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4 Responses to About

  1. Klaus says:

    Dear Michael Greer,
    I‘m neither religious nor conservative but I value respect and open debate about the many challenges we face. What I value above everything else is to understand the world around us without any prejudice and open discussion about what we think we see and how we interpret them.
    I notice your side because of a report about the presentation by Dr. Soon at UCLA. I‘m interested in all the development of the „global warming“ research because I don’t believe in the hoax and think we have still so much to learn and understand of the complex interaction between the sun and our planet.
    However, I still consider myself to be more a „Marxist“ than anything else. To be more precise I think our history can best be understood due to the driving forces of the economic needs of of people than anything else.
    Why am I telling this? I think we all should be careful of false narratives, that is, THE left, THE white supremaciest, THE Christian…… This doesn’t fit the picture I‘m seeing around me! Yes, there is a lot of stupidity, narrow mindedness even hate. Let’s try to overcome this and see those who practice openmindedness and tolerance and exchange thought so that we can learn from each other!
    Regards, Klaus

    • I don’t know anyone who would want to be identified with an ideology that caused the lives of so many, but, to each his own. You don’t sound like the Marxists I’ve met.

      Good for you having a rational mind about global warming. Yes, the sun is the driver of temperature, not man. That is Dr. Soon’s field of study. Climate Change IS a hoax, and a very dangerous one. But I’m surprised you haven’t embraced the hoax as it is the method being used to control all our activities, which is what Marxists want to do.

      I assume you were accusing me of a “false narrative”. I don’t refer to white supremists because I don’t know any. If you have read more of my blogs you would see that I have many times said I don’t believe most Democrat voters are nearly as far left as their Leadership.

      I just got back from China and Malaysia. I’ll take Captialism and INDIVIDUAL Liberty ANY day.

      • Klaus says:

        I‘m interested in the world, people, opinion. I have lived and worked in different countries and every culture can teach us something. The world has many shades of gray and is not just black and white. I don‘t place people in boxes with simple labels on them and do not expect to be treated that way. If people act that way any exchange of thought become meaningless since we cannot learn anything from each other.
        I have worked in the US long enough to have experienced this black and white thinking. Fortunately such a way of thinking is not as prevalent in the rest of the world. Otherwise it would be worse for all of us.

  2. I’ve live in and traveled to other countries as well, and yes, they all have things to teach us. However, to pretend there is no good or evil, right or wrong is nonsense. And apparently you aren’t aware of the UN’s ongoing program of wiping out the character and boundaries of countries so there will be no differences or lessons to be learned about them.

    Again, you haven’t given an example of the “false narrative” you think I’m using.

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