I’ve watched the Left dismantle our Constitution while invoking it with alternate bouts of laughter, tears and fury. While Democrats go before the microphone saying they are fulfilling their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, they are campaigning on gun confiscation, criminalizing “hate speech”, banning Conservative media, ending the Electoral College, and supporting the New Green Deal that would end private property, State’s Rights, and transfer control of industry to government. Apparently, their respect for the Constitution doesn’t include the First, Second, Fourth or Tenth Amendments. They say they do this prayerfully and solemnly, while Speaker Pelosi had to glare at her caucus to prevent them from cheering and applauding after passing the Articles of Impeachment. And you can forget due process altogether.

If we had anything resembling an honest, impartial media, they would point out this hypocrisy. Speaker Pelosi keeps saying they have uncontested evidence that President Trump pressured Ukraine for personal gain. But the claim that the evidence is “uncontested” is laughable. Uncontested in that the President wasn’t allowed lawyers or to call any witnesses. Although when Chairman Schiff (who should have recused himself due to his obvious animus toward the President) told witnesses they didn’t have to answer question from Republican members, you might say the “evidence” was uncontested. But what evidence? Evidence of what?

When she speaks to the press Speaker Pelosi says President Trump pressured the Ukrainian President to investigate the Bidens for personal gain. The assumption being President Trump feared Biden could beat him in the upcoming election. I’ve seen no indication that Trump is afraid of anyone, so I think that is a BIG assumption. Also, Trump released a transcript of the phone call and he asked Zelensky to do “us” (not him) a favor and look into corruption. However, that isn’t what their articles of impeachment are about. Their articles have nothing to do with the Ukraine. They are “Obstruction of Congress”, for invoking Executive Privilege (something Presidents are authorized to do and they had no problem with when Obama did it over Fast & Furious) and “Abuse of Power”, which is what THEY are doing but nothing about pressuring the Ukrainian President.

Let’s look at the “evidence” they keep saying is uncontested or as the media keeps saying is irrefutable. ALL but one witness testified to 2nd or 3rd hand hear say. All said they “assumed” quid pro quo…..and why wouldn’t they? Quid pro quo is business as usual. All foreign aid is quid pro quo. We always expect something in return. Every President would be impeached if this were the standard. The ONE witness who actually spoke to President Trump said he asked the President what he wanted from the Ukraine and the President said he wanted “NOTHING”. He actually said he wanted “no quid pro quo”. Plus, both President Zelensky and his foreign minister said there was no pressure. They got their aid and didn’t investigate the Bidens, so where is the “high crime or misdemeanor”? What exactly is the “uncontested evidence” and wouldn’t an impartial media ask Speaker Pelosi what evidence she is referring to?

When Trump was campaigning in 2015 he spoke about voter fraud and was asked if he would accept the results of the election. He said he’d have to see. The Left had a complete meltdown over the idea he might not accept the results of the election. And yet THEY haven’t accepted the results of the election and seem incapable of self-reflection. There has been no honest reporting on the irrefutable evidence that Joe Biden withheld aid from the Ukraine for personal gain, not Trump. That the Intelligence agencies attempted to entrap the President’s team, that they were illegally spied on, conspired against, lied about. The irrefutable evidence is that the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and others on the Left colluded with Russia, the Ukraine and other countries to influence our election. The irrefutable evidence is that there were hundreds of Republicans unmasked in the remaining months of the Obama administration. There is irrefutable evidence there was fraud against the FISA court. The irrefutable evidence is that there was a soft coup being waged against President Trump. This has never happened in our history but the media is unconcerned.

We, as a nation, have always prided ourselves in the “peaceful transfer of power”. There has been no peaceful transfer of power from Obama to Trump. To this day, Obama and Kerry travel to countries to advise their leaders to ignore Trump. Pelosi went to the COP25 (Climate Change Conference) and told them America was still in the Paris Agreement. Where does the Constitution give her authority over the President?

We have a President that has been investigated more thoroughly than any president in history and they found no wrong doing. But you wouldn’t know that if you listen to the media. We will be deciding this year if we ARE a Constitutional, Capitalist country or a Socialist country with no individual liberty. This is the most important election since America’s founding.

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I saw “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” about Mr. Rogers and I loved it…..but it made me cry. It made me cry for the country I grew up in. A country where nearly everyone agreed on what was good and decent. And the realization that that country no longer exists.

Mr. Rogers was on television from 1968 to 2001. I didn’t grow up with him and he wasn’t a staple in my home when my girls were growing up. I’m sure we watched him at times but Sesame Street was more our speed. I think I thought Mr. Rogers was a little sappy and slow. Sesame Street was faster paced with bigger than life characters. But I’ve grown to appreciate Mr. Rogers more and more. I think Sesame Street entertained kids but Mr. Rogers really connected with kids on a personal level. I imagine there will people who disagree with me but that’s how I see it.

This isn’t just a movie about Mr. Rogers but it was also about the painful journey of writer Lloyd Vogel, who profiled him. It was an example of how cripplingly painful it is for even an adult to feel unloved by a parent. How important family is and how forgiveness heals.

Based on true events, in 1998 Esquire writer Tom Junod (Lloyd Vogel) spent time with Fred Rogers for an Esquire feature on Heroes. It chronicles how their unlikely friendship impacted Junod’s life. As the young, cynical Esquire writer says, Mr. Rogers was the nicest person he had ever met. His profile of Rogers became the cover story entitled, “Can you say….Hero?”

I couldn’t help thinking as I watched this film that I would never have known what Fred’s or any of his staff and crew’s politics were. There were no social justice worriers then, no claims of institutional racism, no talk of being uncomfortable with your gender, no drag queen story hour, no demands to apologize for being White, etc.

Mr. Rogers was about coping with life, the joys and difficulties. He was about tolerance and acceptance. The lessons Mr. Rogers taught then need to be taught now. But they’re not. Today it’s nothing but social justice, unfairness, envy, and division. Today it’s about blaming others for your failures. It’s about being offended. It’s about silencing speech you don’t like. It’s about feeling entitled to what others have earned.

Mr. Rogers would have disapproved of what we’ve become.

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Robert Epstein just spoke at American Freedom Alliance. Mr. Epstein testified to Congress about Google manipulating between 2.6 and ten million votes in favor of Hillary Clinton. He explained his research.

Robert Epstein is an American psychologist, professor, author, and journalist. He has a Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard. He was editor in chief of Psychology Today. He is a visiting professor at the University of California, San Diego. He has done extensive research on how algorithms can manipulate what people think.

Mr. Epstein is an interesting man. He says he doesn’t have a Conservative bone in his body but I beg to differ. Anyone who was not only a Hillary Clinton supporter but a friend and was willing to risk her ire, isn’t a typical Leftist. I have yet to meet a Leftist who would object to any measures taken to ensure their candidate won. A man who cares more about free and fair elections than party or friendships is more Conservative than he thinks.

I spoke to Mr. Epstein at our reception before his talk. He was telling a group of us about being interviewed by various Conservative pundits. He said Mark Levin’s stage was truly in a bunker. He said it was very impressive stage and that they had made him feel so welcome and had placed his books all around the set.

He said he had been interviewed by many Conservatives, Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, Dennis Prager, etc. I asked him how many Liberal shows he had been on and he said Zero. He said he had made many Conservative friends. Peter Schweizer, author of “Clinton Cash”, being among them. He then said Dennis Prager saved his life. We asked him how. He said he was asked to speak at a Dennis Prager fund raiser. The room was filled with big donors. Dennis asked him how he was feeling after being so viciously attacked. He reached in his pocket and held up a small bottle of nitroglycerin for all to see. He said he had chest pains and shortness of breath. Dennis was concerned and expressed his concern several times.

After the talk a doctor from the audience approached him and said a dear friend of his is the top cardiologist in the country and co-incidentally is located in San Diego where Epstein lives. He wanted Epstein to see her. That night Epstein received a call from the cardiologist saying her friend has spoken to her about him and she wanted him to come to see her. He said he couldn’t because he was going to DC the next day. He flew to DC and had a 4 hour dinner with Ted Cruz, who he liked very much (see, he’s not as Liberal as he thinks he is). When he got back to his hotel he changed into his bathing suit. He’s a swimmer. He makes sure hotels have pools. As he was about to leave for the pool the doctor called again. She said she was looking at his test results from Scripts and told him he had a major blockage. She told him to go to the closest ER. He said he was about to go swimming. She said, “YOU CAN’T SWIM”. He told her he swims regularly. She kept him on the phone so long the pool had closed and he couldn’t go swimming.

He returned to San Diego, she called him again and told him to come to her office right now. She said he could drop dead any minute. He wondered why she was so concerned about him. She told him she knew what he did and “we need to keep you alive”. He told her she wasn’t on his insurance policy and he learned an office visit was $875 so he couldn’t come. She told him she wouldn’t charge him a dime. He said she did two things that convinced him. She flattered his ego by saying his work was so important and she offered him a bargain, so he went. He was actually having a heart attack as he arrived. When he got there she and another cardiologist examined him. They did and EKG and the doctor immediately picked up the phone and told Scripts he’d be right over. Epstein said, they took him immediately, he didn’t even have to check in, took him to the operating room and put in two stints. They saved his life. He said none of this would have happened if Dennis Prager hadn’t asked him that question and been so concerned by his answer.

I told him how poignant his story was because the founder of American Freedom Alliance, Avi Davis, had known he had blockage and needed a stint and was also ignoring it. I said he was an avid bicyclist and was riding his bike to the gym when he had an attack and died. I said I was so grateful fate intervened.

When Mr. Epstein started his talk he repeated our conversation and told the audience how Dennis Prager saved his life. Then he scared the rest of us to death.

He told us we are being surveilled 24/7. He said Google has AT LEAST 3 MILLION pages of information on EACH of us. Our phones monitor us, SMART meters, SMART phones, the Nest, SIRI, Amazon, Etc. Recorders and cameras have been placed in many things we wouldn’t expect. They know exactly how to manipulate us. They know what we like, what we don’t like, they collect our health records. They keep our phone calls, our emails, our internet searches. They record your conversations around the dinner table. They know if you have a lover or watch porn or if you are cheating on your spouse.

He told us about a Google defector who had brought many documents with him. He had two Black Lists. These are lists of websites they are suppressing. When people do a Google search they usually only look at the first few links. Websites on the Black Lists will be on the next page if there at all. When you do a Google search there is often an answer in a box at the top of the page. Most people take that information as fact. It may not be.

Epstein researched Google, Bing, Safari, and others to see the results of the same search on each search engine. He found Google easily manipulated undecided voters or voters who weren’t paying close attention to politics. He also said just before the last election Google sent out notices to Democrat voters reminding them to vote. He said that got thousands out to vote who weren’t planning to. But only Democrats. He suggested that could be considered a campaign contribution.

Another document that the Google defector managed to get was an internal memo that said the goal of Google was to change human nature. He said Google has more power than any government. No one gave them that power, they took it. They have bought up any company they thought could be competition. They helped China developed their social scores that are used to control their citizens.

To stop Google from interfering in more elections Epstein would need to set up monitoring in many states. He thinks Google could change the minds of at least 25 million voters in 2020. It would take about $50 million for him to do that. He said many people have told him they would help get the money but so far nothing has happened. Glenn Beck told him he’d get all the Conservative talk show hosts to do fund raising for this project. So far, nothing. I suggest everyone reading this to tweet, Facebook and email Glenn Beck and ask him to follow through.

Epstein told us to stop using gmail, Google and Chrome. He suggested we all watch “The Creepy Line”. He suggested as a search engine. His website with many suggestions is

People ask him how to stop Google. He wrote an article for Bloomberg Business that was stopped for a time but finally published the day before he testified before Congress. (Look for Epstein solution). He suggests Congress pass a law that Google and other platforms have to open their data bases and make them available to all. That would open competition.

People were so concerned by what Mr. Epstein said that they shouted out questions during his talk and surrounded him after his talk to ask more questions.

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Shortly after taking office in 1993, President Bill Clinton created the “President’s Council on Sustainable Development”. It created cabinet level positions to work with each cabinet department to implement the goals of the United Nations Agenda 21.

President George Herbert Walker Bush signed Agenda 21 in July of 1992 at the Rio UN Conference. In October of 1992, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi introduced it to Congress. President GHW Bush was voted out of office the following month so it was Bill Clinton who imbedded it into every department in the government.

For those unfamiliar with Agenda 21, it is the UN’s plan for the 21st century. Nearly every world leader has signed on to it. This is important for you to understand. All of our allies are signatories, as well as most, if not all, of our enemies.

It is a plan that results in One World Government, with the UN being the governing body. It calls for the end of private property, privately owned homes, farms, ranches, cars, etc. It erases borders and ends nation states. The European Union was the beginning of ending nation states. Fortunately, we resisted the North American Union that would have erased our borders. However, the Deep State still assumes we have no borders because they understand that is the end game. It IS what we agreed to.

Agenda 21 (now called the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development) calls for ending poverty by redistributing the wealth of the Western countries around the world. It plans for all of us (excluding the elites of the world) to live in government owned apartments in 41 megacities in 9 regions. All of us using public transportation. Other than the megacities, most of the rest of the world would be “No human use”.

When Clinton created his council on Sustainable Development what kind of people do you suppose he would appoint? Primarily two types. The Climate Alarmists who passionately believe it is necessary for us to completely reorder our lives to prevent the destruction of the planet and the Globalist/Marxists who know Agenda 21 is the best, fastest way to accomplish the New World Order. The Marxists may or may not believe man is destroying the planet but AGW serves their purposes.

The EPA, filled with Climate Alarmists, used regulations to take over private property without compensation. “Navigable Waters” allowed the EPA to prevent people building on their land if rain left a puddle on it. The UN Wildlands Agreement allowed them to designate wildlife corridors through private property that prevents the owner from using that land and without compensating them for their lost property.

The “President’s Council for Sustainable Development” has been working feverishly the last 27 years along with the career civil servants and diplomats in the government. It has been understood by these career civil servants (Deep State) that the United States should be disadvantaged in trade deals because we are too successful and it isn’t fair. It has been understood that the United States should pay the bulk of the NATO budget and UN budget. This is all part of the redistribution of wealth. And these policies have transcended each administration.

I remember George Bush saying Presidents had little ability to make changes. I suspect he was referring to the unelected, permanent civil servants (Deep State). Certainly several policies he wanted to implement, like privatizing part of social security, were quickly shot down. Trump is the first President to not accept the status quo.

These career civil servants, career diplomats have spent decades forging relationships with their counterparts in other countries. They have developed friendships and comfortable working relationships. Everyone has pretty much been on the same page. Democrat administrations and Republican administrations all knew the plan.

Then Trump was elected and all that changed. Trump wasn’t having it. He wasn’t going to accept the United States being taken advantage of. He pulled us out of the Paris Agreement but found it wasn’t that easy. Obama made sure the next President couldn’t easily pull out. We had to wait until this month to “officially” pull out and then it doesn’t take effect until November of next year. If Trump were to lose the election the next President could immediately re-enter. It is easy to enter and very hard to exit.

Trump started renegotiating trade agreements. He said he was going to secure our border. He moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem. He appointed Pruitt, a climate skeptic, to head the EPA. He pulled out of the Iran deal. OMG! He was wrecking all this work the Career Deep State had put in place. He was reversing course on the world wide march toward global governance. He can’t do that!! They can’t let him. And, of course, since Agenda 21 is a world wide agreement the Deep State diplomats are getting push back from their counterparts in other countries. How dare America Change direction!!

Ukrainian Ambassador Taylor testified that he was alarmed by Trump’s “departure from US policy”. Yes, Trump was departing from the past US policy…..AS IS HIS RIGHT. Presidents make US policy not career diplomats. Past US policy put the Untied States at a disadvantage. It put American citizens at a disadvantage. This may have been the policy since WWII but Trump was determined to end it. He ran on putting America first. “We the People” elected him to put America first.

Nikki Haley said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chief of Staff John Kelly (both work at the pleasure of the President) approached her to help them reign in or remove Trump. Wouldn’t that be called a coup? They were upset he pulled out of the Paris Agreement, the Iran Deal and moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem. They thought people would die if we did those things. People didn’t die. Every President in my memory has promised to move the Embassy to Jerusalem but never did it. I suspect the Deep State told them it was impossible.

Our government is filled with Career Civil Servants (Deep State) that have been there for decades. It’s nearly impossible to fire them so they are simply transferred to different departments if they do something employees in the private sector would be fired for. Our friend Trevor Loudon wrote a very thick book about how many Marxist/Communists are in our government. These people and their AGW Alarmists take their philosophy from department to department with the support and direction of the members of the “President’s Council on Sustainable Development”.

This is simply how things are done but Trump is wrecking it. Once Trump realized the Deep State was working against him he worked around them. This is what is infuriating them. They are being made impotent. Schiff and the media made a big issue out of the Ukraine call being put on a top secret server. They neglect to mention that after the first two calls Trump made to foreign leaders (Mexico and Australia) were leaked to the media, all calls with foreign leaders are put on top secret servers. So, now they have to trot out people to give their “opinion” of what was said on calls.

A “Never Trumper” is going to have a very different opinion of what Trump says or what his intentions are than a neutral observer. This is why Schiff wants us to hear the opinions of “Never Trumpers” only and the Deep State is full of them. Schiff and his minions know they can lie to our faces because they have cover from the “Never Trumper” media.

If Trump hadn’t been elected we would never know how deep and wide the corruption in the government is. We wouldn’t know US policy has been disadvantaging us for decades. I’d like to fire EVERYONE in DC and start over, but failing that we need to know the truth, have everything exposed, and insist our policies put America FIRST!

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Americans have had guns since Columbus discovered America. Our High School parking lots used to have pick-ups with guns in gun racks parked in them. We’ve even had automatic and semi-automatic guns a hundred years. The Gatling gun was developed in the mid 1800’s. What we didn’t have were psychos going into schools, malls, bars, movie theaters or churches and shooting people. Why? What’s changed?

WE have. Before 1965 we were a homogenous country. Republican or Democrat we had shared values, we all loved this country (I’m speaking generally, I KNOW there are exceptions to the rule). We all respected the Constitution and the Rule of Law. We pledged allegiance to the flag, and got a lump in our throats when we sang our anthem. We all passionately defended free speech. We were proud of our military and respected our law enforcement. We believed in God, country and family. We believed in parental rights and religious exemptions. A large percentage of us went to church regularly. In general we were a God fearing country.

In 1965 we changed our immigration policy. We were told at the time it wouldn’t effect us in any way. Of course, it would and of course, it did. We stopped merit based immigration from like minded countries and changed it to immigration from 3rd world countries. These new immigrants could then bring in dozens of family members through chain migration. These new immigrants were from mostly socialist, communist countries or dictatorships. They were mostly poor, uneducated and unskilled. In most cases these new immigrants had never experienced individual liberty and didn’t understand self determination or personal responsibility. They also came with different religions and cultures. They were not encouraged to assimilate, in fact were told it was racist to expect them to. We can’t ignore our demographics have changed and with it our shared values.

At the same time prayer was banned from our schools, and slowly from the public square. Nativity scenes no longer allowed in parks or public grounds. Christmas vacation became Winter vacation. Easter vacation became Spring break. Merry Christmas became Happy Holliday’s. We were told we shouldn’t offend our immigrants that didn’t share our beliefs. Schools stopped saying the pledge or singing the anthem. Christmas carols and pageants no longer allowed. And now Christians are being demonized. They are being called haters. Religious exemptions not allowed. California just passed a bill requiring churches to accept the LBGTQ community and agenda. They want to prevent doctors and nurses from refusing to perform abortions. And they want all of us to fund abortions even though polls show the majority of us object.

Over the last twenty years the erosion of our culture, traditions and morals has increased exponentially. Ten years ago people would have laughed in my face if I said there would be drag queens reading to our children or that schools would be teaching all lifestyles were equal and having ten year olds put condoms on anatomically correct erect penis models. Teaching sexual techniques not biology. No one would believe paintings of our founders would be painted over because they made kids feel unsafe. Or that schools would have “safe spaces” for kids who were “triggered” by something that offended them. Or that the correct answer to a math problem wasn’t as important as how you arrived at it. Or that science was decided by consensus not verifiable, reproducible studies.

Up is now down, right is now wrong. Everything we thought was solid is now fluid. Everything we collectively believed in as a country is under attack. We would all agree children need structure. They need to have boundaries. Well, so do adults. We need rules to live by. There is little that makes people more upset or angry than others not playing by the rules. There are no rules anymore. We can’t suspend dangerous or disruptive kids from school. Criminals, not citizens, are being protected by law enforcement. Illegal aliens, not citizens, are who our politicians represent.

There is nothing people can depend on anymore. We can’t even identify ourselves as male or female. It is very difficult for people to learn what is true. Fact or fiction. Google is influencing what “facts” you can see. Twitter and Facebook are censoring Conservative speech. News media is deciding what is news and what you get to know. The media didn’t cover the Gosnell trial because they didn’t want the public to know anything negative about abortion. If you want to know the truth you have to do your own research and most people are too busy to do that. We can no longer depend on science or the media or our schools to give us impartial, objective truth.

We are also being told we are destroying the earth and we have to completely overturn our way of life, lower our standard of living and accept central government. Things we enjoy, that make our lives easier are being taken from us. Our children are being frightened into believing the world will end if we don’t stop using fossil fuels this minute. Our children are being told their parents have destroyed their future.

Without being tethered to truth or faith or moral values, already vulnerable people become mentally unbalanced. People who have always played by the rules are infuriated when they see some groups exempt from them. Christians and Jews are frightened when they see Islam being taught in our schools but their religions are banned. It is no wonder more and more people are becoming mentally unstable.

So, what is the solution? Universal background checks? Many of the shooters had passed background checks. Some friends of mine were saying, yes, California has background checks but other states don’t. Let me explain why I’m against a Federal law that every state must require background checks. When you give the Federal government control of anything no matter how beneficial you believe it is to start, the next administration will change it and you may not like the changes. Like Social Security started with funds being in a lock box earning interest. Like Medicare started by covering 100% of treatment.

The Constitution says that Congress shall make no laws “infringing” on the RIGHT to bare arms. It also says anything NOT enumerated for the government to do was left to the states. The Constitution not only doesn’t enumerate gun regulation to the government, it specifically prevents them from regulating guns. If you want the federal government to regulate guns you have to amend the Constitution.

It should also be noted that the states with the fewest gun laws have the lowest gun violence and the states with the most gun laws have the highest gun violence. Chicago being a perfect example. They have the strongest gun regulations in the country and the highest gun violence. Not allowing law abiding citizens to protect themselves makes them vulnerable to criminals.

The solution to these mass shootings is not fewer guns, it’s more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens. What is the FIRST thing a politician or celebrity does when threatened? They get ARMED security. What did banks do to prevent robberies? They got armed security. Where have ALL the mass shootings happened? In GUN FREE ZONES!!! The shooters have been either Islamists or mentally unbalanced men who wanted to kill as many innocent people as possible and chose GUN FREE ZONES where they knew they would face no resistance. They knew they could kill many before the police could get there and make a BIG splash in the newspapers. Once the crazies realize there is no place they won’t face armed opposition and won’t have a chance to make a name for themselves, these mass shootings will stop. GUN FREE ZONES need to be banned not guns.

Switzerland is a good example. Switzerland has no standing army. Every family has a gun and is trained to use it. They have low crime and gun violence because criminals are reluctant to confront armed resistance.

We’re told we don’t need guns because we have police to protect us. Really? Even under the best of circumstances police arrive ten or fifteen minutes after they are called. But there has been a war on the police, in case you haven’t noticed. Some officers are hesitant to take action for fear of being prosecuted. Many have been prevented by law from using necessary force. Media and politicians have made law enforcement the problem. Officers called racist even though a majority of officers are minorities. The disrespect has grown to the point people are attacking them, throwing water, buckets, and other things at them. I have no confidence the police will or can protect me.

There will always be guns. That’s a genie no one is going to get back in the bottle. Even IF “they” were able to destroy every single gun on the planet, people would make them. Guns are not going away. Governments will always have them, criminals will always have them. The LAST people that should have guns taken from them are law abiding citizens.

As I said, America has always had guns but we haven’t always had mass shootings. Our concern should not be on the guns but on why this is happening.

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Did anyone ask you if you wanted to close your neighborhood polling place, or have voting centers open three to ten days, or have same day registration, or not require voter ID, or have only mail-in ballots? I know no one asked me.

The Voter’s Choice Act was passed in 2016. I always love how bills are deceptively named, like the “Affordable Care Act” that is unaffordable. The Voter’s Choice Act neither asked voters if they wanted it, nor gives voters choices. Oh, in some counties you have the choice to mail your ballot or vote at some distant polling center, but many counties already have mail-in ballots only and that is the end game. They want all mail-in ballots. The voting Centers make it more difficult to vote in person. Instead of a few blocks from you, they could be a half hour drive. This inconvenience will cause more to switch to mail in….achieving their goal.

Many may think all mail-in ballots are convenient and fine with them, but they need to understand mail-in ballots are the easiest way to commit voter fraud. And with vote harvesting (illegal in most states, for good reason) now legal in California, even easier. When Election Integrity Project verified the voter rolls they found single family homes with ten, fifteen, twenty registered to vote.

Of course, as with all progressive policies, the changes are framed altruistically, but in reality are to further political goals. We’re told these changes are to make it easier for people to vote which will increase voter participation. People would have three to ten days to vote. Would it increase participation because previously inactive voters now have more days to vote or will it increase voter participation because it creates more opportunity for voter fraud? Of course we could make voting day a holiday so that everyone could vote the same day….but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? I’ve asked what if someone voted ten days before the election and something happens that makes you wish you hadn’t voted as you did? Too bad. Voting for days gives bad actors days to go from district to district to vote. But we’re not supposed to point that out.

The Left has perfected voter fraud and it is rampant in California. The Election Integrity Project found eight counties in California that had between 103% and 115% of eligible to vote citizens were registered to vote. Let’s break that down. We all know not everyone “eligible” to vote is “registered” to vote and not all who are registered to vote actually do vote. When you have more registered to vote than eligible to vote you know there is fraud happening.

If we support voter ID (and most of us in both parties do) the Left says we’re for voter suppression. Yes, we want to suppress voter fraud. And when we know there are more voters registered to vote than eligible voters, there IS voter fraud. In the eight counties in California that have more registered than eligible, it resulted in 991,411 more votes than eligible voters. This isn’t just happening in California, it’s happening in every blue state in the country. Every means is used to make fraud easier. Motor voter added more than 200,000 illegal registrations (that DMV admits to) to California rolls. Add to this Google influencing 2.5 to 10 million votes and no wonder Democrats were so shocked when they lost the election.

Yes, some people move and are still registered at their old address. They could be getting two mail-in ballots and they could be voting twice and it wouldn’t be discovered until after the election is called, if ever. Same with college students. They could be registered at school and in their home state, vote both places and once again, it won’t be discovered until after the election is called.

We hear those on the Left say there are so few convictions for voter fraud that it proves there is little fraud happening. But it is extremely difficult to prove voter fraud. Since every attempt to require voter ID is challenged in courts, if someone votes for an inactive voter, how is anyone to know. If an illegal alien with forged or stolen ID registers to vote, who would know? Project Veritas has a video of a DNC Operative bragging about busing people from district to district to vote for the last 30 years. If the media gave that video the attention it deserved, the public would be more concerned, but most have never seen it.

HIDDEN CAMERA: NYC Democratic Election Commissioner, “They Bus People Around to Vote”

California is holding meetings to explain to voters the changes the Voter’s Choice Act is bringing. We need to go to these meetings and ask why we weren’t consulted. Why those in Sacramento think they know better. Polls have shown that most of us, regardless of party, support:

Voter ID
Making voting day a holiday
Voting in person (unless sick or out of town)
Paper ballots (not computers)

Who fights against voter ID? Who wants only mail-in ballots? Who wants voting centers open for days? And who benefits most from voter fraud?

We have the most important election of our lives, of our country, in 2020. This election will decide if we continue to be a Republic, if we continue to have Capitalism, if our Constitution, 1st & 2nd Amendments survive, if we have individual liberty, or a sovereign nation.

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines. We need to register voters, we need to walk precincts, we need to volunteer with the Election Integrity Project, observe polls, talk to people every chance we get.

The Left is doing everything possible to make voter fraud easier. We need to do everything possible to prevent it. God bless America.

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I flew into Washington DC for Heartland’s 13th Annual International Climate Change Conference on July 24th. Debbie Bachigulpi’s plane landed fifteen minutes after mine. Debbie had suggested I share her room for the Conference. We Ubered to the Trump International Hotel and found the lobby filled with many of the most famous or infamous, if you will, Climate Change Skeptics. You can’t accurately call them Climate Change deniers because no one denies climate changes. They are simply skeptical that man’s contribution is catastrophic.

Jay Lehr came over to greet us. We had spent several days with him at the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Conference in Tucson the week before. Jay was one of the founding members of the EPA. He had testified before numerous Congressional committees about the need for an environmental policy agency. When Nixon created the EPA Jay was hired as one of the members. When the EPA was eventually taken over by extreme environmentalists Jay resigned and has fought to abolish the EPA ever since. It became less about clean air and water and more about taking people’s property rights.

Debbie and I had dinner at the bar. We smelled something wonderful. It was candied bacon hanging from a line. The waiter nukes it at your table. Thick, sweet, crispy bacon. Debbie and I lost our minds over the butter….and the popovers. I don’t know why we can’t get butter like that here in California. Maybe it’s a good thing, I would eat more butter than I should.

The Trump Hotel was lovely. The staff from maids to management were mostly minorities. All seemed happy to be there. Every fixture was gold. Chrystal chandelier everywhere including the rooms. The bed was very luxurious. I’ve never seen a fluffier comforter or pillows in a hotel. Even during the Conference a waiter pulled out my chair and placed my napkin in my lap. The service was superb.

Breakfast for the conference was sponsored by Craig Rucker of CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow). Craig introduced Jay Lehr and presented him with the “Dauntless Purveyor of Truth Award”. Jay has written 36 books, and is editor of books including, “Water Encyclopedia”, Handbook on Environmental Science, Health, and Technology”, and “Wiley’s Interscience’s Nuclear Energy Encyclopedia: Science, Technology, and Applications”. Not exactly light reading. Jay, besides being a very entertaining speaker, is also an athlete who is an avid sky diver. He has had more than 1500 jumps.

Throughout the day we had panels of speakers, “Scientific Observations” with Nir Shaviv, David Legates, and Roy Spencer. About what Alarmist claims are based on.

“Energy and Climate Economics” with Kevin Dayaratna, Roger Bezdek, and Benjamin Zycher. About the effects Climate Change policies have on our economy. The cost is clearly not worth the results.

There were two keynote speakers at lunch, Christopher Monckton who spoke about the disastrous effects the lack of cheap, abundant energy has on countries and people. He was followed by Congressman Tom McClintock.

After lunch a panel with Craig Idso, Patrick Michaels, and Anthony Watts. Craig spoke about the benefits of CO2. The effect on plants is so great growers pipe it into their greenhouses to grow bigger plants with more flowers or produce. Anthony Watts (“What’s Up With That”, most popular climate skeptic website) spoke about how inaccurate our temperature station readings are based on where they are located and maintained. Some are located in the middle of parking lots, some near machinery, some on top of buildings. There are also many areas around the world with few or no stations.

There were two panels after lunch. The first with Douglas Pollock, James Taylor and Myron Ebell. James Taylor spoke about the Heartland’s publications that counter the IPPC predictions. He also spoke about the lessons from the midterms and the rise of the Green New Deal.

The last panel was Benny Peiser, Jennifer Fielder, and Christopher Monckton. Benny Peiser spoke about China and India becoming the superpowers if America continues down the “renewables” path. Graphs showed Europe’s economic declines mirrors their switch from fossil fuels to “renewables”.

Jennifer Fielder, a Montana State Senator, spoke about why there have been such huge devastating forest fires. They are caused by man but not through Climate Change. It’s through mismanagement. Forests are over grown and not being cleaned out. She showed a map of the lands owned by states and by the Federal government. Most of Federally owned land is in the West. She showed slides of state land next to Federal land and you can see the state owned land is better managed. She also showed examples of Feds not allowing local firefighting equipment to be used on Federal land. She advocated for Federal lands to be turned back to local control. Obviously, those living near them care about the lands more than a distant bureaucratic.

Christopher Monckton asked if anyone knew what the “normal temperature” was supposed to be. He showed graphs that showed the oceans aren’t raising at any sort of an alarming rate, though CO2 has been rising, temperature hasn’t risen significantly. He spoke about the lack of access to abundant, cheap energy is what kills people. Europe has an 80 year life expectancy while Africa has a 65 year life expectancy due to lack of electricity. He also spoke about food crops being converted to energy crops resulting in famines.

At the cocktail reception there was an opportunity to speak to the the various scientists and experts. I spoke to Craig Rucker of CFACT about having a Hollywood Premiere for their sequel of “Climate Hustle”, “Climate Hustle II”. The first movie was about the hustle, the sequel is about why we’re being hustled.

During the dinner the “Courage in Defense of Science” award was presented to Tim Ball and the “Patrick Seitz Memorial Award” went to Richard Lindzen.

Joe Bastardi was the keynote speaker. Joe and his son sat at our table during the conference. Joe is an energetic and interesting man. He knows everything there is to know about climate events throughout our history. Give him a date and he can tell you what the weather was then.

Joe spoke about how there are not more frequent or severe storms. He showed examples of where hurricanes formed, how they formed and how they hit land. He gave examples of past hurricanes as severe or more severe than the recent ones. We have had fewer, not more severe storms.

Our last day in DC, Debbie and I walked around the mall and had a lovely lunch before Debbie headed to Camp Constitution where she was to teach a class and I headed back to Los Angeles to finish helping plan American Freedom Alliance’s Heroes of Conscience dinner.

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