As I watched the first Presidential debates, I divided my time between yelling at the TV and tweeting the arguments that SHOULD have been made. I’m the first to admit I’m not a politician nor do I have any aspirations (God forbid) to be one. I’ve received no security briefings, nor do I have any insider information, but even I know how to answer these questions.

I listened to the NUMEROUS pundits’ opinions on who won the debate, which, BTW, were very amusing and entertaining on their own. FOX claimed Trump won handily, CNN cheered Clinton’s win. The spin left me spinning but I thought, as pathetic as both candidates were, Trump was far more pathetic than Clinton. He just can’t make a coherent argument.

Indulge me as I make a few observations and pretend I was the Republican candidate in this debate. Let me start with their stage presence. Hillary had her hair perfectly coiffed, make up professionally applied and was wearing a RED power suit. She looked Presidential. The Donald, coat unbuttoned, sky blue tie flapping in the breeze, hair?………..well, none of us get the hair, but he looked less put together than we would expect a billionaire businessman to look. He needs to stop dying his hair, we all know it’s white. And, please, PLEASE, no more self tanner.

Lester Holt, although his bias was clear in his gotcha questions for Trump, no gotcha questions on Benghazi, email server, or Clinton Foundation for Clinton, did a decent job by staying out of the way and allowing the candidates to fight it out. He was certainly better than previous moderators. I watched the debate on CNN and thought they did a good job of keeping the camera off Holt and on the candidates. So, let’s get to the debate.

The first subject was the economy, job creation, trade deals, etc. When asked what she’d do to stimulate the economy and create jobs, Hillary came out of the box as a full fledged, unapologetic communist. She’s going to force businesses to “share” their wealth and she is going to INCREASE taxes on businesses (how that helps the economy is a mystery). She is going to “invest” in green energy (like we “invested” in Solyndra?). She is going to “invest” in infrastructure. Wasn’t that what Obama’s Stimulus was supposed to do? How’s that going?

When Hillary said the economy should work for everyone, the reply should have been, “It DOES work for those who participate in it. People unwilling to work shouldn’t “benefit” from those who do”. And, no, people who work 9 to 5 on an assembly line don’t deserve the same reward as those who educated themselves, spent 10, 12, 18 hours a day for years developing a product, finding backers, building plants and bringing a product to the market. The producers don’t work 9 to 5, often don’t take vacations and don’t get overtime. They work as many hours as necessary and do whatever it takes to make their business a success. Successful people have no reason to apologize for their success.

Trump’s convoluted reply about preventing businesses from leaving and his drum beat about China taking advantage of us is something Joe Public doesn’t understand. And every time The Donald talks about punishing companies that leave the country, my head explodes. In the country our founders designed for us, we (individuals AND businesses) are free to decide what is in our best interests. Trump shouldn’t talk about punishing businesses that leave but talk about why they leave.

Lester Holt asked how The Donald would bring businesses back to America. Pretend candidate (me) would have answered like this, “Well, Lester, let’s talk about why businesses are leaving. We have one of, if not THE highest business tax in the world. But businesses aren’t paying those taxes. They build them into the price of their goods or services and you, the consumer, pays for them. Increasing taxes on businesses, and my opponent wants to increase them MORE, is a tax increase on YOU……I can tell you that. But beyond that, it makes their goods or services non-competitive with comparable products from other countries with lower taxes and fewer regulations. They force businesses to either go out of business or move to more business friendly countries. But that’s not the end of how current policies drive businesses out of the country. The Obama administration has imposed thousands of new regulations on businesses with no regard to the cost of implementing those regulations. This has also added to the price of their goods and services and made them less competitive. My plan is to lower business taxes and roll back regulations to make businesses MORE competitive and give them MORE reason to stay here.”

Has Stephen Moore, who is advising him on the economy, or Roger Ailes or Steve Bannon not explained to The Donald that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act caused the Great Depression? They need to tattoo it on his forehead.

I started throwing things at the television when Hillary blamed the financial melt down on “trickle down economics”. Hello, the eighties are calling and asking for their Progressive talking point back! Reagan caused the financial meltdown in 2008???? I couldn’t believe a man who made his fortune in Real Estate didn’t know how to respond to this.

Pretend candidate would have answered like this, “LOL! The trickle down economics you speak of caused the prosperity of the 90’s. It takes time to feel the effects of economic policies. Sadly, future administrations get the credit or take the blame for the policies of past administrations. I suspect you know the financial meltdown was caused by the Clinton administration’s expansion of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Act that required banks to increase the number of sub-prime mortgages they make. Those are mortgages made to people who are credit risks. Adding new buyers to the housing market increased the price of houses, which resulted in a housing bubble. So these people were being given loans they couldn’t afford on houses worth less than they were paying for them. It doesn’t take an economist to understand this. Joe Public understands this.

Hillary said she made a “mistake” using a private server. That she wouldn’t do it again and she takes full responsibility for it……..and people let her get away with it. The media and Liberal pundits certainly do. A “mistake”? Are you kidding? A mistake is forgetting to put the milk in the fridge. This was a willful, conscious decision to BUY a private server and HIRE people to set it up and maintain it. The only reason to do this would be to be able to delete what she didn’t want people to see. If she deleted only yoga and wedding emails there would be no reason for her to use BleachBit to make SURE they couldn’t be retrieved. Any rational person understands this yet the press never mentions it and The Donald let it pass. Hillary used her time as Secretary of State to sell influence for her OWN personal gain. This should be pointed out endlessly.

Hillary spent eight years in the WH (supposedly serving as co-President), four years in the Senate, and four years as Secretary of State. She knows what is, or should be, classified. I’m sure most of us could figure out pretty quickly what needed to be kept secret. She told the FBI she didn’t remember if she had been briefed on classified determinations. Does the media think we’re that stupid? She was Secretary of State! It was her JOB to know. She put our national security in jeopardy. And, yes, they DO think we’re that stupid. They want us to believe if she wasn’t briefed on classified determinations she wasn’t responsible for not knowing. I always thought ignorance of the law was no excuse.

Way too much time was wasted diverting from important issues. Whether or not Trump supported the Iraq war at some point doesn’t matter. Hillary now says she regretted supporting the war but she DID support it until it no longer served her. In fact, Hillary was for traditional marriage and against illegal immigration, as well, until it no longer served her. The Donald should have simply said he had been against it before it even started…..So let’s move on.

What was more puzzling to me was that The Donald knew the birther issue would be brought up but he was completely unprepared for it. Why didn’t Ailes or Bannon make sure he would be? In my opinion, when The Donald had the press conference where he tried to end the birther controversy he should have passed out the biography Obama’s Literary agent had used from 1991 to 2007 that said he was born in Kenya and say if anyone had a question about his country of birth, Obama caused it. People had valid reasons to question it but Obama finally released his BC, his term is almost over, let’s put this to bed. Then when Holt brought it up, he could have said, when your bio says you were born in a different country it isn’t unreasonable to question it, but it’s been resolved so let’s move on. The Donald’s babbling about Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary’s ex-campaign manager was incomprehensible to Joe Public. Joe Public has no idea who Sidney Blumenthal is. They don’t care about Hillary’s EX-campaign manager. The bottom line is that Obama, himself is responsible for the controversy.

When Lester Holt asked The Donald about commenting on Hillary’s looks he should have said, It doesn’t “look” good when you collapse into a van. Your numerous coughing fits don’t “look” good.

But what EVERYONE should have been talking about after the debate was Hillary’s reply to Lester Holt asking if she thought the police were implicitly racist. She said we were ALL implicitly racist. She put the entre country in her “Basket of Deplorables” (ANOTHER subject Holt didn’t bring up). I am so offended by a candidate for President (or a President) who claims the least racist country in the world is racist. This is not a racist country. The average American citizen is generous and compassionate. Blacks and other minorities have succeeded in this country beyond anything they could ever dream of in other countries. We racists elected a Black President…….TWICE!

The Donald has hired campaign managers and advisors, some of whom I admire, others……not so much, but he apparently ignores their advice. I don’t know how The Donald, with his expertise in real estate and Stephen Moore advising him, missed the opportunity to point out how Hillary’s HUSBAND’s policies, NOT “trickle down economics”, contributed to the financial meltdown. .

Well, we have what we have. Hopefully, the next debate will bring up Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, basket of deplorables, deleted emails, partial birth abortions, open borders, un-vetted refugees, Hillary’s treatment of Bill’s women, why so many in her service need immunity, why as a “champion of women” she takes money from countries that deny rights to women, etc. Hillary has a basket of her own deplorable actions much bigger than the basket she puts us in. The Donald needs to be better prepared to deflect the gotcha questions and pivot to Hillary’s illegal, un-Constitutional, un-American actions.

God bless America………we NEED his blessing.

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Recently, American Freedom Alliance hosted a dinner at the Bistro Garden in Studio City for Philip Haney the author of “See Something, Say Nothing”. Mr. Haney studied Arabic culture and language while working as a scientist in the Middle East before the Bush Administration hired him as a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security in 2003. As he specialized in Islamic theology and the strategy and tactics of the global Islamic movement, his job was to track suspected Islamic terrorists and the groups they were connected to. Isn’t this what we would expect our government to do, after being attacked by Islamists on our own shores. The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center was preceded by Islamic attacks on the USS Cole, several Embassies, military barracks, and an earlier, less successful, attack on the World Trade Center. Regardless of our President’s claim that we are not at war with Islam, is there any doubt that Islam is at war with us?

Considering that the Federal government’s primary job is to protect this country and its citizens, and given the growing numbers of Islamic terrorist attacks currently happening in this country, it is an imperative duty of our government to protect us from further attacks. It’s obvious that tracking suspected Islamic extremists is necessary to that end.

The dinner guests appreciated having the chance to meet Mr. Haney and have some in depth conversations before dinner. After dinner Mr. Haney said that, rather than giving a prepared speech, he wanted us to ask him whatever questions we might have. I started by asking him what reason was given for Homeland Security purging all the work he had done tracking the suspected terrorists and groups. He was told his investigations were in violation of Muslim’s civil rights. Leave it to this administration to use OUR civil rights to protect terrorists.

Mr. Haney explained “taqiyya” and other Islamic terms that are important to understand. He explained our biggest threat is Sharia. The Qur’an says Sharia was Mohammed’s gift to the world and is to be the only law in the world. Muslims make no secret that Sharia is their goal and we need to listen to them. The stealth jihad is getting countries to accept Sharia courts. We may not be in danger of being killed by “moderate” Muslims, but Mr. Haney pointed out that the majority of Muslims in this country, born here or not, say they would chose to live under Sharia law. Sharia is completely incompatible with our Constitution and Western culture.

Recent terrorists were not unknown to our intelligence agencies. The Tsanaev brothers, the Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, and the recent New York bomber Ahmad Rahami had all been reported to the FBI. The fact that the FBI closed their investigation into Ahmad Rahami after his own father called the FBI and said he believed his son was a terrorist and his co-workers were alarmed by him should alarm us all. The fact that Islamists who could never pass a security clearance are being appointed to sensitive positions in our government should alarm us all.

Another question asked was the obvious, what do we do? Mr. Haney picked up the Declaration of Independence and read, “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundation on such principals and organizing its powers in such a form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”
Haney said we need to constantly remind those around us to return to our founding documents. He stretched out his arms and said we need to inform all we come in contact with and if all of us did that, we could effect change.

I liked very much that Mr. Haney kept reminding us to use our founding documents to inform others of the importance of adhering to their principals in the fight to protect our culture and country.

As Mr. Haney signed his book for me, he asked if Michael was my real name. I told him it was. He told me the San Bernardino terrorist’s wife had a man’s name. He said they don’t do that in Islam so that should have been a red flag that she wasn’t who she represented herself to be.

We all need to be aware that all of our intelligence agencies, FBI, CIA, DHS, etc. have said there is no way to vet the incoming refugees and that ISIS has promised to seed them with terrorists. Until it becomes possible to thoroughly vet them, they should stay in safe places in the Middle East.

Haney and his wife are touring the country in an RV to speak to as many groups as possible and hopefully all the people he meets will inform those around them. We must ALL be involved.

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Heather Mac Donald has been making the rounds of radio talk shows and cable opinion shows to talk about her book, “The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe”. Mac Donald is a Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and has written for the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, and other publications.

Heather had recently spoken at the David Horowitz Four Season’s luncheon. A board member of American Freedom Alliance arranged for a few of us to have dinner with Heather before she left Los Angeles. The group included myself, four other American Freedom Alliance board members, three UCLA students, a woman who had come all the way from Sacramento to meet Heather and a three others. We had two tables of six. I sat across from Heather and when I was introduced as the President of AFA, she said she had a question for me. She said David Horowitz’s group seemed well funded and well organized and she wondered what AFA did that separated us from the Horowitz organization.

I told her I discovered Horowitz and American Freedom alliance about the same time and have supported both ever since. With the untimely death of AFA founder Avi Davis a group of us decided to pick up the baton and continue his work. I believe we compliment each other. Horowitz has monthly events and AFA has two or three yearly conferences.

Heather agreed there is room for more not fewer groups that bring truth and clarity to the very real threats to our traditions and culture. “The War on Cops” is certainly one of them. We spoke about the damage being done with the false narrative that the police are “out to get” Blacks. The police are there to enforce the law. If people of any race or color obey the law there is little reason to fear the police. Most police officers retire without ever using their gun in the line of duty. Police Officers are human beings, they have families and friends and they want to go home at night just like the rest of us.

We have a President who supports the Black Lives Matter movement and encourages this distrust of the police. The entire narrative is not based on facts. Young Black men aren’t prosecuted more because of racism, they are prosecuted more because they commit more crimes. Young Black men commit homicides at ten times the rate of Whites and Latino’s combined. In New York, Blacks are 23% of the population but commit 75% of the shootings. A whopping 95% of “Failure to Comply” charges are against Blacks. All of the recent highly publicized police shootings have involved men not complying with police orders.

Recently, one of the most vocal anti-police activists was given “Use-of-Force” training by the police to show him what police encounter everyday. Every Black Lives Matter member should be required to watch this video:

Heather was a fascinating woman to have dinner with. I’m so impressed by women willing to speak truth to power, especially when the truth they speak isn’t popular. Heather has so thoroughly researched the subjects she speaks about, her critics can’t argue with the facts, so they typically attack the messenger.

Heather was gracious, engaging and endlessly curious about what motivated her dinner companions. After our main course, she switched tables and spoke with those at the other table. When we could no longer justify taking up space in the restaurant, we went outside and still couldn’t tear ourselves away.

Great food, great conversations, great companions, a great dinner with Heather.

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Sunday, August 21 was American Freedom Alliance’s International Conference held at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles. This was the first conference since the untimely death of founder Avi Davis and I know he would be pleased.

With Islam Extremist attacks becoming more and more frequent, the destabilization of the Middle East and the flood of refugees entering Western countries we thought it was important to address the question of the compatibility of Islam and Western culture.

People arrived early and filled up the room. We had a sold out event. Due to the subject of our conference and notoriety of our speakers we provided a security team and they did a wonderful job.

Barak Lurie introduced our first panel. Bosch Fawstin, cartoonist who won Pamela Geller’s “Draw Mohammed” contest. If you recall, two Islam terrorists were killed by police before they were able to enter the building where the contest was being held. Bosch had been raised a Muslim but now calls himself a Conservative. He very generously designed the cover of our source book for the event and drew Mohammed cartoons for attendees during breaks.

Nonie Darwish, author of “Now They Call Me Infidel”, “Cruel and Usual Punishment” and recently, “The Devil We Don’t Know”, grew up in Egypt under Sharia. She is now a human rights activist and founder of Arabs for Israel. She compared Islam to Christianity.

Lt. Col. Roy White, retired Air Force pilot, leader of ACT San Antonio and founder of ACT’s for America’s Truth in Textbooks. He explained how a volunteer group in Texas got together and went through the Social Studies textbooks being used. They found hundreds of factual inaccuracies (a nice way of saying LIES) and took them to the Texas school board and had them removed from the textbooks. He is training other groups to do the same in their states.

Trevor Loudon, a New Zealander, author of “Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress” and ”Obama and the Enemies Within”. He has been traveling our country, with his lovely wife, to tell those who will lsiten that if America is lost, the rest of the world will be lost. He is just completing a film based on his book, “The Enemies Within”. After the conference he had a screening of the rough cut. This is an important film that needs to be released before the election.

Trevor pointed out that when he applied to immigrate to America, he was asked if he was now or ever had been a communist. Are refugees being asked if they are now or ever had been adherents of Sharia? Sharia requires the overthrow of our government, so why aren’t we asking that?

Morton Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America, served as an economist in the Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations. Mr. Klein understands the economic impact of bringing in millions of Muslim refugees as well as the social upheaval. His speech got people on their feet.

Our next speakers, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer received standing ovations. Ms. Geller congratulated American Freedom Alliance for the courage to have her speak. She said most groups were afraid and isn’t that the purpose of terrorism? Scare you into silence and submission? She said she will continue to tell the truth of the treat of Islam to our way of life. She said Truth was the new hate speech. As we speak there are politicians in this country writing legislature to make speaking against Islam a crime……whether or not what you say is true.

Geller sued N.Y. for banning anti-Muslim ads from buses. The buses displayed anti-Semitic ads but wouldn’t allow anti-Muslim. She won. The result was the that the busses stopped displaying either and that was OK.

“This is the age of absurdity” was Robert Spencer’s opening remark. Those in power and the complacent media tell us terrorists yelling “Allahu Akbar” as they shoot, stab, and blow up innocent people are just mentally unstable and it has nothing to do with Islam. We know better.

But Spencer is optimistic in spite of the carnage that has been happening. He believes it is unraveling. It is being exposed that people are being paid. Terrorists are being funded, media is being paid to mislead, politicians are being paid to defend Islam. What they didn’t count on is that the people instinctively know the truth. Brexit was completely unexpected by the elites. But the people knew unlimited immigration was destroying their culture and creating entire NO GO cities within cities where English laws and customs were not permitted.

Our next panel was introduced by Larry Greenfield, Senior Fellow at American Freedom Alliance, national executive director of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs and founding executive director of the Reagan Legacy Foundation.

Philippe Karsenty, French Media Analyst, explained that he had to be careful about what he said. He explained that anything he says will be distorted by the French media. He spoke about the jihad that isn’t talked about. The civilization jihad is as dangerous as the violent jihad. Through immigration and refugee programs Islamists come into countries and then begin intimidating the native citizens into accepting their culture and suppressing their own. The Islamization of the world is their goal.

Guy Milliere, a recent immigrant from France, was a professor at the University of Paris VIII. He has published more than 40 books in France, Europe, America and Israel. Guy is also a Senior Fellow at American Freedom Alliance. Guy left France because it is too late for Europe. But it isn’t too late for America if we understand Islam is not compatible with our Constitution. Islam is changing European cultures. The EU decides how many refugees and immigrants go to each country and they have no choice. Individual countries can’t say they can’t take anymore.

The next speaker, Elisabeth Wolff, is from Austria. She explained that there is no free speech in Europe. She is fighting a legal battle for speaking against Islam. Citizens in Europe are being prosecuted for speaking against multiculturalism or Islam. Rape is rampant and the best the governments will do is give women pins that say, “NO”. Wolff said their governments have turned against the natural citizens of their countries. Truth is a crime.

James Simpson spoke next. James is an expert on the refugee settlements in America and the benefits they are receiving. He is the author of “The Red Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America”. We need to pay attention to what is being done to us. Refugees receive benefits far greater than any American citizen. Most refugees are being resettled in primarily red counties and states. Many men have more than one wife and each receives benefits. The Left and Islamists are working to erase free speech. Without the ability to speak the truth about Islam, we will lose the Western Civilization and our culture. As I mentioned earlier, there is legislation being written to make criticizing Islam a crime. Who ever thought this could happen in this country?

Former member of Congress, Pete Hoekstra, served as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (a position that requires a security clearance, while apparently, the Chief of Staff of the Secretary of State doesn’t). Hoekstra spoke about how Qaddafi became an ally of the United States against radical Islam. Dictators may not be desirable but they were allies and they kept the Middle East relatively stable for decades. Obama partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood and turned everything upside down.

Hoekstra said the next President and the world had to understand America and American values matter and that America is worth fighting for. And that America will not turn it’s back on Middle Eastern Christian, women, gays or other victims of Islam.

Hoekstra asked if we aren’t going to stand up for American values, who will? It has never been more important than it is now.

We broke for lunch at this point. The Luxe Hotel had set up a lovely buffet on the patio. There was macadamia encrusted chicken, salmon, several choices of salads and side dishes, as well as a variety of deserts. People took advantage of this time to engage the speakers and discuss what they were hearing.

After lunch, Stephen Coughlin introduced our next panel. Coughlin is a decorated intelligence officer, lawyer and expert on Islamic Law. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and a Lincoln Fellow at Claremont Institute. He is also the author of, “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad”.

Dr. Wafa Sultan spoke about being born and raised in Syria. A graduate of Aleppo University medical school, she practiced medicine in Syria until emigrating to America in 1989. Dr. Sultan says all Islam is radical and it is her mission to educate people about the evil of Islam. She has spoken on numerous radio and television programs to explain the idea that Islam is peaceful is false. She contends Islam is evil and we must unite to fight it.

Andrew Bostom was our next speaker. M.D., M.S., Bostom is an Associate professor of Medicine at Brown University. A student of Islamic doctrine and history, he is the author of, “The Legacy of Jihad”, “The Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism”, “Sharia Versus Freedom” and “Iran’s Final Solution for Israel”. Bostom spoke about the need to be honest about Islam.

Next was Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Police in Washington D.C. He was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy in the Reagan administration, Professional Staff Member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and hosts CSP’s Secure Freedom Radio. Mr. Gaffney is an expert on foreign policy and defense.

Obama refers to the terrorists as violent extremists, but what, Gaffney asked, do they all have in common? Sharia. Gaffney said we have to stop calling Islam a religion or we are doomed. Islam is a totalitarian ideology hiding behind a religion.
The goal is to destroy the Western Civilization from within. There is a war on the free world and we need to recognize that.

Gaffney suggested everyone go to to read from a Muslim Brotherhood memorandum what their goals truly are. Our administration and the media are not telling us the truth.

One of our most popular speakers was Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, Jr., 83 year old former Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. He also served as the Senior Military Representative to the United Nations, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Commander of the U.S. Second Fleet, and Commander of NATO Striking Fleet. He is currently President/CEO of LION Associates LLC.

The Admiral began by congratulation America Freedom Alliance for getting every member of the California Republican Party in one room. “Are you ready to take America back?” he asked to thunderous applause.

Admiral Lyons explained we are where we are because the Republican leadership failed us. The Tea Party gave them the majority in both houses to stop Obama’s fundamental transformation and the leadership gave Obama everything he asked for and more……while they ignored his fourteen impeachable offences.

In a booming voice the Admiral said, “The greatest threat to our national security resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”. Obama is pro-Islam and Islam is our enemy. As Turkey’s Erdogan said, there is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam. It is a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion.

If you want to take down a nation, you weaken their military, the Admiral said as he went on to explain just how Obama has weakened our military to before WWI levels in many areas. Not to mention removing God from the foxholes. He explained how Benghazi and Iran’s capture of Navy Sailors demonstrated how Obama has killed integrity and the will to win. The Admiral told us exactly where forces were and how fast they could have reached Benghazi (and HE should know) but they were told to stand down.

Admiral Lyons ended by saying we have a pathological liar who couldn’t handle a compound in Benghazi but wants to be President. After a standing ovation, the Admiral was surrounded by people wanting to speak to him and have pictures taken with him.

The Admiral was followed by Daniel Greenfield, a Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He writes a weekly column for Front Page Magazine and writes for Family Security Matters, Jewish Press, Times of Israel, Act for America, and Right Side News, as well as daily for the Canada Free Press.

Greenfield said we are winning this war. He went on to say that the more we are told that a Muslim yelling, “Allahu Akbar” while killing people is just mentally unstable or needs a job, the less we believe it. We are told it isn’t terrorism and it has nothing to do with Islam, the religion of peace. We are told it’s “workplace violence” or just a misunderstood loner. We know better and they are running out of lies as the terror attacks escalate.

Greenfield pointed out how Muslims are being portrayed as victims by the Left and the Leftist media but they are not victims and as they demand more compliance to Sharia and more restrictions on our culture and traditions, that becomes apparent.
He assured us they will lose and we will win because reality always wins.

Stephen Coughlin spoke last for this panel. He opened by saying we were at war. Using the term “Islamophobia” simply gives authorities the power to prosecute those who speak against Islam. A phobia is when you have an irrational fear but there is nothing irrational about fearing Islam. The United Nations has a plan to criminalize the defamation of Islam and many of our own politicians have suggested legislation to do the same.

Coughlin pointed out that Hillary Clinton told the U.N. pressuring Americans would be easy. She’d use peer pressure and shaming. He pointed out that one of the first people on the scene in Orlando, even before the FBI, was an Imam who helped set up the narrative that although the terrorist told the 911 operator and others that he was doing this for Allah, he was just mentally unstable. We must define the terms and we must be informed.

Our keynote speaker, Ambassador Bolton is the former Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. He has a J.D. from Yale University Law School and a B.A. from Yale College. He is a Senior Fellow at he American Enterprise Institute. The Ambassador’s area of research is U.S. foreign and national security policy.

The Ambassador opened with, “This is about politics and ideology, not religion. To say otherwise is propaganda”. He said we must defeat ISIS as soon as possible. Russia is taking full advantage of the unrest in the Middle East.

Bolton went on to explained how Obama’s policies have weakened America and that the threat of terror is as great or greater than it was on 9/11. Obama’s own appointees admit that ISIS will infiltrate this country through the refugee program. If that is what they will admit publically, you know the truth is even worse.

But although the Ambassador explained how Obama’s policies have left the world vulnerable, he said, “America will prevail as America always has”.

During Q&A a woman confronted the Ambassador for changing his position on Iran/Contra. She said he spoke at a college years ago supporting a position he now objects to. The Ambassador said he never supported it. She argued that she heard him. He shut her down by saying she heard wrong.

The Ambassador was surrounded by people as soon as he left the stage. He was endlessly gracious and patient as people wanted pictures taken with him.

For those who wanted to decompress and discuss what they learned, we moved to the patio outside the bar. The discussions were lively and people were reluctant to leave.

The day following our conference we learned someone wrote an anonymous column for the Southern Poverty Law Center (who supports Black Lives Matter) that criticized our conference as being Islamophobic. I’m wondering if the woman who confronted Ambassador Bolton was the anonymous author. The writer didn’t suggest what was said wasn’t true, they just didn’t like what was said. I consider that a badge of honor.

We need to speak the truth and keep speaking the truth. We will not be silenced.

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Let me begin by saying I want Killary as President as much as I want cancer. And I fully intend to vote for Trump to make sure that doesn’t happen……but I’ve been desperately looking for a reason to not to need sedation to vote for Trump.

I looked hopefully to the Convention for validation that I could feel good about voting for Trump. I REALLY want to believe he is what all you Trumpeters believe he is.

The first day of the Convention I loved. I loved Melania Trump’s speech and Sheriff Clarke, Marcus Lutrell and the Benghazi heroes. Later, I loved Don Jr’s speech and Ben Carson’s and Rudy’s. The first few days I was feeling hopeful. Today I’m exhausted, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, ideologically and every other way I can think of. Last night Ivanka Trump came out. She is beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, poised…. a truly lovely young woman. She spoke lovingly about her Dad and then she said she wasn’t a Republican or a Democrat, that she voted her conscience (Isn’t that what Cruz got booed for saying?). She then went on to say how she’d fight for affordable childcare and pay equality. I thought I was at the Democrat Convention. Then Trump gave his acceptance speech and said everything every “strong man” has said in history…..and that has never ended well. I have said all my life, when you hear someone say they are the only one who has the answers….RUN!!

History has shown us when people are afraid they want a strong man to take over and fix things but history has also shown us those strong men have led to tyranny. There was no mention of the Constitution or limited government last night. In fact Trump said he’d give student loan relief (with what money? And why should we pay for someone’s irresponsible decision?). Recently he said he didn’t care if the GOP kept the majority in Congress. How does he think he can “fix” anything if Congress stands in his way?

But what really concerns me is his very obvious vindictiveness and need to retaliate. I thought Obama’s vindictiveness was scary but it was mostly hidden. Trump’s is right out there. Regardless of how you feel about Ted Cruz, Trump’s interview this morning on CNN was vindictive and childish. He won, he’s the candidate, why is he trashing Cruz and his father AGAIN instead of talking about his plans or Clinton? And please, don’t anyone tell me Cruz should have taken the “high ground” and endorsed Trump. Or that Cruz didn’t honor his pledge. He pledged to “support” the candidate, NOT to “endorse” and Trump said he wouldn’t honor his pledge either if he wasn’t treated fairly. Trump doesn’t have a high ground. Trump slandered Cruz’s father. I’ve met Ted’s father several times and spent time with him. I spent three days in Mississippi with him and he is a kind, gentle man. What’s happened to us that we don’t find that despicable?

But what I’m most heartbroken about is what I’ve learned about what I thought was “my side”. People I’ve trusted and fought side by side with for the last 8 years now call me names. People I thought believed in constitutionally limited government don’t seem to care if Trump uses a pen and a phone as long as their guy is doing it. I can’t listen to Hannity or Laura Ingram or Ann Coulter anymore and not because they support Trump, but because they are so happily dancing on the graves of those who were not Trump supporters.

Believe me I hope and PRAY I’m wrong and if I am, I’ll be the first to admit it. Unlike people who say, better the evil you know than the evil you don’t know, I’ll take my chances with the evil I don’t know because I could be wrong. We KNOW Killary will take our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights and pack the courts with Liberal judges who will rubber stamp every Liberal idea….the Constitution be damned. We know she will sign every UN treaty that relinquishes our sovereignty.

I will vote for Trump but please don’t ask me to be happy about it.

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I expected no less from the Soviet Socialist Republic of Santa Monica. Knowing no opposing opinions would be allowed, I drove to Santa Monica for a talk on the current status of global warming and climate disruption given by the “Climate Reality Project”. I came prepared but I admit I had butterflies in my stomach. In the past I would never have spoken to an unfriendly audience. Now I do it all the time but it still makes me nervous.

It’s interesting that the group sponsoring this talk was named, “Climate Reality Project” considering reality was absent from the presentation. The audience was sparse, I’d say under a hundred and consisted of mostly elderly, birkenstock wearing hippies. A sweet white haired, grandmotherly woman named Sharon Markenson gave the prepared program. She used a glossily produced slide show that went through all the claims we’ve heard from Alarmists for the last 20 years starting with the claim that 97% of scientists say man is causing global warming. It covered the entire litany of claims, melting polar caps, droughts, flooding (apparently, the ocean is rising in some places but not others), extreme storms, extreme forest fires (ignoring that the government shut down logging and won’t allow the clearing of dead wood, not to mention tearing up roads fire trucks need to get into the forests, but I digress). She even showed Gore’s graph of CO2 and temperature following the same trajectory (again neglecting to mention CO2 HAS increased while temperature hasn’t). She repeated the claim that this year was the hottest year ever.

I was amused that several times the presentation included quotes from Republican politicians (taken out of context and not referring to global warming) and
for the only video of an actual scientist, Ms Markenson, made a point of describing the scientist as an evangelical, Republican. The scientist only said there was more humidity now than in the past. I’ve not heard that claim before so I don’t know if it’s true or not but she didn’t say man was causing it. Apparently, Ms. Markenson believes if an evangelical, Republican gives them a quote they can use, it’s compelling evidence.

Ms. Markenson went on to explain how solar and wind were so much better than fossil fuels (once again, neglecting to mention they are only affordable now because they are subsidized). She said we might wonder why America should be restricting it’s use of fossil fuels when China wasn’t, so she explained how they are using more and more solar power (ignoring that between China and India they are building one coal plant a day). She said of course America should set the example (example of what? How to destroy an economy?). She then explained how carbon taxes would give families carbon credits and they might not even use them all, so it would make energy cheaper (like Obamacare made health insurance cheaper). One of the funniest quotes from a Republican politician she used was, “is it a tax if the government doesn’t keep it”? I actually laughed out loud. What tax does the government keep? Our government has run up a nearly $20 Trillion deficit. I’m not aware of the government socking away any of our taxes. She was trying to make the point that if the government collected carbon taxes and gave families carbon credits it would be a zero sum game. Maybe she doesn’t realize there would be a huge, highly paid bureaucracy, that doesn’t exist now, to service this lovely scheme.
She then told the audience they should contact their representatives to support a carbon tax. She also said the “Climate Reality Project” had trained her to give these informative talks and if anyone wanted to get that training to contact the people at the table outside. She ended the slide show with a picture of her three grandsons and one granddaughter and said she was doing this for them. She finished and asked for questions or comments. I raised my hand and was given the microphone.

I started by saying I was a mother and grandmother too and I loved the planet as much as anyone in the room. I said I was sure she had the best of intentions but she was mistaken. I said I could go through her presentation and argue against each claim but I doubted they would give me equal time so I’d address the most easily disproved. I said the claim made by an Australian blogger that 97% of scientists agree man is causing global warming was debunked almost as soon as it was made, but it is repeated nevertheless. I held up a list of the scientists just in California that disagree. I fanned out the 28 pages and showed the audience. I then showed them a printout from the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works website on the 650 current and former IPCC scientists who Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims.

I quoted from Noble Prize winner for Physics, Ivar Giaever, “I am a skeptic….Global warming has become a new religion”. And IPCC scientist Dr. Kimminori Itoh, award winning PhD in environmental physical chemist, “Warming fears are the worst scientific scandal in history…..When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists”. At this point people were shouting at me. They said, “What is your question?”. I said, “Science is based on skepticism, many things that were considered “settled science” have been proven wrong because skeptics kept asking questions. Why won’t you listen to skeptics?

As the room erupted in shouts at me, the microphone was taken (grabbed) from me and I sat down. Ms. Markenson said she had a scientist who could answer me. A white haired man in jeans and a plaid shirt stood next to her. I was expecting him to argue with me but all he did was ask me if I could give him the sources of my claims. I said I certainly could and would. A man behind me asked if he could see the list of California scientists. I showed it to him. He carefully looked at the first few pages and handed it back. The questions that followed from the audience were all from believers and I doubted they’d give me the microphone again, so I got up to leave. The “scientist” quickly came over to me and asked for my email address so he could get my sources. As we were talking another man came up and asked for a copy of the “list”. I told him he could google it. I said it was the “Petition Project”. He said, “Oh, they put anyone who took a class in science on it. I said, “Not true. I’ve met the scientists who circulated the petition and every name was vetted. All you have to do is click on a name and it tells what degrees they have.” He hurumphed his way back to his seat and I was asked to leave because I was being disruptive. I considered that high praise. There is nothing more entertaining than the tolerant Left.

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People, people, people, you need to do a better job of training your guns. Do you know they are sneaking out of your house and shooting people?

Why are we blaming guns when it was an Islamist terrorist, who happened to use guns, who killed 49 people in Orlando. He could have just as easily used a bomb. The 9/11 terrorists used planes. The Boston terrorists used pressure cookers. It’s terrorists who are killing people, not guns, pressure cookers or planes. But we’re not talking about keeping terrorists out of the country, we’re talking about taking law abiding people’s 2nd Amendment rights. In fact, if Congress passes a bill that prevents anyone on the “No Fly” list from buying guns, we’ll be losing our 2nd, 4th, 5th , and 6th Amendment rights.

I understand people thinking there is no good reason for anyone on the “No Fly” list to have a gun. OK. Do you know what criteria is used to put someone on the list? Neither do I and they won’t tell us. People are assuming everyone on the list deserves to be on it, but do they? Let me point out Teddy Kennedy was on the list. And as a very high profile Senator and the brother of both a President and an Attorney General, it took him six months to get off the list. He could afford to take private planes in the meantime but most of us can’t. If you find yourself erroneously listed do you know what procedure there is to get off the list? No? Neither does anyone else because there isn’t one.

I want you to think long and hard about this. If Congress passes a law to prevent anyone on the “No Fly” list from owing a gun, what prevents the government from expanding that list to include anyone it wants to? There is nothing in any of the recent bills that would prevent that. Let me point out that the DOJ and DHS have a list of groups they consider potential “terrorist threats”. That list includes the Tea Party, Pro-Lifers, Returning military, anti-amnesty groups, among other Constitution supporting groups.
You can bet if Congress passes such a law, these groups will be on the list. This would be a twofer for government globalists. They take our guns AND prevent us from traveling.

But let’s also look at that list objectively. Is it not taking people’s rights without due process? We have always passionately defended due process. We have released murderers for being denied their due process. We’ve let them go for not reading them their Miranda Rights. The people on this list haven’t been charged with a crime, or been found guilty, they haven’t faced their accuser, they haven’t had a speedy trial. They are guilty until they can prove they are innocent. They can’t even know who put them on the list or why. Call me crazy, but wasn’t the complaint from the Left about Guantanamo that the prisoners were being denied due process?

Can you explain to me what an “assault weapon” is? If you switch out the scary black stock for a wood one, you’d call it a rifle. Those who are determined to take our guns use terms designed to mislead and misinform. They call AR-15’s “assault weapons” or “Weapons of war”. The AR-15 isn’t used by the military. It shoots one bullet per trigger pull just like every hand gun. I love how people who have never shot a gun or gone hunting want to tell us what we “need”. Limiting the number of bullets you can have in a clip is an inconvenience not a determent. The Orlando shooter changed clips numerous times during his siege. It takes less than a second.
These laws simply turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. There is no law you can pass to prevent criminals from getting and using guns.

The gun grabbers also claim we need better background checks. Really? Besides seeing if you have committed any felonies? What would that look like? Are we also going to have doctors and psychiatrists break their patient/doctor privilege? Are we going to interview your friends, neighbors and family? And what if they don’t want you to have a gun because they don’t believe anyone should have one? Or you are estranged? Or someone has a grudge against you? These are things our Constitution was designed to protect us from.

I also want you to think about this. We have had guns in this country since the pilgrims arrived. Nearly every citizen, but certainly every household, owned a gun. A kid could go into a gun store and buy a gun. Teenagers had gun racks in the backs of their pick-ups filled with guns in high school parking lots. People didn’t go around shooting people when they knew others were very likely to have guns too.

The next time you are out for dinner, look around the room and ask yourself, if a terrorist came in right now, how many people would be killed? I’d guess, pretty much everyone in the room. If you were dining in Texas the likelihood would be that at least four or five people would be carrying a gun. Under those circumstances, how many do you think would die? Not so many, right? Or would the terrorist have even gone there knowing people were armed?

So what has changed? It isn’t guns. They’ve changed very little. They may look scarier because gun owners think it’s cool (and so do movie goers) but they still shoot one bullet at a time. Machine guns/automatic weapons have been illegal for decades. Mass shootings haven’t increased because of an increase in the number of guns, they’ve increased with the increase in the number of Muslim migrants. Why is the outrage directed at guns and not at Islamic terrorists? We had very few Muslims living in America until very recently. The number has grown geometrically and so have terrorist attacks. I know, I know, most Muslims are not terrorists, but how do you tell which ones are and which ones aren’t? Even though the FBI investigated the Orlando terrorist three times for making terrorist threats, they didn’t believe he was dangerous. The co-workers of the San Bernardino terrorist didn’t think he was dangerous either. We may not be at war with Islam, but Islam IS at war with us.

Our FBI and CIA have told us there is no way to vet the Syrian “refugees” being brought into our country. ISIS has said they will infiltrate our country through the refugees. Why can’t we have a rational conversation of the wisdom of bringing in people whose culture is the antithesis of ours? The solution certainly isn’t throwing out our Constitution or turning law-abiding citizens into criminals.

As long as we are living in these perilous times, I’m keeping my gun.

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