Communist goal #22 said, “Discredit American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. Eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms”.

I’ve been fascinated by how successful they have been. I keep wondering who approves these pieces of “art”. Does anyone look at any of these “sculptures” and feel uplifted? Do you stop in your tracks in awe of their beauty? I’m reminded of traveling in Italy and around every corner there were incredibly beautiful statues and fountains. I wish there were even a few here. The pictures below are from parks and buildings around Beverly Hills where one would expect to see beauty. When the peach colored twisted metal thing in front of the Bank of America on Wilshire Boulevard was installed I was dumbstruck that anyone approved such a laughably ugly thing. I challenge anyone to point out a statue or piece of art displayed in parks or buildings around Los Angeles that makes you weep at it’s beauty.

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Almost from the beginning of my blog I’ve had a follower named Frank. Of course, I don’t really know if Frank is who he says he is, but I assume he is until I learn differently. Frank is a Liberal millenial, Oxford scholar and disagrees with nearly everything I say. I’ve become very fond of Frank because I appreciate that he has never sunk to calling me names. And I enjoy our discussions even though Frank seldom sticks to the subject of the blog he comments on. I thought my readers might enjoy one of our discussions. My replies are in bold.


Have you actually seriously studied what it means to be a “Conservative” (AKA…Republican?) GEE, NO, I’ve only been one all my life. If the USA adopted “conservative” policies, we’d still be driving Model T Fords, Michael. LOL! What nonsense! They want the world to never change and want things the way they “used to be.” (Thank God progress was made since 1900)

I always love when Liberals tell Conservatives who they are… if they know! I know, I know, Conservatives, are old White, racist, homophobes, bigots, nationalists, islamophobes, etc., etc.

As Reagan said, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Republican governance at the Presidential or Congressional level has preceded more severe economic downturns (i.e. Depressions), notably the 1929 Depression which followed over a decade of Republican dominance in both branches. Look it up, Michael! Hoover was the POTUS and he was a “conservative” (aka Republican)

Actually, although I know you Lefties like to blame Republicans, the causes of recessions and depressions take more than a few years to reach the breaking point. Major European banks went bankrupt which was the start of the depression. The causes of the Great Depression didn’t start under Hoover and Roosevelt extended the depression many years longer than necessary with his policies.

And then came Bush 2 who tanked the economy and caused the Great Recession…but I am quite certain you already knew that. Hoover=Bush2…agree?

NO, Again, the crash happened during Bush but wasn’t caused by him. It was caused by Jimmy Carter’s “Neighborhood Reinvestment Act”. It was put on steroids by Bill Clinton. If banks wanted Fanny and Freddie to insure their mortgages a certain percentage of them had to be sub-prime. These were mortgages to low income people who wouldn’t qualify for them. This created many more home buyers (with no increase in the number of homes) which increased the price of homes and caused a housing bubble. Sub-prime buyers paid interest only with a balloon payment in 5 years on homes selling for more than they were worth. Buyers were told home prices were increasing and when their balloon payment came due they could refinance. At the same time, the banks, to protect themselves from these bad loans, bundled them with good loans and sold them. The SEC rated these bundles AAA (they shouldn’t have). When the housing bubble burst, people couldn’t refinance their homes and the bundles banks were selling were nearly worthless. None of that was Bush’s fault…..but nice try.

We are currently in a state of party governance very similar to the 1929 Depression, with Republican control over both the Presidency and Congress over much of the past two years. (with a president who is orange and has yellow hair!!!)

When will you Lefties GET that we don’t care about Trump’s hair, fake tan, tweeting, sex life ten years ago, etc. We CARE that he is securing the border, improving the economy, lowering unemployment, making us energy independent, getting hostages released, denuclearizing N. Korea, renegotiating trade deals that screwed America (EU & USA zero tariffs), bringing companies back to America and keeping companies here, getting NATO countries to pony up more money, ending business crushing regulations, cutting taxes, etc. The GDP today was 4.3. The average during Obama was 1.8. AND just yesterday Turkey released an American hostage. Obama never even tried. The world knows Trump’s American is not going to apologize for being successful and, unlike previous Presidents since Bush Sr. signed Agenda 21, Trump’s America will take a back seat to no one. YAY!!

1. An aversion to rapid change; a belief that tradition and prevailing social norms often contain within them handed down wisdom; and mistrust of attempts to remake society so that it conforms to an abstract account of what would be just or efficient.

I’m sure there are Conservative AND Liberals who don’t like change. I’m not one of them, nor do I know anyone who is (and I know a LOT of Conservatives). I travel a lot, usually by myself. I don’t like public speaking but I do a lot of it. I spend a great deal of my time out of my comfort zone.

But change for the sake of change is no virtue. And all change is not good. Changing from Capitalism to Socialism/Communism, would NOT be good and, YES, Conservatives would and should resist such a change.

Traditions, yes, they are very important. They are what bonds people together. When I was your age, Frank, I didn’t think they were very important either but as you grow older you realize just how important they are to people’s wellbeing.

And yes, wisdom comes from past mistakes. As they say, if you don’t know history, you are bound to repeat it. Socialism has been tried a million times and has never worked. That is wisdom that NEEDS to be passed down to millennials.

There is no way to make things “fair or just” for all people. Life is not fair. But everyone has a talent or something they love and/or are good at. People shouldn’t be protected from failure. Failure is a learning experience. What Lefties don’t understand is that they DON’T know what is best for others and the idea that they do, is arrogant, demeaning, sexist, and racist.

2. A desire to preserve the political philosophy and rules of government articulated in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Guilty as charged and proud of it! Our Constitution is the oldest in the world for a reason. It WORKS! What exactly is outdated about “all men are created equal”? Or three EQUAL branches of government? Or that we have unalienable rights to INDIVIDUAL Liberty? Or that government was instituted to protect our INDIVIDUAL Liberty?

YES, we love the Constitution because our Founders knew there would be people (Liberals) who would work to infringe on our rights. Why are my rights not as important to you as the rights you imagine illegal aliens have?

Our Founders knew people were capable of determining their own fate given the freedom to do so. They didn’t presume to know better. Yes, I will fight to preserve our Constitution until I draw my last breath.

BTW, If you think our Constitution is imperfect, our wise Founders gave us the way to change it. It’s called the Amendment. It was intended to be a long difficult process to avoid generational whims. It was not called judicial activism.

3. A belief that it is imperative to preserve traditional morality, as it is articulated in the Bible, through cultural norms.

Many cultural “norms” have been overturned. Some good, some not. You assume all change is good. It isn’t. And, as our Founders noted, our form of government needs a religious morality to maintain it. The “tradition” of valuing life is a good one. Normalizing killing a baby minutes before birth places no value on life.

Teaching our children there are a hundred genders (anti-science) or how to perform safe anal sex is not change for the better. Nor is normalizing deviant behavior. There IS good and bad change. There IS good and evil.

4. A belief that it is imperative to preserve traditional morality, as it is articulated in the Bible, using cultural norms and the power of the state.

This is the same as #3 except for adding “and the power of the state”. Funny you don’t equate using the power of the state to protect life with using the power of the state to force people to go against their religious beliefs. Sorry, but it’s the Left that LOVES using courts to overturn the will of the people. It’s the Left that uses the power of the state to force people to violate their beliefs. Or to take their plastic bags, straws, cars, private property, etc. But, it’s interesting that while the Left uses the power of the state to force Christians to violate their beliefs, they use the same power of the state to protect Muslims from violating THEIR religious beliefs. Consistency from the Left would be nice.

5. An embrace of free-market capitalism, and a belief in the legitimacy of market outcomes.

Again, guilty as charged and proud of it! Capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any other system. It is the ONLY system that a person can be born into poverty and become a millionaire. Please tell me what other system makes that possible. It’s a no brainer!!

As far as faith in the legitimacy of market outcomes is concerned, we have faith in the outcome without government interference. Whatever outcomes you think are unfair, have been created by government (generally Democrats, but admittedly also Republicans) giving subsidies, tax breaks, or other benefits to one company that gives it an advantage over others. We need to condemn and try to change government interference NOT Capitalism.

6. A belief that America is an exceptional nation, a shining city on a hill, whose rightful role is the leader of the free world.

We ARE exceptional. Who invented, the plane, the car, the cell phone, and just about everything else that makes life worth living? Who has the highest standard of living in the world? Who, against ALL odds, won a war against the greatest military in the world? Our founding was a miracle.

7. A belief that America should export its brand of democracy through force of arms.

Wrong. Other than show by example, we’re the people who believe others are responsible for their own fate.

I know the Bushes gave lip service to spreading democracy but since they are globalists I don’t think they were very serious.

What Conservatives DO believe is that there is peace through strength. We agree with Churchill that you carry a big stick. We have the finest military on the planet and it should be well funded, up to date and filled with lean, mean fighting machines ready if needed. What we don’t believe the military should be is a social justice experiment.

The Left loves to say we’re imperialists or colonists but after we bombed Japan we could have turned to the rest of the world and said, “We’re the boss now”……..we could have, we didn’t. When we won the war with Mexico, we could have said Mexico belonged to us. ALL OF IT! We didn’t. We signed a treaty, paid millions for the land in dispute, and gave them the rest.

Bush 2 and Herbert Hoover were the Republican presidents during the Great Recession and the Great Depression. (Of course, you probably already knew that) Of course I didn’t, because it isn’t true.

Let’s get with the times Michael and vote for and support more progress in our country. Deal?

NEVER! I’ve fought socialism/communism my whole life, I’m not about to embrace it now. And WHY would I? It’s NEVER worked and always ends in screaming and dying.

I doubt anyone who knows me would say I’m not “with the times”.

BTW, I did watch the Oscars when Jamie Foxx won as best actor and he did mention Kim. Proud mom you must be! Very! I’m very proud of both my girls.

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Many years ago when I read the Communist Goals that were read into the Congressional Record in 1963 I thought, good luck, that’s never going to happen. But over the years I became more and more alarmed at how many of those goals were being achieved. Many institutions that were generally respected by both parties are now despised by one, like Christianity, Capitalism, Electoral College, free speech, the Constitution, the Rule of Law, national sovereignty, etc. The Right still believes in those things, but the Left no longer does.

The last few months American loving citizens have been attending City Council meetings across California asking them to join the amicus brief in support of the Federal law suit against California’s Sanctuary State. They drive to these meetings in their own cars, they make their own signs and they speak about the Rule of Law. They don’t get paid for doing this. They spend mind numbing hours just to speak for our national sovereignty.

If you look at Craig’s list you will find ads for paid activists to protest in favor of illegal immigration. We have seen them show up at these City Council meetings with mass printed T-shirts, signs, sandwiches, water, soft drinks, etc. There are organizers leading them in chants and slogans. They don’t care about the Rule of Law. They speak about America being a nation of immigrants without recognizing the difference between legal and illegal. They neglect to recognize that immigrants before the 1960’s came through Ellis Island. They weren’t allowed in if they were sick or had a criminal record. They weren’t granted citizenship until they could speak English, learned the value of our form of government, and had a sponsor. There was no welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, Medicaid, WICK, school breakfasts & lunches, etc.
They had to find a job and support themselves. It isn’t economically feasible to provide all those benefits with open borders and the Democrats know that. They also know poor people dependent on government support will vote for them. Democrats want to import enough poor people that the entire country will be turned Blue.

So, let’s look at what the Communists have achieved since 1963 and who supports their goals. Goal #15, “Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States”. DONE! What party do you suppose they “captured”? The Democrats have thrown Blacks and White working class Americans (except for White celebrities and other rich donors) under the bus. Democrats were the party of the working man but no longer. Can you name an issue that the Left has fought harder for than illegal aliens and open borders? Democrats tell us “immigrants” make America better but if that were the case, why wouldn’t they make their own countries better? Today America has a homeless problem never seen in this country before. We have Veterans and families living in tent cities. We are rationing water and utilities. States and cities are bankrupt. When we can’t take care of our own, it is immoral to continue the never ending flow of more illegal aliens. We would all agree you can’t keep pulling people into a full life boat or it will sink and all will drown. Democrats want to keep pulling people in.

I never believed the rank and file Democrat voter was in support of these things but they are starting to wake up to the fact their leadership and representatives are. The #WalkAway movement is an indication that more and more lifelong Democrats are “woke”.

What else have the Communists achieved? Goal #16, “Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American Institutions by claiming their activities violate civil Rights”. DONE! The Democrats have been using courts to overturn the Will of the People for decades. That’s why they are throwing a tantrum over Justice Kennedy retiring. They know a more Conservative Supreme Court would uphold the Constitution and apply laws equally to all, not carved out protected classes.

Goal #17, “Get control of schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism and current Communist Propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of the teacher’s associations. Put the party line in textbooks”. DONE! Does anyone disagree this has happened? How many Conservatives Professors are in our universities? Liberal run Teachers Unions have control of
our failing schools and resist any effort at school choice. Goal #19, “Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack”. DONE! There are student protests over DACA. David Hogg and his minions staging student walkouts and die-ins over gun control. And July 21st there is a Nation wide student protest planned against Climate Change.

Goal #20, “Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-reviews, editorial writing, policy making positions”. DONE! Does anyone disagree the media supports all the Democrat positions? Open borders, no voter ID, institutional racism, no gender identity, Trump derangement syndrome, etc.? Goal #21, “Gain control of key positions in radio, television and movies”. DONE!

This one is a fascination of mine. Goal #22, “Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. Eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms”. DONE! I have a hobby of taking pictures of the “art” displayed in our parks and buildings. I have a hard time finding
anything that would make me stop and admire it’s beauty. Certainly nothing inspirational like the Pieta or statue of David.

Goal #25, “Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and television”. DONE! Our kids are learning about anal sex in school. They are being taught gender is fluid. Recently, parents in Thousand Oaks protested pornographic books being put on school reading lists.

Goal #27, “Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with social justice doctrine. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a religious crutch”. DONE! I attended the Pope’s encyclical on Climate Change. The first slide in the presentation said, “Man can no longer have dominion over earth”. So, apparently, the Pope thinks the all knowing Lord made a supreme mistake in not knowing the air man exhales could destroy the earth he made FOR man. Churches seem to support illegal immigration as well. They also didn’t stand for traditional marriage. Nor do they appear concerned about no restrictions on abortion. When I was growing up being a practicing Christian was a resume enhancement. Today being a Christian is considered a negative by the Left. Recently, Democrat Senator Feinstein expressed great concern over Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholic faith influencing her decisions. Goal #28, “Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in schools on the grounds of separation of church and state”. DONE!

Goal #29, “Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old fashioned, out of step with modern needs”. DONE! This is expressed everyday by Democrats. Goal #30, “Discredit the founding fathers”. DONE! Our schools are teaching our founders were old, White slave owners. They leave out that the founders with slaves inherited them and it was illegal for them to free their slaves. Our kids aren’t taught the Southern states wouldn’t have signed the Constitution if it had outlawed slavery. There would have been no way to end slavery unless the Southern states joined the United States. Apparently our schools don’t want to confuse our kids with facts.

Goal #31, “Belittle American culture and discourage the teaching of American history”. DONE! Obama actually said he didn’t think schools needed to teach history because it didn’t help people get jobs. Many Universities no longer offer American History or require it for a degree in History. American History, if it is offered, emphasizes the negative history, like slavery, KKK, segregation, internment camps, etc. (interestingly all Democrat policies) and minimize the good that has come from America which far outweighs the negative.

I have only touched on some of the most obvious of the Communist Goals. There are others they have been just as successful at accomplishing. Number 35 is currently in play. It simply says, “Discredit and eventually eliminate the FBI”.

My Democrat friends need to look at what their party stands for today. They need to read the Communist goals and compare them to the Democrat leadership’s policies. This isn’t their parents Democrat party anymore. It has embraced Socialism/Communism and abandoned American born citizens in favor of illegal aliens. Is this what you stand for?

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“Trump says immigrants are animals”. Everyone knows that’s not what he said. If anyone doubted the media was determined to overturn an election, this should end all doubt. But not to be deterred, the Progressives then JUMPED THE SHARK by doubling down and defending the “humanity” of MS13 gang members, whose motto is “rape, control, kill”. Seriously? They’re going to defend the most vicious, violent gang on the planet? How embarrassing was it to watch them try to justify defending MS13?

The Left’s hysteria over Trump’s election hasn’t subsided and, in fact, seems to increase as every Saul Alinsky tactic used against him fails. With each failure, the Left seems to make more and more outrageous accusations, become more hysterical and move farther Left. Even retiring CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz (another shark jumper), who said if anyone didn’t support same sex marriage he didn’t want them as customers, said the Democrats have moved too far Left for him. He said the Left is talking about single payer healthcare and jobs for all and that
just isn’t economically possible. Shark Jump! Good for him for being honest.

What is so curious to me is how quickly the Left has moved and how far. During Obama’s first term both the Obamas and Clintons said they always believed marriage was between a man and a woman. Practically overnight they enthusiastically endorsed same sex marriage, with the
media’s unquestioning support, and anyone who didn’t immediately agree was called a homophobic hater. With even swifter action, people who didn’t fall in line were punished, shunned or fired.

There can be no doubt the media’s obsession is not just to overturn an election but to make sure no outsider ever runs for President again. Since it became apparent Trump would be the Republican candidate the media, deep state and Democrat leadership have done a proverbial
anal exam on Trump and everyone around him. They have destroyed people’s lives to send a message to anyone foolish enough to work for a Republican candidate again. Don’t you wish the media had been as curious about Obama’s sealed records, the people surrounding him, his
mentor Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, his association with Bill Ayers, his sealed records, his racist remarks about his White grandmother, his sealed records, etc., etc., etc.?

In just the last decade the Democrat party has gone from believing marriage was between a man and a woman to supporting gay marriage, from staunch supporters of free speech to silencing opposing opinions, from abortions should be safe and rare to no restriction on abortions up to and including birth, from supporting Israel to supporting her enemies, from supporting law and order to supporting criminals over police, supporting illegal aliens over American workers, supporting Muslims over Christians, supporting a democracy over a Republic, supporting Communism over Capitalism, supporting open borders over America’s sovereignty. They call Conservatives anti-science while they claim you are what you identify as, not what you are biologically. Scientifically, there are two genders. No matter how someone mutilates their body or how many hormones they take, every cell of their body identifies their scientific gender. The problem exists in their head, not their body. However, the Left tells us when a man “identifies” as a woman or when White people like Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King
identify as Black, we should not believe our lying eyes….or science. In fact, if we even question it we’re called homophobic racist bigots. There’s a shark jump right there.

The Left says we now have more than a hundred genders and they are passing laws against “misgendering” people. You may not know what the hundred plus genders are but you can get fired for using
the wrong one. Shark jump!

I keep reminding people that there isn’t a single act that can’t be described as having an evil or angelic intent. Since Trump became a candidate the hair-on-fire, exploding-head media coverage is so over the top describing everything Trump does in the most negative terms, it’s
sometimes laughable. I’ll switch on CNN or MSNBC and hear “Trump is going to meet Kim Jong-un, he’s going to cause a nuclear holocaust”….”Trump called off the meeting, he’s going to cause a nuclear holocaust”. A porn star is a respected guest on every show. A PORN star!

Every night we hear Liberal talking heads repeat things we know aren’t true. They repeat and repeat Trump is a racist because he said ALL Mexicans were rapists or murders though they know that’s not what he said. Or Immigrants are animals. Or he’s a dictator or has dementia or
is stupid. They’re true believers in repeating a BIG lie often enough it becomes true. And they wonder why they’re called “Fake News”.

I’ve never seen a President or his family treated as badly as Trump’s. Can someone tell me what Ivanka did that warrants her being called the “C” word…..besides being Trump’s daughter? People on Twitter and Facebook defended calling her names and said she deserved worse. Why? Do they not know she is actually a Liberal? She arranged for Trump To meet with Al Gore in hopes Gore would change her father’s mind about climate change and she is pushing for Congress to pass PAID family leave (another entitlement we can’t afford). The Left should love her. Before Trump became President, she traveled in elite Liberal circles. Ivanka is a lovely, accomplished, intelligent wife, mother, sister, and daughter. She doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. And the party that promotes themselves as being the tolerant, inclusive, morally superior party loses credibility everyday when they shout down Conservative speakers and seek to, not just silence opposing opinions, but destroy people for having those opinions. Shark Jump!

In the Left’s ongoing kindergarten tantrum over losing the election, they have completely stopped trying to win back voters or win the debate of issues. Robert DiNero’s “F**K Trump!” tantrum is a perfect example; Or Bill Maher wanting the economy to tank to get rid of Trump; Or Madonna wanting to blow up the White House; Or the play about killing Trump; Or Whoopi Goldberg’s Trump (blowing his brains out) T-shirt: Or Kathy Griffin’s decapitated Trump head. Or any of the network and cable commentary shows. They jump the shark everyday attacking
Trump and all his supporters. Not only is their WAY OVER THE TOP, unjustified, unfair hatred of Trump not winning them any new supporters, they are so unglued they are turning moderates
and undecided into Trump supporters. Good going, guys, keep up the good work.

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I was at the Thousand Oaks City Council meeting last night. About half of the people had green signs saying they supported SB54. I’m sure they were well meaning but they are COMPLETELY misguided. They were there to speak for their kids school friend who is afraid their parents will be rounded up, or their sweet cleaning lady, or whatever sweet illegal they know. SB54 has NOTHING to do with those people. In fact SB54 causes EXACTLY what they fear. Because SB54 prevents police from turning over illegal alien criminals to ICE, ICE has to go out into the community to find them. ICE then is required by law to take any other illegal aliens they find. If these SB54 supporters really wanted to protect the “innocent” illegals they should NOT support SB54.

Ventura Sheriff Geoff Dean gave a detailed explanation of SB54. He explained that no one in his jail is a minor offender. They don’t jail minor offenders (hundreds of felonies have been lowered to misdemeanors), so anyone in jail has committed a serious offense. He said SB54 prevents him from even notifying ICE that he has these criminals. He said it puts him in an impossible position. He took an oath to uphold the American Constitution as well as the laws of California. If he upholds the Constitution, he violates California law, if he upholds California Law, he violates the Constitution. He wrote an opinion piece council member Rob McCoy read that ended with Sheriff Dean saying SB54 was NOT in the best interests of public safety.

All the people with the Green signs in support of SB54 spoke about how we should be diverse, and welcoming. One woman said she was a teacher and had brought 30 letters written by her class (you know that was a class assignment which I find inappropriate and outrageous) in support of SB54. She read two of them. Both were kids of illegals afraid their parents would be rounded up. Once again, that ISN’T the focus of SB54. It’s about SERIOUS CRIMINALS.

A black woman went on a tirade about people opposing SB54 being racist. She said no one was demanding illegal immigrants from Germany or other white countries be deported. Actually, I believe those opposed to illegal immigration want everyone who breaks our laws held accountable. She said it was all about skin color. The fact that we share a border with Mexico so their poor can just walk into our country apparently escaped her. Or the fact that Latinos are now the second largest segment of the population. It’s not about race, it’s about numbers and the Rule of Law. Although I imagine there are some illegal Germans here, I doubt it’s many since they need to buy a plane ticket to get here.

The public comments didn’t even start until 10:00pm because they went through their normal business and then the Sheriff spoke and the City Attorney explained that it was too late to join the amicus brief because the deadline was May 15th. It was pointed out that another chance to join will come up when it goes to a higher court.

Mayor Fox explained there were 120 people who wanted to speak but 10:00pm when we started speaking, a lot of people had left. One of the first speakers pointed out how many events in our history protested bad laws, from the Boston Tea Party, to Rosa Parks, to SB54.

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Having recently traveled to Malaysia to attend the UN World Urban Forum, I’m acutely aware of how pervasive the push for One World Government is.

As World leaders continue to meet and plan how to force us into Global Governance, we need to talk about how all their plans completely ignore the Nature of Man. Cultural norms may change but human nature doesn’t.

Human beings consciously and unconsciously seek what is familiar. People are most comfortable with people most like them. It is simply the nature of man. It’s not racist or bigoted, it’s normal. The UN demands Western countries take in hundreds of thousands of “refugees” (interestingly mostly military aged men, not women, children or elderly) who don’t share Western values. They say expecting them to assimilate is bigoted and hateful. Citizens are expected to accommodate the “refugee’s” culture and in some countries legally prevented from even suggesting this is not a good idea. Citizens certainly can become comfortable with people not like them but only if those people share their values. The idea that completely conflicting cultures can live together in harmony, especially when they don’t speak the same language, is a fallacy that goes against human nature.

This is why our government requires immigrants to assimilate. Legal immigrants are required to learn the value of our form of government and how it works. They are required to learn English. It’s really not complicated. People can’t get to know each other if they don’t speak the same language. Immigrants are also required to work, which allows them to interact with other Americans. This concept is now considered racist and bigoted by Progressive politics and the media. Illegal aliens are called “immigrants” but are not required to fulfill the requirements legal immigrants are required to fulfill. We’re now told to ignore the countless examples of conflicting cultures living side by side NOT ending well. Israelis and Palestinians come to mind.

Our schools teach our children Columbus was evil for coming to America and killing thousands of Indians. Does anyone believe Columbus intended to kill Indians? Of course not. The implication from schools is that Columbus shouldn’t have come to America in the first place. This, again, ignores the nature of man. Man is a curious being. He wants to know what‘s on the other side of mountains, on the other side of oceans. He wants to know what is in the heavens and under the sea. He wants to know how things work and why things happen. That is the nature of man. Since the beginning of man’s time on earth, he has explored. The Vikings explored long before England and Spain. Island natives made canoes and sailed off to other islands. Exploration is such a strong impulse in man that he’s been willing to risk his life to go into the unknown.

American Indians were “immigrants” too. They’re descendants of Nordic “explorers” who crossed the Bering Straits. Once here some Mayan and Aztec DNA was mixed in. To demonize Columbus for discovering America is to mischaracterize history and ignore the nature of man. If Columbus hadn’t discovered America, someone else would have. While the pilgrims were settling the East Coast, Spain was settling the West Coast. We bought the Louisiana Purchase from Spain. California is more steeped in Spanish heritage than Mexican. Spanish Missions and haciendas are historical sites.

To condemn explorers for finding new lands is to suggest people should stay where they are born and never leave. The pilgrims were seeking religious freedom. Don’t the “open borders” people say we’re all immigrants and we should allow people seeking a better life (wasn’t that what the pilgrims were seeking?) or fleeing an oppressive government be allowed to just come to America unvetted. What I find fascinating is that the “open borders” people saying anyone and everyone should be allowed to cross our borders (bringing diseases not seen here in centuries if ever) are the same people saying Columbus was evil for bringing the pilgrims with diseases the Indians had never been exposed to.

I’d really like to understand how the Liberal mind works. They say we must have compassion for these angelic people fleeing oppressive governments for a “better life” in America. But at the same time they say America is a bigoted, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, evil country, so how do they expect these angels to have a “better life” here?

The idea that we can all live under One World Government ignores human nature. We don’t all want to live the same way. We don’t want the same things. To move everyone into apartments in 41 megacities wouldn’t make us live together in harmony. People would still seek groups that shared their values. Other people would form groups with conflicting values. The groups would still oppose each other. And if you didn’t want to live in an apartment in one of the 41 megacities, where would you go? If One World Government failed (and I believe it would) what would we do? The farther you are from government the less influence you have on it. To change anything you’d have to travel to all the 41 megacities and try to convince the majority to agree with you.

The difference between the Left and Right is that the Right sees people as individuals with varying desires, opinions, and goals. We’re fine with that as long as you don’t try to force your desires, opinions, or goals on the rest of us. We don’t care what you do behind closed doors. The Left sees everyone as a collective that must think alike or be forced to. They imagine they have the moral high ground and therefore those who have opposing opinions should be shunned or destroyed.

When I visited China on my way back from Malaysia, I saw first hand how One World Government would keep the 41 megacities “safe”. Civilians are under surveillance 24/7. Cameras with facial recognition are everywhere. Part of their citizens credit rating is a “social rating”. If you attend a meeting that speaks against government policies, or if you resist government policies the cameras recognize you and it will be noted in your “social rating” and your “social rating” will determine what job you get, where you live, how much you can have, what you can buy, where or if you can travel, etc.

No matter what restrictions the Globalists try to impose on the population, human nature will find a way. That’s why Global Governance can’t work. The way blades of grass find their way through concrete or rivers find their way around obstacles, human nature will find it’s way around the control imposed on it.

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