“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”. When President Obama said this to the UN General Assembly, we had no idea what he actually meant by it. We weren’t aware that the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had met with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and assured them she would help to pass an embargo on all unsanctioned discussions of Islam as a matter of International law through the UN (UN Resolution 1618).

Last Sunday, American Freedom Alliance’s Literary Café hosted Stephen Coughlin, author of, “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad”. He is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute. Coughlin is a lawyer, retired military officer and former Joint Chiefs of Staff intelligence analyst. As an expert on Islam his job was to brief leading commands, and senior service staff institutions, including the National Defense University, the Army and Navy War Colleges, the Marine Corps-Quantico, the State Department and the FBI. The special operations community dubbed his briefings “Red Pill” briefings, a reference to an iconic scene in The Matrix.

Coughlin was accompanied by Anthony Poole, a counterterror analysis, who traveled to Egypt with Coughlin in 2014.

In 2011, Hesham Islam , a top Pentagon aide to Deputy Secretary of State, Gordon England, began a campaign to get the Pentagon not to renew Coughlin’s contract. Coughlin’s briefing explained the motivation of the Islamic extremists. He explained that Islam is supported and enforced by the force of law (Shariah). One cannot be separated from the other. Muslims are not allowed to explain verses of the Qur’an based on their opinion but are required to check how it is understood by scholars of the Sacred Law who came before. Shariah is not a severable element of Islam and cannot be left out of the analytical process.

Coughlin told the group Islamists believe their doctrine. They tell you what it is. We need to hear them. They believe they have already won the war (caliphate) in the Middle East. They are working on how to win the war here, in the United States. They are intent on infiltrating our government and getting us to do the job for them. It appears they have successfully calculated that they could win by convincing our national security leaders of the immorality of studying and knowing the enemy.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and people affiliated with them have been identified by our government as providing material support to terrorism in federal court, but some of these same people are being used as cultural experts and community outreach partners in our government. Coughlin says far from moderate, the Muslin Brotherhood is the most dangerous player in the War on Terror.

The Brotherhood’s goal is to destroy the First Amendment by using political correctness and social science. I had wondered why the Muslim community had been silent on gay marriage, as they condemn homosexuality, but they recognize that it is the most effective way to harm the First Amendment. To deny taqiyya (permissible lying to further the cause of Islam) is to not know your enemy.

Hesham Islam was successful in getting Coughlin fired from his job and truth of Islam purged from all military discussions, manuals and documents. The White House and Pentagon say the Islamic State is not Islamic. What? ISIS tells us their actions are based on Islam. Our government is putting us in danger by pretending ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, etc. are just random rag tag groups of extremists. They are waging jihad and it is based on Islam and their mission is to convert everyone to Islam either by persuasion or force.

Our government pretends Major Nidal Hasan murdering 13 and wounded 30 while yelling “Allah Akbar” was work place violence and all the terrorism that has happened since 9/11 is just random acts by crazy people. As our government brings in hundreds of thousands of un-vetted Muslim “refugees” from the Middle East, ISIS is recruiting them to commit lone wolf attacks. These are even more frightening because they can happen anywhere, anytime.

Not only was the idea that Islam is responsible for terrorism purged from our government, so were individuals who believed that was true. Interestingly, so was Hesham Islam when people looked into his resume and his official life story and found “discrepancies”.

Coughlin had also briefed members of Congress. Congressman (her preference) Bachmann tried to get Congress to investigate the many, many Muslims working in the White House and Pentagon and was soundly criticized even by her own party. Senators McCain and Graham being some of the harshest critics. One has to ask how people who have had close affiliations to terrorist organizations get security clearances.

Not only doesn’t our government have a functional knowledge of Islamic Law, our national security leaders have taken active measures to suppress it. In 1955, former Supreme Court Justice, former Chief U.S. Prosecutor at Nuremberg, and former U.S. Attorney General Robert Jackson said Islamic law is incompatible with our Constitution. He said the law of the Middle East is the antithesis of Western law.

By this time the audience was understandably frightened. When asked what to do, neither Coughlin nor Poole had an answer. As long as our government won’t recognize who we are fighting, we can’t win. But a beginning is having the knowledge of what we face and spread it to all you know. We must elect people who are willing to identify the enemy.

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White House Spokesman, Josh Ernest, when asked if this administration’s policies weren’t to blame for the murder of Kathryn Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco, he blamed the Republican’s failure to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform that would have increased border security. I can’t let him get away with that.

Let’s be crystal clear, if Republicans had passed “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” it would NOT have increased border security. No matter what border security measures were in the bill, the ONLY thing implemented would have been amnesty. We’ve been down this road before. We agreed to the 1986 Immigration Reform bill because it promised to secure the border and enforce the laws against hiring illegal aliens……..they just NEVER did it. And because they never did it, the number of illegal immigrants grew from 3 million to 30 million (if you believe it’s 11 million, I have a lovely bridge to sell you). The ONLY thing they implemented was amnesty. They didn’t even implement background checks or learning English. We’re not Charlie Brown, we’re not going to let Lucy hold the ball AGAIN.

And again, let’s be crystal clear, if the Left REALLY wanted to solve our “broken immigration system”, they would have built a fence, the biggest best fence possible, as a show of good faith to the American people……because that’s what we want. The truth is, they have NO INTENTION of securing the border, regardless of what they put in a “Comprehensive Immigration” bill. Whatever else they put in the bill is simply cover for amnesty.

Republicans wouldn’t pass the bill because the American people let them know, in no uncertain terms, that we want the border secured FIRST……AND that we know we’re being lied to. We’re just not as stupid as they’d like to think we are. We want a fence, a big, hulking, double fence. Once we’re comfortable that the border is truly secure (after several years) and illegal immigration is truly stopped, we can sit down and talk about what to do with those here.

The reason Donald Trump is rising in the polls is that he’s talking about the gorilla in the room and he isn’t backing down. I’m not a Trump fan but I couldn’t be happier that he forced this discussion. Trump speaking about our open borders, followed by the murder of Kathryn Steinle, has put a spotlight on sanctuary cities and the criminal illegal aliens released onto our streets instead of being deported. The fact that Trump is increasing in popularity indicates just how much people want the border secured. People are tired of being lied to.

We all know neither party really cares about the “hard working people who just want a better life”. If they did, they’d stop more from coming and taking the jobs of those already here. The Republicans, encouraged by the Chamber of Commerce, wants the cheap labor and the Democrats don’t care about anything but creating a permanent Democrat majority. We know all their “talking points” are utter nonsense. The pro-amnesty spokespeople say fences don’t work. Of course they do. They worked in Israel and they are working in Saudi Arabia. Are there fences around the White House? Military bases? Private homes?

We’re told if we build a hundred foot tall fence, the illegal aliens will just bring a hundred and one foot ladder. Come on! You build a double fence. By the time an illegal alien gets up the ladder, pulls it over to get down the other side, he’ll be surrounded by a dozen border patrol agents. We’re tired of being shouted down, we’re tired of being lied to, we want the fence. We want the border secured, truly secured………and we want it NOW.

I listened to a pro-amnesty spokesperson the other day on the Hannity radio show. He said there was no such thing as a sanctuary city. What? I live in one. How does he think he can get away with such a blatant lie? He then tried to tell us illegal aliens received no benefits whatsoever. He said they didn’t get subsidized housing or food stamps. Of course they do. If they have children they get it all. And the ones coming from South America are being called “refugees”. Not only are they getting every social service, we are sending planes to South America to pick up their family members. This accomplishes two of the Agenda 21, Global Governance, socialist goals, it redistributes our wealth and it creates a permanent underclass that will vote for more of it.

We’re told sanctuary cities make us safer. They say if illegal aliens know they won’t be deported, they will be willing to report crimes. The reality is that most illegal aliens are poor, uneducated people who came from countries where they didn’t trust the police or government. They don’t trust them any better here. They are no more likely to report crimes here as they were in their own countries. However, I could accept not deporting people who report crimes, but, please, someone explain to me how we are safer protecting criminal illegal aliens from deportation? How are we safer after releasing hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal aliens into the population?

People were shocked that Kathryn Steinle’s killer had been deported FIVE times. But what shocks them even more is that it’s not unusual. It’s standard operating procedure across the country. Isn’t it the government’s PRIMARY job to protect us?

A reporter also asked Josh Ernest if the White House was going to make any statement about the murder of Kathryn Steinle. He told them they would not be making any statement and referred them to Homeland Security. No, no, no, you’re not going to get away with that. The President had plenty to say about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. He sent people to their funerals and had the DOJ investigate. Again, we’re not that stupid. Kathryn was killed by an illegal alien and he wants more of them. The last thing he wants is to draw even more attention to the fact that illegal aliens can just come back if they are deported. He doesn’t want us to look into how many criminal illegal aliens are being released onto our streets.

We’re told this administration has deported more illegal aliens than the previous two administrations. Except the previous two administrations didn’t include those turned away at the border, they only counted those actually issued deportation orders from a judge. We’re told the border is more secure than it has ever been. First, that’s faint praise since they consider adding one more border patrol agent or spending more money (even if it only goes to officer’s pensions not border security) allows them to make that claim. Second, when we have illegal aliens who have actually received deportation orders NUMEROUS times from judges, returning time and time again, the border isn’t secure ENOUGH.

We’re told many things from this administration that aren’t true. It’s time to demand better. It’s time to let them know we’re not that stupid.

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Last week, actress, America Ferrera wrote a letter to Donald Trump regarding his comments on our illegal immigration problem.
This is MY reply to her.

Dear America,

Thank YOU, for letting us know your allegiance is to your Latin heritage and not to the country that bares your name. I wonder if you would have achieved the success you have if your parents hadn’t come here from Honduras? Why did they come here? Wasn’t it for the opportunities and freedom this country provided them? Wasn’t it for a better life for you? And haven’t you enjoyed a better life?

Thank YOU for reminding us that there are people in this country that, regardless of the benefits they received, are more interested in their narrow agenda than the Constitution, the Rule of Law or what is best for the country. And, please, America, explain why Mexicans and South Americans are more deserving of reaping the benefits of living in this country than other countries?

You grew up in the comfortable community of Woodland Hills and received a full “Presidential Scholarship” (quite an honor) to USC. You received that scholarship because you were an intelligent young woman and a good student, so you should understand why this country is so attractive. You should be able to understand what is and isn’t Constitutional. Unconstitutional rulings are not “progress”.

Why were you so offended by what Mr. Trump had to say? Are you saying the best and brightest are illegally crossing our border? You said, “We are college graduates, bankers, police officers, entertainers, teachers, journalists, politicians…” Yes, but that’s after you have benefited from what American has to offer, that’s not what is crossing the border, is it? Are you saying there are no MS 13 gang members crossing? No cartels? No terrorists? No criminals are crossing along with the sweet nannies, housekeepers and gardeners? Trump wasn’t saying we don’t have our own criminals, but do you think it’s wise to import more? Do you think it’s “progress” to not know who is crossing our border? I’m assuming you own a house and I’m assuming there is a fence or wall around your property. Do you allow anyone (psycho fans, paparazzi) to come on your property uninvited?

Thank YOU for letting us know you don’t believe America has a right to decide who can and can’t enter the country? We already have 25% of the Mexican population living here and, in the not to distant future, if we don’t secure our borders and control immigration, this country will become a Latin American country. If you want to live in a Latin American country, why did you leave one?

Our Vice President said it’s a good thing we will no longer be a White majority country by 2017 (the census says 2043). Why will that be a “good thing”? Would it be a “good thing” if Mexico and South America no longer had Latin majorities? Would it be a “Good thing” if Africa no longer had a Black majority?

Thank YOU, America, for reminding us that LEGAL immigration has helped make this nation great. No one has ever said different. However, ILLEGAL immigration is a threat to our sovereignty. We no longer require immigrants to speak English, learn the value of our form of government or assimilate. Most who come illegally are poor and uneducated. And, although, I don’t blame them for wanting to come here and have a better life, I think we both know, without speaking English (the language of commerce), learning about our government and assimilating, they are poorly equipped to maintain it.

I wonder, America, when your religious liberty is stripped from you and your mostly Catholic community, if you’ll think it’s progress. When more things and more speech and more history is banned, you’ll think it’s progress. We don’t ban things in this country. Banning anything is oppressive, not progress. When you or a loved one is denied care, I wonder if you’ll think that’s progress. Government run healthcare is as far from progress as you can get.

Thank YOU for reminding us you see Latino communities, Black communities, Muslim communities, etc. not American communities. I suggest you ask Europe how multiculturalism is going for them. They have declared it a failure but you think it’s progress. And PLEASE, America, explain when this country has been “fundamentally transformed” from an educated, middle class, White majority, to a uneducated, poor, Latino majority, how that is progress.

Let me ask you this, when America is a Latin country, will it have the same opportunities? Can you tell me what Latin countries have been as successful as America, where even their poorest live in more comfort than most of the world? Can you tell me what Latin countries have had more innovators than we have?

California was a Red state. It was turned into a Blue, one party, state by illegal immigration. You are far too intelligent to believe that’s a good idea. We have been the most stable country in the world because we had two parties that kept our system in check. It has protected us from the tyranny of the majority.

Thank you for reminding us that growing up in America, benefiting from it’s freedom and opportunities doesn’t make you an American. Thank you for letting us know you believe those of us who believe in the Rule of Law and the Constitution are an “antiquated and endangered species of bigots”. You do understand believing “marriage” is between a man and a woman doesn’t mean you hate gays, don’t you? I guess your USC education (we paid for) didn’t teach you how to disagree with people without calling them names. Sad.

And, thank YOU for showing us who you are. This quote, “We will SILENCE you at the polls. We will vote and use our growing position in U.S. Politics…..and we know there is nothing that scares you more”, shows us your loyalty is to your “people” not America. I got it. You are for what you think benefits the Latino community (be careful what you wish for) and you are willing to silence and bully the rest of us. It is indelibly etched in my mind.

And, finally, thank YOU, for giving me a reason to do my part in a still (partially) free country to change the channel and not see movies you are in.

Very sincerely,
An American

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A few years ago I wrote a column entitled, “I Don’t Recognize My Country Anymore”. When I wrote it, I believed America was headed for tough economic times, I believed policies were being implemented that were harmful to our country and it’s citizens, I believed our foreign policy was dangerous for us and the world, but I believed we could turn it around. I never imagined, for a fleeting second, that we would be fighting for religious liberty in America……..a country founded on religious liberty……a country that has always held religious liberty in the highest esteem. I never believed we’d be fighting for the soul of America.

I wake up every morning now fearful of the next assault on our liberty. Saul Alinsky said to overwhelm your opponent and keep overwhelming them. After last week’s Supreme Court rulings I feel emotionally beaten and bloody. I am reeling, desperately trying to find my footing. I feared things could get this bad but I didn’t really believe it. I believed there were fundamental beliefs we all held, that couldn’t be shaken. I believed all of us would defend free speech to our last breath. I believed we would reject censorship in any form (Look how hard pornography has been defended). I believed religious liberty was sacrosanct. And, silly me, I believed the Supreme Court would uphold the Constitution, after all, that IS their only job. I was wrong.

What has happened to us? We don’t just disagree, we hate those who disagree with us. We are fighting about everything and if you don’t agree you are destroyed. Not just criticized………destroyed. As I write, the Left is organizing to completely destroy Donald Trump………and a United States Congressman is urging them on. They aren’t satisfied with NBC and Macy’s severing their ties with him, they want to destroy ALL his business ventures. Why? Because he said some illegal aliens are criminals. Is this not true? Obama called some “gang bangers”. It’s OK for Obama but not Trump? I’m not a fan of the Donald but he’s done nothing to warrant being destroyed.

I just heard George Takei, of Star Trek fame, calling Justice Clarence Thomas, “a clown in black face”. Where is the outrage over that? If Takei were a Conservative he’d be Tarred and Feathered. He said Thomas shouldn’t serve on the bench. Why? Because Clarence Thomas said it was an unconstitutional decision? Apparently, Mr. Takei doesn’t care if the decision is Constitutional or not, as long as it’s in his favor. There is no Constitutional guarantee to marriage, traditional or otherwise. The Supreme Court just made one up out of whole cloth. The court has no authority to make law. The three branches of our government have separate, enumerated duties. Legislation (laws) come from Congress, NOT the Supreme Court or Executive Branch. They did the same with the Healthcare law. They should have said it was a badly written law (it was), sent it back to Congress and told them to fix it. Instead, they rewrote it.

Takei was particularly incensed that Thomas said government can’t confer dignity. Takei said there was no dignity in slavery or Asian interment. Thomas never said there was. He was speaking about the God given dignity of human life. The behavior of those enslaved and interned demonstrated their dignity, regardless of what others did to them. In fact, in my opinion, those who endure and survive unimaginable circumstances have far more dignity than those who have not. But, although, Takei got exactly what he wanted, he’s still mad and won’t be satisfied until we all acquiesce or are punished.

The Left is outraged and offended about everything. When Phil Robertson said, as poor White trash (his words, not mine), he worked alongside Blacks in the fields. He said they sang and were happy, they had strong families and were very religious. He was vilified for recognizing their ability to rise above their conditions and demonstrate their human dignity. Apparently, personal experience and facts aren’t acceptable anymore if they don’t fit the narrative. I guess we’re not to marvel at the dignity of people that can, not just endure, but flourish. Why would Blacks not take pride in their ancestor’s ability to rise above their circumstances? What is wrong with us? We used to accept factual information. We used to give people the benefit of a doubt. We used to give people second chances. We used to accept that not everyone would agree with us. These days we give murderers a second chance but not Conservative and certainly not religious Conservatives.

The very people who demand tolerance are the most intolerant, vindictive people I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen the level of intolerance we are seeing now. Takei got what he wanted, but it’s never going to be enough. When did believing in traditional marriage mean you hate gays? It doesn’t. That isn’t even a logical argument, but logic isn’t recognized anymore.

When the good people of Charleston forgave an insane young man who murdered nine innocent church members and couldn’t be persuaded to riot and burn down their city, the agitators turned to the Confederate flag. They couldn’t let this crisis go to waste. First, the flag was removed from the state capitols, then stores refused to sell the flag, manufacturers stopped manufacturing them, now, “Dukes of Hazzard” has been taken off the air, “Gone with the Wind” (a CLASSIC) taken out of circulation. GONE WITH THE WIND! Seriously? Seriously? This is what we’ve come to?

There are demands being made to take down monuments and statues. Calls to rename streets. What is next? After all, Washington owned slaves. Should we rename Washington state and DC? Take him off the dollar, off Mount Rushmore? Where does this purging of our history end? And how does it change history? Will hiding the Confederate flag mean it didn’t exist? In my opinion, all our history should be preserved and taught, warts and all. When did we stop believing censorship was wrong? I didn’t get that memo.

Most of this outrage is coming from Leftists on both coasts who don’t know or understand the South……..or fly over country, for that matter. Apparently, they want to erase the entire history of the South. Blacks in the South haven’t been demanding the Confederate flag be banned or statues be taken down. It is the media and Hollywood behind all this banning……apparently, encouraged by the White House. I have to ask Hollywood how this is different from McCarthyism? I thought they believed McCarthy was a shameful time in our history. But now they are black balling people who don’t support their world view? Really?

I thought ALL Americans understood the value, the vital importance to our liberty, an unbiased, objective media was. We know the media has had a Liberal bias (voting for Democrats has never dropped under 80%) but nothing like we see today. The media isn’t just supporting the Liberal agenda, they aren’t reporting anything that conflicts with it. There isn’t even a pretence of objectivity anymore. And when proven wrong, they won’t admit it. Several years ago when Fox warned about a coming Islamic caliphate, they weren’t just criticized, they were mocked unmercifully. The media is talking about the caliphate everyday now but they have never admitted Fox was right and they were wrong.

For example, the Rolling Stone story that accused the young men of UVA of being gang rapists. Even when it was proven there was no rape, we were told we should believe the alleged victim regardless of evidence to the contrary (move on, nothing to see here…) because rape IS rampant on college campuses. The Columbia University Mattress Girl was also proven wrong (she admitted she had consensual sex several times with the young man) but was invited to the State of the Union by Senator Gillibrand and held up as a hero. The young man she accused has been deeply negatively affected but she is held as a hero by the media. Apparently, falsely accusing our young college men of rape is heroic, but accusing criminal illegal aliens of rape should result in your destruction. What is wrong with us?

The media descended on Alaska like locus and went through every email Sarah Palin sent or received (and found NOTHING) but they are entirely uninterested in Obama’s background or associations…….completely uninterested in Valerie Jarrett’s radical parents and associations. Truth just doesn’t matter anymore. Where are the investigative reporters? Oh, we know, ask Sharyl Attkisson. Are you not alarmed about the few actual journalists being intimidated and censored? We have our government controlling the media. They tried to plant classified documents on Sharyl’s computer to ruin her reputation. She wasn’t a Conservative, she was just an honest, objective journalist. We are being lied to everyday by this administration and the media never calls them on it. You can keep your doctor and your plan……Benghazi was caused by a video……..we knew nothing about Fast and Furious…….the IRS did nothing wrong…….we can’t find the emails………no one knew Hillary was using a private server………..Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction…….ISIS is the JV team………..ISIS is not Islamic……….I believe marriage is between a man and a woman………and on and on. I knew things like that happened in other countries but I never thought they could happen here…..or that any American, Liberal or Conservative, would not be outraged by it.

This Fourth of July weekend we are being told that the terrorist threat has never been higher since 9/11. Terrorist attacks have become more and more frequent since 9/11. ISIS is recruiting lone wolf terrorists right here in America. And, in spite of them being of Middle Eastern descent, we are bringing in more Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees than we’ve ever had in the past. Does that not seem unwise, at best and suicidal at worst? What happened to common sense?

When Seal Team Six was shot down, and their bodies arrived back in America, although none of them were Muslim, an Imam prayed over their coffins. In front of their families, an Imam damned their loved ones to hell. This administration has required an Imam as well as a Chaplin at military funerals. Why? Why not a Rabbi? Where is the media on this? Why is no one in the media incensed that an Imam damned members of our military to hell? This is, yet another, story they are ignoring. I get the media protecting the “first Black President”. I get them propagandizing the Liberal agenda. I don’t get this. This is something I would think we all would agree on. How do these people sleep at night?

The world has never, in my lifetime, been in such chaos. As Marco Rubio so accurately pointed out, our allies no longer trust us, and our enemies no longer fear us. The Middle East is on fire. We are still negotiating a treaty with Iran as they chant “DEATH TO AMERICA” and promise they will never allow inspections. WHY? As ISIS continues to take more territory across the Middle East, as they crucify children, burn people alive, drown them in cages, behead them on television, this administration has completely gutted our military so that if we have to get involved we won’t be prepared. As Iran grows closer to a nuclear weapon, we are disarming ours. As Greece faces financial collapse, we are following them down that road. With 93 million Americans out of work, American companies replace American workers with H1B foreign workers. And to add insult to injury, they make the Americans train their replacements. As the Middle East explodes and Greece implodes, we are banning the Confederate flag. REALLY?

The Left wants us to think we’re alone. They want us to feel defeated. They want us to give up. And the media will do everything they can to help. Every night I hear someone say the polls show people have changed their minds about same sex marriage. NO, they haven’t. First of all, polls can be worded to give you whatever results you want, but if people are saying they’ve changed their minds it’s because they’ve seen bakers and florists driven out of business, they’ve seen CEO’s fired, they’ve seen people lose their jobs and they’re afraid to say what they think. I ask people everyday if they have changed their minds and I have yet to find anyone who has.

I believed as things got worse, more and more people would wake up and fight back. I thought freedom was in our DNA and the more our liberty was taken from us, the more we’d fight back. But what I see is fear, denial and ignorance. What’s wrong with us? We were the pioneers, the explorers. We left a civilized society with all the creature comforts and sailed across an ocean to an uncivilized, primitive land. We started from scratch. We fought the strongest, biggest military on earth for our freedom. We built the most successful, wealthiest, most powerful country in the world. Are we just going to lay down and give up now?

We can’t allow ourselves to be censored. We must defend free speech and religious freedom. They are the foundation of this country. Without them we have no country. As Dietrich Bonnhoeffer cautioned, “not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act”.

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The Supreme Court just demonstrated we no longer have three separate branches of government, nor a Constitutional Rule of Law. We no longer have any checks and balances. There is no separation of the branches. We are now to be ruled by whoever has the power to tell you what the law is and the guns to enforce it. We can no longer say, you can’t do that because it’s against the law. The law is now whatever they say it is.

Chief Justice Roberts said the law didn’t mean what it said. YES, IT DID! The law says nine times that the state exchanges are the only ones that can give subsidies. Our friend (sarcasm) Jonathan Gruber explained, very clearly, that they wrote the bill to force states to set up exchanges. He explained that their citizens would be paying the tax but if their state didn’t set up exchanges they wouldn’t get the subsidies. They would be paying to help other citizens but not themselves. Gruber was counting on the stupidity of the citizens to pressure their states into setting up the exchanges. Nothing could be clearer that they did, IN FACT, mean what the bill said. So, now the Supreme Court is making law not enforcing it. They just threw out statutory law saying it didn’t mean what it said. Apparently, it is now the job of the Supreme Court to find a way to uphold whatever laws Congress passes, Constitutional or not. What the Court should have done was send the bill back to Congress to amend.

I’m certainly not an expert on the Supreme Court but I don’t believe this has ever happened before. I don’t believe the Court has ever claimed the language of the law didn’t mean what it said. Roberts suggested overturning this portion of the law would cause chaos. That is a very disingenuous argument, considering they are about to overturn Common Law (the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God) as well by ruling in favor of same sex marriage, which will bring more chaos than this country has ever seen.

The “fundamental transformation” Obama promised us is moving faster and faster. Michelle’s promise to change our conversations, our traditions and our history is moving even faster.

I’ve listened to Michelle’s speech numerous times and wondered why no one asked why. We are still (for now) a White majority country. Why wouldn’t our traditions be the dominant ones? Why would we want to “change our history”? What happened in the past……happened. Not teaching it, doesn’t change that it happened. And, as we all know, if you don’t know history, you are destined to repeat it. So, why would anyone want to “change our history”? Why would we want to repeat the mistakes of the past? The only reason I can think of is that they don’t want people to understand the value of our Bill of Rights and Constitution. They don’t want people to understand the value of individual liberty and limited government.

The people who are cheering this ruling, clearly don’t know history or understand the significance of the Rule of Law. We have been a country of Laws, not men. This is a Republic, not a democracy. It was designed to protect our form of government from the low information majority. When people discover they can vote to take money from others, they will.

This administration is bringing in immigrants and refugees from countries that have never known individual liberty and not teaching them the value of our system. This is on purpose. This is how they change our conversation, traditions and history.

This is a very sad day in our history. And, sadly, I suspect tomorrow will be even sadder.

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Marta and James Enstrom hosted the American Freedom Alliance Literary Café this month. The featured author was James Bennett, consultant, entrepreneur, a fellow of the Economic Policy Centre, and an adjunct fellow of the Centennial Institute in Colorado. He was co-founder of two private space transportation companies and other technological ventures. He has written extensively on technology, culture and society. He spoke about his most recent book, “America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century” – Why America’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come”.

Bennett began by explaining what America 1.0 and 2.0 were. In America 1.0 people supported themselves with family farms and small businesses. This world was replaced by America 2.0 that was an industrialized world of big business, big unions and big cities. The transition from 1.0 to 2.0 was tumultuous and the transition to 3.0 will be as well, however, Bennett believes we will survive as we have in the past. He believes 3.0 will bring tremendous productivity, technological advances and a limited government.

Bennett pointed out that the 20’s were a period of moral decline but that we returned to our moral foundation during WWII when we were united to defend God and country. Bennett believes 3.0 will be the age of technology which will lead to decentralization, individualism and entrepreneurialism. 3D printing will change how we do business. Self driving cars will allow you to call up a car when you need one rather than own one. Crowd funding will change the way people fund new businesses and entertainment projects. He said there will be $20 throw away satellite phones that will connect 3rd world countries to the Anglosphere. Technology will bring us the means to do things we never dreamed of.

Bennett said the worst thing this administration did was give control of the internet to the United Nations. However, he said entrepreneurs will find ways around any restrictions governments place on it.

Bennett feels the Left’s agenda (socialism/communism) is already coming apart. We have the example of socialistic policies not working. We have 50 years of the War on Poverty to see while we spent more than $20 Trillion, the poverty rate is the same and it’s implementation has destroyed families. Before the war on poverty the percentage of babies born out of wedlock to low income families was about 25-30% and now is about 75%. It doesn’t work and people are realizing it.

Bennett likened the Left to the “Ghost Shirt Dancers”. When Indians were moved on to reservations, those who refused to accept defeat, put on shirts decorated with signs that were supposed to make them bullet proof and they danced and chanted about being invincible. Soldiers came in and shot them and that ended their invincibility. Bennett believes the Left is doing their Ghost Shirt Dance.

Speaking about the threat of Islam in America, Bennett said they are making demands because we have opened the door to allow them to, but if we said no, he believes, they would back down. He said we should include in the oath new citizens take that they must obey no other law than American law and that the penalty be revoking their citizenship and sending them home. If we then enforced it, they would stop demanding Sharia law.

Bennett explained that before Ellis Island, we had no immigrant requirements to assimilate or speak our language. After President McKinley was assassinated by an unassimilated immigrant, we decided to change our policy. We put American flags in every classroom, recited the Pledge of Allegiance and taught civics. We required the new immigrants to learn English and assimilate. The policy of multiculturalism has reversed all of that. Europe has declared multiculturalism a failure and we need to do the same.

Bennett said we could easily secure our border and we must. But we must elect a President willing to do it. He also said, rather than fund, yet another, Republican candidate, we should be funding magazines with a conservative voice, movies, books, comic books…….a conservative version of the Simpsons.

When asked how he could be so optimistic, Bennett said giving into pessimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. By being optimistic, at least, you have a chance of bringing about what you desire.

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Congressman Stockman brought Ted Nugent to Obama’s 2013 State of the Union speech. In 2014 he made more Members of Congress’s heads explode when he walked out of Obama’s State of the Union speech. The Congressman is an entertaining man.

After serving two terms in Congress for two different districts in Texas, in 2012 Congressman Stockman ran for the Senate against incumbent John Cornyn and lost.

As Congressman from the district with the most per capita oil refineries and downstream petrochemical plants in the world, he worked for commonsense regulatory relief for the nation’s oil and gas industries, which would lead to less dependence on foreign oil.

NASA’S Johnson Space Center was in Stockman’s district and he served on House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. He believes in keeping the United States at the forefront of space technology.

Congressman Stockman, being a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment, introduced the very first pro-gun bill in the House in 2013, H.R. 35 to repeal federal “gun free” zones. He and Senator Rand Paul introduced the “Restore the Constitution Act of 2013” which would nullify any anti-gun Executive Orders. Also as Vice Chairman of the House Second Amendment Task Force, he authored legislation to strip funding to the UN should that body try to restrict America’s gun rights.

Congressman Stockman also issued an arrest warrant for Lois Lerner. He said Obama retaliates against those who oppose his agenda. Stockman is now being investigated by the Department of Justice and having to spend thousands to defend himself.

American Freedom Alliance’s Literary Café had Congressman Steve Stockman speak about his recent trip to the Middle East, the ISIS Rampage and it’s Implications for our security. He recently returned from Afganistan, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Israel and Egypt. He told us our Nobel Peace Prize President is about to weaponize the entire Middle East. It just won’t happen during his term. And if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, they will use it. And while the Middle East is being weaponized, by the time this administration is out of office we will have no nuclear weapons.

Congressman Stockman met with the Kurds. They are capable of fighting against ISIS but Obama won’t give them weapons. They can’t waste bullets so they have to ration them. Obama keeps telling us these countries need to defend themselves, so one has to ask why he won’t give them the weapons they need to do it. Stockman visited a refugee camp and will never forget a boy he met who carried pieces of his skull with him. ISIS shot off the top of his head. Doctors were able to save his life and replace his skull with a metal plate.

Stockman said we are ignoring history. Sadly too few of us even know history. He said Churchill warned the world about Hitler and was ignored. He said we were warned about 9/11 and ignored it. We are now ignoring the threat of ISIS. The man who told us we could keep our doctor is now telling us we are at peace under his administration.

Stockman said we are upside down in our foreign policy. Most of the countries are more afraid of Iran than Israel. But Obama has threatened to shoot down any Israeli plane that flies to attack Iran.

In the past, money and supplies we sent the Kurds had to go through Bagdad and never got to them. The weapons are sold to ISIS and defiantly paraded through the streets.

The Congressman also spoke of Libya. He said Kadafi may have been a crazy man but he was killing terrorists and helping us. He said Sidney Blumenthal helped overthrow Kadafi and made millions doing it.

Our country is being “fundamentally transformed” by immigration. On top of all the illegal aliens and H1B foreign workers, Obama has brought in 100 Thousand Muslim “refugees” a month since he took office. 93 Million Americans of working age are not working. The true unemployment rate is closer to 25%.

Stockman said Obama won because he organized his communities and we need to organize ours if we want this country to remotely resemble the one we grew up in.

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