Thursday night American Freedom Alliance inaugurated their new Center for the Study of the United States Constitution with a dinner and a talk with Douglas Gibbs the author of, “The Basic Constitution” and the “25 Myths of the United States Constitution”.

American Freedom Alliance has launched it’s first independent institute to facilitate the study and appreciation of our Constitution. The institute will be operated under the direction of Douglas V. Gibbs.

Doug is a radio host on KCAA 1050AM on Saturdays with his Constitution radio program, as well as a long time podcaster, conservative political activist, writer and commentator. He has been featured on “Hannity” and “Fox and Friends”. He is also the founder of the award winning website, “Political Pistachio” as well as winning numerous awards for his patriotic commentary.

Dinner on the patio was accompanied by spirited discussions of recent events, the Republican debate, the dangers we face as a nation and the solutions. There were as many disagreements as agreements among those in attendance.

Avi began the introduction to the Constitution by asking how the Constitution came about. We had fought the Revolution and won. We had the Confederation of States. Why did we need the Constitution?

Doug Gibbs explained the soldiers during the Revolution were paid with money that after the Revolution was worthless. They rioted and tried to take over the U.S. Armory in Springfield. Merchants put together a private militia and put down the riot. This led to our founders believing we needed a stronger central government to prevent such uprisings in the future. Many of the founders feared a bigger central government although they also understood the need for one.

The Constitutional Convention ran from May to September during the hottest weather. Being held in secret the windows and doors were closed and patience was short. Most of the delegates to the Convention, like Madison, were for big government and resisted some of the limits suggested.

Finally, Benjamin Franklin, an agnostic, remembering the pilgrims fled England for religious freedom, suggested they spend time in reflection and prayer. He suggested they begin every meeting with a prayer. This turned the tide. Not wanting to bring a member of clergy into their secret meetings, they went to a church nearby and prayed there each morning. The result was a Constitution that limited government and was based on religious moral values.

Avi asked what issue was the most contentious. Gibbs answered the issue was slavery. Most wanted to end slavery but understood the South would never sign a Constitution that banned slavery outright. One of the most important points of the Constitution was to ensure the sovereignty of the states. Abolishing slavery would also be taking away the sovereignty of the Southern states. There was already a movement against slavery moving across the South and the founders believed, in time, they would agree to abolish it. They did, however, ban the international slave trade.

Gibbs pointed out one of the most misrepresented points was the “Three fifths” clause. It wasn’t in reference to individuals. Due to slavery there were more people living in the South than the North, which would result in the South winning every issue. In order to balance the two regions, in the South they counted each free person and than only 3/5th of the rest of the population. In the North free Blacks were counted individually as any free person.

Avi asked what state didn’t ratify the Constitution or even have delegates at the Convention. That state was Rhode Island. They feared big government.

A Rhode Island resident, James Mason, demanded a Bill of Rights before they would consider the Constitution. James Madison didn’t think it was necessary as the Constitution limited what the government could do. Wisely, the James’, one for and one against, were tasked to write the Bill of Rights. The Bill wasn’t so much to tell us what our rights were, as much as it was to tell government to keep their hands off our rights. It explains our rights are divinely given and belong to us. It is up to us to protect them. Are we?

The Bill of Rights contains the first ten amendments and they are listed in importance. As free Englishmen they understood our rights came from God. As the Bill says, they are natural rights based on the “laws of nature and nature’s God”.

The first amendment protects five rights. Most people can name only three, the right of free speech, free expression of religion and free press. They forget the right to assemble and the right to redress our grievances to our representatives.

The second amendment protected our right to bare arms. We had a standing army. The amendment doesn’t refer to a standing Army, it refers to a “militia” which was formed by armed citizens and the amendment was intended to protect citizens right to be armed.

Third was to protect citizens from having to house soldiers. Fourth was to protect our privacy from search and seizures. Fifth was to protect us from having to testify against ourselves and to ensure a fair trial. Sixth was to ensure a speedy trial. Seventh was to protect us against excessive bail or fines. Eighth was to protect us from cruel and unusual punishment. Ninth was to point out there were rights not listed that were also protected. And the tenth was to protect states rights.

Although there are 27 Amendments we actually only have 25. One amendment was to enact prohibition and another was to repeal it.

Gibbs also discussed the amendment process and talked about a controversy over the 16th (taxation) and 17th (how Senators were elected) amendments. It is believed they didn’t actually have the votes to ratify either amendment but were simply declared ratified. It is interesting that the same year taxation was ratified the Federal Reserve was formed.

America’s Constitution is the shortest Constitution of any country and has survived longer than any other country’s. It is important to understand that the founders listed what they believed was most important first. Article One is about the formation of the Legislative Branch because they considered that the MOST important branch. Article Two is the Executive Branch and Article Three was the Judicial Branch because they considered it the least important.

The public is painfully ignorant of our Constitution and why it is worth saving. It is up to those of us who know it’s importance to educate those who don’t.

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The Left and the mainstream media (or the drive by media, if you like) are so perplexed by the popularity of Donald Trump.

They’re all scratching their heads that he can’t be taken down by their usual Saul Alinsky tactics. They thought they could take him out right way when, during the announcement of his candidacy, he said Mexico wasn’t sending us their best……..even though some of them were good people. They gnashed their teeth in outrage at his offending “an entire race of people”, while ignoring his qualifier and the statistics that verify his statements. Every commentator, every opinion show, every newspaper, every one who had a microphone, were apoplectic over Trump insulting the hard working people who “just come here for a better life”. They completely ignore the M13 gangs, the sex slave runners, drug dealers, rapists, criminals and cartels (not to mention, the terrorists) that come with them. They predicted he was done. But, shockingly, his poll numbers went up.

Then they thought they could take him out with the first question at the first Republican debate. They asked if all the candidates would commit to supporting the Republican candidate and not turn third party if they were not the candidate. Trump was the only one who declined. Ah, they thought, GOTTCHA!! Well, not so fast. Although his disapproval numbers went up, his approval numbers went up even higher. Heads exploded across Liberaland.

GAME OVER! Rules no longer apply because we’re SICK OF IT!

We’ve been watching our country and our culture change and not for the better. We’ve watched entire towns taken over by Latino’s or Muslims who then demand we accommodate their culture instead of assimilating to ours and we’re SICK OF IT!

We got out and campaigned for candidates who promised to stop Obama’s Executive Order Amnesty and repeal Obamacare. Nearly every candidate ran on doing EXACTLY that, including Mitch McConnell. He said Obamacare was passed by reconciliation and could be repealed the same way. Once in office we’re told they won’t even try because the President will veto it. We GAVE the Republican party the majority in BOTH houses and they have given this President EVERYTHING he wanted and we’re SICK OF IT!

When we object to the constant flood of illegal aliens and H1B visa workers replacing employed Americans, Liberal lawmakers and our media call us racists and bigots. Businessmen, like Bill Gates, who became breathtakingly wealthy in this country, continue to push for more H1B visa workers who will work for less than the Americans they already employ. The employees who helped them build their businesses, employees who have worked hard and been loyal are stabbed in the back. Companies like Disney, “the happiest place on earth”, made their IT employees train their foreign replacements. Their employees with exemplary records but little prospect of finding another job are betrayed by the “happiest place on earth” and we’re SICK OF IT!

We, in California, as we begged, cajoled, pleaded, demanded and screamed to have the border secured, watched our state turn into a Latin, and permanent Democrat, majority. We watched helplessly as Sacramento passed law after law that benefits only illegal aliens. We watched sanctuary cities exempt illegal aliens from laws we are held to. We watched a father hold his dying daughter in his arms after she was shot by an illegal alien, who had been deported FIVE times and we’re SICK OF IT!

We’ve been demanding a border fence for decades. The citizens of this country, both Republican and Democrat, want the border secured. It isn’t that our representatives don’t know this. We’ve melted the phone lines more than a few times to make sure they did. We want our border SECURED and we want it NOW! I think people are so desperate for the flood of illegal immigration to stop they would vote for Satan, himself, if he would actually do it because we’re SICK OF IT!

We don’t believe man is causing Climate Change and we don’t want our standard of living lowered, we don’t want to live without air conditioning, we don’t want to be forced out of our cars, we don’t want our access to energy rationed, we don’t want our private property rights eroded by the EPA and we don’t want our economy exported to other countries because our taxes and regulations make it impossible to be competitive. We don’t want our guns taken away. We don’t want our religious liberty denied. And we don’t want to be censored or silenced. We don’t want to be told where we can live, what we can eat, how or when we can travel. We are abundantly aware that neither party cares what we think and we’re SICK OF IT!

We have a President who lies to our faces everyday. He’s committing us to trade and arms agreements that put our country at risk. He has gutted our military and imposed rules of engagement that put our soldiers at risk. He pulled all our troops from Iraq and destabilized the entire Middle East. Under his rule we have come completely untethered from the Constitution. Our First and Second Amendments are under constant attack. Every foundation of this country is being undermined and we’re SICK OF IT!

But because we’re SO SICK OF IT, I fear too many are willing to ignore Trump’s obvious flaws the way Obama supporters ignored his. They are so enraptured because FINALLY someone has come out and spoken the truth about our open borders and how it is destroying our country. Many are willing to support him no matter what he says, no matter who he insults, no matter how juvenile he becomes. They want something done, they want it NOW and they believe he’ll do it.

I tend to agree with Ann Coulter that all immigration needs to be stopped for some years so that we can get our OWN house in order. Like Ann, I believe that ending illegal immigration is THE most important issue because if we don’t, this country will no longer be America and nothing else will matter. But, unlike Ann, once the border is secured and illegal immigration stopped there is so much work to do to unwind the damage that has been done, that I want a President more committed to the Constitution than Trump is. His opinion on eminent domain, taxes, Planned Parenthood and many other issues should be a problem for any Conservative.

He keeps telling us he’ll make America great again, but he never tells us how. He says how fast it will all happen. Is he aware that we have three EQUAL branches of government and he has to work within that framework? I have yet to hear him talk about the Constitution or the rule of law. He DOES, tell us that he learned how to USE the “system” to his advantage. But isn’t that what most of us complain about? Crony Capitalism? He was asked in an interview to define Conservatism and he couldn’t. I don’t know how anyone calls themselves a Conservative if they can’t tell you what a Conservative is.

I think Trump’s popularity is more indicative of just how SICK OF IT we are, than indicative of who we actually would vote for. People are SO happy to have a candidate actually saying forcefully, bluntly, unapologetically just how dangerous our open borders are and that they WILL secure the border. Yes, we’ve been talking about securing the border for the last 25 years but as soon as the Left calls us racists we back away. But, now that we’ve recognized the Elephant (pun intended) in the room, all the real contenders have committed to securing the border with no qualifiers. That, in it’s self, is worth having Trump be the front runner……for now.

What is stunning is that the leadership of both parties just doesn’t get it. They’re still trying to Saul Alinsky us. They seem to be incapable of recognizing the people……….you know, WE, the People, whose government is supposed to be “Of the People, By the People and For the People”, WE the People are SICK OF IT!!

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American Freedom Alliance, the David Horowitz Freedom Center and Freedom X sponsored this installment in the lecture series. It was held at the Luxe Hotel with a nice buffet dinner first.

Dr. Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder and President of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN) and special envoy to the UN for the World Council of Independent Christian Churches (WCICC) spoke first. She is an award winning producer with over 500 film and video productions.

She spoke about her fight against teaching Islam in the public schools in her state of Tennessee. When a friend showed her the lessons her son was being taught in his school she mobilized parents and met with the principal. The principal informed them this was curriculum from approved textbooks and Common Core. She then mobilized more parents and went to the school board. They met great resistance from the school board so, through her grass roots organization, they put spots on the radio to inform the public and they were able to replace the entire school board during the next election and get the textbooks edited. Pearson Publishers were the publishers of the textbooks and, interestingly, the religions editor was a Muslim. She suggested we use some of their tactics in our cities. She suggested we go to and for information.

From my own experience of going to the Manhattan Beach School Board meetings, I found them completely unmoved by the parents concerns about the way Islam was being taught to our children.

Bill Becker spoke next. He is the president, CEO and general council for Freedom X, a non-profit public interest legal organization dedicated o protecting conservative and religious freedom of expression. Freedom X is partnering with PJTN to develop legal initiatives aimed at countering Islamic indoctrination in public schools.

Becker has been successfully litigating cases that involve claims of defamation of Islam, the rights of Christians to evangelize Muslims in public spaces, the right use public school spaces to address the threat of sharia and Islamic hegemony. Becker also helped American Freedom Alliance regain it’s non-profit status.

Becker spoke of how conservative values are being restricted more and more (no nativity scenes on public land, kids can’t wear patriotic t-shirts to school, freedom of speech and religion) while Islam is being accommodated more and more.

He spoke of schools having children dress as Muslims, take Muslim names and recite the shahada, the oath of allegiance to Islam. I wonder if our schools don’t see a problem with that, would they have a problem with the kids dressing like Jesus and accepting Jesus as their savior?

Too many parents are unaware of the way Islam is being taught to our children. It is up to those of us who do know to inform them.

During the Q&A, I said, coincidentally, that afternoon my 13 year old twin grandsons showed me the chapter on Islam in their World History textbook. I read it with them and pointed out how it misrepresented Mohammad, the Qur’an and Islam. I also pointed out how the text promoted socialism by saying numerous times that Mohammad said the wealthy should share their wealth with the poor.

I told them I had a friend that taught high school in San Diego and his school allows an Imam to come into the school and lead Muslim prayers. I asked when the ACLU is working to prevent high school football teams from praying in their locker rooms, how is this legal? Becker said it wasn’t.

We need to ask why the ACLU isn’t going after Imam’s leading prayers in school………..….but I think we know the answer.

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I went to 8/28 in Washington five years ago. It was a life changing event, so when Glenn Beck announced he was having an event on it’s anniversary I knew I needed to be there. And it truly was another life changing event.

In order to get to Birmingham, Alabama from Los Angeles, you have to fly into Houston and then take a smaller plane to Birmingham… of those with two seats on one side of the aisle and one on the other side. When I boarded the plane I asked how many were going to the Glenn Beck event and more than half raised their hands. I said great, now talk among yourselves. It was a much more interesting flight.

Glenn Beck put this event together with Bishop James Lowe of the Guiding Light Church in Birmingham. Guiding Light is one of the largest Black churches. Bishop Lowe, as a child, was in Sunday school at the famous 16th Street Baptist Church when it was bombed and four teenaged girls were killed. He also started his ministry as the associate pastor of the 16th Street Church. Bishop Lowe, along with 60,000 ministers, joined the Black Robe Regiment to stand against the moral decline of our country and to unite us at a time when we are more divided than ever in our lifetimes.

These were the most inspirational, spiritual enlightening, uniting days of the lives of those who were there…..and in my case, I suspect there was some divine intervention.

It began by my being booked into the closest thing to the Bates Motel I’ve ever seen. It was in the middle of nowhere and when the taxi dropped me off, I felt abandoned. I opened the door to my room and was overwhelmed by a musty and moldy tomb like odor. I turned on the lights and it was still dark. The furniture was worn and the front of the drawer of the bedside table was missing. I took out my phone to call a cab. My cell said “no service”. I looked for a phone in the room….there was none. I went to the lobby, there was no phone there either. HELP ME!! I got the girl at the desk to call me a cab. I told her this was the worst place I had ever been and I wasn’t staying.

A nice Black cabby came to my rescue. I told him my sad story and he took me to the Westin near the Convention Center. I asked the desk clerk if they had a room because I was escaping the Bates Motel. She took pity and even found me a discount on my room. SAVED! I fell into the nice clean bed and didn’t worry about being stabbed in the shower.

The next day the only event scheduled was at the Guiding Light Church that evening at 7:00pm so I did what they suggested and went sightseeing. I took a cab to the Civil Rights Museum with a very talkative cabbie named Tony. He was agitated about the government wanting to take his guns. He said towns where most people have guns there is less crime. He said everyone should have a gun. I was in total agreement until …….he then said he thought we needed a woman President and Hillary or Elizabeth would be great. I wondered if he knew who was trying to take his guns??

After visiting the museum and the famous 16th Street Baptist Church across the street, I walked back to my hotel (along the route Martin Luther King took).
There were two Mercedes Benz buses in front of the hotel and when I walked into the lobby there was a group of people wearing Mercury One shirts milling about. I tapped one of them on the shoulder, when he turned around I said, “I know you, you’re Doc Thompson”. I asked him what time the event started. He asked a woman in the group if she had the schedule. She opened hers up and said 2:00pm. Doc said the busses were going to take us there and I could go on the bus…..sooo……I got on the bus. When the bus got on the freeway I realized it wasn’t going where I thought. I looked around and everyone was wearing a gold VIP badge. I was with the group that pays thousands to be VIP’s. I thought, OMG!, I’m going to be SO embarrassed.

This event was for the pastors who had committed to restoring unity and morality. Bishop Lowe opened by saying this was Glenn’s event and he wasn’t going to speak, he was just going to introduce Glenn. An hour later and after saying, “in closing” three times, he introduced Glenn. Glenn said he was going to cover the things the Bishop didn’t………”Good Night!” We laughed and then he talked for hour. The choir sang ( I LOVE gospel choirs) and there was dancing in the aisles. The choir had written a song for the event, “All Lives Matter”.

When the service was over, I got back on the bus and sat behind the driver. A pretty, young blond getting on the bus looked curiously at me and asked if I was with Mercury One. I said yes (as Mercury One organized this weekend), she asked my name and sat next to me and said she guessed she needed to get me a badge. I said, “Oh, I don’t think that’s the case”. She then turned and talked to Rafael Cruz who was sitting across the aisle from us.

The bus took us to the restaurant used in the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes” and we had fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, fried okra and peanut butter pie. I had dinner with two couples who have been to all of Glenn’s events as VIP’s. One of the women had a brace on her arm. Her husband said her broken arm wasn’t healing as it should.

After dinner we went back to the Guiding Light Church for the main event of the evening. As we approached there were cars parked along both sides of the road as far as you could see and the parking lot was full. There was a giant screen set up next to the church and there were thousands of people sitting on the lawn.

Our bus pulled up to the front and we VIP’s walked up to the entrance. BUSTED! They wouldn’t let me in because I didn’t have a badge. Just as I was about to join the crowd and watch from outside, the pretty, young blond rushed up and said, “Oh, sorry, here is your badge”. Who am I to argue? I was then escorted to the second row across the aisle from Glenn and his family and in front of Rafael Cruz and Althea King. Glenn got up and was shaking people’s hands and hugging people. He came over and hugged me and thanked me for coming. I said, “No, no, thank you”.

David Barton spoke first about American exceptionalism. He reminded us we have the oldest Constitution in the World. Since 1776, Korea has had nine constitutions, Poland seven and the same holds true for other countries around the world. He said we were 4% of the population of the world but have had more inventions, patients, ideas and products than all the other countries combined.

He then spoke about the history of ministers, Black and White, in our founding and that they were the ones who gathered men together from their congregations to fight in the Revolutionary war. They were the ones who spoke about politics and the rights God gave us. John Wise in 1680 spoke about taxation without representation, the consent of the governed and all men being created equal. The Sons of Liberty took his sermons and had them reprinted in 1772. David spoke about Wentworth Cheswell, who, along with Paul Revere, road to warn that the British were coming. He was the first Black man to hold elected office and held various offices for 49 years.

David is amazing. He spoke very fast and covered a LOT of information and never paused or said, “umm”. How he remembers all those facts, and names and dates without pausing is beyond my comprehension. Several of the members of Bishop Lowe’s congregation told me they were so impressed by David and that they never knew about the Black pastors or members of Congress he spoke about. There was more singing, there was more dancing, there were little girls cheerleading, “We say, thank you….you say, Jesus”. And hugging broke out all over the place.

Bishop Lowe spoke about how important it was to unite Blacks and Whites to stand against the evil that is undermining our country. He got a lot of criticism for doing this with Glenn but he said he felt moved to do it because it was the right thing to do. Glenn spoke about church attendance being down because our churches have abandoned their purpose. People are hungry for rules to live by, for a moral foundation and churches no longer speak about the evil that we are facing today.
When Christians are being beheaded, burned alive, driven from their homes, their women and children sold into sex slavery, our churches are silent. He said when we are selling baby parts, we will not be held blameless if we don’t stand against it. As we left the church everyone was again hugging and blessing each other.

The next morning was the March. There was breakfast for the VIP’s before the March. You needed a gold wrist band for the march and, of course, I didn’t have one. At breakfast a different woman approached me and asked my name. I thought “busted” again. She asked why I didn’t have a wrist band. I said I never got one. She asked if I had tickets for the Convention Center events and I said I didn’t. The pretty blond came by and asked if I had gotten my tote bag. I sat down at a table. General Boykin joined me. He was one of the only Generals to tell Obama the truth and resign rather than do what he knew was wrong. Another of Glenn’s pals and his wife sat with us and we all talked about the way Islam is being taught to our children in school.

I kept thinking any minute one of those ladies was going to come up and tell me I wasn’t on any of their lists and I couldn’t stay. Instead, one of them brought me the gold wrist band and the other brought me the BIG tote bag full of t-shirts, water bottles, a book on the Civil Rights movement, candies and other goodies.

We were taken by bus to the 16th Street Church where we (the VIP’s) were escorted into the church. There were maybe 50 of us there. Glenn and his wife and his two young children came in and greeted everyone. Glenn was beaming. I think you get a good sense of a person when you see them with their family. His kids would come up and wrap their arms around him and he would smile and stroke their heads. They would climb in his or Tanya’s lap and get a hug. Glenn’s security was everywhere and he was wearing a bullet proof vest. How sad is that?

Everyone was taking pictures. Chuck Norris and his wife were there. Several people who had been part of the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s were there. Rafael Cruz lead us in prayer. The pastor of the 16th Street Church gave us a history of the church and we watched a movie about the bombing and the four teenaged girls killed. Bishop Lowe showed us where he had been when the bomb exploded.

We then went outside and saw the March that had lined up. It stretched as far as you could see. The local newspapers said there were 20,000. The police said more like 30,000. Glenn spoke to the Marchers and Rafael Cruz said a prayer. Althea led everyone singing, “Jesus Loves the Little Children”.

We all joined hands and marched down the same streets Martin Luther King marched. A blimp with “All Lives Matter” on it’s side flew above filming the March. We passed a group dressed in African clothing beating African drums in support. People waved as we passed. I was right behind Glenn and Bishop Lowe. Jeffey, puffing and panting, holding a sign was behind me. A security man with Glenn’s guard dog followed along side. When we reached the Arena, the VIP’s were escorted to a VIP room with drinks and food where we relaxed until the event was to start. The rest of the day you could go into this room and get something to eat or drink. Sandwiches at lunch and after the movie. “Woodlawn” there was a cocktail party with Asian food.

The arena was nearly full. Only the very top of the top tier was empty. The Guiding Light Choir got things rocking. Jon Voight came out and started dancing with the choir. He said gospel music was his favorite.

Johnny Moore, young man in his 30’s had dedicated himself to getting as many Christians out of the Middle East as possible. He had been on Glenn’s show talking about what he had been able to do and Glenn had offered to try to raise a million dollars for his cause. In three days he raised a million. He then said let’s try two million. By the eighth day they had $2.7 million.

There were many speakers and wonderful music. Bishop Lowe and Glenn were the last to speak. Bishop Lowe is a wonderful speaker. In spite of the danger this country is in, he was uplifting and inspirational. He said if our country and our churches wouldn’t stand against evil, we will. He said if God asks who will stand, the entire audience stood and said, “We will”.

Glenn spoke about the war on Christianity and his commitment to help Johnny Moore get as many Christian families out of the Middle East as possible. He wants churches to pledge to sponsor a family. He said he will get them into Mexico and walk them across the border if necessary…..even if he goes to jail. Obama is bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East but has refused Christians. Glenn pledged to raise $10 million by Christmas.

The last event was a screening of the Christian movie, “Woodlawn”. It is a true story that happened in Birmingham in the 60’s. Two brothers, Andrew and Jon Erwin, wrote and directed the movie. It takes place in Birmingham after the schools were desegregated. A formerly White high school now had Black football players on their team. The White players fought with the Blacks and tried to get them to quit the team. A young minister came to speak to the players and before the atheist coach’s eyes, he converted the entire team. One young Black player becomes a star player being wooed by ‘Bama’s coach Bryant (played by Jon Voight). It’s a wonderful and entertaining movie that I highly recommend to all when it is released in October.

As we waited in the arena for the movie to start I saw the couple I had dinner with a few rows in front of me. Rafael Cruz came to the woman and gently took her arm in his hands. He spoke to her while holding her arm. Then the two of them bowed their heads and he prayed for her arm to heal. This was a moment few saw but was such a clear view into a man who is the father of, possibly, our next President.

After the movie, the cast and producer and director spoke about the making of the movie. They talked about how hard it is to get Christian movies made, but that the public is hungry for them. They pointed out that “War Room” was the number one movie that weekend.

The young actor, Caleb Castille, who played the star football player is a Birmingham native and was playing football for ‘Bama when he was cast in his first starring role…..his first acting role. He said he owed everything to his father (who was in the audience). He said how important it was to him to have a supportive, loving father.

Kevin Sizemore played Jerry Stearns in the movie. He was brought to tears when he told that Jerry had died during the filming of the movie. Jerry’s family was in the audience and Kevin had them stand.

During the movie there is a scene where the fans in the football stadium light candles in support of the team being allowed to pray. I looked around and all across the arena people had taken out their cell phones and turned on the flashlights. It mirrored the movie.

The next morning the hotel shuttle driver asked why I was in Birmingham. I told him about the event and he said he was so sorry he didn’t know about it because he would have loved to have march with us. He wished me a blessed trip.

As I waited for my plane with my giant tote with “Never Again Is Now” on the side, a pretty Black woman sat beside me and said she was there too. The woman next to her said she had been there too. A couple across from us said they were too. We all exchanged e-mail addresses and names and when we got to Houston had lunch together before we went our separate ways.

It’s comforting to be in the company of SO MANY like minded people.

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Last night was extraordinary. Extraordinary in the realization of how corrupt our system has become.

Driving to Huntington Park from the Freeway, you drive through miles and miles of industrial blocks, warehouses, factories, manufacturing complexes and graffiti on every inch of every overpass and wall……a clear sign of rampant gang activity.

Huntington Park is next to Vernon and the City of Industry two other stunningly corrupt cities. It has a population of about 64.000, 90% Latino with 45% of them illegal aliens. We might as well have been in Mexico. The Mayor and city council members were all Latino.

Huntington Park made history by being the first city to openly appoint illegal aliens to city commissions. This meeting was to allow people to comment on the appointments. The council room that held about a hundred was overflowing and the overflow room with seating for 60 was full with people standing or sitting on the floor.

The first speaker was a young Latina woman who said the city council broke no law appointing the two men because they were volunteers receiving no pay and would have no effect on public policy (then what is the commission for?). The first ten speakers all supported the appointments. They spoke of how hard the men had worked during the election and what an influence they had been on them. That they just wanted the American Dream and their status shouldn’t matter.

The next speaker was a member of the city council, Valentin Palos Amezquita. He spoke eloquently, without an accent, about the value of our system and that appointing these illegal aliens to commissions has brought negative publicity, across the country, to the city. Mr. Amezquita was the only opposing vote on the council.

After the first ten supporters the pro and con sides were pretty even. Those supporting the appointments gave pretty much the same arguments, the men worked hard and it shouldn’t matter if they are legal or not. We are all immigrants. Illegal aliens pay taxes and work hard, etc. etc. etc.

Those who opposed the appointments were more interesting. Shirley Husar of Urban Game Changers made a passionate argument against rewarding illegal immigration in any way and how offensive it is to compare illegal immigration to civil rights.

A young Latino said he lived in Huntington Park 35 years and worked hard but had never met these men. He said he was a legal citizen and appointments need to go to legal citizens. He said there was a right and wrong way to do things and rewarding the wrong way was unfair to him and others.
A 40ish Latino businessman told them he had to admit they had accomplished something……they had destroyed the city. He said they owe millions and yet bought out the current police chief’s contract ($178,000 a year) to hire another at $200,000 a year. He said they all needed to be recalled.

Several questioned whether all the city council members were, themselves, legal citizens. A Latino woman said they made the city the laughingstock of the country. One young woman said she was an illegal alien and unafraid (why would she be afraid? This administration isn’t going to deport her). She said she graduated from college (paid for by the taxpayers) and that it shouldn’t matter if these men were legal or not. I guess she didn’t learn anything about our form of government during the years the taxpayers educated her. Several people who spoke bragged about being illegal.

I spoke about America having always been a country of laws, not men. We have respected the Rule of Law and Constitution for over 200 years and that a country without the Rule of Law, without borders is not a country. I said the countries these people came from would not allow a foreign non-citizen to work in any capacity in the government. I said they came here for the American Dream but if we didn’t enforce our laws there would be no country to dream in.

One woman confronted the council saying she knew two of them didn’t live in Huntington Park. She said she knew because she had driven them home. She said one lived in Walnut Park and one in San Bernardino. She seemed to know a great deal about the dealings of the city and said it was more corrupt than Bell.

The last woman who spoke had done her homework. She cited numerous laws, both State and Federal, the city council was violating.

This is what open borders and rampant illegal immigration has done to this state and the country. There are many small cities like this one being governed by people who were not born here. There is little or no oversight. They set their own salaries, appoint and hire other like minded people and squeeze out people who object. Nearly half the citizens of this city are illegal. Of course, the city council members are going to serve the interests of those illegal residents, but that doesn’t serve the interests of the country.

Illegal immigration has turned California into a Latino majority and a permanent Democrat majority that is encouraging even more illegal immigration. Governor Brown and the Mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco have said they welcome as many illegals as want to come, while at the same time, rolling back our access to resources .

Most of us have believed jobs had to go to Americans before foreign workers. But more and more American workers are being replaced wholesale by foreign H1B workers and illegal aliens. 40% of the illegals living in America overstayed their visas and the government looks the other way.

It’s time to stand up and demand a return to the Rule of Law and a Constitutionally limited government. If we don’t, the entire country will go the way of California.

We MUST elect a President who will secure our borders and restore the Rule of Law.

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The Catholic diocese held a meeting last week to promote Pope Francis’ Encyclical on “Climate Change”. The meeting was held at Christ Cathedral (used to be the Crystal Cathedral) in Garden Grove.

In their presentation one of the first things they said was, “Man could no longer have dominion over the earth”. Wait………..WHAT? Doesn’t the Bible say God made the earth FOR man? And didn’t God give man dominion over the earth and animals? Is the Catholic Church saying God made a mistake? Doesn’t the Bible say God is all knowing? He knows us in the womb? But he created man to exhale a harmless gas that plants absorb and through photosynthesis manufacture oxygen for us to breath……that could destroy the earth? That’s about as BIG a mistake as anyone could make and they are saying God made it.

Whether or not you believe in God, supposedly the Pope and the Catholic Church do. I’m pretty sure they’ve been preaching the word of God for the last 20 centuries. But now they are telling their congregation God made a mistake giving man dominion over the earth? They are saying God didn’t know what man would do with it? They are saying we can’t use the oil and coal God gave us to use.

The event began with Sister Nadine McGuinness giving a talk in a soothing, gentle voice one might use to comfort a child. She said we must be “in love with what God has made”. I thought, God made coal, oil and natural gas for our use and I do love it. She said we need an ecological conversion. We need a global consciousness because it’s a problem that needs to be solved globally (ie: global governance).

She said Catholics needed to support the agreement that comes from the Paris Climate Change Conference in November. Besides ending America’s sovereignty due to the UN being given control of our use of energy (the life’s blood of our economy), it would be a means of redistributing our wealth world wide.

Tony, Strawa, the Catholic Climate Ambassador (whatever that means) then spoke about the science being settled (it isn’t) and showed some peer reviews saying 97% of the peer reviews supported man causing global warming (neglecting to mention publications being intimidated into not publish opposing reviews). He said we needed to have a discussion, a debate about how to accomplish the goals of sustainability…..which was interesting as they didn’t allow questions or comments from the audience. He ended his talk by saying even if global warming isn’t true, isn’t a cleaner world worth the effort? My answer would be not when it destroys our economy and way of life and produces little or no results. It will cost us trillions for a 0.03 (c) reduction in temperature.

As the meeting was wrapping up, a man stood and shouted that what they were saying was heresy. He said he was there to advocate for traditional Catholicism. He said they pay for abortions, they pay for contraception. He wanted the church back.

Many of us were outside the cathedral entrance holding signs against the global warming claim. At one point a woman approached us. Wearing Birkenstocks, cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, she asked what group we were with. I said we weren’t with any group. We were just people who understand global warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against man.

She asked if high density housing wasn’t a smart way to give people access to public transit. I asked her if she could carry ten bags of groceries home on a bus….or a case of beer…..or a turkey. She said she went shopping on a bike all the time. I told her I thought that was lovely but I couldn’t and shouldn’t be forced to.

She said we were going to use up all our resources. I told her we had more resources than we could ever use up. I told her instead of restricting our use of fossil fuels we should be finding more efficient ways of using them not replacing them with less reliable, much more expensive alternative fuels.

She said fracking was polluting our ground water. I told her that isn’t true. We’ve been fracking for decades and it has never contaminated ground water as it is done far below the water table. She was using all the global warming activist talking points.

Finally, I asked her if this wasn’t still America. And wasn’t America based on individual liberty. I told her I support whatever lifestyle she choses but she should respect other’s living as they chose.

I find all of this very troubling. Our churches are failing us. Public opinion is not supposed to dictate our moral foundation, churches are. But, apparently, their moral foundation is “evolving”. Our country is in moral, economic and cultural decline. We are rushing toward global governance and too many of our churches are advocating for it.

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I learned Ted Cruz was speaking at the Nessah Synagogue in Beverly Hills and I went to hear him. But in the process I had a more fascinating experience than I expected. Being a Christian I know very little about the Jewish faith. I have been to Jewish weddings and Bar Mitzvah’s but they were reform Jewish ceremonies. I’ve never been to an Orthodox Jewish service.

We were told to arrive at 10:00am. Because I like to be early, I arrived at 9:00am and the service was already in progress. Men were sitting on one side wearing yarmulkes and prayer shawls. Women sat on the other side with strollers and small children. There was a pulpit on a platform in the center of the room as well as a stage at the front of the room. The room was about 15% full when I arrived and a man was standing with the congregation holding a prayer book in his hands and chanting the prayers. I took a seat as close to the stage as possible and watched the proceedings in wonder. During the next several hours more and more people arrived. If men didn’t have a yarmulke or prayer shall, one was provided for them. I saw members of the congregation help visitors properly put on their shawls. There is a proper way to wear them that covers their backs and chests while leaving their arms free.

During the service, men would get up and go over to greet or talk to others. A lot of hugging and hand shaking went on. Various men would go up on the pulpit either in groups or by themselves and Chant or read something. I didn’t understand any of the service as it was in Hebrew. At some point a group of men went up on the stage and opened the doors at the back to reveal dozens of Torahs. They were all sizes, some covered in silver filigree, some covered in velvet. The men removed three large Torahs and paraded them around the room as people touched and kissed them. They carried a large silver filigreed Torah up on to the pulpit and opened it. There were five or six men, one or all of them Cantors. One of them sang most of the time but the others joined in at various times. Men would step down from the pulpit and pick up a small child and carry them back to the pulpit and read or sing from the Torah while holding the child. There were children walking around all through the service but I noticed how well behaved they were. At various times women would throw handfuls of candy on to the pulpit and children would gather the candy up and pass it out to the congregation.

Another group of men went up on the stage and turned their backs to the congregation and as they prayed, they pulled their prayer shawls over their heads, completely covering their heads and faces and then turned to the congregation with their arms out stretched. I had no idea what this meant.

People kept arriving and by 11:00am the room was full and they started bringing in chairs. By the time Senator Cruz spoke there were people standing against the walls and sitting on stairs. About noon, the doors opened and a group of men, that included Senator Cruz and Rabbi Boteach, entered. Mrs. Cruz and her assistant came and sat next to me (hmmm, I wonder how that happened). She greeted those of us around her warmly.

The Senator greeted people as he moved to a seat among the men’s side of the congregation. Rabbi Boteach took the stage. He is a short man with a big personality. He did what I wish Christian pastors would do, he made it clear that religious leaders needed to address these political issues. He spoke about the need to reach out to others and speak the truth. The Nessah Synagogue is the largest Iranian Jewish synagogue in the country and many of it’s members fled Iran and all they owned when the Ayatollah took over. If anyone understands the dangers of the Iran Nuclear deal, they do.

The Rabbi reminded the congregation of when Iran appointed Hamid Aboutalebi as ambassador to the United Nations. Aboutalebi was involved in the take over of the American Embassy in Iran and one of the captors of the hostages they held for more than a year. Senator Cruz sponsored a bill to prevent Aboutalebi or any terrorist from being ambassador to the UN or any diplomatic position on American soil. The bill passed the Senate 100 to 0. It passed the House 435 to 0. (I don’t recall any bill passing 100%, but I could be wrong). When Obama signed the bill into law, he joked that he if there was ANY bill sponsored by Senator Cruz that he would sign, hell must have frozen over.

The Rabbi also spoke about the Senator doing many things behind the scenes to help Israel including being involved in getting a hostage released. The Rabbi said the Senator was the first to call him to tell him the hostage had been released but took no credit for it.

Rabbi Boteach introduced Senator Cruz by saying they all know what is right and Ted Cruz is standing for what is right and standing for Israel.

Senator Cruz spoke for more than thirty minutes without notes. He opened by saying how important it was to speak the truth. He spoke about how we need to call things what they are. This administration refuses to call Islamic terrorism by name and if they won’t how can we trust them to deal with the Iranians as the terrorists they are. Iran has been considered the #1 sponsor of terrorism for decades and if the Iranian deal is passed, America will be the #1 provider of terrorism. The deal calls for America to release sanctioned money and protect Iran from Israel.

Cruz, to a standing ovation, addressed the President’s remarks against Republican “rhetoric” against the Iran deal. Cruz said the truth is not rhetoric. He said this deal would release more than $100 billion to Iran and end up in the hands of Hamas, Hezbollah and Hamas. He said when you don’t acknowledge the truth, THAT is rhetoric, Mr. President.

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