I met Dr. Enstrom last year at a Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas. We speak on the phone and email each other and are both members of the American Freedom Alliance. He is a Board member and I am an Associate Fellow. But I was unaware of the valiant fight he was fighting.

He has been fighting to restore his reputation and his work. In 2010 Dr. Enstrom was fired after over 30 years as a professor/researcher at UCLA. UCLA’s justification for his firing was that his research was not “aligned with the department’s mission”. Really? What is UCLA’s “mission”? To support truthful science or push a political agenda?

Dr. Enstrom received a PhD. in Physics from Stanford and a M.P.H. in epidemiology from UCLA. His work had been careful, through, peer-reviewed and respected until the Green Agenda became the cause celeb.

In 2003 Dr. Enstrom published his peer-reviewed research showing second hand smoke didn’t kill people. He was criticized for doing such a study but his research wasn’t disputed. This wasn’t well received by those who want a reason to ban smoking from everywhere. I don’t smoke but I think those who want to, should be able to. I also believe laws should be based on the truth not a political agenda.

He offended the PC police again in 2005 by publishing his peer-reviewed research that showed fine diesel particulate matter isn’t killing people either. Since CARB’s (California Air Resources Board) banning of diesel engines from California was based on the claim that diesel particulates kill thousands a year, his study didn’t go over well.

Dr. Enstrom questioned the study CARB used to justify their diesel regulations. He knew the particulate matter wasn’t as high as Hien Tran’s study said it was. He investigated Tran’s credentials and learned Tran’s PhD. from UC Davis was purchased for $1000 from a diploma mill. It is my understanding that Tran’s “study” was also fraudulent. That he used a study done in a different state. But what is more disturbing is that Mary Nichols, chairwoman of CARB, knew of Mr. Tran’s fraudulent diplomas before the vote on diesel emissions and kept the information from most of the members of the board.

This fraudulent study was the basis on CARB’s onerous regulations on diesel trucks and buses. It caused business owners tens of thousands of dollars to refit or replace their trucks. This was an outrageous, expensive and completely unnecessary regulation imposed on California businesses. And, of course, ultimately, the costs get passed on to you and me in higher prices.

Dr. Enstrom’s investigation into CARB also resulted in the removal of scientist John Froines. He had served 25 years on the board when there is a three year term limit. Froines being on the board that long prevented other more objective scientists from serving on the board. Coincidentally, Froines was also a voting member of UCLA’s Environmental Sciences Department that terminated Dr. Enstrom.

The American Center for Law and Justice represented Dr. Enstom in a wrongful termination suit and last week UCLA agreed to settle. They reinstated him with the title of “retired researcher” and restored his access to UCLA’s research resources. It’s not the vindication he deserves, but we’ll take it. Dr. Enstrom was right but he was fired, Hien Tran was a fraud but he is still employed by CARB.

Remember, the results of Dr. Enstrom’s research were peer-reviewed and not proven wrong. UCLA was upset that he did the research because it disagreed with their “Green” agenda. They didn’t want to risk losing grants and funding that come from the government and environmental groups. Professor Stephen Schneider said in the documentary, “Cool It”, that they had to give scary scenarios to get funding.

These days if you want a grant to study Three Toed Tree Frogs, you better study the effects of Climate Change on Three Toed Tree Frogs…..and it’s doubtful you’ll get more funding if your study doesn’t find a negative effect from Climate Change.

You can tell when the Left thinks it’s narrative is losing. They go from push to shove. The public’s interest in Global Warming isn’t even in the top 20 issues they are concerned with. As time passes and NONE of scary prediction have come to fruition, the scientists (and there are tens of thousands of them) who disagree with anthropogenic climate change are being heard, in spite of our government, our universities and our media doing their best to silence them. Now the Left is in shoving mode. They are trying to discredit and slander the scientists who disagree with them. Scientists whose work has been highly respected for decades are being called “flat-earthers”.

In the last few weeks both our President and our Secretary of State have told the public Climate Change is more of a threat to us than ISIS. And Al Gore said last week Climate Change deniers should be punished.

We need more James Enstrom’s who are willing to do the honest research and stand up to the criticism. Congratulations to him for winning his fight and protecting scientific integrity.

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Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted multiculturalism is a complete failure and, of course, she’s right. But why did anyone think it would succeed in the first place? http://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/oct/17/angela-merkel-germany-multiculturalism-failures

I would love to have been in the room when our world leaders decided to inflict multiculturalism on the Western World……….and without our knowledge or consent. Yes, yes, we know they didn’t want any more World Wars. They said nationalism and religion were the cause of wars, therefore, if all the Western countries immigrated people from other countries, national cultures and identities would be erased. People would get used to other cultures, all the countries would look the same and everyone would live happily ever after. That was the excuse for doing it, but that’s not the reason. I doubt very much they believed multiculturalism would work. In fact, how could it? They immigrate people from other countries who don’t speak their language, don’t share their values, culture or religion. They, not only, don’t require the immigrants to learn their language or assimilate, they discourage it. And, in fact, accommodate the new immigrants while restricting the rights of the natural born citizens. What is the natural evolution of such a policy? The immigrants band together, take over cities and create small nations inside your country. Natural born citizens become angry, resentful and frightened. It doesn’t bring people together, it divides them further.

World leaders have been pushing for Global Governance for a long time. They know it’s the only way to control the population, both in numbers and behavior. Don’t you ask yourself why all the Western Countries are on the same page with this? Everything is about “diversity” and “multiculturalism” and being “inclusive”. This was never about bringing people together to create peace in the world. It was about creating chaos in the rich Western countries so that World leaders would have to step in to solve it. This was about changing the demographics of the Western countries. And they justify it with altruistic sounding reasons, such as “fairness”.

All the Western countries are immigrating many more people than they actually need. We’re told natives aren’t having enough children to repopulate our countries and fill our jobs, so we need to bring in more people. But if that were the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to wait until there was a labor shortage (which would result in higher wages) and then bring in people with the skills for those jobs? Isn’t the point of immigration to benefit the country, not burden it? We are bringing in large numbers of poor, unskilled people who don’t speak our language or share our values and not requiring them to learn our language or assimilate. And then, through chain migration, we’re bringing in their extended families, who are also poor and unskilled. Why? How do new immigrants adjust to a new country and get jobs if they can’t speak the language? How does it benefit the country to flood it with millions of poor people we can’t communicate with? How do they expect the native citizens to welcome and accept people they can’t communicate with?

Another form of immigration is going on quietly, under the radar. H1B visa workers are being brought in by the thousands, not because there is a shortage of high skilled American workers but to replace them with foreign workers who will work for less. A very large number of our illegal immigrants are these H1B visa workers who simply stay after their visa’s run out.

As with all Leftist policies they “sell” their destructive agendas in the name of compassion and fairness, “We can’t separate families”……”They just want a better life for their families”……..”We aren’t replacing our populations”……..”They do jobs we don’t want to do”………etc. etc. We’re told it’s mean and selfish to send illegal immigrants back to their countries. Never mind their first act was to break our laws. We’re told we’re rich enough to provide for these people. We’re told we can’t turn away the “children”…….and their parents……and their grandparents…..and Aunts and Uncles and cousins. We’re told we need to be inclusive. Which, in practice means Western countries need to be inclusive but the new immigrants…..not so much.

Aren’t these world leaders the same people who want to reduce the population to under one billion? So why are they concerned with replacing countries populations? Especially, when technology is resulting in fewer jobs overall. Wouldn’t the rational thing be to allow populations to decrease and only bring in foreign workers to fill jobs that actually aren’t being filled by the citizens? How is all this immigration benefitting us? Or is this about the destruction of the Western culture and the redistribution of it’s wealth?

What is happening to our culture with all this immigration, both legal and illegal? Instead of assimilating into our culture, immigrants are demanding accommodations and privileges for their cultures and religions….and getting them. Our schools no longer say the pledge of allegiance or sing the national anthem so as not to offend other cultures. Most universities have “Diversity Office’s” and seem more concerned with diversity than academics. There are no “American Culture Offices”. Recently the University of California at Irvine removed American flags. They said they did it because many of their students see the flag as representing American imperialism. That begs the question, when has America colonized a country it defeated? Is Mexico our colony? Is Japan or Germany?

When our leaders decided multiculturalism was the answer to nationalism they left human nature out of the equation. It is human nature to seek what is familiar. We need to belong to families, communities and countries. We need to feel that we belong to something bigger than ourselves. Traditions are important to the wellbeing of people. Our traditions and values are under assault. When people are forced to live side by side with people whose culture is the antithesis of theirs they become more protective not less.

The Left likes to tell us we are a nation of immigrants, and yes, we all came here from somewhere else, including the Indians. But our immigrants in the past came to America wanting to be Americans. They brought their cultures and traditions with them but they embraced our culture and traditions as well. They left oppressive countries for the freedom America offered and they were grateful to be here. They learned our language, they learned about our government and they wanted to be part of this great nation.

Multiculturalism was destined to fail because of human nature. This country was founded by people who sought religious and individual freedom. Most of us aren’t willing to give that up.

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Saturday I drove to Santa Barbara for a brunch where the Director of News Operations at the Santa Barbara News-Press, Don Katich was going to speak about the newspaper’s recent battles for free speech.

Santa Barbara is my home town. I was raised in Santa Barbara, I graduated from Santa Barbara High School, I was married in Santa Barbara and my children were born there. I love Santa Barbara and anything that happens there is of interest to me.

A few months ago the Santa Barbara News-Press was attacked and vandalized by pro-illegal alien protestors. They spray painted, “The border is illegal not the people who cross it”, next to the front door and paint bombed the rest of the building. What did the paper do to warrant such an attack? They printed a headline that said, “Illegals line up for drivers licenses”. The grievance army has become so emboldened, anything they perceive as offensive warrants the complete destruction of the offender.

A few weeks after the attack there was a rally in support of the News-Press. I attended that rally and so did the pro-illegal alien crowd. They did their best to provoke the News-Press supporters. They shouted down speakers, they shouted epithets, they got in people’s faces. I’m constantly frustrated by people here illegally demanding rights they aren’t entitled to……..and our government allowing it. No wonder they feel empowered.

The Santa Barbara Woman’s Federated arranged a brunch at the La Cumbre Country Club for Don Katich to explain the New-Press’s position on this attack on free speech. Valerie Watson from the Woman’s Federated introduced Don and after listing his many accomplishments, she said he was also a member of the NRA, to great applause.

Don began his talk by saying how sad it was that exercising your 2nd Amendment rights would receive applause.

Don let us know the News-Press is not going to change it’s position. “Illegals” is the accurate term, it’s a term used by the Federal government and a term the News-Press has used for years. They have every intention of continuing to use it.

Don spoke of many examples of free speech being attacked in Santa Barbara. He cited an attack on a pro-life teenager by an assistant professor on the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. The young woman was physically assaulted and her display destroyed by the UCSB employee who was never held accountable for the assault.

Mr. Katich spoke of the 1st Amendment being our greatest gift and the basis of all our other rights. He said once the Rule of Law becomes subjective, tyranny follows.

He said he believes in American Exceptionalism as evidenced in our Bill of Rights and Constitution. He said it is the newspaper’s job to report the news truthfully, not to be politically correct.

He told us about the fight in 2006 the new publisher had with the union (I didn’t know reporters were unionized…..no wonder so many are Liberal) over control of the content of the paper. They didn’t walk out over wages, hours or conditions.

The new publisher wanted to end the Liberal bias that existed. The union members walked out and sued for control of the content. Fortunately, a judge ruled that the publisher had control, not the employees.

Don said the future can’t be controlled by kissing ass, but by kicking ass. He said it’s time to be informed, be involved and be BOLD.

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Last night AFA’s Cinema Gateway hosted “The Making of American Sniper” at a lovely private home in Beverly Hills. There was a cocktail hour followed by a sumptuous dinner with the evening’s speaker Andrew McLaren.

Andrew McLaren served with and became a close friend of Chris Kyle. He was a member of the Marine Corps Security Force Company Europe. He was deployed to more than ten countries during his service and his unit had been deployed to rescue our Libyan Ambassador when they were mysteriously told to stand down.

After Andrews service in the Marines he joined BlackwaterUSA, a civilian company contracted by the State Department and the CIA to provide security for politicians and diplomats visiting war zones.

Andrew and Chris Kyle starred in NBC’s “Stars Earn Stripes”, a show where “stars” went through war games in teams with former military members. Anti-war, anti-military activists and Muslims boycotted and protested the show until, even though the ratings were good, NBC caved into the pressure and cancelled the show.

We were shown clips from “American Sniper” and “Stars Earn Stripes”. After the clips Andrew explained how “American Sniper” was made. Bradley Cooper contacted Chris Kyle saying he wanted to make a movie based on Chris’s book. Stephen Spielberg was attached as director, but he wanted a much bigger budget and he wanted the story to be about Chris and the Iraqi sniper (the one Chris shot from more than 2000 feet away). He wanted the movie to have no good guys or bad guys. He wanted the Americans to be morally equivalent to the Iraqis. Eventually, Spielberg dropped out because the studio wouldn’t increase the budget. When Chris was killed and the studio saw the public reaction, people standing along the freeway and on the over passes in the rain, that they had to use the Dallas Stadium to hold all the mourners, they changed direction. Clint Eastwood came on board and wanted to make a patriotic movie about an American hero. The rest is history. “American Sniper” broke all records. The majority of Americans are not anti-military. We respect our military and love our heroes.

Andrew spoke about our military. Contrary to John Kerry’s portrayal of our military as being savages indiscriminately killing people for fun, he said, except for a few bad apples that you’ll find in any organization, our military men just want to serve their country honorably. They want to protect our country and their brothers in combat. He said there is no moral equivalence between American soldiers and the Iraqis or ISIS. He said ISIS is as barbaric as depicted in “American Sniper”. They are perfectly willing to use women, children and disabled as suicide bombers. They are happy to use a drill on a child’s head. He said Chris Kyle was a true hero, who saved countless American soldiers. Chris was also a wonderful father and family man. Andrew gave an example from shortly before Chris was killed. He called Chris and told him he was going to do another series and he could get Chris on it. Chris told him his brother had just had a baby and he wanted to be with family during this time.

Andrew also explained how our military has been weakened by this administration. He said they are not allowed to be involved in any offensive actions. They can only be defensive. They also can’t shoot on any buildings where civilians “might” be located. Our enemy doesn’t play by the rules. They are terrorists not soldiers. They fire on our troops from public buildings knowing our troops can’t fire back. We aren’t fighting to win. Strong, fit military men like Chris and Andrew are being replaced with gays and women. The standards for combat have been seriously lowered.

Andrew has started a company, Black Globe and is trying to raise money to build a private army. There are plenty of former military men willing to fight ISIS. All this administration is willing to do against ISIS is drop a few bombs near them a few times a day. ISIS troops only need to go into a building to avoid the bombs.

ISIS is growing, recruiting more and more young people. America’s weakness is empowering them not appeasing them. They say they are at war with America. If we don’t stop them in the Middle East, they will come here.

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Last year I wrote about what a remarkable job the UIECC did in, first, putting together their organization and then organizing their first conference in a very short period of time with such notables as Dinesh de Sousa and Ann Coulter. This year they did an even more fabulous job. Not only did they have Governors Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal, they had Carly Fiorina, Larry Elder and David Spady. Those of us who attended this conference had our own preview of CPAC

Carly Fiorina was the first speaker. I have to say when Carly ran for Barbara Boxer’s seat I liked her but I wasn’t all that enamored with her. I changed my mind. I think she’s sensational. She owned the stage. She spoke of going from being a secretary in a small office to the CEO of the multi-million dollar company, Hewlitt /Packard. She spoke about small businesses being the backbone of the country and how regulations and taxes are killing them. She spoke of traveling California during her campaign for Senate and seeing in people’s eyes they have lost the sense that they have limitless possibilities. She went right after Hillary Clinton, saying, as CEO of HP she traveled the globe as well, but that it was an activity not an accomplishment. I was very impressed with Carly, however, I wish she would run for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat instead of President.

David Spady and Steven Greenhut spoke about the outrageous salaries and benefits the state employees have negotiated for themselves and the unfunded liabilities they have created. There is no way possible to fulfill these contracts and no way to get out of them, yet no one is doing anything about it.

Larry Elder was warmly received. He explained that we can still hear him by going to his website. He was followed by the Politichicks, Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and Dr. Gina Loudon.

The morning session ended with Governor Rick Perry. His Texas, cowboy charm was in full force. He spoke about all the gains Texas made in the last 14 years. He lowered business tax rates, raised wages. Perry said people wanted the dignity of a good job. He said Texas was responsible for most of the economic recovery and that Texas created more jobs than the government did. Perry said, “If you expect to live among us, yet plan against us, to receive the protections and the comforts of a free society while showing none of the virtues and graces, than you have your answer……NO! Never on our watch”! Perry spoke about the need to secure the border. He said he invited the President to go to the border with him to see what was happening, but the President declined saying he didn’t want a “photo op”. The President offered to meet Perry as he arrived at the airport, Perry declined for the same reason. The Governor said if Obama wouldn’t secure the border TEXAS WOULD!

During the lunch break there was lunch with the speakers for those who bought VIP tickets (they were sold out before I knew tickets were on sale). For those of us without VIP tickets, they had a very nice hot lunch and chance to network.

After lunch there was a fascinating speaker, Father Josiah Trenham, pastor of the St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside. The Father is an interesting character in a long black tunic, ponytail and beard. He received his Doctorate in Theology at the University of Durham, England. He’s been married for 27 years and has ten children.
Father Trenham said we might be surprised to see a minister speaking at a political conference……and the IRS might be too. He said the IRS has denied the clergy the freedom of speech and that the clergy needed to speak out about political and social issues. He spoke about the responsibility of the church to address the moral decline of this country. I highly recommend people go to http://www.uniteie.com and watch the video of his speech. He’s very entertaining.

Our favorite comedian Evan Sayat followed Father Trenham. He said Dinesh de Sousa and Ann Coulter weren’t invited back this year, but he was. No one captures the Liberal mind better than Evan. I also recommend reading Evan’s book, “The Kindergarden of Eden”. It’s clever and funny and proves the Harvard and Yale studies are SO correct, Conservatives ARE smarter than Liberals.

The last speaker of the day was Governor Bobby Jindal. He was on fire from the start. He paced the stage saying Obama has disqualified himself as Commander and Chief. He has gutted our military and made us less safe. If he can’t identify the enemy he can’t protect us from it. He said we can’t “contain and degrade” ISIS, we have to hunt them down and kill them! He said he’d keep his eye on all the Christian extremists if Obama will go after the Islamist extremists.

Jindal also talked about his home state of Louisiana. He said he was elected to shrink government and he kept his promise. There are 30,000 fewer state employees. His state has had eight credit upgrades. He has also implemented school choice. He said Common Core has stripped local control of education and it needs to be given back.

I again congratulate those who organized this Conference. It was an informative, entertaining day and to top if off they raffled off a shotgun! God bless America!

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We have been so fortunate to have the American Freedom Alliance arrange for Melanie Phillips to speak to various groups this week. Melanie Phillips is a world renowned British journalist. She was the News Editor of the Guardian. Her weekly column appears in The Times and many other newspapers. She has a weekly radio show on the Voice of Israel and is a regular panelist on BBC Radio’s “The Moral Maze”.

She wrote the best selling book, “Londonistan” in 2006 and followed it with, “The World Turned Upside Down: the Global Battle over God, Truth and Power” with the forward written by Broadway and Hollywood screenwriter, David Mamet.
http://www.melaniephillips.com, http://www.facebook.com/MelanieLatest, http://www.voiceofisreal.com

Phillips began by talking about some of the recent Islamic terrorist activities. She spoke of attack in Copenhagen, as well as an attack on a synagogue. Since the attack in France on Charlie Hebdo people have been speaking out in support of free speech. Eighty world leaders joined arms and marched in Paris saying “Je Suis, Charlie”. The people killed by a terrorist in Copenhagen were attending a meeting supporting free speech. Phillips pointed out these aren’t just an attacks on free speech, they are attacks on religion. And, sadly, although the world leaders spoke about the importance of free speech, their countries wouldn’t publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Phillips said terrorism works.

Salman Rushdie, after writing. “Satanic Verses” had to go into hiding due to threats on his life. He received little support. Many Europeans blamed him for insulting Islam. The message taken is that if you insult Islam you’re to blame for provoking them. The victims become the offenders.

The Egyptian President implored Imams to reform Islam, and Phillips explains there are many Muslims who believe Islam needs reform, but he isn’t being supported by the leaders in the European Union or America. Since WWII European leaders have bent over backwards to make their governments secular. They consider all religions equally dreadful and morally equivalent. They believe nationalism and religion are the causes of wars. They believe if they reach out to enemies in friendship everything will be OK. However, compromise is seen as a sign of weakness by Islamists. If we don’t show strength, it galvanizes Islamists and inspires more violence.

Secular governments fear upsetting Islamic States will cause unrest that will lead to a Holy War and they fear a holy war because they can’t control it. Jews across Europe are in serious danger. They are being told the government can’t protect them and because of that many of them are now fleeing Europe.

Phillips explained that if nationalism and religion were the causes of world wars boundaries between countries needed to be erased and they needed to immigrate people from other cultures. They believed if they mixed it all up people would all sing “Kumbaya” together. That is why they formed the European Union. The EU decides how many immigrants each country gets and from where. The countries have no say. But the result has not been what they expected. People are resentful of having their culture taken from them. They feel demoralized. Why vote if other countries can veto your vote? People feel there is an assault on their values not just on free speech and religion. There is a push back from natural born Europeans but when they protest, the police protect the Muslims not the natural citizens.

She explained how easy it is to radicalize English born Muslims. They are surrounded with sex, drugs and rock and roll and they like it. They participate in it but at the same time they are disgusted by it because it goes against Islam. Imams appeal to that self disgust.

Phillips spoke of her time at the Guardian, which she described as so far Left it was like the NY Times on speed. As she transitioned from Left to Right she said one of her colleagues told her the single most terrifying thing that could happen to her is that she turned into Melanie. She said the Left thinks because they are for the poor and less fortunate, they are “good” and whatever they do is “good” regardless of the consequences. And if they are “good” the Right has to be “bad” and everything they do is “bad”.

The Q&A was quite interesting. There were a number of Muslims in the audience. One talked about insulting Islam. Phillips pointed out that Christianity and Judaism are insulted all the time with impunity. The difference is that Jews and Christians don’t kill anyone for doing it.

She pointed out that in a recent poll 80% of Egyptian Muslims believe the appropriate punishment for leaving the religion is death. 20% of American Muslims support terrorism. And 40% to 60% of English Muslims believe Sharia should be the only law.

When asked what could be done to reverse what is happening, Phillips, explained more and more Muslims want reform and reform needs to happen. The Imams and Muslim leaders need to denounce ISIS, Hamas, Boka Haram, Al Qaeda and the like.

We also need to get out of the UN. There are 57 Muslim countries in the UN. They are the largest voting block. They want to make blasphemy a crime. When most of what comes out of the UN is a detriment to the Western countries, we need to stop supporting it.

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Al Gore and former Mexican President Filipe Calderon recently called for spending $90 trillion to redesign every city in the world to be car free. There has been little or no discussion of this in the main stream media. Why is that? If anyone on the right were to make such an absurd suggestion the media would still be laughing and mocking them endlessly. http://dailycaller.com/2015/01/23/al-gore-spend-90-trillion-to-ban-cars-from-every-major-city-in-the-world/

Al Gore is the Godfather of Global Warming aka Climate Change. He is the Pope of the Climate Change Religion. He flies all over the world telling people the sky is falling and far too many people believe him. I went to protest a speech he was giving in Beverly Hills and people were lined up around the block to hear him. We held signs discrediting his claims. A few people came and spoke to us in gentle tones as if they were speaking to a, not too bright, child. They believed we were just too simple minded to understand the science (as if they did) and if they just pointed us in the right direction we’d see the light. When one of our group mentioned they had a PhD and gave them some factual data that was clearly over their head, they turned hostile.

So, let’s examine this proposal of Al Gore’s. He wants to spend $90 trillion to redesign every city in the world to take us out of our cars and private property and into apartments in high-rises (hmmm, sounds like Agenda 21, doesn’t it?). He’s actually serious about this. Does he know there isn’t $90 trillion in the world, (the closest estimate I could find was between $50 and $60 trillion)? So, he wants to take, nearly, TWICE as much money as there is in the world to combat “Climate Change”. Think about that for a minute. How would it even be possible to spend more money than there is? But say we could spend $90 Trillion to rebuild all the cities, why would we? It certainly couldn’t be done without using fossil fuels. And all that construction would put more CO2 and real pollutants in the atmosphere than cars could in hundreds of years. If “climate change” were the immediate threat Gore claims, this would exacerbate it.

If we spend more money than there is in the world to rebuild cities we already have, how are we going to pay for all those bloated government employee union salaries, benefits and pensions? How are we going to support all the poor? How are we going to pay for the school breakfasts, lunches and dinners? The free college? Obamaphones? Obamacare, etc., etc., etc?

Anytime someone tells you, “The debate is over”, it’s a sure sign, it isn’t. That should be a BIG red flag. Science is a never ending debate. It requires constant questioning. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of things considered “settled science” that have been proven wrong. How many years did they say the Piltdown Man was the missing link……until he was proven to be a hoax? How long has the Big Bang theory been sold as fact but is now being questioned? http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2015/01/31/Scientists-Evidence-of-Big-Bang-theory-fails-to-space-dust/1171422712058/

An English High Court ruled that Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” contained eleven “factual inaccuracies” that had to be pointed out to students before it could be shown in schools. And yet, he won the Academy Award and the Noble Prize for his fraudulent claims. Why does anyone believe anything this man says?

Recently, an English newspaper, the Telegraph, published an article that explains how the temperature data has been being “altered” to support the Global Warming claims. We need to remember 178 countries signed Agenda 21 and governments fund the data collection. The trouble for the Global Warming salesmen is that groups not funded by governments also collect the data. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/environment/globalwarming/11395516/The-fiddling-with-temperature-data-is-the-biggest-science-scandal-ever.html

Determining the average temperature of the world is not an exact science to start with. Anthony Watts, through his website http://www.wattsupwiththat.com did a study of the temperature stations and found so many irregularities that their temperatures couldn’t be relied on to be accurate. Some were located in the middle of parking lots, or in shaded areas, or near machinery or on top of waste processing tanks. There are so many factors that effect temperature and it is too complicated for the average person to understand. That’s a Perfect Storm for fraud.

In 2008 Gore said the poles would be ice free in five to seven years. Well, it’s seven years and the poles haven’t melted. In 1993 he predicted all the coastal cities would be flooded by 2000 due to melting poles. Again, not the case. The media tried to use hurricane Sandy to validate his claim but Sandy wasn’t caused by melting poles or rising sea levels. Sandy was a hurricane. Hurricanes are not rare. The fact that Sandy’s name starts with an “S” means there were 18 hurricanes before it. Hurricanes have happened since the beginning of time and will continue to happen. And, in fact, here have been fewer hurricanes the last few years, not more.

Regardless of the predictions, made by Al Gore, proven wrong over and over, the media, Al Gore, and the UN funded IPCC will continue to push for car-less cities and government control over the activities of all living creatures in the name of “Climate Change” because Progressives never give up. NEVER.

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