“Trump says immigrants are animals”. Everyone knows that’s not what he said. If anyone doubted the media was determined to overturn an election, this should end all doubt. But not to be deterred, the Progressives then JUMPED THE SHARK by doubling down and defending the “humanity” of MS13 gang members, whose motto is “rape, control, kill”. Seriously? They’re going to defend the most vicious, violent gang on the planet? How embarrassing was it to watch them try to justify defending MS13?

The Left’s hysteria over Trump’s election hasn’t subsided and, in fact, seems to increase as every Saul Alinsky tactic used against him fails. With each failure, the Left seems to make more and more outrageous accusations, become more hysterical and move farther Left. Even retiring CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz (another shark jumper), who said if anyone didn’t support same sex marriage he didn’t want them as customers, said the Democrats have moved too far Left for him. He said the Left is talking about single payer healthcare and jobs for all and that
just isn’t economically possible. Shark Jump! Good for him for being honest.

What is so curious to me is how quickly the Left has moved and how far. During Obama’s first term both the Obamas and Clintons said they always believed marriage was between a man and a woman. Practically overnight they enthusiastically endorsed same sex marriage, with the
media’s unquestioning support, and anyone who didn’t immediately agree was called a homophobic hater. With even swifter action, people who didn’t fall in line were punished, shunned or fired.

There can be no doubt the media’s obsession is not just to overturn an election but to make sure no outsider ever runs for President again. Since it became apparent Trump would be the Republican candidate the media, deep state and Democrat leadership have done a proverbial
anal exam on Trump and everyone around him. They have destroyed people’s lives to send a message to anyone foolish enough to work for a Republican candidate again. Don’t you wish the media had been as curious about Obama’s sealed records, the people surrounding him, his
mentor Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, his association with Bill Ayers, his sealed records, his racist remarks about his White grandmother, his sealed records, etc., etc., etc.?

In just the last decade the Democrat party has gone from believing marriage was between a man and a woman to supporting gay marriage, from staunch supporters of free speech to silencing opposing opinions, from abortions should be safe and rare to no restriction on abortions up to and including birth, from supporting Israel to supporting her enemies, from supporting law and order to supporting criminals over police, supporting illegal aliens over American workers, supporting Muslims over Christians, supporting a democracy over a Republic, supporting Communism over Capitalism, supporting open borders over America’s sovereignty. They call Conservatives anti-science while they claim you are what you identify as, not what you are biologically. Scientifically, there are two genders. No matter how someone mutilates their body or how many hormones they take, every cell of their body identifies their scientific gender. The problem exists in their head, not their body. However, the Left tells us when a man “identifies” as a woman or when White people like Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King
identify as Black, we should not believe our lying eyes….or science. In fact, if we even question it we’re called homophobic racist bigots. There’s a shark jump right there.

The Left says we now have more than a hundred genders and they are passing laws against “misgendering” people. You may not know what the hundred plus genders are but you can get fired for using
the wrong one. Shark jump!

I keep reminding people that there isn’t a single act that can’t be described as having an evil or angelic intent. Since Trump became a candidate the hair-on-fire, exploding-head media coverage is so over the top describing everything Trump does in the most negative terms, it’s
sometimes laughable. I’ll switch on CNN or MSNBC and hear “Trump is going to meet Kim Jong-un, he’s going to cause a nuclear holocaust”….”Trump called off the meeting, he’s going to cause a nuclear holocaust”. A porn star is a respected guest on every show. A PORN star!

Every night we hear Liberal talking heads repeat things we know aren’t true. They repeat and repeat Trump is a racist because he said ALL Mexicans were rapists or murders though they know that’s not what he said. Or Immigrants are animals. Or he’s a dictator or has dementia or
is stupid. They’re true believers in repeating a BIG lie often enough it becomes true. And they wonder why they’re called “Fake News”.

I’ve never seen a President or his family treated as badly as Trump’s. Can someone tell me what Ivanka did that warrants her being called the “C” word…..besides being Trump’s daughter? People on Twitter and Facebook defended calling her names and said she deserved worse. Why? Do they not know she is actually a Liberal? She arranged for Trump To meet with Al Gore in hopes Gore would change her father’s mind about climate change and she is pushing for Congress to pass PAID family leave (another entitlement we can’t afford). The Left should love her. Before Trump became President, she traveled in elite Liberal circles. Ivanka is a lovely, accomplished, intelligent wife, mother, sister, and daughter. She doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. And the party that promotes themselves as being the tolerant, inclusive, morally superior party loses credibility everyday when they shout down Conservative speakers and seek to, not just silence opposing opinions, but destroy people for having those opinions. Shark Jump!

In the Left’s ongoing kindergarten tantrum over losing the election, they have completely stopped trying to win back voters or win the debate of issues. Robert DiNero’s “F**K Trump!” tantrum is a perfect example; Or Bill Maher wanting the economy to tank to get rid of Trump; Or Madonna wanting to blow up the White House; Or the play about killing Trump; Or Whoopi Goldberg’s Trump (blowing his brains out) T-shirt: Or Kathy Griffin’s decapitated Trump head. Or any of the network and cable commentary shows. They jump the shark everyday attacking
Trump and all his supporters. Not only is their WAY OVER THE TOP, unjustified, unfair hatred of Trump not winning them any new supporters, they are so unglued they are turning moderates
and undecided into Trump supporters. Good going, guys, keep up the good work.

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I was at the Thousand Oaks City Council meeting last night. About half of the people had green signs saying they supported SB54. I’m sure they were well meaning but they are COMPLETELY misguided. They were there to speak for their kids school friend who is afraid their parents will be rounded up, or their sweet cleaning lady, or whatever sweet illegal they know. SB54 has NOTHING to do with those people. In fact SB54 causes EXACTLY what they fear. Because SB54 prevents police from turning over illegal alien criminals to ICE, ICE has to go out into the community to find them. ICE then is required by law to take any other illegal aliens they find. If these SB54 supporters really wanted to protect the “innocent” illegals they should NOT support SB54.

Ventura Sheriff Geoff Dean gave a detailed explanation of SB54. He explained that no one in his jail is a minor offender. They don’t jail minor offenders (hundreds of felonies have been lowered to misdemeanors), so anyone in jail has committed a serious offense. He said SB54 prevents him from even notifying ICE that he has these criminals. He said it puts him in an impossible position. He took an oath to uphold the American Constitution as well as the laws of California. If he upholds the Constitution, he violates California law, if he upholds California Law, he violates the Constitution. He wrote an opinion piece council member Rob McCoy read that ended with Sheriff Dean saying SB54 was NOT in the best interests of public safety.

All the people with the Green signs in support of SB54 spoke about how we should be diverse, and welcoming. One woman said she was a teacher and had brought 30 letters written by her class (you know that was a class assignment which I find inappropriate and outrageous) in support of SB54. She read two of them. Both were kids of illegals afraid their parents would be rounded up. Once again, that ISN’T the focus of SB54. It’s about SERIOUS CRIMINALS.

A black woman went on a tirade about people opposing SB54 being racist. She said no one was demanding illegal immigrants from Germany or other white countries be deported. Actually, I believe those opposed to illegal immigration want everyone who breaks our laws held accountable. She said it was all about skin color. The fact that we share a border with Mexico so their poor can just walk into our country apparently escaped her. Or the fact that Latinos are now the second largest segment of the population. It’s not about race, it’s about numbers and the Rule of Law. Although I imagine there are some illegal Germans here, I doubt it’s many since they need to buy a plane ticket to get here.

The public comments didn’t even start until 10:00pm because they went through their normal business and then the Sheriff spoke and the City Attorney explained that it was too late to join the amicus brief because the deadline was May 15th. It was pointed out that another chance to join will come up when it goes to a higher court.

Mayor Fox explained there were 120 people who wanted to speak but 10:00pm when we started speaking, a lot of people had left. One of the first speakers pointed out how many events in our history protested bad laws, from the Boston Tea Party, to Rosa Parks, to SB54.

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Having recently traveled to Malaysia to attend the UN World Urban Forum, I’m acutely aware of how pervasive the push for One World Government is.

As World leaders continue to meet and plan how to force us into Global Governance, we need to talk about how all their plans completely ignore the Nature of Man. Cultural norms may change but human nature doesn’t.

Human beings consciously and unconsciously seek what is familiar. People are most comfortable with people most like them. It is simply the nature of man. It’s not racist or bigoted, it’s normal. The UN demands Western countries take in hundreds of thousands of “refugees” (interestingly mostly military aged men, not women, children or elderly) who don’t share Western values. They say expecting them to assimilate is bigoted and hateful. Citizens are expected to accommodate the “refugee’s” culture and in some countries legally prevented from even suggesting this is not a good idea. Citizens certainly can become comfortable with people not like them but only if those people share their values. The idea that completely conflicting cultures can live together in harmony, especially when they don’t speak the same language, is a fallacy that goes against human nature.

This is why our government requires immigrants to assimilate. Legal immigrants are required to learn the value of our form of government and how it works. They are required to learn English. It’s really not complicated. People can’t get to know each other if they don’t speak the same language. Immigrants are also required to work, which allows them to interact with other Americans. This concept is now considered racist and bigoted by Progressive politics and the media. Illegal aliens are called “immigrants” but are not required to fulfill the requirements legal immigrants are required to fulfill. We’re now told to ignore the countless examples of conflicting cultures living side by side NOT ending well. Israelis and Palestinians come to mind.

Our schools teach our children Columbus was evil for coming to America and killing thousands of Indians. Does anyone believe Columbus intended to kill Indians? Of course not. The implication from schools is that Columbus shouldn’t have come to America in the first place. This, again, ignores the nature of man. Man is a curious being. He wants to know what‘s on the other side of mountains, on the other side of oceans. He wants to know what is in the heavens and under the sea. He wants to know how things work and why things happen. That is the nature of man. Since the beginning of man’s time on earth, he has explored. The Vikings explored long before England and Spain. Island natives made canoes and sailed off to other islands. Exploration is such a strong impulse in man that he’s been willing to risk his life to go into the unknown.

American Indians were “immigrants” too. They’re descendants of Nordic “explorers” who crossed the Bering Straits. Once here some Mayan and Aztec DNA was mixed in. To demonize Columbus for discovering America is to mischaracterize history and ignore the nature of man. If Columbus hadn’t discovered America, someone else would have. While the pilgrims were settling the East Coast, Spain was settling the West Coast. We bought the Louisiana Purchase from Spain. California is more steeped in Spanish heritage than Mexican. Spanish Missions and haciendas are historical sites.

To condemn explorers for finding new lands is to suggest people should stay where they are born and never leave. The pilgrims were seeking religious freedom. Don’t the “open borders” people say we’re all immigrants and we should allow people seeking a better life (wasn’t that what the pilgrims were seeking?) or fleeing an oppressive government be allowed to just come to America unvetted. What I find fascinating is that the “open borders” people saying anyone and everyone should be allowed to cross our borders (bringing diseases not seen here in centuries if ever) are the same people saying Columbus was evil for bringing the pilgrims with diseases the Indians had never been exposed to.

I’d really like to understand how the Liberal mind works. They say we must have compassion for these angelic people fleeing oppressive governments for a “better life” in America. But at the same time they say America is a bigoted, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, evil country, so how do they expect these angels to have a “better life” here?

The idea that we can all live under One World Government ignores human nature. We don’t all want to live the same way. We don’t want the same things. To move everyone into apartments in 41 megacities wouldn’t make us live together in harmony. People would still seek groups that shared their values. Other people would form groups with conflicting values. The groups would still oppose each other. And if you didn’t want to live in an apartment in one of the 41 megacities, where would you go? If One World Government failed (and I believe it would) what would we do? The farther you are from government the less influence you have on it. To change anything you’d have to travel to all the 41 megacities and try to convince the majority to agree with you.

The difference between the Left and Right is that the Right sees people as individuals with varying desires, opinions, and goals. We’re fine with that as long as you don’t try to force your desires, opinions, or goals on the rest of us. We don’t care what you do behind closed doors. The Left sees everyone as a collective that must think alike or be forced to. They imagine they have the moral high ground and therefore those who have opposing opinions should be shunned or destroyed.

When I visited China on my way back from Malaysia, I saw first hand how One World Government would keep the 41 megacities “safe”. Civilians are under surveillance 24/7. Cameras with facial recognition are everywhere. Part of their citizens credit rating is a “social rating”. If you attend a meeting that speaks against government policies, or if you resist government policies the cameras recognize you and it will be noted in your “social rating” and your “social rating” will determine what job you get, where you live, how much you can have, what you can buy, where or if you can travel, etc.

No matter what restrictions the Globalists try to impose on the population, human nature will find a way. That’s why Global Governance can’t work. The way blades of grass find their way through concrete or rivers find their way around obstacles, human nature will find it’s way around the control imposed on it.

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When we planned our trip to Malaysia we had to have a layover in Shanghai, China. It could be an hour and a half or thirteen hours. We researched online and talked to the airline about the need for visas to visit Shanghai during a layover. The airline said we could stay 144 hours without a visa as long as we had a confirmed ticket to another destination. On the internet we got conflicting information, some said 144 hours and other places said 24 hours, but in either case we were OK.

After a 13 hour flight from Los Angeles, we arrived at Pudong Airport (what an appropriate name). We found a sign that said “24 HOUR TRANSIT”. There were only about fifteen people in line but it was more than an hour before we got to the front of the line.

In front of us was a tall, blond American man in kakis and a plaid flannel shirt. He was telling a young lady from New York he was going to the World Urban Forum in Malaysia. We told him we were going there too. He became very enthusiastic and said he had been to the Rio and Paris conferences too. Debbie Bacigalupi said so had she. He was now our instant friend. He wanted to know what our interest in the conference was. Debbie said she was from a ranching family and wanted to protect ranches and farms. He enthusiastically said he did too. He said he had been at the North Dakota Keystone Pipeline protest to protect farmlands from the pipeline. I told him there were millions of pipelines across America. We asked him what he did and he said he organized human artistic displays that could only be seen from the air. His name is John Quigley. He was going to do a display at the WUF9 conference. He said at the Paris conference he organized a display for 100% renewable energy. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and said I was against 100% renewables. I might as well have punched him in the face. He wanted to know why. I said, look around, just about everything you see is made from petroleum products. He said, yes, NOW. I wondered what substitute he had in mind for plastic.

We finally got to the window and were told there was no “24 hour transit” and we couldn’t leave the airport. After a 13 hour flight, we now had 13 hours to waste in an airport. The view from the airport was obstructed by the quality of the air. You couldn’t see beyond the runways. Besides playing games on my iPad until I had to recharge, I did a lot of people watching. I noticed that every female flight attendant and every female airline employee was young, thin and wore her hair EXACTLY the same. No bangs, no tendrils, their hair was pulled straight back into a tight little bun. I assume there aren’t many anti-discrimination law suits happening in China. I also noticed Chinese people talking on cell phones and taking pictures with them, but not spending hours on them the way we do. I assumed again, they don’t have access to as much as we do.

When we finally reached Malaysia, one of the first things we did was find the Chinese Embassy and get an expedited visa so that we could visit Shanghai.

After our time in Malaysia, with our visa’s in hand we landed again at Pudong Airport, Shanghai, China. We got in a very long, very slow line to go through Passport check. They took our picture, fingerprints and checked our visas. After I passed through I waited behind the cubical Debbie was going through. I could see the computer screen the officer was looking at. There were at least three pictures of Debbie on the screen. I wondered were the other pictures came from.

Once through the visa check, we got in another very long, even slower line to go through customs. Once released from airport prison, we took the bullet train close to the city. The train runs on magnets and travels 19 miles in 6 minutes. We then changed to the subway where we were packed in like sardines. It seemed when people got off even more got on. I couldn’t imagine trying to take groceries home on the subway.

We ended up at the Huangpu River across from downtown Shanghai. We were the first that morning to wait by the gate to the ferry. As people started to arrive a family came with grandma, grandpa, two adult sons (one dressed in modern clothes, black skinny jeans, black sweater and sunglasses, one a Monk in red robes), and an adult daughter with her little girl. They took family pictures with the group. We suddenly realized that we were quite a curiosity to the natives.

Debbie knelt down to get something from her backpack and the young man in black sat on the ground in front of her and took a selfie with us. Then the woman with her hands on the little girls shoulders scooted herself and her daughter into the middle of us and had her family take pictures of them with us.

The city has very impressive modern buildings, much like any big city anywhere in the world. We walked along the river and came to a large mall. It had H&M, Zara, Coach, Forever 21, McDonalds, Starbucks…..all the stores you’d find anywhere. We left the mall, went up some stairs and found ourselves on an elevated sidewalk that encircled the the four corners of the intersection. After having coffee at Starbucks, we wanted to see the older, more authentic part of the city so we took the “Bund”, small subway cars, that travel under the river. It was like a Disney ride with flashing lights and sounds.

Through out the city and surrounding it are high rise apartments. 30, 40 stories high. Many people work and live in the same building. They range from old, poorly maintained buildings to new, high end buildings, but what was common to both were the clothes drying on balconies or in the front windows. Apparently, clothes dryers aren’t an approved appliance. With the air quality as poor as it is, I wondered how clean “air drying” was. Another custom you couldn’t miss were the face masks worn by so many. They went from the typical paper medical masks, to cloth cartoon masks, printed masks, fuzzy animal masks and ominous, Ninja looking black masks.

We also couldn’t help noticing all the surveillance. Cameras were EVERYWHERE, on the streets and in the buildings. Not only are you on camera at all times, they use face recognition so they know who you are. At one intersection we counted more than 30 cameras. We were told that if you commit a crime you will be arrested within seven minutes. I wondered if the masks were to protect them from germs and smog or to disguise them. The crowds, the masses of people were daunting. If you spoke to an individual they would smile and giggle and bow and be very polite but crowds would run you over. No “sorry” or “pardon me” if they stepped on your foot, tripped you or bumped into you. I think there are so many of them they know they have to push forward or they’ll be left behind.

We were there during the Chinese New Year and the entire city was decorated in red tassels. There were large cartoon like displays everywhere. They really like cartoons and they dote on their children. Although, they can now have a second child, they have to pay to have one and the fee makes it impossible for any but the rich. For that reason you still don’t see many families with more than one child.

In the old town were hundreds of small interesting shops. We spent some time in a shop that had everything from fabrics, beads, back scratchers, purses, cosmetics and expensive jade jewelry. Debbie bought some gifts to take home but didn’t have enough Yen and the shop didn’t take credit cards. The cashier said he’d take US dollars so everyone got out their cell phones to figure out the conversion. Haggling and laughing ensued as the conversion kept changing.

We came upon an old Chinese garden built within an unusual rock formation. There were temples and koi ponds that flowed through the rocks to other ponds. There were walkways and bridges that wound their way around the garden. The garden gave you a glimpse into how China used to be. I crossed a small bridge, as a young couple were taking selfies of themselves. As I passed them, the young man touched my arm and held out his iPhone. I thought he was asking me to take a photo of them, but instead he moved me next to his girlfriend and took a picture of her with me. Americans are so rare there, especially, blond, blue eyed ones, that they want to capture us on film. I wasn’t sure if I was a celebrity or a freak.

We decided to have lunch at a restaurant that had been recommended. We hailed a cab and told the driver the address. He put it into his GPS and I watched and listened as his GPS told him in Chinese where to turn. In about 10 or 15 minutes we arrived at the restaurant. As we exited the cab I looked in front of us and realized we were about a block over from where we started. I thought it was hysterically funny that his GPS helped his scam.

Later as I walked down a small street a young boy stopped in front of me and said, “Hello, my name is ???? and I’m from Shanghai, China, where are you from?” I told him I was from Los Angeles, California, USA. I told him he spoke English very well. He thanked me. I asked him how old he was and he said he was seven years old. As we talked, the little boys mother was video taping us. He kept looking at his Mom for approval and she kept smiling and nodding. I asked him if he learned English in school and he said he did. He got out a paper he had in his pocket and unfolded it. He asked me to write my name and where I was from. He said he was going to show his teacher and his class. As I wrote I told him he was a very polite young man and I was sure his mother was very proud of him. His Mom said she was. He bowed and thanked me as he ran to his Mom so pleased with his trophy.

A few days after we returned home I heard Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the end of term limits. This allows him to rule for life. I wish he had done this before we visited China. I would love to have asked the people what they thought.

Having just been inundated with praise for “diversity” and “migration” at WUF9, it was impossible to ignore there weren’t any hijabs or burkas in China. I can’t swear there are none anywhere in China but I didn’t see any Blacks, Latinos, East Indians or any other race in Shanghai but Asian. It makes you question why the UN is so insistent Europe and America take all the Muslim refugees. If “diversity” is so valuable, if immigration is so good for the economy, it humanitarianism is such a virtue, why are Asian countries not embracing “migration”?

Since we opened up trade with China, they have become very rich and powerful….mostly at our expense. If we don’t learn from this, we’ll all be speaking Chinese in the future.

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The third day of the United Nations World Urban Forum 9 (WUF9) placed much emphasis on youth and migration involvement for implementing the global plan called the New Urban Agenda (NUA). Art displays adorned the halls and exhibit spaces; children throughout the world must have been asked (aka, trained) to envision the future of 21st century megacities. In their cardboard megacities, the children used air-filled balloons to represent “drone” centers of surveillance for example.  Crayon art on walls displayed stick-figure-ish people of all colors holding hands around Earth.  No less than fifteen breakout sessions focused on the role of youth, migration, and sustainable cities.
The objectives for the youth-centered meetings at WUF9 included  “Foster[ing] and encourage[ing] the establishment of inter-generational dialogue between various stakeholders with the aim of promoting sustainable urban development,” to “provide an online platform for global youth to exchange experiences and solutions,” and to “provide an evidence-base for the implementation, monitoring, and review of the New Urban Agenda.”
According to the Secretary General of the UN’s Envoy on Youth, Donovan Gutierres, there are about 1.8 Billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24 today — the largest youth population ever. As such, the youth create unprecedented potential for change in economic and social “progress.” The Children and Youth Assembly at WUF9 is guided by the connected objectives of the New Urban Agenda (NUA) and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ambitions. Youth are absolutely necessary and vital to the United Nations and the UN’s goal of urbanizing the world to promote inclusivity, equity, resiliency, and sustainability.
During a session entitled, “One Planet Cities” a speaker from Denmark proudly explained how important youth are to the NUA. He said, “we’ve been educating our children for the last 25 years on anthropogenic global warming” and since many are now adults “they are actively implementing policies to combat Climate Change.”
Another WUF9 session, “Durable Solutions in Displacement Crisis” was primarily about migrants coming to any country due to natural disasters, war, or anthropogenic Climate Change. The speakers discussed the impact on communities whose local services are neither prepared for nor have the funding for thousands to hundreds of thousands of displaced people flooding into their countries. In some countries and cultures due to ageing populations (like the decreasing numbers of farmers around the globe), talks of “replacement migration” took place. 
Whether getting the youth involved or encouraging migration, funding is vital to implement the NUA.  And as such, a big conversation topic for the no less than twenty lectures we attended touched on where the money would come from. No doubt, the “developed” countries like the USA.  Who knows what happened in the closed sessions for VIP’s from various countries who required special badges and heavy security. Who knows whose money was discussed…
While in Kuala Lumpur, a Malaysian city surrounded by tropical trees and plants, it is impossible not to notice the hundreds of high rise, mixed-use space apartment-style buildings under construction and strategically placed next to the subway system and bus terminals. Thirty, forty stories high.  Residents say single family homes are becoming a thing of the past.  Kuala Lumpur has a growing population of about 9 million – youth, ageing, and very diverse. A perfect location for WUF9.

So, why should we care about the UN’s WUF9 Conference half way around the world? Why should we care what the UN wants? It’s the United Nations not the United States. They have no authority over us……or do they? We have signed a number of treaties with the UN that erode our sovereignty. We signed Agenda 21 in 1992 and the UN’s 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development.

We should care because many of the goals of the UN’s agenda are being implemented today through ICLEI, Wildlands, Wetlands, Endangered Species policies as well as the EPA, CDC, and other agencies. We have regional non-elected, non-accountable planning commissions overriding local planning. We’ve never given our consent for these regional commissions. Most of the citizens don’t even know they exist.

California is ground zero for the implementation of Agenda 21 goals. We are the only state with Cap and Trade. Although we are not yet feeling the effects of Cap and Trade, we will in the near future. One thing is certain, it will become much more expensive, if not prohibitive, to use the appliances we depend on.

As you drive down the main streets of your communities, notice the buildings that have been built In recent years or are being built now. They are multi-use buildings with commercial space on the first floor and three or more floors of apartments above. The goal of WUF9 is to have 80% of the worlds population living in apartments in cities and using public transportation by 2050.

California is racing as fast as it can to cement Agenda 21 goals into law. We can’t stop what is happening unless we know what is being planned and how it’s being implemented.


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The Opening Ceremony of the 2018 United Nations Habitat World Urban Forum #9 (WUF9) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia began with the raising of the UN flag and thunderous applause, costumes, dance, and singing as thousands of delegates and “high level persons” (representing 165 of the193 countries signed on to the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development) convened in the large Convention Center’s main auditorium.  In UN fashion, UN security guards welcomed high-level badge holders to participate in the ceremony while thousands more could only watch the ceremony on their smartphones.  Prince Charles sent a special video message to UN Ministers, Delegates, city planners, and stakeholders stating with urgency, “Now is the time to implement the New Urban Agenda.”

The New Urban Agenda (NUA) is a global plan of governance for “Sustainable Development” – man-made global warming and “Climate Change” is the culprit of planetary destruction but living in “resilient”, “inclusive”, “diverse”, “sustainable”,  “equitable”, “smart”, “walkable”, “liveable”, “carbon neutral” Cities by the year 2030 is the solution.  Thus, the theme of this year’s UN Habitat Conference is “Cities 2030, Cities for All: Implementing the New Urban Agenda.”  WUF 9 will be the first session to focus on the implementation of the NUA.

WUF9 embraced the new UN Habitat Executive Director, who received a standing ovation.  Maimunah Mohd Sharif of Malaysia is “the first Asian woman to be appointed” to such a position and “is a champion of Gender Responsive Participatory Budgeting to integrate gender perspectives into the governance process as a tool to mainstream gender into budgetary and development policy and planning” according to  Earlier in the day, Ms. Sharif spoke to a full room of UN Ministers and a “High Level” panel (which included Neal Rackleff, Assistant Secretary in the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development).  Like Prince Charles, she urged attendees a “successful deliberation” and implementation of the NUA adding, now that she is in her new role, “I need to walk the talk with you.”  As an awarded “Planner,” she has spent her career in Planning and Development for growing urban populations.  ICLEI, a UN-NGO actively involved in facilitating climate action plans while influencing policy in cities across the United States, describes Ms. Sharif, as a “key leader in ICLEI’s work on climate change.”  Ms. Sharif emphasized the role of the youth in global plans and the need “to localize the Sustainable Development Goals” as she looks forward to upcoming meetings in New York.

There is a high level of security presence here; bomb and HAZMAT squads and vehicles, hundreds of Malaysian police and UN police surround the outside and inside of the Convention Center.  Similar to airport security, purses and bags are electronically scanned.  One must go through a metal detector. Participants are photographed and I.D. badges are swiped like credit cards in scanners as one enters and exits the convention.

And, even with such serious sounding security, convention staff and attendees are happy and excited to play a role in WUF9.  They see the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as achievable knowing Goal 11 (“Sustainable Cities and Communities”) lies at the heart of implementation since people and “collective action” are the necessary drivers of such goals. It’s a numbers game the UN describes as “No one left behind” echoed by President Obama back on September 27, 2015 in his remarks about “Sustainable Development.”   The vision is 70% of the world’s population will be living and working in megacities by the year 2050.  In the United States, according to WUF9 speaker and University of Pennsylvania Professor Eugenie Birch (Associate Editor, Journal of the American Planning Association) that number is approximately 80% of Americans who will live in cities.
When it comes to President Trump and the United States, the hopeful, happy demeanor at the conference turns into sarcasm, disappointment, and/or joking.  We asked a New York UN police officer what he thought about Trump’s attempt to pull out of the Paris agreement and he wryly smiled as he mimed locking his lips shut.  He said, “Just wait, things will change” suggesting the US is not done with the Paris Agreement.  We asked NextCity CEO and former director of the New Jersey Regional Plan Association, Tom Dellasio, about President Trump, and he rolled his eyes.  The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, funded by the Ford Foundation and “seeks to improve quality of life through the effective use, taxation, and stewardship of land” said “American cities should go it [climate change policy] alone.”  We interviewed University of Pennsylvania Professor Eugenie Birch, who had a similar but disappointed response, “Trump took away needed funded” for NUA implementation.  When discussing the 20% of people who will live in rural America, land use, biodiversity, and heavy regulations like the Clean Water Act, Professor Birch stated that “[American] farmers have gotten away with murder” polluting water resources. In a breakout session about linking international cities, European Union panelists of mayors and city planners joked about Americans and the United States: “we’re not sure what happened to North America [audience laughter] but we’re trying to make Sustainable Development great again” followed by more audience laughter.
The official opening day of WUF9 was filled with many hours deliberating, discussing, and agreeing to plans and implementation policies for our future – a sustainably developed one “with no one left behind.”  It ended with hours of pouring rain, flooding, and traffic gridlock.  Perhaps the carbon footprint of an estimated 30,000 WUF9 registrants making plans about our future caused a man-made Climate Change downpour in Malaysia.

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Most of us are busy getting our kids to school, getting ourselves to work, paying our bills and living our lives, completely unaware that in remote areas of the world (January Davos, February Kuala Lumpur) the elites, the “smart” people, are meeting to decide our fate. They are deciding how we can live, where we can live, and how much we’re allowed to have. They fly around in private planes, stay at five star hotels and eat lavish meals while discussing how to ration our access to the same. The rest of us have no seat at the table. Apparently, we’re just not smart enough to know what’s good for us.

Why did we travel to the other side of the world for the UN Habitat 9 Conference? CFACT and American Freedom Alliance want to make sure “the people” have a seat at the table. UN Habitat aka World Urban Forum has been convened by the United Nations Human Settlements Program since 2002 (Ten years after 173 nations signed Agenda 21). The topic is the “New Urban Agenda”. What exactly does that mean? MORE THAN 30.000 people from 193 countries registered to attend WUF9 although attendance was between 20 and 25 thousand.

The Program said the focus would be on “Cities for All” as a tool and accelerator for achieving the UN’s Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Discussions were on “Sustainable Urbanization”, “Sustainable Urban Development, Social Inclusion and Ending Poverty”. There are no discussions about suburban living, farming or ranching. The conservations were more about changing our economic system from Capitalism to Socialism than about the effect man has on the Climate Change.

So, what does that mean for people who don’t want to live in “Cities for All”? What if you want a home in the country and a swimming pool? It’s difficult not to notice that nearly every building constructed in the last few years is multi-use with commercial space on the ground floor and apartments above. And not just in the United States but around the world. Is it your dream in life to live in an apartment and tote your groceries home on a bus or a bike?

Are you curious about how they plan to “end poverty”? Would everyone get paid the same whether or not they work or if they dig ditches or perform brain surgery? What would be the incentive to study for years if there was no financial benefit?

The media isn’t very interested in what the elites are planning for us but we need to be. We went and are reporting back to you.

To be continued…….

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