never be in power again and you were nearly right. You didn’t care about the Constitution or Rule of Law as long as your guy was in power and doing what you wanted. Now that your guy isn’t in power you are rediscovering the Constitution, three separate branches of government, state sovereignty and free speech. So, let’s talk about that….because if we don’t, if you keep assassinating the character of good people, demonizing and marginalizing good people, and fear mongering, we will be just as divided by the end of this administration, if not more so.

No one should be this afraid of government. That’s why our founders designed a LIMITED government and three EQUAL branches of government. No President should have so much power that we fear them. You were OK with Obama using a pen and a phone but now want to limit the power of the President. OK, LET’S DO IT! Maybe now you understand that government shouldn’t be so big that it can overturn our culture and traditions every time there is a new administration. This is what made our country so stable……and why we have the oldest Constitution in the world.

Now that you understand the dangers of government overreach, maybe it’s time for us to agree to limit the power of the President and size and scope of government.

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How ironic is it that the people SO appalled by the very idea Donald Trump might not accept the results of the election, are now refusing to accept the results of the election? For the last week we’ve watched their emotional meltdown, the tears, the gnashing of teeth, the name-calling, the protests, the vandalism, the threats. Let me give you a dose of reality. That’s not going to work anymore.

Where are these protests happening? In New York, Los Angeles, Oakland and other Liberal echo chambers. Are they happening in “fly over country”? No. More people in this country identify as Conservatives than Liberals and, believe me, when Obama was elected (ESPECIALLY, the second time) we felt every bit as distraught as you do, if not more. But we believe in the Rule of Law and the Constitution. We crazy Conservatives believe everyone, regardless of race, religion, or sex, should live by the same rules. We don’t believe some people should be exempt from laws the rest of us are held to or that some people should receive privileges others don’t. We feared, eight years ago, everything that made this the greatest country in the world was going to be dismantled (like the Rule of Law)……and much of it was. If you recall, Obama said he’d “fundamentally transform” America. He said Republicans were welcome to come along but they had to go to the back of the bus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25HN1kZtRIw

We didn’t run out in the streets and destroy thing. We formed Tea Parties and held rallies, we wrote and called our Representatives, we joined True the Vote and the Election Integrity Project to verify voter rolls, we campaigned for like-minded candidates. What we didn’t do is riot in the streets, burn things down, shut down freeways, destroy property or make threats. We didn’t even leave any litter after our rallies.

But Conservatives were demonized, we were called racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamophobes, and terrorists by the media and the Left. We knew being for traditional marriage didn’t make us homophobes. Wanting secure borders didn’t make us bigots. Being against unconstitutional policies make us racists. And being for gun rights didn’t make us terrorists. We watched the media try their hardest to blame terrorism on us. They expressed disappointment the terrorists weren’t named Bill and members of the Tea Party. We knew (and they did too) the only danger we posed was to their narrative.

But how are the Leftist protestors, the anti-Trumpers or BLMers portrayed? They’re simply expressing their First Amendment rights. They need “space to destroy”. Anti-Trumpers are calling for the assassination of the President elect. This isn’t just coming from random protestors in the street, it’s coming from academics, journalists and pundits on television. Be honest, what would have happened if the Tea Party had rioted in the streets and burned down things. Would they have been treated with such “understanding and tolerance”? Would they have been offered counseling or safe spaces?

Let’s talk about these protesters. Although, I’m sure there are people sincerely frightened by Trump’s election, many are paid protestors as evidenced by ads on Craig’s List and the fact that many who have been arrested neither live in the area or voted at all. A friend of mine works at a Los Angeles High School. The day after the election some of the presumably illegal alien students were fearful of being rounded up and deported. This could have served as a “teaching moment”. Teachers could have calmly explained that no one was going to round them up and explained how our system worked. But, no, the teachers led the students out to protest…….and those who didn’t want to protest, had no choice.

This election exposed not just how biased the media has been, but how truly corrupt they have become. They didn’t just spin or slant the news, they edited videos, repeated lies, gave the DNC questions before the debates, and withheld news that might harm the Left’s narrative. I knew the public was getting biased news but I didn’t realize the depth of the deception until this election.

Over the last week I’ve heard from many Liberals who were in disbelief that Trump won. These were educated, successful people who read newspapers and listen to the news and believe they are well informed. I couldn’t believe how much they didn’t know. Some never knew Hillary lied to the families of the Benghazi victims. They didn’t know she blamed the attack on a video. They didn’t know 94 million working aged Americans are out of work. They actually believe the 5% unemployment numbers are correct. They also didn’t know what the WikiLeaks emails revealed about the disrespect the DNC has for minorities or the depth of the conspiracy between the media and the Left because Mainstream Media didn’t report it.

The shock and awe felt by the Left can be laid at the feet of the media and academia. The truth has a way of bubbling to the surface no matter how hard people try to hide it. The media needs to do some serious self-examination.

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It’s morning in America. America won last night. Our system worked. The American people instinctively believed the country was going in the wrong direction and yesterday they said so. I don’t believe we elected Donald Trump as our next President as much as we rejected a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

Those who know me know I’ve not been a Trump supporter. He has said and done many things that concern me greatly. Yesterday, I didn’t vote FOR Trump, I voted AGAINST Hillary Clinton, socialism, global governance, climate change, school indoctrination, open borders, censorship, and restricting religious liberty.

Yesterday, as I drove to my polling place I was in tears as I imagined a Hillary Clinton Presidency. She said she’d pass amnesty in the first 100 days. She said she’d appoint Justices that weren’t concerned with the Constitution. She said she’d increase taxes and double down on the war on energy.

The entire time Trump was the candidate the polls told us he couldn’t win and I believed them. I couldn’t listen to the radio all day. I didn’t turn on election results until about 8:30pm because I couldn’t face another discussion on why Clinton would win. When I finally did I was stunned to see Trump was ahead and it didn’t look as if Clinton had a path to victory. I was then glued to the television. My daughters and several of my friends texted me the rest of the night with encouraging words. I watched states that we’ve been told Trump couldn’t win, go to Trump. I watched until they called the election and Trump accepted.

Mind numbingly stupid California went completely insane and legalized marijuana, approved every tax increase, banned bags (MORONS!!) and passed even stronger gun laws…..but that’s another discussion.

I must say, I thought Trump’s acceptance speech was humble and gracious. It was a uniting speech. He told his opponents he wanted their help and advice. Contrast that to what Obama told his opponents. He told them he won, they lost and he didn’t need their input, nor did he seek it during his two terms.

One of the first things President Trump must do is appoint a Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia. Who he appoints will tell us if he will honor the promises he has made to us.

My hope is that we can now accept that Conservatives who voiced rational concerns about Trump based on things he has said and done in the past are not our enemies. My hope is that we can forgive our friends we disagreed with. Remember Reagan said, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.”

I pray for America, I pray Trump will be everything the Trump supporters believe he will be. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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Apparently, myself and two other people watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Before the Flood” special on the National Geographic Chanel. National Geographic, along with too many other once respected organizations, has become a shill for Climate Change. Truth and facts be damned.

Not only did the special repeat the fraudulent claim that 97% of climate scientists believe man is causing global warming, they made a charming animation to put a point on it. We know, of course, that more than 30,000 scientists signed a petition in opposition to that claim. That would mean 970,000 scientists believe man is destroying the world. Are there 970,000 climate scientists in this world we’re destroying?

When DiCaprio spoke before the UN he said he stood before them not as an expert. That was the understatement of the century. Leo is what I would call a useful fool. He has no scientific background to understand what he is being told, let alone question it. Obama and the United Nations are using an attractive, naive, movie star, flattered by access to the President and a UN title, to sell Climate Change to the unbelievers. He flew around the world in a private plane spewing more CO2 than he and the entire population of Hollywood would exhale in their lifetimes, and met with hand picked climate Alarmists. He dismissed all skeptics as being paid by “BIG OIL”. They showed Jim Inhofe, Ted Cruz and other members of Congress who dispute climate change, with the dollar amount “BIG OIL” donated to their campaigns. I’m sure it was an oversight that they didn’t list the Democrats that have received donations from “BIG OIL”. Inhofe is the Senator from Oklahoma and Cruz from Texas, both oil rich states which could explain why oil companies would donate to their campaigns. Isn’t it the duty of a Senator to represent the best interests of their states?

The demonization of “BIG OIL” has always been a mystery to me. Oil is directly responsible for our prosperity. Cheap, abundant energy is the life’s blood of our economy and oil companies have been providing us with cheap, abundant energy for decades, as well as, thousands and thousands of good paying jobs.

While no mention was made of the Sun’s influence on temperature, everything from endangered species to erectile dysfunction is blamed on Climate change.

Miami has been flooding as long as I can remember. It’s one of the lowest lying cities in the country with highrises built up to the water’s edge. The weight of the buildings on the long narrow strip of land Miami is built on is more likely to blame for flooding than climate change. But, Leo is sure it’s due to the polar caps melting. It doesn’t occur to him the Keys aren’t flooding or the Carolinas, or northern Florida, for that matter.

If Leo really wanted to “learn everything I can” about the issue, he might have tried speaking to some of the world-class scientist who are realists. The scientists who understand whatever effect man has on temperature is far outweighed by natural causes. Those who understand we are wasting money trying mitigate it while trapping the poorest people in poverty. Those who know the sun will go into a dormant cycle and the temperature will lower no matter what we do.

But with the star power of Leonardo DiCaprio, The Pope, The President, Al Gore and my favorite, Michael Mann of Climategate fame, the film just couldn’t draw an audience. Remember, these same people and agencies told us we were going to freeze over by 2000. We’ve been snookered before. Nice try though.

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If anyone tried to sell a movie script of what is going on in this election no one would buy it because it’s just not believable.

After Friday’s revelation that the FBI is reopening it’s investigation into Clinton’s emails, a woman commented on one of my blogs entitled, “The Trump Train” by saying, “How do we put in the Oval Office a man who boasts that he tries to pay zero federal taxes but then complains that our airports and roads are falling apart and there is not enough money for our veterans?” I replied to her with the following:

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who is so corrupt she makes the Mafia look like boy scouts. A woman whose closest aide can’t pass a security check. A woman fired from the Watergate investigation by chief council, Jerry Zeifman, who said this, “She is a liar. She is unethical. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the Rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentially.”

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who put our country at RISK by putting classified intelligence on an unsecured private server? She now says it was a “mistake” but it was clearly a purposeful act to prevent Congress from knowing what she was doing. Isn’t that a Federal offence?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who LIED about sending and receiving classified information via unsecured email? FBI director Comey said they DID find classified information she sent and received. People have been put in prison for less.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who ignored HUNDREDS of requests for more security from a FRIEND, a man SHE recommended for Ambassador, and then left him and other Americans to DIE in Benghazi……for POLITICAL reasons? We don’t leave Americans to die. And if that weren’t bad enough, she LIED to the families of the victims over the coffins of their loved ones……And then to us. Thank God I’m not her “friend”.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who completely destabilized the Middle East by taking down Libya’s Gaddafi and then trying to take down Syria’s Assad? This resulted in the rise of ISIS, terrorism IN OUR COUNTRY and the obliteration of Christians and Christianity in the region.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who has so little regard for the Constitution that she will take our First and Second Amendments from us, by any means possible? In the most dangerous world in my lifetime she wants to leave law abiding citizens vulnerable to being killed while buying a lipstick at the mall, running in a marathon, or partying at a club.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who will pack the Supreme Court with Justices who will ignore their responsibility to UPHOLD the Constitution and rubberstamp every Liberal social engineering policy. Who will also pack the Federal courts with Judges who will legislate from the bench?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who, in the least racist country in the world, called ALL OF US racists? Who thinks most of us are “irredeemable deplorables”. Who said she would use the force of law to make us change our deeply held religious beliefs?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who spent her time as Secretary of State selling influence to our enemies for personal gain? She claims The Clinton Foundation gives 90% of its income to charities, when the truth is only about 6% actually goes to charities. Fifty five percent of the people Secretary Clinton met with had donated to the Foundation. Isn’t that pay for play?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who will drive more businesses and jobs from America by increasing the highest business taxes in the world? A woman who wants to force businesses to “share” their profits…..which would result in businesses not being able to compete with foreign companies, or grow, or hire more employees, or develop more products.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who will double down on the war on energy (THE LIFE’S BLOOD OF THE ECONOMY) and drive the cost of energy to the point people won’t be able to heat or cool their homes or fill their cars? “Green energy” isn’t capable of replacing fossil fuels and destroys MORE jobs that it creates.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who promises “debt free college” when we are $20 TRILLION in debt? A woman who completely ignores that we have NO MONEY for her social engineering.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who spent 8 years in the White House supposedly being co-President, 4 years as Senator and 4 years as Secretary Of State, who certainly had the opportunity to advocate for all the things she is proposing to do now, but didn’t? A woman who knows the financial meltdown was caused by her husband’s expansion of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Act that required banks to make sub-prime mortgages to low-income families who couldn’t pay them back. Then she tries to blame it on Reagan’s tax cuts. HELLO! The 80’s are calling, they want their Progressive talking points back.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who has never created a job, made a payroll, or had to deal with government regulations that add costs, delays and generally hamper progress? How do we expect a woman who helped her husband create the financial meltdown, to know how to “fix” the economy?

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who won’t secure our borders when the world has never been more dangerous. When ISIS tells us they will infiltrate the refugees, and with Islamic terrorism increasing daily, she plans to increase the number of Islamist refugees. When Islam TELLS us they want Islam to be the only religion in the world and Sharia the only law, she will appoint more Islamists to sensitive government jobs.

How do we put in the Oval Office a woman who will continue Obama’s policies of ceding more and more of America’s sovereignty to the United Nations.

Trump may be the second worst candidate for President EVER, but he hasn’t committed treason. He hasn’t left Americans to die. He hasn’t destabilized the Middle East. He’s made his fortune in real estate NOT selling influence to our enemies. He won’t take our guns. He won’t demonize our police. He won’t pit Blacks against Whites. He won’t pack the courts with Judges that will legislate from the bench and ignore the Constitution. He’s not a socialist, he won’t punish the successful and reward those not willing to try. He will stop the suicidal influx of people incompatible with our culture, traditions and rule of law, who hate us and whose religion calls for our death. In short, he’s not Hillary Clinton.

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