I’ve avoided writing about this subject but I’m compelled to now.

At the Rocklin Academy in Rocklin, CA near Sacramento a first grader was sent to the principal’s office for using the wrong pronoun for a classmate? A FIRST GRADER? This is the same school that read kindergarteners “I am Jazz” and had a little kindergarten boy change into a dress and be reintroduced to the class as a girl. Where are the psychologists and pediatricians on this? A kindergartener has no idea what this means to their lives. This little boy may believe he should be the opposite sex but we’re talking about kids who believe in Spiderman, Batman, the Boogieman and Santa Claus. They live in a fantasy world at that age. They want to BE Batman or Katniss Everdeen. What, on earth, has happened to our schools? These children aren’t making a decision to change their gender, adults are.

Pediatricians will tell you MOST children who express a desire to be the opposite sex CHANGE THEIR MINDS by puberty. Surly teachers have seen examples of this. I certainly have. I can’t imagine the psychological damage we’re going to see in years to come. Even parents who aren’t inclined to “transition” their child are being pressured to. Why? Schools aren’t just accepting this, they are promoting it.

We ALL know children aren’t capable of making life changing decisions. Even when parents warn children not to talk to strangers they are likely to help a stranger find a lost puppy. We’re supposed to protect children from harm. Even teenagers aren’t capable of understanding how their behavior can affect their future. Anyone who has been the parent of a teenager knows they engage in many dangerous behaviors during those years. Changing gender shouldn’t be one of them. It’s a decision that should be made as an adult.

Let’s talk about what happens when a child is “transitioned”. They are put on hormones to bring out the characteristics of the opposite gender. One result of this is that they are now sterile. They can never have a child of their own. Do you think a kindergartener understands this? Another result is that the hormones prevent their genitals from maturing.

There is a TLC series, “I am Jazz” that is a reality show about a boy who is transitioning to become a girl. I imagine the intent of the show is for us to see how normal transgenders are but I think it has the opposite effect. Jazz’s family says she has wild mood swings. They have a hard time balancing the hormones Jazz is given. They talk about her not really having any friends. The friends she has on the show are other transgenders. But Jazz doesn’t have close girlfriends the way most teenaged girls do. And what should serve as a warning to parents who are considering putting their pre-puberty children on hormones is Jazz’s desire to have the “bottom surgery”. She has gone to several doctors on the show. Due to the hormone treatment, Jazz’s penis is infantile and there isn’t enough of it to fashion a vagina. The only solution is to use a section of the colon, which would not be aesthetically pleasing and would smell (sorry, but I’m quoting). Jazz is very concerned about this…..and she should be. She should be concerned that the adults she trusted did this to her before she could possibly understand the consequences.

I’m sorry if I offend transgenders but this is child abuse. Schools SHOULD be informing parents that MOST children change their minds by puberty. I don’t believe school administrators and teachers don’t know this. Parents starting their children on hormones will never know if their child might have changed their mind. Schools SHOULD be advising parents that this is a decision that should be made as an ADULT.

I find this subject extremely troubling. The Left is conducting a politically correct experiment on innocent, gullible, trusting children. Children too young to have any concept of what is being done to them. Children who, MOST likely, would have had a normal life if adults hadn’t made these decisions FOR them. These children are being sacrificed for a political ideology, not for psychological or medical necessity.

May I remind those who read this, that our institutions have been taken over by the Left. The media (nearly everyone who works for newspapers, networks & cable channels vote Democrat), Entertainment (try being an outspoken Conservative in Hollywood), Education (Liberal activist Professors, safe spaces, no civics, anti-Capitalism, hundreds of genders), and a large portion of government bureaucracies. When I ask why more parents, psychologists and pediatricians aren’t speaking out against transitioning CHILDREN, this is why. They’ll be shouted down, they’ll be called vile names and they might lose their jobs.

I don’t care, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”, I will call this what it is, CHILD ABUSE.

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I am so angry! I’M MADDER THAN HELL! We knew the Democrats were liars, but now there is no doubt Republicans are too. We were PROMISED for the last seven years, given the chance, they would REPEAL Obamacare. John McCain didn’t just betray his state, where premiums have increased 190%, but he betrayed the entire country by being the deciding vote to NOT repeal Obamacare.

This is a perfect example of why government shouldn’t control our healthcare. We’ve ALL been waiting with baited breath to find our what the government is going to ALLOW us to have. Some say people will die without Obamacare although there is no evidence to support that claim. No one has died in the streets in this country. Many Republicans want to continue the Medicaid expansion as though that was the best solution. The truth is that people without insurance have better outcomes than people with Medicaid do. Medicaid rations care but few patients are aware of this because they aren’t told about a treatment if it isn’t covered.

Understanding that socialized medicine is about top down control NOT healthcare, I spent the last eight years working my butt off fighting against Obamacare. I traveled seven times to Washington to personally tell our representatives we didn’t want government control, we wanted the restrictions that prevented competition removed. I spoke to groups, I wrote articles, I wrote, called, emailed, tweeted the President, the majority and minority leaders, and members of Congress. The Republicans, EVERY ONE OF THEM, assured us the House held the purse strings and they would defund Obamacare if they became the majority. So, we gave them the majority in the House. What did they do? They funded Obamacare because they didn’t want a government shut down. They told us if they had the majority in the House AND the Senate, they could repeal Obamacare. What did they do? They said they couldn’t because they didn’t have 60 votes to override a veto. They told us they really needed a Republican President who would sign a repeal. And ALL but one (Susan Collins) voted for a full repeal, knowing Obama would veto it, to show us they were serious about repealing Obamacare. But they were lying.

We now know they never believed Donald Trump would win. They never believed they’d have to fulfill their promises. So they ALL ran on repealing Obamacare. And they LIED to us. At least a third of Republicans, if not more, WANT socialized medicine. The majority leaders make sure they have just enough votes to defeat a repeal so that they can provide cover for the others who also want to defeat a repeal. We still don’t know how many Republicans really support a repeal. But what we DO know now is that the Republican Party doesn’t care what we want. They care what lobbyists and donors want. There are a few members of Congress who have the courage to stand for what is right but they are way out numbered and are being shunned, criticized and primary-ed.

Republicans aren’t trying to do what’s best for the country. They aren’t even talking about programs like Medishare or the co-ops that are cropping up across the county where people pay $50/mo. for adults and $10/mo. for children that cover everything but catastrophic care. Broken bones, stitches, tests, labs, and medications at 95% less than anywhere else. WHY NOT?

Not repealing Obamacare will eventually result in single payer. Why don’t people understand single payer will NOT guarantee they will get the care they need? We have an example of single payer in the Veterans Administration. We have veterans DYING waiting to see a doctor. We have the VA hiding and destroying records so we can’t find out how serious the problem is.

England, proponents of single payer hold up as an example, doesn’t provide cancer treatment for those over 70, and just announced they wouldn’t provide hip or knee replacements to people who smoke or have a BMI over 30% (5’10” 180lbs would be denied) whatever their age. And if you go outside the system and pay for a treatment yourself, you will have to pay for all further medical care. You will not be allowed back in the system.

I often say I don’t understand why America’s previously shared values have changed so much. We ALL believed in self-determination and personal responsibility. We were fiercely independent. We defended free speech and were against censorship. But I DO understand what has changed. Over the last 30 years or more this country has had a constant flood of immigrants, legal and illegal, from 3rd world countries where the government determined how they lived. Many don’t share our values and too many are poor and uneducated. Unlike past waves of immigrants, the most recent have not been encouraged to assimilate or learn to speak English. They’re perfectly happy to have the government take care of them.

And now we see both Democrats and Republicans pushing for more H1B visas. Not only are unskilled American workers being replaced but educated, skilled Americans are being replaced as well. Our representatives on both sides of the aisle now represent legal and illegal immigrants and refugees over natural born American citizens. Think about it. They fight much harder to protect illegal aliens from deportation and award them more and more benefits than protecting us from harm.

I fear the Republicans will never repeal Obamacare. I doubt they will pass tax reform or fund the WALL either. I believe the establishment of BOTH parties can’t believe an outsider won and can’t allow him to succeed. The Washington establishment of both parties appear to be determined to destroy this President. And the Republican leadership apparently doesn’t care about keeping the majority. I think they are more comfortable being the minority. They could campaign on the principals they know we want and keep our support when they actually aren’t for those principals at all. When we see 24 Republicans voting to fund transgender surgery, including Darrell Issa, we can see how far the party has strayed. When there are veterans dying waiting for treatment and committing suicide for lack of care, it is completely irresponsible to fund very expensive ELECTIVE surgery that requires nearly a year to recover from.

The Republicans aren’t going to be able to put this genie back in the bottle. They’ve been exposed now. They can’t make false promises, that won’t work anymore. We ALL need to let them know we no longer believe or trust them.

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My Mom Died Today

It’s not that this day was unexpected. Daphne was 98 years old after all. I actually thought she’d live to 100. She was in good health and her mind was sharp as a tack but she was ready, she told us often 90 was old enough.

And even though you know this day will come, and you think you’re prepared, you’re really not. No matter how old you are you want your parents in your life. You want their approval, their council and you want to share the special events in your life with them.

My Mom was a beautiful woman and a very talented artist. She wasn’t exactly your warm and fuzzy Mom or Grandma. For a big chunk of our lives she lived in Mexico and we saw her once or twice a year when she visited. One year when Tori was about 7 and Kim was about 12, Mom was coming for a visit and I told the girls to change their cloths because Grandma was coming to see them. They went to change and a few minutes later Tori came out of her room with a puzzled look on her face, she asked, “Have I ever met her?” I laughed and said, “Well, probably not that you’d remember”. I missed not having her in our lives then.

But when she came back to America and settled in Ventura I realized how much I appreciated having her in my life even now. Mom may not have been warm and fuzzy, but she was never dull.

Being an artist, Mom had a laser eye for details. When I was casting she sent me a lock of her hair and thought the makeup/hair people on the series I was working on might be able to make her sideburns she could glue on because she didn’t have hair in front of her ears anymore. But my favorite story is when she called me and told me I should buy an eyebrow pencil for Dr. Dennis because he’d be SO much more handsome with fuller eyebrows. I told her I couldn’t possibly do that. But not to be deterred, Mother made him a lovely card and sent it to him. On one side was a picture of him, on the other side, the same picture with thicker eyebrows. We couldn’t stop laughing.

We talked several times a week by phone. If it was first thing in the morning or dinnertime, I could be sure it was Mom. The dinnertime ones were slightly annoying, but now I miss those calls. She might have heard something Frances Swaggart Show she thought I should know or yet another reason Obama should be impeached. But she always ended with, I love you, and I can’t tell you how much that meant to me.

She was very proud of her children and grandchildren although sometimes we weren’t sure how proud. When Kim was graduating from High School Mom happened to be visiting from Mexico. We took her to a party to see the kids off to their prom. I had made Kim a fabulous pink silk taffeta outfit and she was so pretty. Kim introduced us to her friends parents. This is my Mom, Michael and this is my grandmother, Daphne. Mom whispered to me, does she have to say I’m her grandmother, couldn’t she say I was a friend. She was proud of Kim, she just hated people to know she had an 18 year old granddaughter.

She was very proud that Tori graduated with a science major. She never understood exactly what Tori did at her job but she knew it was scientific and that was impressive. She was so pleased to know Jackson and Hayden were champion Lacrosse players, that Hayden got such good grades and that Jackson won an award for his art. She said they inherited that from her.

And we all know how proud she was when Kim married Dr. Dennis. I’m not sure she remembered the names of the other men in the family after that. At family events at the Macaroni Grill, Mom’s favorite restaurant, she would have a seating chart. Usually she wanted Dennis next to her or across from her. Sadly, the Macaroni Grill is no longer with us either.

During the last years of her life, Mom insisted that any gifts for her had to come from the 99 cent store. Partly because she didn’t need anything and didn’t want us spending money on her but also because she thought the 99 cent store was genius and she wanted us to love it too. She was, in fact, on her way to the 99 cent store, list in hand, when she suffered her stroke. The ER nurse took her list out of her hand when she arrived. The ER nurse said she looked like a model. Dressed beautifully, hair and makeup perfect. When I left the hospital after visiting Mom, I looked across the parking lot and there it was, the 99 cent store.

I’m trying to process what life will be like without her. My mother was a grand dame with strong opinions. She was eccentric to say the least. Life without her won’t be nearly as interesting. Bye, Mom, Love you.

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Have you ever awakened from a nightmare feeling disoriented and not sure if it was real or not? That’s how I feel right now. I just left a Townhall given by Assemblymen Matt Dababneh (District 45) and Congressman Brad Sherman. It was standing room only, four or five deep.

I’ve never had a more difficult time sitting through a Townhall. I was crawling out of my skin wanting to run screaming or crying from the building. The event began with a lengthy talk from State Controller Betty Yee. She mentioned the people holding signs that said “Healthcare is a Human Right” and said she agreed. But there would need to be serious tax reform to pay for single payer healthcare. I was clearly outnumbered as the majority of the people applauded in agreement. These uninformed people want to impose the failing VA single payer system on all of us. About three quarters of the crowd were senior citizens that haven’t a clue it’s their healthcare that will be rationed, that sick people will flood into California for it’s “free healthcare” and overwhelm the system and that they will be waiting 6 months or longer to even see a doctor. And, of course, before you can say “healthcare” it will be over budget and out of control.

Controller Yee said tax reform would need to focus more on capital gains than payroll deductions. She said (and you will love this) that 40% of California’s state taxes are paid for by 7000 people. She said nothing about the other 38,993,000 paying their fair share. But she did brag about the earned income tax which gives about $6000 a year to low-income families.

She mentioned that she, Dababneh and Sherman were very opposed to Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord (to thunderous applause in agreement). She said how difficult it was to budget with the threat of the Trump administration pulling Federal funding from various programs. So, because the stock market was doing so well (why do they think that is?) they are putting money in the Rainy Day Fund as “Trump Insurance”. Again thunderous applause.

Congressman Sherman, with his permanent smirk, was up next. After 20 years in Congress, I consider him the poster boy for term limits. He congratulated Dababneh for being part of a state government that works (because it has a super majority and can run over the rest of us). He promised that the federal regulations Trump is rolling back, California will pass into state law.

He praised Dodd/Frank and promised to fight any attempts to change it because no bank should be too big to fail (thunderous applause). He fails to mention Dodd/Frank made the Big banks even bigger and denied small banks access to funds to loan small businesses. But we can rest easy, Brad Sherman is here to help. He proudly told the audience that he is sponsoring two bills, one to end Citizens United (but certainly not Union dues being used to fund Democrats) and one to end the Electoral College. Again thunderous applause.

If I wasn’t devastated enough he ended by saying never in our history, since Galileo, has science denying had such power. I’m sure he must be referring to those denying the science of gender. Gender is determined by DNA not wishful thinking.

Assemblyman Dababneh jumped up to heap praise on Sherman saying he was on the front line against the assault from the Trump administration.

He then went on to pat himself on the back for working to ensure his children will have the opportunities he had. He said he never loses sight that he works for us. He would fight against the Federal government trying to sell off our parklands to Big oil and developers (I picture Simon Legree twirling his mustache here). He is going to see that they provide more incentives for people to drive electric cars (read “force” them to). He is in full support of 100% alternative energy. (Ah, yes, instead of using and selling our ABUNDANT, CHEAP, EFFICIENT natural resources, let’s keep them in the ground and BUY expensive, unreliable solar panels and windmills that provide no income). Sadly, his children will not have the same opportunities he had if his vision is achieved.

He’s very proud that we will be having Cap and Trade and is concerned about Big farms and ranches being a greater threat to our environment than cars. As a vegetarian he thinks we should all eat more vegetables. Gee, do you think he’ll sponsor some legislation to see that we do? Why not?

One of my constant complaints at Brad Sherman Townhalls is that he doesn’t allow people to line up to ask questions. We have to have a number called or write questions on cards. This Townhall was even worse. An aide came up with cards and called out the names on the first five cards. They turned out to be either people who personally knew Dabaneh or were supporters. The first woman almost had the vapors telling him how wonderful he was. She was from Laguna but wanted to be an adopted constituent of his. Her Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, was so awful. She didn’t have a question she just wanted to breathlessly thank him. The next woman also had no question. She knew Dababneh and had asked him to sponsor the bill that would outlaw pedigree dogs from pet stores. She just wanted to thank him also. Next was a member of a union who wanted to thank him for supporting green energy that was employing him and his union members. Next was a woman who asked him to sponsor a bill to reduce bail to help people who couldn’t afford to pay it. They didn’t have time for any more “questions”. I couldn’t get out of there faster.

On the way home I tried to think why this Townhall was so different. I’ve been to nearly all of Brad Sherman’s Townhalls for the last 8 years and they were usually very contentious. People yelling at him, booing, yelling at each other. Now everyone is applauding. I realized that when Obama was President, people who belonged to the Tea Party went to Townhalls to express their displeasure with what was happening. Now that Trump is President the Left is going to express their displeasure with what Trump is doing. They don’t understand Obama was taking their liberty from them and Trump is trying to give it back.

I don’t drink, but if I did, this would be the time to have a few.

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I’m on Norman Lear’s “People For the American Way” email list. Watching their heads explode is entertaining but every once and a while I just have to respond to what they are saying. Their recent missive said they were “fighting against Trump Republicans’ all-out assault on our constitutional rights and values – – the American Way.” They wouldn’t know what was Constitutional if it bit them and when did supporting Islam become the “American Way”?

The subject line of their email was, “CORRUPTION, EXTREMISM, LAWLESSNESS – WE CAN’T STOP FIGHTING”. The following was my reply:

Really? Do you have ANY ability to self-examine?

Corruption on the Right?? Did the Right conspire to ensure Bernie Sanders couldn’t win? Did the Right bus people to vote in different districts? Did the Right say you could keep your doctor and your plan? Did the Right go on five television shows to say Benghazi was caused by a video when they knew it wasn’t? Does the Right pay people to silence Conservative speech? Did the Right send debate questions to the candidate and indignantly deny it…..before admitting it? Did the Right set up an UNSECURED private server for the State Department putting classified information in danger and delete emails? The DNC is so corrupt Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to resign. Do you really not know why you lost the House, Senate & White House? Or elections across the nation, Governorships, legislatures, etc?

Extremism? Since when did supporting the Constitution become “extreme? Since when did the Free Market become “extreme”? Since when did free speech become “extreme”? When did our sovereignty become “extreme”? When did not wanting our children indoctrinated become “extreme”? Telling our children there are more than two genders and gender is fluid is “extreme”. Taking away parental rights is “extreme”. Calling people who believe marriage is between a man and a woman (something the entire world believed for 2000 years) homophobes is “extreme”. Calling people who recognize Islam is not compatible with our culture Islamophobes is “extreme”. Calling people who want stop illegal immigration racist bigots is “extreme”. The Right doesn’t call people who disagree with them racist bigoted Islamophobic homophobes. They don’t silence people, they don’t harass sponsors. No, it’s the Left that is beating people with bicycle locks, burning cars & businesses, silencing people, and threatening to boycott sponsors unless they take Conservatives off television. THAT is “extreme”.

And Lawlessness? Where did the Constitution give Obama the authority to grant amnesty to illegal aliens? Didn’t he say 22 times he DIDN’T HAVE THE AUTHORITY? When were the laws against illegal immigration changed? I must have missed that. But it’s the Left (YOU) who is insisting we ignore our immigration laws. You who want Sanctuary Cities. That is the very definition of “lawlessness”. Where does the Constitution allow you to ignore laws you don’t like? Obama illegally made recess appointments. Invoked “executive privilege” to prevent investigation into Fast and Furious (that unlawfully allowed American guns to go to Mexican cartels). Obama changed rules regarding intelligence and unlawfully unmasked American citizens to allow the leaking of classified information. Congress passed (in bipartisan vote) DOMA, marriage is between a man and a woman, but Holder said he wouldn’t enforce it. Where does the Constitution give the DOJ that authority? How legal was it for the last DOJ to meet with Bill Clinton while his wife was under investigation? It’s the Left that supports Sharia law being recognized. Where does the Constitution allow two Rules of Law? Please explain how you support Sharia Law that gives women NO rights while supposedly fighting for women’s rights. Leftist Judges are actually helping illegal aliens avoid the law, where does the law authorized Judges to do that? Two illegal aliens raped a 14 year old girl but no charges were brought against them. When did rape become legal? I believe sex with a minor is illegal even if it’s consensual. It is the Left that is lawless.

You are projecting. You are accusing the Right of what the Left does in spades. You are harming this country and causing more division with your “extreme” claims. You need to do some “extreme” soul searching.

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Let me ask you, is assault and battery still a crime? Is damaging property still a crime? How about looting? Setting fires to cars or businesses? Isn’t the above flyer inciting violence? Isn’t that against the law? And isn’t the job of the police to protect citizens and arrest lawbreakers? By what legal authority do the Police Chiefs of Berkley, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, etc. have to order their officers to stand down when these illegal acts are happening before their eyes?

Without the Rule of Law we have anarchy. That is what we are living with today. America has been successful because we’ve had a civilized society where we respected each other’s individual liberty and different opinions. As a whole we respected the Rule of Law. We believed we were a country of laws not men. Why has this changed?

There are those on both sides of the aisle who refuse to enforce our immigration laws for various reasons. As we’ve allowed more and more people to enter our country illegally, as our public officials have turned a blind eye to the variety of laws being broken, identity fraud, employing illegals, tax fraud, voter fraud etc. respect for the law is eroded. And as illegal aliens see public officials ignore the law and defend them, they see no reason to respect our laws. We are filling our country with people who believe the Rule of Law is arbitrary.

We have Judges not just ignoring the legal status of criminals but aiding and abetting them. In Boston an illegal alien UBER driver, Luis Baez, raped a woman UBER sent him to pick up. ICE asked for high bail as he had been deported twice, was a repeat offender of Class A felonies and a flight risk but before ICE could even finish their argument the Judge gave Baez a $2500 bail and he disappeared.

In Maryland, charges against two illegal aliens accused of raping a 14 year old girl in their school bathroom have been dropped. Although no reason was given, and the victim’s story hasn’t changed, the assumption is that the sex was consensual. Have the statutory rape laws change? Legally, a 14 year old can’t consent to sex. Apparently, our laws don’t apply to illegal aliens. The boys are still facing child pornography charges but, nevertheless, the state feels an obligation to educate the young men.

In Oregon, Multnomah County Judge, Monica Heeranz, helped an illegal alien elude ICE agents waiting outside the courtroom by allowing him to use the Judge’s private entrance to escape. We have the expectation that our judicial system is going to uphold our laws. Isn’t Justice supposed to be blind? Aren’t our laws supposed to be applied equally, regardless of race, religion or gender? Apparently, only American citizens are to be held to the letter of the law.

In another case an illegal alien committed $35,000 in food stamp fraud. The Judge told her if she were an American she’d be facing serious charges, but because he didn’t want to get her deported he let her go without consequences. She wasn’t even required to pay the money back. Does anyone doubt if any American citizen committed, tax fraud, identity fraud, food stamp fraud, etc. they’d be held accountable?

As egregious as the previous examples, I’m even more concerned about how violent Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other anarchist groups have become. How free speech is under assault and how our police departments are standing down and allowing it to happen. How do property owners feel having the police stand there watching anarchists destroy their property? How do the victims of violence feel as the police watch them being beaten?

If you’ve seen video of the riots (and they ARE riots, not protests) you’ve seen masked men dresses in black attacking people defending free speech. In the attached video the man beating the Trump supporter with a bike lock is a Professor at Diablo Valley College, Eric Clanton. Ironically, he teaches “ethics”. I’d love to hear his explanation of the ethics of beating people with a bike lock. Our tax dollars are paying him to indoctrinate our children with his version of ethics. He cares nothing about free speech. He cares nothing about diverse ideas or the Rule of Law. We survived 240 years being a country that respected the right of the individual to have diverse ideas. And for the last several centuries no one was insisting everyone accept their world view or be beaten, not allowed to speak, have their character assassinated, or lose their livelihood. They are now.

May I ask the darling Snowflakes what you are afraid of? No one is forcing you to listen to a speaker you disagree with. You have the right to stay home. But what right do you have to deny others their right to hear a speaker? What right do you have to beat people and destroy property? How does a different point of view harm you? You talk about “diversity and inclusiveness” but you don’t want diversity of ideas or to be inclusive of people you disagree with. College is a time for you to mature. I have some disturbing information for you, in the real world there will be no “safe spaces” and you will be offended by many things people say and do. There will be no trigger warnings or protection from micro-aggressions.

College used to be about the free exchange of ideas. It used to be a time for students to test their limits, defend their positions, debate, explore and hear new ideas. Today, most Professors are Progressives and you are only hearing the Progressive doctrine. You only hear socialism is good, capitalism is bad. You aren’t exposed to anything else. You haven’t been taught civics, the value of the Constitution, or the Federalist papers. You aren’t taught respect for the Rule of Law. You see nothing wrong with just ignoring laws you don’t like. You live in a bubble with only one point of view expressed. But what if that point of view is wrong? Does it not occur to you that if you can silence others, you can be silenced too? What makes you think angels will be in charge of the government you want to provide everything for you?

When we become a nation of men not laws, we all lose.

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This morning Rush Limbaugh said there were 238 Republicans in the House and they only need 217 to repeal and replace Obamacare. Although EVERY Republican ran on repealing Obamacare, Rush said there are 40 or 50 Republicans who don’t want to repeal or replace it. He is doubtful it will be repealed.

I also heard from a reliable source that a group of Republican Senators were laughing at the idea that there would ever be a border wall. So, basically, after millions of us worked feverishly to give Republicans the majority in the House, the Senate and the White House, primarily to do two things, REPEAL OBAMACARE and BUILD THE WALL, they are telling us to “Go F**k ourselves”.

In 2009, with majorities in both houses Obama didn’t have the votes to pass Obamacare either. But Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi twisted arms, bribed and threatened to get it done. I was there for the vote in both the Senate and the House and I saw first hand how the sausage was made…….and it’s true, it isn’t pretty, but they got it passed, didn’t they? If Ryan and McConnell can’t get the new repeal and replace bill passed they need to resign. I don’t believe it’s because they can’t, but because they won’t.

Ryan didn’t support Trump, wouldn’t campaign for or with him. I understand that, but whether or not he wanted Trump to win, he knows why he won and on what issues. Ryan ran on them too. He knows the voters elected an outsider because we are fed up not being represented while paying the bills, with the deceit, lies, and obfuscation from the insiders. And yet, Ryan continues it. The healthcare bill, written in secrecy, Ryan tried to shove down our throats along with taking funding for the wall out of the CR proves to me Ryan doesn’t want Trump to succeed. I think he would rather lose the majority than pass any of the policies Trump promised. Then he can blame the lack of a majority on not bring able to do ANY of the things Trump promised.

If Ryan and McConnell cared about the “Will of the People” and wanted to prove to the Left that Republican policies create job growth, economic growth and individual Liberty, they would have had bills ready to go. They would have already been working with their members to build support. They would have also included Conservatives in the process. They don’t care what we want. They don’t believe in Republican principals. They only give them lip service.

We now see the true colors of the Republican leadership. We still believe in Republican principals, but they don’t. I think they are more comfortable being in the minority because they don’t want to do what we want them to do but they don’t want us to know. They don’t want to secure the borders, they don’t want to stop refugees from dangerous Middle Eastern countries, they don’t want to reduce taxes or reform the IRS or repeal Obamacare or reform Social Security or Medicare. They just want to say they do. But now that they have the majority, we see that’s true.

What is the big deal with shutting down the government anyway? Essential services don’t shut down. Nothing important shuts down. Nearly every President has had a shut down or two or more during their presidencies. Reagan had EIGHT…..and the sky didn’t fall. The earth didn’t stand still.

Pelosi said last week they have no ability to shut down the government, only the party in power can. Oh, but they blamed Republicans for the Obama shut down and many Republicans agreed. Apparently Republicans are responsible for ALL shut downs no matter who’s in power. Our leadership can’t even defend our position. The GOP said Republicans would lose the next election because of the shut down……but we didn’t. We won BIG TIME. We not only won the majority in both houses, we won many Governorships and legislatures. So what is the paranoia over a government shutdown?

We’re the MAJORITY, why are we caving into the Democrats who have vowed to fight everything Trump does and find a reason to impeach him? Why does Ryan think the Democrats won’t threaten a shut down EVERY time we try to fund the border wall? The wall was Trump’s “read my lips” moment.

I don’t blame Trump for this. I believe he wants to do what he promised to do. He’s done many things I’m very happy with, like Justice Gorsuch, unleashing our natural resources, reigning in the EPA, making space travel NASA’s objective again, giving our schools back to local control, enforcing our immigration laws, and many other things. But I believe Ryan and McConnell and a handful of RINO’s are trying to sabotage Trump.

If Ryan and McConnell can’t get Trump’s agenda passed with a Republican majority either they don’t want to or they’re incompetent. Either way they need to GO!!

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