The polls say 75% of the citizens think this country is going the wrong direction… they voted to CONTINUE to go in the wrong direction?? Seriously?

They voted for MORE inflation, higher gas prices, rationed energy, mandated experimental vaccines, being on the verge of a NUCLEAR WAR!! Five million MORE illegal aliens crossing our border, higher crime, more censorship, more armed FBI raiding people’s homes, letting criminals out with no bail so they can kill their witnesses, stores closing because people just come in and steal, more homelessness, more filth, more poop, more indoctrinating our children, more sterilizing and sexualizing children, biological men competing against biological women in sports, beauty pageants, jobs, etc.

And a media that lies to us every day. So many people have no idea what is truly happening. They actually think January 6th was an insurrection. They think Republicans want to take away their Social Security and Medicare. They think reversing Roe vs Wade meant abortions were banned. They are told Republicans want to take their “Rights” away while Democrats are ACTUALLY taking their “Rights” away. Mandating vaccines is taking your “Rights” away, closing your business is taking your “Rights” away. Closing churches, banning family from dying loved ones bedsides, closing schools, mandating useless masks, telling doctors what treatments they can and can’t use, moratoriums on rent, paying student loans, not enforcing immigration laws, calling illegal aliens “refugees” so they qualify for generous (more generous than Social Security) benefits, putting illegal aliens in hotels while veterans live on the street, banning safe, effective medications…….ALL this is taking your “RIGHTS” AWAY.

The Left now wants to make voting by mail-in ballots a federal law (never mind the CONSTITUTION says that is a State issue), they want to install “ranked voting” (like Alaska) in every blue state and nationwide eventually. If we had an honest, impartial media they would be educating the public on how bad that is. They keep talking about our “democracy” when “ranked voting” is as unDemocratic as it comes. The person with the most votes may not win. Right now in Alaska the candidate in the lead is projected to lose due to this policy.

Few (on either side of the aisle) trust our elections anymore. But rather than implement policies and laws that make our elections more trustworthy, rather than address the honest concerns people have, the Left wants to criminalize questioning the results. Canada IS criminalizing questioning elections. So is Brazil. Here in Arizona (ground zero for Mules stuffing ballot boxes) people were organizing drop box watch groups. But others filed suits saying that would suppress the vote. I say, yes, we want to suppress ILLEGAL votes. Yes, we want to suppress dead people, illegal aliens, and voting more than once. Why would any voter feel intimidated dropping a ballot into a drop box if that’s all they are doing?

Let’s go over reality, something the media SHOULD be doing, NOT ALL people “eligible” to vote REGISTER to vote, and in average ONLY about 60% to 65% of REGISTERED voters actually vote, soooo, sending mail-in ballots to ALL REGISTERED voters (and the Left wants to send them to all “eligible” voters) results in millions of ballots floating around for OTHERS to fill out and send in. In 2005 the Carter/Baker bipartisan voter integrity study found absentee (mail-in) ballots were the biggest risk for fraud and that we should have voter ID (80% of voters agree), but none of this is ever mentioned by the media. All they do is repeat and repeat that Republicans want to suppress minority votes, that voter ID is racist and that EVERY vote (including illegal ones) should be counted.

In the 2020 election ballots they knew were illegal were counted. Why? Observers were prevented from observing even when ordered by courts to allow them to observe. Why? Where was the media on this. As long as we have a biased media, we can’t win. We thought January 6th and Roe vs Wade lies had faded from people’s minds. The polls said people were more concerned with high gas prices and inflation and that abortion and J6 were way down the list of concerns. Apparently not. Certainly, not if you listened to the main stream news.

I am devastated. And I blame the media, and the Republican leadership for this. I blame McConnell, McCarthy and LINDSEY GRAHAM (why did he author a nationwide bill banning abortion after 15 weeks RIGHT before the election)?? He knew it couldn’t get passed but it put the issue in the headlines again. And now they are calling to reelect McConnell and McCarty for Republican leadership AGAIN. Normal people wouldn’t reward the losers.

I don’t know what else to say. I’m completely devastated (but we aren’t burning down cities, are we?) We “domestic terrorists” are sitting in our homes staring into space wondering what happened. Wondering how people could vote against their best interests. Wondering how we’ll survive this. I guess we haven’t felt enough pain.
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As I watched the Congressional Hearings on abortion I was stunned by how willing women are to be erased. No longer can a woman be defined. One woman said she “identified” as a woman but she couldn’t define what a woman was.

I don’t “identify” as a woman, I AM a woman….and proud of it. The Left keeps saying to believe the science but they deny the science In defining what a woman is. Regardless of what you do cosmetically to your body, or what hormones you take, your DNA doesn’t change. “Identifying as a woman” when you still have a penis doesn’t make you a woman. Nor does “identifying as a man” when you still have a vagina, uterus and ovaries make you a man.

I don’t understand why women are allowing themselves to be erased. We aren’t “people capable of giving birth”, we aren’t “chest feeders”. If you have ovaries, a uterus and vagina you are a WOMAN. If you have breasts that can produce milk you are a WOMAN. If you have a penis and testicles you are a MAN. If you have XX chromosomes you are a woman, if you have XY chromosomes you are a man. That’s what the SCIENCE says, that’s what your chromosomes say, that’s what your DNA says. If they found your decomposed body in the wilderness they would identify you by your DNA.

EVERYTHING women have fought for, for centuries is being erased. How do you fight for “Women’s Rights” if you can’t define a woman? California requires every company to have a woman on their board…but they can have a transgender woman who would be taking the job from a biological woman. Lia (Will) Thomas is this year’s “Woman of the Year” taking the title from a biological woman. Is they really OK with women?

Women fought for decades to have parity with men’s sports. Now biological men are taking over women’s sports. And women are too afraid to speak up against it because they will be demonized as transphobic. They’ll be told that is hate speech and will incite violence against transgenders.

But the same isn’t true with “women who identify as men”. There are no men being raped by “women who identify as men” in men’s bathrooms or locker rooms. There are no “people who produce sperm” or “people who drink beer”, no one is having trouble defining what a man is. There are no “women who identify as a man” winning championships in men’s sports. There are no men being impregnated by “women who identify as men” in men’s prisons.

During the Congressional Hearings on abortion, Professor Khiara Bridges accused Senator Hawley of being “transphobic” and inciting violence against transgenders by denying they exist. Senator Hawley wasn’t denying transgenders exist. He was questioning if they are biological women. Nor was asking for a definition of “woman” inciting violence against transgenders. The Professor was saying “men” can menstruate and give birth. No, they can’t. If a “woman identifying as a man” still has ovaries, a uterus and vagina the is STILL a woman. I’m sorry, I believe the SCIENCE. Someone born with XY chromosomes, a penis and testicles, can NOT give birth. It isn’t scientifically possible. I refuse to pretend what I know isn’t true….IS.

Where are the feminists? Why are they silent as women are being erased? Where is the “me too” crowd on biological men being put in women’s prisons, bathrooms and locker rooms? Where are they when biological men are taking titles, jobs and championships from women? Especially when the opposite isn’t true.

I stand with WOMEN. I AM woman, hear me ROAR!!!

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Since the Supreme Court ruled against Roe vs Wade on Friday the Progressives have lost their minds. Truly, they have lost their minds. I’ve watched dozens of TicTok videos of women screaming, swearing, and threatening mayhem over the ruling. Hollywood is melting down. Some musician said he would renounce his citizenship over the ruling and move to England (that has stricter abortion limitations than we do), others have threatened the Justices. The media echoed the hysteria with no curiosity into the Constitutionality of the ruling.

Can we take a moment to discuss the reality of the decision? First, the ruling DID NOT ban abortion. Abortion is STILL legal. It simply took the decision out of the hands of the nine Justices and gave it back to the states…..where it always belonged. The Constitution clearly states that the powers not specifically given the federal government are left to the states. Roe vs Wade was a badly conceived, unconstitutional ruling and even Ruth Bader Ginsberg agreed.

May I point out that many people were VERY unhappy when Roe vs Wade, Obamacare, and gay marriage were passed but they didn’t threaten the lives of the Justices or demand the Court be packed with Justices that would support their desires. The Supreme Court is supposed to uphold the Constitution and decide if laws fall within the Constitution’s limits. They are NOT supposed to be influenced by public opinion.

Second, the Pro-choice advocates keep saying the Supreme Court just took away a “Constitutionally guaranteed Right”. They might try reading the Constitution because there is no such guarantee. They claim the Court has never reversed precedent before. I found 16 times they reversed a ruling (precedent), Brown vs Board of Education being the most well-known that reversed the “separate but equal” education policy.

When Progressives claim women have the “Right” to choose what they do with their bodies they conveniently neglect to mention that with “Rights” come responsibilities. They insist that women are as intelligent and capable as men, if not more so, but act as if women are completely helpless to prevent pregnancy. Responsible women have many choices to make to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. They can choose abstinence, they can choose not to have unprotected sex, and the can choose one of the dozens of forms of birth control. Progressives show their hand when they never speak of responsible behavior.

Progressives also keep saying the majority of the country supports abortion. As usual, they take a grain of truth but leave out the context. Although, it doesn’t matter what the majority supports as the Court can’t concern itself with that, yes, the majority of the country does want abortion to be legal (and it is) but NOT up to and including birth….or beyond. Progressives can never accept a compromise. Even though many pro-lifers believe life begins at conception, they could live with abortion in the first 15 weeks (heartbeat), but the majority is definitely against late term abortions. The media shows their bias when they leave that part out.

When the New York legislature was debating abortion law, a legislator asked if the law included when a women was in labor and the baby in the birth canal. The answer was that an abortion could take place at that time. People were shocked by that. More so when the law was passed and the room broke into cheers. Even for many pro-choice advocates that was a bridge too far. And yet, for Progressives it still isn’t enough. California wants abortion to be up to 36 days AFTER birth.

I find it ironic that the cities that had the biggest, most violent protests over the ruling this weekend were in Blue states where nothing is going to change. They can still have abortions at any time for any reason up to and including birth. California and New York already have extremely liberal abortion laws, yet they have the most hysterical protestors. They say they are concerned for the women in states that will limit abortion. They don’t give a moment’s thought to the fact that the people of those states WANT limits on abortion. That’s the POINT. In a Republic we have representative government. We vote for people who will represent what believe in. That was the point of the Dobbs case. The people of Mississippi wanted limits on abortion and the Federal government told them they couldn’t.

This ruling has shown who the racists are. Although Justice Alito wrote the decision, Progressives are going after Justice Thomas, a Black Conservative Justice. They say the ruling effects minority communities disproportionately. Yes, it does. In New York more Black babies are aborted than born. That is how upside down their claims are. Those who want to save minority babies are called racist but those who want them aborted are heroes.

Progressives have no one to blame but themselves. They want no limits at all on abortion. They fight against counseling, ultrasounds, adoption or ANY alternative to abortion. They especially don’t want ultrasounds because when women see their baby most choose to carry the baby to full term. The complete opposition to alternatives to abortion is yet another reason many have turned against the pro-choice side.

They are never willing to compromise or accept the status quo. They keep pushing the limits and are willing to lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. The Supreme Court twisted the Constitution into a pretzel to pass Obamacare. Much of it said policies were “at the discretion of the HHR Secretary” so we have no way of knowing what the policies will be. We learned during COVID that the government now will tell doctors what treatments and medications they can prescribe for their patients and pharmacists what medications they can fill. They can close down businesses, lock us down, mandate masks and experimental vaccines. They can deny people healthcare. Would Obamacare have passed if people had known that?

They weren’t satisfied with us accepting gay marriage, we had to embrace and encourage it. They now want us to accept Drag Queen story time, hundreds of genders that can be changed at will, boys in girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms, biological men competing in women’s sports, biological men in women’s prisons, graphic sex education, teachers encouraging puberty blockers, parental rights ignored…..they demand we agree with what we know isn’t true. And parents who object to any of this are labeled “domestic terrorists”.

They push too far. Reasonable people are willing to compromise but progressives never are. I think our days of trying to compromise with Progressives is over and they have no one to blame but themselves.

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Last week ten people were killed in a Buffalo supermarket. This week nineteen children and two teachers were killed in Uvalde, Texas. The Left and the media are demanding “gun control” and banning “assault weapons”. They are saying since Sandy Hook the Right has refused to take action to prevent mass shootings. They, of course, mean the Right isn’t willing to take away people’s Constitutionally guaranteed 2nd Amendment Rights. But they neglect to mention that since Sandy Hook the Left has ALSO refused to act. They refuse to consider having armed security at our schools. And let’s not forget the politicians, actors, journalists and others with access to the microphone, who are demanding our gun Rights be infringed, have armed security protecting THEM.

But what the Left isn’t doing is to ask the OBVIOUS question…..”What has changed in our society that is creating killers”?

This morning before his sermon, the minister of my church mentioned that there were terrifying events this week that makes us want to hold our loved ones closer. Why didn’t EVERY minister at every church across the country trash their sermons and have the courage to ask that question? WHAT CHANGED?

As I listened to the sermon this morning I felt led to write this. I have the greatest admiration and respect for my pastor and I could tell he wanted to speak more about the events of the last few weeks but he couldn’t. Churches are 501 3C nonprofits and can’t speak about politics…..and there in lies one of the most destructive things that have changed. During the American Revolution it was the “Black Robe Brigade” that supported our independence and gathered men to fight for it. Our society is in a serious moral decline and our churches are silent. They tell us to trust in the Lord, but do they?

When I was growing up there were no mass shootings even though a higher percentage of households had guns than now. Even though our high school parking lots were full of pick up trucks with gun racks filled with guns, there were no mass shootings. High Schools had Gun Clubs, classes on shooting and caring for guns.

So, what changed? I would suggest the beginning was taking prayer out of schools and God out of the public square. There has been an organized effort from the Left to remove anything religious from society; Nativity Scenes, Christmas trees, “Merry Christmas”, religious Christmas music, change Christmas vacation to Winter vacation, Easter break to Spring Break, etc. In California, schools no longer allow kids to sing songs like, Silent Night, Ava Maria, Oh, Holy Night, The First Noel, etc. They have been working hard to remove benedictions and the pledge of allegiance from public meetings. Many places no longer have people swear to tell the truth on a Bible.

Everything that has tethered our society to reality, truth and science has been eroded. One of the worst is the lack of respect for the sanctity of life. The fact that state legislatures are passing bills that allow abortions up to 28 days AFTER birth and our churches are silent is unimaginable. Eleven states have legalized “assisted suicide”. How many are being convinced that their suicide would be best for their families as their healthcare is a financial burden? It’s impossible to believe the states that put COVID patients in nursing homes didn’t know that would result in deaths; or removing treatments like HCQ or Ivermectin; or that masking our kids and remote learning would harm our kids. We always trusted that our children’s welfare would be the priority of any public policy. We no longer can.

We’re now not only required to accept untruths, we are required to embrace them. We’re told there aren’t two genders, there are hundreds. Apparently, people can change their gender at will. All one has to do is “identify” as a different gender. And that keeps changing too. First it was LBGT but they keep adding letters. We all know what heterosexual, homosexual and bi-sexual mean, but beyond that I have no idea what the other dozens of genders are. People can be fired or kicked out of school for “misgendering” someone. If you can change you gender at will how can anyone know what your current pronoun is?

We once had a media that would point out the untruths and absurdities. The media no longer even attempts to be objective or unbiased. People no longer know where to find the truth about events that happen in our country or around the world. The media has slandered innocent people (think Nick Sandman), knowingly lied about things like Russian Collusion, Ferguson, Jesse Smollett, the Cuomos, BLM, ANTIFA, and just about everything about COVID. They have no curiosity about anything that might contradict their Liberal narrative.

One of the things COVID revealed was the extent of the war on family. For the first time, due to “remote learning”, parents discovered what our schools were teaching their children. Normalizing gender dysphoria, sex education no longer being about biology but “how to”, dozens of genders, CRT, 1619, social justice, our founders were evil, old, White, slave owners so anything good they did doesn’t matter, same with Columbus, Capitalism is bad, Socialism is good……and don’t tell your parents……they wouldn’t understand…’s our little secret, etc.

Through Social Emotional Learning they plan to take over the mental, physical and sexual health of our children. Many of our schools encourage children to question their gender identity while they still believe in Santa Claus. They are allowing males who “identify” as females to compete in women’s sports. They want us to accept their claim that a male identifying as a female has no physical advantage. They demand we believe what we know is untrue.

Then there is the two tiered justice system. Anything the Left does that is wrong or illegal is justified and shouldn’t be punished. In fact, as in the examples of George Floyd and Michael Brown, they should be honored. The BLM protests of the summer of 2020, were “mostly peaceful” and justified due to America being such a racist country. So, politicians, actors and other Lefties bailed out the “mostly peaceful” protestors who looted and burned local businesses, police stations, set up armed “autonomous zones”, and killed 25. Burning historic St. John’s church, tearing down statues of Lincoln and Washington, threatening the White House to the point the Secret Service took the President to the “bunker”, is all justified. I’m not aware of anyone being in jail that participated in any of this. And, of course, COVID mandates were ignored for these protests because, again, they were justified.

But the mostly senior citizens who protested the many election irregularities, illegal changes in voting laws, counting stopped, observers shut out of observing, trucks full of ballots arriving after hours, etc. are ALL “insurrectionists”, ALL “White Supremacists”, ALL “domestic terrorists”. January 6th protestors charged with misdemeanors are STILL in jail 18 months later. Examples made of them to discourage any on the Right from protesting anything ever again. When Trump was elected marauding Leftists protested through Washington D.C. and caused more damage than anyone did on January 6th. Media? Crickets.

Let me reminded us of what Michelle Obama said, “Barak knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we are going to have to change our traditions, our history; we are going to have to move to a different place as a nation”. All that has been done since Obama took office. Our traditions and history HAVE been changed (1619/CRT).

The rug has been pulled out from under all of us. The Left is working on ending the Fourth of July as well as Thanksgiving and Easter. They want nothing that honors our founding or our religion (Islam exempt). Our families under attack, our communities under attack, our values under attack, religion under attack, our culture and traditions, ALL under attack. Our trust in government, science, medicine, schools, GONE. Reality and truth? Whose truth? Yours or mine?

COVID showed us what the Left supports and believes in. Governors, Mayors and other politicians who demanded people be fired or arrested if they didn’t follow the mandates, attended events maskless. If they truly believed COVID was a deadly virus they would follow their own mandates, wouldn’t they? What they support is complete control of our lives. They supported big box stores (Home Depot, Walmart, supermarkets) and closed all small businesses. They left marajuana stores, liquor stores and abortion clinics open but shut down gyms, beaches, necessary surgeries, birthdays, weddings, funerals, graduations, etc. People couldn’t visit their dying loved ones in hospitals or nursing homes. And when none of this changed the course of COVID there has been no apology, no course correction. The Left loved their power so much they have no intention of giving it up. They are simply looking for another reason to declare a State of Emergency. Monkey Pox?

When you strip people of their humanity and dignity, destroy their faith and trust, untether them from reality, truth and family, destroy their traditions and culture, teach them to hate their forefathers and country, create distrust in science and medicine, you are creating an unstable society. Unstable societies that don’t value life create unstable people willing to act out in dangerous and violent ways.

If we are to survive as a country we need to get back to our Judeo-Christian roots. We need our churches and ministers to have the courage to speak about the moral decline of our country. They need to address abortion, the sanctity of life, the evil of a few controlling the lives of others and that our Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (property) come from God, not man.

May God bless and protect America.

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The Left is PROJECTING again. Their new “White Supremacy” accusation is that the Right is author if the “Replacement Theory”. The the “Racist Right” wants to secure the border because they are afraid of being replaced by Black and Brown people.

No, the Right wants to secure the border for many reasons. The first being that the Right believes in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law. They want to secure the border because we are a SOVEREIGN country that has the Right to know who is entering our country. They Right understands we can’t possibly know the intent of the 200,000+ people flooding across our border every month. We can’t know if they are people who just want “a better life for their family” or are criminals or terrorists. We have no way of knowing their true identity. Plus the Right knows that women and children are being trafficked by the cartels and drugs are flowing across that kill more young people than COVID.

Our government’s FIRST job is to protect OUR Rights. Government is to protect it’s citizens and their property. Allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to be trafficked, children to be exploited (cartels know if people arrive with a child they are allowed in), women and children sexually abused on the way, and Fentanyl brought in that kills our kids, ISN’T protecting our Rights, property or safety. (not guns)

Ranchers living on the border are NOT being protected. Illegals trespass on their property, break water pipes, kill live stock, steal their belongings, and threaten them. Small towns are overwhelmed. In some cases more illegal aliens are dumped into their towns than there are citizens living there. Police, schools, social services are overwhelmed.

Apparently, they Left thinks we’ve forgotten they have been bragging about American citizens becoming the minority for decades. Here is just one of Joe Biden’s remarks on the subject:

He said we need an “endless stream of immigrants” and that “Americans” would become the minority. “Americans” is the key word. In general Americans (of ALL races and genders) reeducated and independent. Those crossing our borders illegally aren’d doctors, lawyers, businessmen, scientists, professors, etc. They are mostly uneducated, dependent people. Th Left and the media (one and the same) have been talking about how beneficial it will be when minorities become the majority for decades. There are endless videos that confirm that. And, yes, there are many videos of Republicans agreeing that is their intent with open borders. The Left repeats that “immigrants” are our greatest strength…..they just neglect to differentiate between legal and illegal “immigrants”.

Let me be very clear, everyone on the Right that I know believes LEGAL immigrants ARE our greatest strength. We welcome people who share our values, follow our laws, learn our form of government and learn our language no matter where they are from. People whose first act is to break our laws are not our “greatest strength”.

Once again, the Left is trying to obfuscate the disasters they are creating ($5.00 gas, inflation, illegals pouring across our border, bad foreign policy, bad health policy, “You will own nothing and like it”, high crime and a President with the lowest approval ratings in history) by making wild accusations about the Right. Sorry, not this time.

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May 22 to May 28 the World Health Organization will convene a meeting in Geneva, Switzerland to create a Global Pandemic Treaty. What will this mean to America and the rest of the world? WHO is saying the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic was different across the World. Countries and, indeed, states adopted different protocols and treatments. They believe we need a standardized global approach to future pandemics and they intend to be the organization that decides what those protocols and treatments will be.–health-for-peace–peace-for-health–for-recovery-and-renewal

In America some states locked down, extended lockdowns endlessly, mandated masks, vaccines, and boosters and some states didn’t. We know now the results of the different protocols. There was virtually no difference in the number of cases or deaths in states that locked down and those that didn’t. We also know the number of cases and deaths were grossly exaggerated to keep people fearful. And 3rd World countries that use HCQ and Ivermectin over the counter had fewer cases and deaths. We had never tested healthy people before so we don’t know how many people would have been asymptomatic during SARS or H1N1 epidemics. We have no way of knowing if COVID-19 was worse than previous viruses.

So why would we allow a globalist organization to that choice away? When the Left (worldwide) realized declaring a State of Emergency gave them dictatorial powers and that they could extend the State of Emergency endlessly, they took full advantage of it and were not going to relinquish it voluntarily. We have been lied to every step of the way. Masks don’t work, masks do work, two masks work better, the vaccine will prevent us from getting or giving the virus…….well, not really but boosters will work, but then most of those hospitalized had been vaccinated AND boosted…….lockdowns will flatten the curve, then Governor Cuomo admits most of the cases are people who were locked down…..the virus came from bats sold at a wet market when bats weren’t sold at the wet market, and on and on. We had Governors lock us down, close small businesses, gyms, churches and schools, while allowing marijuana shops, liquor stores, and abortion clinics to remain open. They banned visiting loved ones in the hospital or nursing homes, we couldn’t have Birthdays, Weddings, Funerals, Graduations. People couldn’t get necessary medical treatments like cancer or heart surgery. But then we see those same Governors shoulder to shoulder maskless at the French Laundry for dinner or dancing at a club or cheering on a BLM protest. And these days we see them at events where they are maskless but the help isn’t. We’ve seen people maskless behind stage put on a mask to walk to the podium and remove the mask to speak. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

The Global Pandemic Treaty would make WHO in charge of the treatments and protocols of every nation in the world. They could lockdown countries or the entire world if they decided. They could mandate vaccine passports, travel restrictions, mandatory masks and vaccines, and standardized medical care (treatments and medications you can or can’t have). They can turn the entire world into Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or China where Rights no longer exist, where people are quarantined against their will, put in quarantine camps, or as in China locked in their apartments. Where it is against the law to speak against or resist the rules and restrictions.

Why would we want an organization that said COVID-19 wasn’t airborne when they knew it was? They said COVID-19 didn’t come from the Wuhan lab when doctors and lab workers were the first victims. They said the virus naturally evolved from bats when there is no evidence of that happening and, in fact, there are emails from the NIH researchers telling Dr. Fauci there was evidence the virus was engineered.

The following are quotes from the WHO website: “The pandemic has undermined progress towards the health-related targets in Sustainable Development Goals (aka the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development) and laid bare inequities within and between countries, said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “Sustained recovery will require more than ‘getting back on track’ and reinvesting in existing services and systems. We need a new approach, which means shifting priorities and focusing on the highest-impact interventions.”

We must realize one of the “Sustainable Development Goals” is to reduce the world population to under one billion. And what exactly are the “highest-impact interventions”? Locking people in their apartments, quarantining people in “camps”? Vaccine passports, travel restrictions, standardized medical treatment (FYI, there is no “one size fits all” medical treatment), mandated masks and vaccines?

Another quote from WHO: “The main goal of a new international treaty for pandemic preparedness and response would be to foster a comprehensive, multi-sectoral approach to strengthen national, regional, and global capacities and resilience to future pandemics. This is an opportunity for the world to come together as a global community for peaceful cooperation that extends beyond this crisis.”

On March 30, the WHO published a list of leaders committed to signing the Global Pandemic Treaty. They include the leaders of the UK (YES, Boris Johnson), Ukraine, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Romania, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Chile, Serbia, Croatia, S. Korea, Fiji, Rwanda, Kenya, Costa Rica, Albania, South Africa, Trinidad, Tunsia, and Senegal.

Do these countries not understand this will end the sovereignty of their countries? I suspect they are all signers of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development because this Global Pandemic Treaty would accomplish many of the goals, like no borders, no nation states, no individual liberty.

We must spread the word for people to contact their representatives to NOT sign onto this treaty. Public comments can be made on the WHO website on June 16th and 17th (they don’t give much time to comment, do they?).

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Today I heard an interview of a Fort Collins, Colorado mother, Erin Lee (@erinforparentalrights). She spoke about what happened to her shy, eleven year old daughter. Her daughter was invited by her art teacher to attend a meeting of the “Art Club” after school. The teacher got Erin’s permission for her daughter to stay after school and attend. Who wouldn’t allow their child to attend an “Art club”?

As soon as the “Art Club” started a woman came and talked to the children (and eleven year olds ARE children) about gender identity. They were told if they feel uncomfortable about their bodies they are probably a different gender (what eleven year old doesn’t feel uncomfortable in their bodies?) This is the time many changes are happening to children’s bodies and many are very uncomfortable about the changes.

The children were told not to tell their parents about what they talked about. They were told their parents wouldn’t understand. When Erin picked up her daughter she could tell something was wrong. She gently questioned her until her daughter told her what happened. Erin met with the Principal and questioned them on why the “Art Club” would talk about gender identity and why it would be kept a secret. Of course, it was dismissed as an anomaly.

Erin wouldn’t take this sit-in down. She discovered the school had a Gender Equality Advisor and “gender support plans” and “transition plans” that were being kept secret from the parents. The Gender Equity Advisor uses verbiage that sounds benign to gain parents support.

This reminds me of the recent school board meeting on “Social Emotional Learning” I attended in my town. They had a woman explain SEL to the audience. She waxed poetic about the benefits. One of the board members talked endlessly about how much she cared about our kids emotional wellbeing. The Superintendent spoke about how most teachers had to deal with the emotional problems they bring to school. It occurred to me if they are going to tell children NOT to tell their parents what they are being taught, they just might have a meeting to use “verbiage that sounds benign to gain parents support”.

A group of us met with the Superintendent a few days later to press our concerns about SEL and PlayWorks. I reminded the Superintendent that SEL was an International program endorsed by the World Economic Forum and that we shouldn’t be involved in any International program ESPECIALLY one endorsed by the WEF. He said they just use the parts they liked and were not “data mining” our children. I pointed out that the program might allow us to use the “parts we like” now but the entire point of an International program is to get EVERYONE on the same page, teaching the same thing and collecting data they want.

Erin learned nurses in her school and others in the area have been instructed that the first question they ask the children is what pronoun they use. Nurses are also instructed NOT to tell parents if their child is suicidal or have other destructive behaviors.

Erin has taken her children out of the Fort Collins schools and is working o inform people about what is happening in our schools and to our children. Parental Rights are being taken without our knowledge or consent. What possible good can come of telling children their parents must not know what they are being taught? This is nothing but destructive to the family.

Erin has been slandered and attacked by the school and the Teachers Union. Child Protective Services were sent to her home and questioned her daughter. If her daughter had said she thought about being a boy they would have taken her from her parents. Her daughter had no such thoughts.

We MUST be informed. We MUST get involved. We MUST find out what is being taught in our schools and it occurs to me that we can’t take the School Board or Superintendent’s word for it. Our children are being groomed, sexualized, and alienated from their parents. Our children will be the future leaders. We can’t allow International Programs to indoctrinate our children against family, history, and our country.

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I’ve been doing some research and I want to share what I found. If you think CRT is gone, think again. It’s embedded in every subject in the test books. I had been pleased when the Arizona legislature had banned CRT from Arizona schools but then they passed “Social, Emotional Learning” that has CRT and gender fluidity all over it. And recently the Arizona Senate killed the K-12 Curriculum Transparency Bill. Why would anyone want to prevent parents from knowing what their children are learning. 

Most of us think all of this is coming from the Department of Education but it’s a world wide program originally from the UN’s UNESCO school curriculum. In America it came through the CDC. It’s called “Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child”. This is a link to it:

The CDC gave this to the Department of Education to implement. They have merged “Health” with “Education”. They plan to have Health Clinics on every campus. They will exclude parents in Health decisions. Schools will have our children’s health records. With clinics on campuses they can hand out birth control, direct girls to abortion clinics, hand out puberty blockers, etc. They plan to cover our children’s emotional, physical, and sexual health. 

Much of this is based on the CDC’s “ACE” program. ACE stands for “Adverse Childhood Experiences”. Who hasn’t had “adverse childhood experiences”? Originally the CDC included things like divorce, poverty, domestic violence, etc. but now they have added lack of opportunity, discrimination, lack of social capital. They feel every child falls into one of those categories. The plan then was to cover all the “adverse experiences” through SEL (Social, Emotional Learning) and under SEL is CRT (Critical Race Theory) and CSE (Comprehensive Sexual Education). The sex education is no longer about biology (remember the “good touch, bad touch”), it’s about “how to” and “pleasure”. I have pictures from some text books that would make you blush. Most of us would consider it pornography. 

Have you looked at our local text books? We need to look at all subjects. I don’t know how much of the Comprehensive Sexual Education is being taught in Arizona but if it isn’t yet, it will be because it’s a world wide program….and they’ll take our Federal Funding if we refuse. We can’t think CRT is our only problem. SEL, CSE, and CRT are linked. 

Two people doing more research than myself are Chris Rufo and Kelly at . There is a lot of information on their websites. Also Glenn Beck’s show on “GROOMING” explains in detail.

This and ESG Scores are the most dangerous policies we are facing as a country. The Left fully intends to take away parental rights and groom and indoctrinate our children without our knowledge or consent. 

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Stop ESG Scores

Elon Musk said recently that ESG Scores were the spawn of Satan. I couldn’t have put it better. The ESG Score is the most evil policy we’ve ever faced as a free people. When I was in China the two things that frightened me most were the constant surveillance and the credit scores. But I thought that could never happen in America because we have a Constitution. How naïve I was.

A few weeks ago Klaus Schwab held the ”World Government Summit”. World Government…is that what you want? Schwab, who is also the organizer of the World Economic Forum, where the ESG Scores were developed, said, ”As humanity moves further toward a post-carbon future people must accept that things like eating meat and property ownership simply is unsustainable”. The meme of the World Economic Forum is, ”You’ll Own Nothing and Like It”. NO, we won’t.

Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock said in a 2017 NYTimes interview, ”…we’re going to have to force behaviors”. ESG Scores (social scores) are an end run around the Constitution. The government isn’t imposing them on us, banks are. They will go through our records, see how we spend our money, and give us an ESG Score. Sort of like what the Bank of America did after January Sixth. They went through their customers records and turned over to the FBI the people who were in DC on January Sixth. How many of their customers would have gone to January Sixth if they had known Bank of America was going to do that?

ESG Scores will ”force behaviors”. If you have worked hard, paid your bills, and maintained a good credit score, but 14 years ago you donated to Proposition 8 in California (against gay marriage that passed overwhelmingly) and have a small business with 3 employees, none of which are minorities, you will be denied a mortgage or car loan or other financial services regardless of your good credit.

The ”E” in ESG Scores stands for ”environmental”. Do you support the Green New Deal? Are you a Climate Change Skeptic? Do you support 100% electric cars? Do you support “renewable energy“ and ending ALL fossil fuel use? How much air conditioning do you use? Do you have solar panels on your roof?

The ”S” stands for ”Social”. Do you not just accept gay marriage but support it? Do you believe there are numerous genders? Do you support transitioning children without their parents knowledge or consent? If you own a business how ”diverse” is your staff? Do you support gender/race, not merit based jobs? Do you believe in ”White Privilege”? Do you object to the graphic sex education?

And the ”G” stands for ”Government”. Do you support mask/vaccine mandates? Do you question “lockdowns”? Are you for defunding the police? Do you think open borders are no big deal? Did you go to January Sixth? Are you for voter ID? Are you against all mail-in ballots? Are you for the Great Reset? Do you believe some speech needs to be silenced? Do you support the 2nd Amendment? Are you pro-Life? Do you support America First?

If you were afraid you wouldn’t get the business loan you needed if you attended a “Anti-Mandate” rally, would you go? If you thought your credit cards would be cancelled, would you buy a gun or more ammunition? If you thought you wouldn’t get a mortgage if you objected to your school teaching your child ”how to” sex education, would you speak against it at the school board meeting?

Corporations and companies already have ESG Scores. You can look them up on the internet. It is my suspicion that is why so many American companies have become so ”woke”. Why they are having CRT training. Why they are fighting the ”Don’t Say Gay” Florida bill (without acknowledging there is nothing antigay in the bill). While banks are not using individual’s ESG Scores yet, they WILL…..UNLESS we stop them.

Several states have drafted legislation against ESG Scores. They say that they will not do business with any bank that uses ESG Scores to discriminate against customers. Arizona, my state, was one of them. Once banks saw this they spent millions to send lobbyists to the states to convince the legislators NOT to pass the bills. Apparently, they were successful in Arizona as it didn’t pass. I don’t understand anyone, Republican or Democrat, that would want social scores imposed on people. We are NOT free people if we have social scores.

We MUST flood our legislators with calls, emails, and letters demanding they PASS anti-ESG Score legislation. We can’t sit on our couches and hope this will go away. It won’t.

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I’ve had Liberals ask me why people don’t want to get vaccinated. They think it’s just insane. It’s free and will prevent you from getting or spreading COVID…….except it won’t. Maybe that’s why. Or maybe because it’s a virus with a 99.8% survival rate and they don’t feel they are at risk. Or maybe because the serious side effects of the vaccine are being minimized, not reported, and/or lied about. Or maybe because natural immunity is being ignored. Or maybe because while banning people from traveling to or from Europe, 200,000 illegal aliens are flooding across our border without mandated tests, quarantines or vaccines. Or maybe because people who died WITH COVID not OF COVID are listed as COVID deaths so that the numbers can be inflated to scare people into complying.

Or maybe because people have come to realize they have been lied to about everything. First Fauci said mask didn’t work, then we need to mandate masks, then two masks, then N95 masks. Then if you get the vaccine you won’t get COVID or give it to anyone, then, oops, yes you can get COVID or give it but it won’t be as severe, oops, but vaccinated people ARE dying of COVID.

We’re supposed to believe COVID came from eating bats at a wet market (except the wet market didn’t sell bats) instead of a laboratory that was doing THREE studies of COVID. We’re supposed to believe China had the best of intentions when they banned travel from Wuhan to other parts of China but not to America, Europe or other countries. Many think it is quite a coincidence that just as Trump was negotiating a second trade trade deal with China that benefitted America and had told the World Economic Forum America was not going to participate in the NWO, that COVID “accidentally” escaped.

The Liberal Media (nearly all owned by 6 Liberal Companies) has repeated every lie in the face of evidence to the contrary. They have no curiosity, they question nothing, they do no research, they just repeat what they are told and many times in the EXACT SAME WORDS. They aren’t curious why so many medical professionals and first responders are so unwilling to take the vaccine that they are willing to lose their jobs. Media demonizes them when just months earlier they were calling them heroes for working to save lives. They aren’t even interested why doctors with equally impressive credentials, if not more impressive credentials, disagree with doctors Liberal Media chooses to quote or put on television.

Media doesn’t question why 3rd world countries (who use HCQ regularly for malaria) had many fewer deaths from COVID than America did. They repeated over and over that Ivermectin was a “horse dewormer” and mocked those who recommended using it. Never mine Ivermectin won a Noble Prize for its human use. I’ll give the Media a little hint….go to the NIH website and look up the study they did on HCQ and SARS. I did. They found HCQ was both a preventative AND a cure for SARS (a coronavirus, as is COVID). A responsible Media would ask why, of it worked for one coronavirus it wouldn’t work for another. And since HCQ has been approved for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children, what would be the harm in trying?

The Media keeps telling us not to believe our lying eyes. A perfect example of that when the CNN reporter standing on a street with buildings on fire and people rioting in the background said it was a “mostly peaceful protest”. They told us the man who mowed down people in a parade in Kenosha, WI with his SUV was just trying to escape a knife fight and had no intention to harm people. Media did their best to protect his identity and hide his social media and police record.

BLM and ANTIFA rioting, looting, burning down cities, taking over police stations, federal buildings, destroying police cars, taking over entire sections of a city for months and killing more than 20 people was supported and praised by the Media. GoFundMe raised hundreds of millions to bail out rioters and support BLM. Politicians and police took a knee in support of BLM. Was ANY of the money raised gone to help minorities? No! And the Media doesn’t care.

But the very peaceful Canadian truckers, so peaceful crime numbers were nearly zero, were called criminals. There were no arrests of truckers during their protest. They were doing what our countries have always allowed and supported…..PEACEFUL protests. Media didn’t question Trudeau’s repeated claim that the truckers were standing with people who carried Nazi flags. Where? I saw many photos and videos of the truckers and saw a sea of Canadian and American flags. I saw no Nazi flags and I’d bet if there was one it was a plant. The Left infiltrated the J6 rally so why wouldn’t they do the same to the truckers. And then, using that false claim, Trudeau claimed the truckers were criminals and arrested them (without bail), took and sold their trucks and confiscated their money. He even took their pets (for their safety, of course) and if they can’t retrieve them and pay the cost of keeping them in custody, they will not get them back.

When have you ever seen any of this happen before? When have you seen government deny treatments for a virus, when have you seen any of our allies behave the way Australia, New Zealand, Canada or Europe behave? This has been a wake up call for us all. This is EXACTLY why we can’t give government control of our healthcare. They are now giving “equity” healthcare. I was able to find PAXLOVID that knocked out Omicron from me in a day but I learned it is only available in Blue “diverse” neighborhoods not in majority white neighborhoods. So I had to drive to Peoria, AZ to get it. White people on organ transplant lists are being moved down and minorities moved up. No longer due to medical need.

What has happened, I’d say since George Herbert Walker Bush, was a slow eroding of trust in the Media and our government agencies. COVID put that distrust on steroids. People no longer believe our government, our Media, the WHO, the CDC, the medical community or “science”. We don’t know what to believe. Personally, when people say they won’t debate, when they censor those who disagree, when they say to believe them and no one else, those are the ones I’m NOT likely to believe. I believe the people who say to not believe me, to do your own research, to go to the source. I believe what I see with my own eyes.

We must keep in mind this is a fight for the NWO and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

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