John Adams said we are a “Nation of laws, not men”. That is what has made this nation great….and free. But we are no longer a Nation of laws. I never imagined America could become a lawless country.

I’m at a loss to understand the CDC having the authority to extend the moratorium on evictions. To start, Congress makes laws, not the CDC. But, more importantly, the Supreme Court just ruled the CDC doesn’t have the authority to issue a nation wide eviction moratorium but they are doing it anyway. Biden even admitted he didn’t believe it would survive a legal challenge but it would give them a few more months to prevent evictions. So, that’s the standard now? Do what you know is illegal to buy time as it winds through the courts? I’m not aware of this happening before. What recourse do we have if the government ignores a Supreme Court ruling. Seriously, what is our recourse?

People who have played by the rules, saved their money, and invested in income property to finance their retirement or as a business, can’t continue to maintain their property, pay property taxes (notice there is no moratorium on them), pay their mortgages, insurance, etc. if they can’t collect rent. Some people buy duplexes, live in one and rent the the other to cover their mortgage. This moratorium on evictions will cause property owners to lose their property. Where is the Left’s concern about that? Why would anyone buy income property if they can’t count on collecting rent? For all intents and purposes, this is taking property without compensation.

When you know the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development intends to end private property altogether, this makes perfect sense. Are you willing to lose your private property? This moratorium hurts the middle class the most, as has the lockdowns that closed many small businesses…..permanently. The UN World Economic Forum says “You will own nothing….and like it”. Really, will we?

Biden just said he wants to ban travelers from other countries, like Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. unless they have the vaccine. At the same time HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of illegal aliens are crossing our border monthly, more than ever before, and being released into our country WITHOUT quarantines or vaccinations. Laws only apply to some.

We have laws against discrimination but the “unvaxed” can be discriminated against. The Left is saying it’s “Conservatives” who are not getting the vaccine but the largest group are Black and Brown people. Isn’t discriminating against the “unvaxed” racist then?

This administration’s DOJ has dropped investigations into Chinese spys, into the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic, into Hunter Biden, and into the Governors who mandated COVID-19 patients be put into nursing homes (instead of, in Cuomo’s case, Hospital ships, the Javits Center, or the Samaritan’s Purse portable hospital) resulting in thousands of elderly unnecessary dying. Why?

Cuomo will never be held responsible for killing thousands of elderly, but his sexual abuse of, at least, eleven women is the issue that has resulted in Democrats calling for him to resign. And so far no criminal charges have been filed against him. What has happened to our values? Killing people is less criminal than inappropriately touching women?

There are hundreds of January 6th protestors, mostly charged with trespassing, none with a violent crime, being held in solitary confinement since January. Who has ever been jailed indefinitely for trespassing? Doesn’t our Constitution guarantee a speedy trial? Our Vice President and many celebrities bailed out the people who looted and burned our cities all summer, people who attacked police and government buildings and killed 25 people. But people taking selfies in the Capitol deserve solitary.

Democrat ruled cities across the country are defunding the police, demonizing them and handcuffing their ability to enforce our laws. They are lowering many felonies to misdemeanors and making lists of laws they won’t enforce. For instance, not enforcing theft under $900.00 which has resulting in people leisurely walking out of stores with handfuls of merchandise. We see police standing down and watching rioters looting, burning and attacking innocent bystanders. We all know if you enforce the small crimes it discourages the big crimes. Defunding the police has resulted in the crime rate skyrocketing.

As the policies of the Left result in skyrocketing crime, they are more determined to take our guns and leave us helpless. No police or guns. They aren’t even denying anymore that it’s only “assault rifles” they want. They want ALL our guns.

Now, with no evidence to support their claims, the government is trying to lock us down again. Look at Australia. They are locking people in their homes and they can only go to the grocery store. Their Health minister just told them to avoid talking to others. I’ve always loved Australia, they had such a strong pioneer spirit and their men were such “men’s men”, I can’t understand how they came to this.

Clapper, Brennan, and now Vindman LIED UNDER OATH and not only aren’t they suffering the consequences, they are paid “experts” on television. Roger Stone was arrested in the wee hours of the morning by a swat team (with CNN coverage) for less.

Never has it been so apparent that our justice system is no longer blind. Some are held to the law and some are not. We now demonize success and reward the quitters, the lazy, and the criminal. May God forgive those who support this……because I won’t.

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Let me start by saying I’m NOT antivax. I got the vaccine as soon as it was available. It was my choice and my decision as an adult. Having said that, if I hadn’t gotten it by now, I wouldn’t get it now. Why?

If the government and Leftist media want to know why people are resisting getting the COVID-19 vaccines all they have to do is listen to themselves. I’m not a psychologist but common sense would tell you they are the worst vaccine salespeople on the planet.

This hard push to have EVERYONE vaccinated, for vaccine passports, for mask and vaccine mandates, for more lockdowns is making people resist. Demonizing the unvaxed, segregating the vaxed from the unvaxed doesn’t convince people this is in their best interest.

Fauci, the CDC, and the WHO have contradicted themselves, have given contra intuitive recommendations, and have actually lied to the public. Rightfully so, the public no longer believes them. We were told the vaccine would allow us to go back to our normal lives, they said they were safe and effective….then people started to die after being vaccinated and having serious side effects. Not enough to end vaccinations but enough to be of concern. Then we learned vaccinated people were getting COVID-19 so it isn’t actually “safe and effective”. Now they are saying vaccinated people can still give COVID-19 to others, therefore we need masks again. The best thing they are saying now is that the vaccine will lessen the symptoms if you do get COVID. That is not a persuasive argument. If the government officials, health officials were talking about those with natural immunity from having had COVID-19, if they were recommending increased doses of D3 and zinc, if they were encouraging the use of (what they KNOW are) preventatives like Hydroxycloroquine and Ivermectin and Remdesivir, they would be more convincing. But the fact that they don’t consider ANY of those and demand 100% obedience people know this is about control not healthcare.

People are getting more and more suspicious of the motives of the “officials” pushing the vaccines on EVERYONE! People know there is no science behind the masking of our children and yet the government is doing everything possible to force masks on our kids. Parents are going to School Board meetings arguing factually against masks, doctors are also showing up at meetings giving the boards FACTUAL information. Explaining how the measures they are implementing go against everything the medical establishment has recommended in the past. Hundreds of people are showing up to speak against these mandates and yet, from what I’ve seen, the school boards and city councils vote against the will of the people. It is clear, we no longer have a representative government.

We have NEVER quarantined healthy people in the past. We have never tested healthy people in the past. And we have never masked children. The damage being done to our children both physically and mentally is incalculable. Masking children, especially very young children, stunts their social skills, prevents them from learning clues from facial expressions, forces them to breath in high level of CO2 and bacteria. Some on the Left are saying unmasked children are going to kill other children. I suppose you could say that about the flu too but we never have.

And what is making people even more suspicious of the motivation of the “officials” is the banning of any doctor or expert who advises against what they are doing. They media keeps telling us to trust the science and the doctors….but ONLY the doctors they point too. Have any of the “officials” explained why their doctors are more qualified than the doctors who disagree with their policies? Science is based on skepticism. There is no such thing as a scientific consensus or “settled science”. Science is constantly questioned and tested.

We all were willing to “lockdown” for 15 days to lower the curve for hospitals, but when they extended the lockdown I told my friends I feared they would never let us out….and I’m being proven right.

The Delta Variant they are locking us down again for is not killing people. They talk about increased cases but don’t say if they are symptomatic or not. They don’t talk about the number of deaths because the deaths are down. And how do they know if someone has the flu or the Delta variant since the tests can’t differentiate between the two?

Once a government realizes the power “emergency declarations” give them, they will FIND emergencies.

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It looks like the officer who testified before Pelosi’s “January 6th Committee” was working undercover on January 6th, not in uniform. And he carried a Confederate flag to make it look like all Trump supporters are “White Supremacists”.

This is what they are willing to do to discredit us. Lie, cheat and steal.


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I’m posting some of the VERY EXTENSIVE information I’ve collected on January 6th, Voter Fraud and why we don’t trust the media. I’m doing it to counter the “misinformation” we get from the Liberal media and for people to have some ammunition to argue with the Left. Have fun.









Massive Video Evidence of False-Flag Instigation of Capitol Rampage, January 6; Too Bad for the Cabal



Pasted Graphic.png































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Recently we witnessed an American President (I use that term loosely) condemn our nation as an evil, racist nation. Except for Blacks Biden called all of us racists. He said racism was a stain on the soul of the nation.

That is an outright lie.  The Republican Party was formed to end slavery. Our founders wanted to end slavery when they established the country but the Southern States wouldn’t join the union if slavery was banned. Not a single Republican owned a slave. Republicans fought for Equal Rights for the Black community for more than a hundred years against ferocious opposition from Democrats.  Democrats passed Jim Crow laws, not Republicans. The KKK was the enforcement arm of the Democrat Party. Whatever racism exists lies squarely at the feet of the Left. 

Where have the riots been happening? Who runs the cities people claim are systemically racist? They are Democrat run cities, many with Black Mayors, Police Chiefs, Attorney Generals, prosecutors, etc. Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, Portland, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc., are ALL Democrat run cities and they are the cities that were looted and burned for being “systemically racist”. 

We are NOT a racist nation. There is NO “systemic racism”.  But the Liberal media and Democrat politicians repeat it over and over until some believe it. Our children are being taught America is evil and all White people are racist through Critical Race Theory. Companies are forcing their employees to go through Critical Race training. Laws are being passed to create hiring based on race not merit. Those imposing CRT know it will cause anger and resentment not unity. CRT is also anti-Christian. It offers no redemption because it says White people are racist and can’t change. There is no solution offered, it is simply revenge. 

America isn’t perfect, no country is, but America has done more good in the world than bad. We are the first to provide aide to countries suffering catastrophes, fires, earthquakes, floods, etc. We have militarily defended our allies. We give foreign aide to even countries that hate us. 

Only American hating people would change what we teach our children about our history. To start American history with our bombing of Japan without context, without Pearl Harbor, without the thousands of flyers we dropped telling people to evacuate the area, without explaining it ended the war saving more lives than it took. And without not pointing out that we could have turned to the world and told them we were taking over the world because they couldn’t have stopped us. But we didn’t. Instead, we rebuild the cities we bombed. The history they are teaching our children frames America as being on the wrong side of everything. Please tell me how teaching our children to hate our country benefits our children or our country. 

Whatever our faults, our founders designed a country that gave us a system that raised more people out of poverty than ANY OTHER! Please, someone name me one Socialist country that raised anyone out of poverty. Or where anyone had the ability to improve their place in that society. 

Only American hating people could want to make Americans dependent on government, could want to take private property (look at forbearance). Private property is what makes us independent. COVID gave the government the ability, through forbearance, to guarantee mortgages and rents, so that if your property is foreclosed on the government owns it, not the banks. And they will keep ownership. 

Biden has a “30 by 30” plan for the government to acquire 30% of our land by 2030 (See, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development). The Federal government isn’t supposed to “own” property except Federal parks and buildings. States are supposed to own and control their land.  The Federal government already owns most of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, & Alaska. Utah has been trying to get the government to give back their land. 

The government can then say there can be no oil drilling, fracking, coal mining, cattle grazing, hunting, fishing, camping, skiing, hiking, etc. on that land. 30%, think about that. Biden just revoked the oil and gas drilling in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuge. He completely reversed the Energy Independence we achieved under President Trump. You really have to hate America to want us dependent on countries that hate us for our energy. And only allow us to use unreliable wind/solar for energy. The wind/solar farms are horrible for the environment, use heavy metals for manufacturing and can’t replace the energy we use now. But Biden took the sanctions off the Russian pipeline. So, Russia can be energy independent but America can’t. 

And now, what we all knew, is out in the open that the Left and the media have lied to us about COVID the entire time. Fauci’s emails have proven he know the virus came from the Wuhan lab, he knew our scientists believed it was engineered, that it wasn’t passed asymptomatically, that masks and lockdowns were not effective or necessary. Only America haters could purposely destroy small businesses, destroy our children’s emotional development by locking them out of their schools, kill thousands of elderly by putting them back in nursing homes, etc. 

We American loving citizens HAVE to get more involved. We HAVE to stand up and speak out. We need to be at city council meetings and ESPECIALLY school board meetings, we need to observe our elections, we need to call, email, tweet our representatives, we need to run for office.  “Not to speak is to speak”. STAND UP, SPEAK UP!! 

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For the last 20 years, since I became aware of what our world leaders were planning for us, I believed if enough people knew about it we could stop it. 

I became devoted to doing research, going to meetings, conventions, traveling to Washington DC, other states, and countries speaking to politicians, scientists, experts to get first hand information so that I knew the truth. I became involved in politics to try to make changes from within. I spoke to groups. I spoke to anyone who would stand still for five minutes. I was convinced any rational person would not want what was being planned. Why on earth would we agree to give up our autonomy, our sovereignty, our private property?  

I learned about Agenda 21 from Christopher Monckton, Margaret Thatcher’s science advisor. As I listened to him speak I took out my iPad and went to the UN website. There is was. I went home and read all 40 chapters of it. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe any American citizen, anyone who grew up in this wonderful country could have supported or sign on to such an agreement. I couldn’t believe anyone would condemn the American people to such a fate. It is an agreement that goes against everything this country stands for…..everything this country was founded on. Everything the entire Western Civilization stood for. But we did…..and so did the rest of the Western countries. 

The Left likes to say it’s a conspiracy theory. I wish it were. Our beloved Nancy Pelosi introduced it to Congress in October of 1992. Yet another reason to despise this women.

Others have argued that it was never ratified so it isn’t enforceable. It was signed by George Herbert Walker Bush. I suggest they look up the Treaty on Treaties we signed in 1969. Essentially it says a treaty signed by a head of state is valid unless the legislative body votes it down. If it isn’t brought to a vote it’s valid. 

I asked why we didn’t know about Agenda 21 (and now the UN 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development), something that would change our lives SO dramatically? Something we didn’t vote for and weren’t asked if we wanted. Why isn’t the media reporting on it? The media doesn’t report on it because they support it and they know we wouldn’t. 

Each year the UN holds two important Summits. The World Urban Forum and the World Economic Forum. The Urban Forum is for public officials from all the signature countries, Governors, Mayors, city planners, city councils, etc. or their equivalent. The Economic Summit is for multi-national corporations and companies. 

I went to the World Urban Forum in Malaysia two years ago. I knew what they planned but I still couldn’t imagine how they were going to implement it in the United States. I kept thinking it was against our Constitution. We would vote against people who were for it, we would fight against it in the courts. I was naïve. The World Economic Forum has war gamed all the scenarios we might come up with to fight this. 

COVID has taught all of us some sobering lessons. After the first extension of the “15 days to flatten the curve” I told friends they would never let us out. If the World Urban and Economic Forums goals are to control us (world wide), why would they? And after a year many states are still locked down and we’re being threatened with more lockdowns. I also observed that the government was getting around the Constitution by having companies mandate masks. I wondered why companies were being so helpful especially when “the science” doesn’t support it. 

I still couldn’t believe any rational thinking person could possibly think mask mandates and lockdowns (considering science doesn’t support them), the Green New Deal (which has little to do with reducing CO2), HR1 or open borders are Constitutional or good for the country. The arguments the Left make in support of them aren’t factual. They are on their face ridiculous. For instance, 75% of voters support voter ID

and 76% of voters support secure borders.

The only people we hear in support of these radical ideas are the media and politicians. The rest of us are censored. The Democrats are aware the majority of us want voter ID, Voter Integrity, and a secure border but they don’t care. They don’t have to care. 

A few days ago a very long list of companies came out in opposition to Georgia’s Voter Integrity Law and in support of HR1. Companies like American Express, Google, Bank of America, Viacom CBS, Apple, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Delta, and others. They are threatening not to do business with Georgia, not to have sporting events there, etc. They, and Hollywood, will boycott and browbeat Georgia until they surrender. And now the same is happening to Texas.

Ah, but the World Economic Forum had a solution to force all of this on us. 

I heard about ESG scores, but I had not yet researched them. I have now. The “E” stands for Environment, the “S” stands for Social Justice, and the “G” stands for Government. When I realized what they will do, the air was sucked out of my lungs. I thought they were just being talked about but not yet implemented. When I was in China I was so thankful we didn’t have “Social Scores”….but we DO!

All the big multi-national banks have already scored Corporations and most businesses. You can even see the scores of 50 companies right here.,%20%20AA%20%2020%20more%20rows%2

These companies have to report every pay period what they have done to improve the environment, what they have done for “equity” and what they have done to help government (Left wing) policies. If they aren’t trying to get to zero emissions, or don’t have enough minorities or aren’t giving Critical Race Theory classes, or aren’t supporting some government sanctioned policy their score will be lowered. If they have a low score that will mean the banks won’t loan them money, or take away their ability to process credit cards, or even take away their ability to do banking. This is why so many are on board with all of these extreme policies. 

The ESG Scores are ALREADY in practice and WE, you and I, are next. Some of you may remember Bank of America going through customer’s accounts and reporting to the FBI customers who were in DC on January 6th. They got a higher ESG Score for that one. What they did was unconstitutional but so what? The Constitution means nothing to the Left. 

We need to understand this isn’t an American  Republican/Democrat fight. This is the Left of the World against the Western Civilization fight. And tragically most of the leaders of the Western Civilization are for it too. Canada, Australia, England, all of Europe, as far as I know, are for it. Poland, the Czech Republic, some other Eastern European countries  (and America when Trump was President but not now) are the only ones I can think of that are against it. 

It doesn’t really matter who is against it. Banks and corporations are going to impose this on us. As I guessed with the mask mandate, companies are circumventing the constitution instead of the government. This is a Public/Private partnership. Banks will go through our statements and credit card purchases and give us each a ESG score. If yours is low they won’t give you a car loan or mortgage, or personal loan. They may even not allow you to bank. 

How do you think the banks are going to score gun manufacturers or ammunition manufactures? They’ll just not allow them to use banks or process credit cards. You may not be able to sell your house if it isn’t up to GND regulations and the bank might not loan you the money to bring it up to the regulations. Considering they want to end private property that’s a good start. 

If you think this won’t happen, it already is. Our friend Brandon Straka, founder of “WalkAway”, has been permanently banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where he had millions of followers. He had been banned from crowd funding sites and his bank accounts and credits closed. Oh, and he was also evicted from his home. What is he to do? How does he function, pay his bills, live his life? How would you? 

Look what they did to our former President Trump. When has an ex-President ever been silenced? 

This is happening to many Conservatives and it’s coming to each of us soon. As John Kerry said, the “Great Reset” will happen at greater speed and intensity that people might imagine. 

For those who want more details, watch the video below.

As I said, I had always believed we could stop all of this. I no longer see how we can. We need to pray for miracles. 

God Bless America! 

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I haven’t written very much since the election. Frankly, I couldn’t. I haven’t known what to say. Everything I feared, everything I worked the last 20 years to prevent is now happening. 

This country is not the country I grew up in, not even the country my daughters grew up in. Not the country of Frank Capra movies, of It’s a Wonderful Life, of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. It’s not the country of Martin Luther King or  Caesar Chavez. 

The country I grew up in proudly pledged allegiance to our flag, sang our Anthem as well as God Bless America. We believed in two genders and marriage was between a man and a woman. We believed in equal justice, equal rights.  We believed in the Constitution and Rule of Law. We believed our Rights came from God not man. 

What got me actively involved in politics was illegal immigration. It is the issue that troubles me most. I had always believed we were a nation of laws and that our representatives and law enforcement took oaths of office to uphold our laws and Constitution. I thought they took this seriously. 

It was a gut punch for me when the 2000 census reported two things. The first was that there were 11 MILLION illegal aliens in America. I remember the Amnesty Bill of 1986. We were told it was the “ONE TIME ONLY” Amnesty for the approximately ONE million illegal aliens. It said the aliens would have background checks and have to learn English BEFORE they were granted amnesty. It said there would be 5000 more border patrol officers added, the border secured and illegal immigration ended. I did some research and learned 2.8 MILLION were given amnesty NOT 1 million. I learned they didn’t do background checks or require them to learn English. I learned the money for the border patrol and fence was never appropriated. All they did was rubber stamp EVERY illegal alien who applied. So, instead of ending illegal immigration we went from almost 3 million illegal aliens to 11 million. WE WERE LIED TO! 

The second thing that came from the 2000 census was that “52% of adults living in Los Angeles neither speak or read English”. Another gut punch.  Of course MANY illegal aliens DO speak and read English so that means MORE than 52% are not natural born Americans. This is when I realized I had to pay more attention to politics. I had been busy raising children, working, more focused on personal and local issues. And foolishly I believed the people representing us were following the law. I believed there were checks and balances and if they weren’t followed the media would let us know. OH, FOOLISH ME! 

I started paying attention. I had always been an avid reader but of fiction mostly. I started reading non-fiction and doing research. I remember the way border patrol officers Ramos and Compean were treated and how the illegal alien drug dealer they wounded was treated under Bush Jr.  When Bush appointed Chaney’s Chief of Staff’s wife as head of ICE I cried because I realized he wasn’t serious about illegal immigration. 

When Bush tried to pass another amnesty I was outraged but I’m just one person, why would anyone care what I think.  But I wrote, emailed, and called every member of Congress to explain why amnesty was a bad idea…..and so did millions of others. I realized there were millions of “just one person” and we could make a difference. We sufficiently scared Congress into not passing amnesty. So, they finally passed the “Fence Act” to appease us. But they built less than 30 miles in 10 years. They slow walk the things they know they have to do but don’t want to do. 

And that was another tragic realization I came to.  Congress doesn’t give a rats ass what we want. WE the PEOPLE, on both the Right and Left, have made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR we want our border secure and illegal immigration ended. Certainly that was the major reason we elected Donald Trump. 

I understood clearly, however, given the opportunity, the Democrats WOULD pass amnesty. Democrats keep telling us there are 11 million illegal aliens. They have repeated that number for the last 21 years. That’s how stupid they think we are. The border patrol says between one and three million cross our border EVERY YEAR, so obviously we are closer to 30 million than 11 million. THE LEFT, THE MEDIA, AND RINO’S LIE!!! 

When Ted Kennedy changed our immigration laws in the 60’s from merit based immigration to 3rd World countries he told us it would have no effect on our culture. No rational person could possibly believe that. Bringing in poor, uneducated people who don’t speak our language (and aren’t encouraged to. “Press 1 for Spanish”), have lived under oppression, and are used to being told what to do, IS going to change our culture. 

The Left had realized with a population of educated, middle class people they couldn’t win the War of Ideas, so they became  intent on replacing the population. That is their goal. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the illegal aliens either. No one would encourage people to put their lives in the hands of coyotes, pay thousands (or promise to), cross deserts to come to an “Institutionally RACIST” country if they cared about them. 

I KNEW as soon as Biden was sworn in caravans of illegals would flood across our border. It is physically painful for me to think about what this is turning our country into. If I could go to the border and physically stop them I would. 

What should inform EVERYONE of the intentions of the Left is that they are arresting American citizens for not wearing a mask but are allowing millions of illegal aliens (many with COVID) to be released into our country without restriction. No tests, no quarantine, nothing. Citizens need to be quarantined but not illegal aliens. Europeans and other foreigners must quarantine in another country for two weeks before they can enter America but not illegal aliens. 

And while we have a SERIOUS homeless problem including  thousands of VETERANS (who fought for this country), they are spending $860 million to put illegal aliens into hotels. They are also building more holding facilities on the border (because they expect millions more to come) at $70,000 a BED!! Have any of the business owners whose businesses have permanently closed gotten $70,000?  How’s that $1400 doing for ya? 

The Left is SOOOO concerned with “fairness”. Can they please tell us what is “fair” to those across the ocean who are immigrating to America LEGALLY? They must pass a physical exam, have a sponsor, and be able to support themselves. What is “fair” about them waiting 10 or 15 years to enter our country when illegal aliens can just walk across our border? 

What most people don’t realize is that most of the illegal aliens crossing our border have been instructed to seek refugee status. Why? Refugees get LOTS of free benefits illegal aliens don’t get. 

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) formerly known as AFDC
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps
  • Public Housing
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Child Care and Development Fund
  • Job Opportunities for Low Income Individuals (JOLI)
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Postsecondary Education Loans and Grants
  • Refugee Assistance Programs
  • Earned Income Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit11

I have watched over the years illegal aliens get more protections and more benefits at taxpayer expense. I have spoken to the LA Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission at least a dozen times asking the Sheriff to work with ICE and ENFORCE THE LAW. I spoke to dozens of City Councils to ask them to join the law suite against the California Sanctuary State. I’ve done everything I possibly could to stop the illegal alien invasion. 

Illegal immigration IS changing our country. Thousands are being sent to Conservative districts to change them into Liberal districts. Cities and towns are given no choice to turn away illegals sent to them when their schools and social services have no ability to absorb them.  Overcrowded cities become dirty and crime ridden. 

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development plans on no nation states, no borders. The EU erased the borders of the European countries and Biden has just erased ours. 

May God help us. 

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Since moving to Arizona I’ve become involved in local politics. I’m Vice President of Prescott Valley Republican Women. To become familiar with my new town I joined the Nextdoor website and joined three Conservative Groups on the site. I talked about 1619 and Critical Race Theory being taught our children and one of the Conservative groups asked me to start a new group to look into these very controversial subjects. After doing some more research I started the following group:



The premise of the 1619 curriculum is that America was founded on slavery. Slavery was responsible for everything that made America exceptional, its economic superiority, its industrial strength and its electoral system. It says that the American Revolution was to ensure the survival of slavery not to form a more perfect union and ensure liberty.

This is why teaching the COMPLETE American History is SO important. The Federalist Paper #54 proves their premise wrong. Our founders TRIED to end slavery in their first try in passing the Constitution but the Southern States wouldn’t sign this version of the Constitution. In order to end slavery all the colonies needed to join the union. We could hardly end slavery in colonies that didn’t belong to the union, could we? Read for yourself.

The curriculum also claims Lincoln opposed Black equality and that Blacks fought for civil rights all by themselves. All one has to do is look at the history of the Civil Rights movement and you see it was the Republican party, Whites and Blacks, who fought for voting rights and civil rights for Blacks with strong opposition from the Democrat party for a hundred years.

It leaves out Fredrick Douglas, Martin Luther King and the voting history of the Democrats in opposing civil rights. Fredrick Douglas called Lincoln “emphatically the colored man’s President”.
It is due to this sort of distorted history being taught our children that has resulted in the tearing down of statues of our founders and renaming schools and buildings. The real goal of this is to erase our history, traditions and culture.

This is extremely dangerous and we need to find out if our local and state wide schools are teaching this and get it removed.Below is the entire 1619 Curriculum for those who want to investigate it themselves.


Critical Race Theory claims ALL White people are racist and can’t change. It’s in their DNA. It claims that all our institutions, particularly our legal institutions are inherently racist. Due to this they teach that to make up for the discrimination Blacks have experienced we must now discriminate against White people.

How do you feel about having your children taught that they, and their parents, are racist?
We are seeing corporations have Critical Race training. You might be aware of Coke telling their employees to “be less White”.

This sort of curriculum further divides this country. I believe that IS the goal.

The reality is that before Johnson’s “War on Poverty” Black children were more likely to be being raised in an intact family than Whites. Most were middle class. It was Johnson’s policies that took father’s out of the home and made government the “Daddy”.
We must speak up and actively work to end this dangerous curriculum on our schools.

This morning I got the following message from Nextdoor:
Mon 3/1/2021 8:10 AM
To: You

Hi Michael,

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My response to their removing my Group was as follows;

I don’t believe I said anything hateful nor was what I wrote a “conspiracy theory” or “misinformation”. I posted links to the curriculum for people to judge for themselves. I posted a link to Federalist #54 that proves 1619 false.

Critical Race Theory is the definition of hate speech and racism.
Apparently, the truth is now hate speech and parents shouldn’t be allowed to know what their children are being taught. What I find most alarming is that so many are willing to accept this.

THIS IS THEIR RESPONSE to my asking what was hateful or conspiratorial about what I wrote;

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Welcome to the group!
Michael Greer Feb 22, 2021 10:03 AM


The premise of the 1619 curriculum is that Slavery was responsible for everything that made America exceptional, its economic superiority, its industrial strength and its electoral system. It says that the American Revolution was to ensure the survival of slavery not to form a more perfect union and ensure liberty.

This is why teaching the COMPLETE American History is SO important. The Federalist Paper #54 proves their premise wrong. Our founders TRIED to end slavery in their first try in passing the Constitution but the Southern States wouldn’t sign this version of the Constitution. In order to end slavery all the colonies needed to join the union. We could hardly end slavery in colonies that didn’t belong to the union, could we? Read for yourself.

The curriculum also claims Lincoln opposed Black equality and that Blacks fought for civil rights all by themselves. All one has to do is look at the history of the Civil Rights movement and you see it was the Republican party, Whites and Blacks, fought for voting rights and civil rights for Blacks with strong opposition from the Democrat party for a hundred years.

It leaves out Fredrick Douglas, Martin Luther King and the voting history of the Democrats in opposing civil rights. Fredrick Douglas called Lincoln “emphatically the colored man’s President”.

It is due to this sort of distorted history being taught our children that has resulted in the tearing down of statues of our founders and renaming schools and buildings. The real goal of this is to erase our history, traditions and culture.

This is extremely dangerous and we need to find out if our local and state wide schools are teaching this and get it removed.

Below is the entire 1619 Curriculum for those who want to investigate it themselves.


Critical Race Theory claims ALL White people are racist and can’t change. It’s in their DNA. It claims that all our institutions, particularly our legal institutions are inherently racist. Due to this they teach that to make up for the discrimination Blacks have experienced we must now discriminate against White people.

How do you feel about having your children taught that they, and their parents, are racist?
We are seeing corporations have Critical Race training. You might be aware of Coke telling their employees to “be less White”.

This sort of curriculum further divides this country. I believe that IS the goal.

The reality is that before Johnson’s “War on Poverty” Black children were more likely to be being raised in an intact family than Whites. Most were middle class. It was Johnson’s policies that too the father’s out of the home and made government the “Daddy”.

We must speak up and actively work to end this dangerous curriculum on our schools.

The content is a hate based conspiracy and is a violation of our Guidelines. 

I hope this additional background helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.


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JANUARY 6, 2021

Let me start by saying, having been a victim of violence, I abhor violence and condemn what happened at our Capitol January 6th. I hope all involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  To those who broke into the Capitol I despise what you did as much as I despise the violence across the country we witnesses all summer. But what is most egregious is that you gave the Left EXACTLY what they have worked decades for. 

I speak with some authority about the events of that day. This was the 7th protest in defense of conservative values I’ve attended in Washington, DC since 2009. I know the people who turn out for these events.  No one paid them to be there. No one bused them in and paid for hotels. They came because they were compelled to stand in defense of their values. Values the majority of the country had once believed in. These are people who love this country, who believe in the rule of law, who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights……and believe they apply to ALL regardless of race or gender. We believed we could use facts and work through the system to prevent what we now see happening. 

I’ve told this story before but it bares repeating at this time. The day the House was going to vote for Obamacare we had a huge Tea Party Rally. I took about a hundred Tea Partiers into the tunnels that connect the Capitol to the Office buildings to speak to members of Congress as they passed through. An officer approached me and said the Captain of the Capitol police wanted to speak to me. He introduced himself and asked that I keep the people against the wall and not block the hallways and to try to keep our voices down because it echoes down there. I told him I certainly would. I told him to tell his officers to let me know if there was a problem and I’d handle it. He said, “Oh, I’m not worried about you. I’ve never had to arrest one of you and you clean up after yourselves”. I tell this story because what happened this time was the opposite. 

When I got involved in politics, because I believed in the Rule of Law, I naively believed if I pointed out something was against the law, they’d say, “Oops, you’re right, we can’t do that”.  I thought if we decided a law wasn’t fair or effective we had a system to repeal it. I quickly learned how wrong I was. As an example, when Obama ran for office he said he believed marriage was between a man and a woman. He said the same in the early days of his Presidency. Then Eric Holder came out and said he wasn’t going to prosecute DOCA. I was shocked. I wondered where he got the authority to overturn a law passed by Congress. I wondered why the media wasn’t asking the same question. 

Our protests were ALWAYS peaceful. Regardless of our concerns we were basically hopeful, happy people. In addition to the DC events I attended, I attended hundreds of local Conservative rallies and protests. We had fun, we met new friends, we laughed and joked, we believed we could effect change. 

Now let me get to January 6th. On my previous trips to DC I had no idea if anyone on the plane was going to the event. This time the plane was filled with MAGA hats, jackets with flags on them, etc. Every so often the chant, “USA, USA, USA” broke out in the cabin. Conservatives have been so oppressed we are so happy to be with like- minded people where we can speak freely. How is it even possible that people are afraid to speak freely in this country? 

When I arrived at my hotel there were more MAGA people in the lobby. Everyone happy to see so many of us.  When I got to my room and turned on the news they said BLM/ANTIFA were attacking MAGA people. There was a picture of a woman with a bloodied face. She had been hit by ANTIFA.  They said not to go out at night, not to walk alone, to go in groups. I expected to encounter them the next day. 

There are two things that were always present at Conservative rallies both in DC and locally. A police presence and counter protestors bused in. I point out that they were bused in because I witnessed it. Buses would arrive, people were checked off a clip board as they got off. They wore printed t-shirts and had printed signs. They had cases of water and snacks. I even saw their handlers walk down streets offering people money to join them.  The police in the past, erected barricades to keep the counter-protestors from us. 

My friend Jess and I couldn’t sleep so we decided to go get in line for Trump’s event. It was being held in the park across from the White House. A limited number of people can get in and they have to go through security. We got there at 5:30am. The line was already half way around the Washington Memorial. We joined the line. People were joking and laughing and sharing stories. Three hours later we were about ten people from the security check and they said no more could enter. Oh well, there was a big screen to watch. As more people arrived we became more crushed together. There were people with walkers, people in wheelchairs, families with little kids in strollers (I can’t imagine bringing a child into a crowd that thick, but that’s me). There were young and old but the majority of the crowd was over 60. 

I started to wonder where BLM/ANTIFA or any counter protestors were. They were harassing MAGA people the day and night before. I noticed there was no police presence. NONE AT ALL. At other rallies they had mounted police riding through the crowds. Police in groups all over the place. They knew we were coming. Where were they? 

I decided to get to a better spot to see the big screen. I weaved through the crowd. I said, “Excuse me” and people helped me through. No one objected, people were helpful. This was my experience at other events as well. I stood on higher ground and listened to Trump’s speech. He did NOT incite anyone to commit violence. He didn’t say anything he hasn’t said many times before. I heard a “conservative” pundit say Trump lied to his supporters about voter fraud. No, he didn’t. He gave examples of how fraud was committed and there are thousands of signed affidavits from people involved. We keep being told there is no evidence. There IS but no one will look at it. We expected the evidence to be heard but neither the courts nor the media will even look at it. Everyone I’ve talked to is willing to accept that Trump lost but there is SO much that is statistically impossible you need to prove it to them.  And let’s be honest, the Left knows half the country doesn’t trust the results and if they truly believed Biden won they would want to allow an investigation to end the distrust we will continue to have. 

I left the Trump rally just he finished speaking because I wanted to be as close to the Capitol as I could get.  When I got there the entire Capitol had been barricaded so we couldn’t get close. People were standing at the barricades and chanting things like, “Stop the Steal”, and, “This is OUR House”.  There weren’t many police around even though a wave of people were approaching. I then saw some police take down part of a section of the barricades allowing MAGA people to enter the veranda in front of the building. That encouraged others to knock down the barricades and fill up the lawn and veranda.  I went up on the veranda. I was about five rows behind the people in front. There was a scaffolding in the middle that a lot of men climbed up on. We were chanting slogans, we wanted to be heard inside. We wanted to be heard, period. We have been slandered, maligned, censored, de-platformed, de-monatized. We have lost jobs, lost our businesses, been called racists, haters, homophobes, xenophobes. The pandemic gave the Left the opportunity to tank Trump’s booming economy, tank the lowest unemployment in history, and take our rights away. They have prevented us from assembling, worshiping in our churches, comforting our loved ones as they are dying, practicing our traditions, celebrating our holidays, having birthday parties, weddings, graduations, proms, funerals, and muzzled us with masks. The Left knows that and I believe expected us to turn violent if they provoked us enough (because their supporters WOULD). 

There had been no violence at that point. We were just standing there chanting slogans. No one was trying to break windows or climb walls at that point. A string of men from the front came through the crowd right in front of me. They were leading several men out that had their eyes closed and a yellowish liquid dripping down their faces. The police had shot pepper spray balls at the men.  A short time later a man dressed in black passed by me holding a police shield. I knew he was not a Trump supporter. Later I saw video that he was the one breaking the windows with the shield…..BUT I didn’t see any pictures of him INSIDE the building. I suspect ANTIFA/BLM helped incite and break in but didn’t enter. Perhaps so the only ones photographed inside were Trump supporters??? 

Within the first 15 minutes of us being there the police started shooting flash bangs at us. They make a big startling bang and a lot of white smoke. Right after the first bang a man starting yelling for a doctor or nurse. He was waving a white handkerchief. A man had had a heart attack. Some of the MAGA people carried him out of the crowd (I understand he later died).  Soon after that they started shooting tear gas at us. I have to say at this point that I saw no threatening behavior from our people that justified tear gas, pepper spray or flash bangs. The fact that they were using tear gas on unarmed, nonthreatening mostly elderly people made many angry..….as I suspect was the purpose. I remembered how outraged the media had been when they thought the Capitol police had used tear gas (they hadn’t) on BLM when they were burning the church and trying to break down the fence around the White House.  I felt the police were trying to provoke the crowd and I decided this was not where I needed to be. 

When I left the building had not been breached.  It was breached on the back side. There was NO police presence. They were able to break the windows and enter the building without any resistance.  How is that possible? There are ALWAYS guards at all entrances. During a Tea Party event years ago Congressmen came out to tell us what was happening and about 30 police Officers formed a line to prevent us from stepping on the stairs or getting near the Congressmen. Where were they Wednesday? I don’t blame the police. This is what they were ordered to do. But I believe they were told to let people into the Capitol hoping there would be violence. Someone opened a door and allowed people in. I suspect many who were let in thought they were just going to watch the hearings (we had in the past) or just make their presence known. The ones let in, I don’t blame. The ones who broke in, I condemn. 

There are no coincidences. This is what the Left wanted. They want to crush and humiliate Trump and his followers so that no one will dare to ‘Make America Great Again”. They couldn’t have the last image of the Trump administration being a million happy, laughing people chanting, “We love Trump”.

I always knew if there was any violence at a Conservative event they would smear us ALL with the same brush….and they have. The lack of police presence, the lack of a BLM/ANTIFA presence (because they were among us), the police opening the barriers and letting people in as well as someone opening a big door from the inside to let people in is very suspicious. It was a good calculation for the Left. After four years of being slandered, lied to, attacked, being told 24/7 how evil the President and his supporters were, then the pandemic crushing small businesses (many MAGA are small business owners) and isolating them, followed by a questionable election where their concerns were dismissed and they were told to sit down and shut up, it isn’t surprising that some felt pushed too far and acted out.  The Left knew it and took complete advantage of it. 

Anderson Cooper told us yesterday just how much the elite Left loathes us. They don’t just disagree with us they LOATHE us. He described Trump supporters as ignorant bumpkins that eat at Olive Garden and stay at Holiday Inn. We are business owners, teachers, lawyers, students, contractors, truck drivers, grocery clerks. We are your neighbors, your mothers, fathers, uncles, cousins and your friends….and they LOATHE us. 

On top of it all, to demonstrate again their desire to incite people, the Mayor of DC, knowing most of the people coming were “senior citizens” shut down all restaurants (even the coffee shop in our hotel was shut down) then in the middle of the day shut down all ground transportation. We also couldn’t text or call people. I don’t know what the people with walkers, wheelchairs or kids did. It was freezing cold. My nose was freezing and even with gloves on my hands were freezing too. We found out the subways were still working and walked around for blocks looking for one. When we finally found one where it took us was many blocks from our hotel. 

The UNHINGED RAGE against Trump is mystifying (yet not, since he stood in the way of the NWO they were SO close to achieving). I keep asking what has Donald Trump done that harmed a single person? He cut their taxes, gave them jobs, and got regulations cut so that vaccines could be developed in record time. We’ve had no more wars, a booming economy, lowest unemployment in history, the best trade deals in memory. Every President promised to renegotiate NAFTA and move our embassy to Jerusalem but Trump DID IT. He secured our border, got Mexico to keep South American caravans in Mexico, he persuaded Ford not to move to Mexico, etc., etc. 

Now they say they are going to impeach him 13 days before he leaves office. I don’t know how they think their going to do that since they’re in recess until 1/19. 

I had to laugh this morning when I read that, Trump, the “MOST ADMIRED MAN” (more admired than their beloved Obama), the man the media says will be sent into political exile is going UP in admiration NOT down.  Their loathing of Trump is SO unhinged, SO unreasonable the more they try to hurt him the more his supporters love him. 

I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to warn people of what the Left was planning, hoping to stop it. Everything I warned about, everything I feared is now here. The purge of Conservative speakers & websites, is now happening. And this is just the beginning. 

God help us, PLEASE. 

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Our dear friend, Trevor Louden, is a true American hero. He is a tireless and thorough researcher. He discovered a document from the “Secular Democrats” to Joe Biden. In a nutshell it requires the end of Religious Liberty. It says the Democrat Party must “take back the mantle of religious freedom” that they say is “anti-democratic and anti-science”. (I’d like them to provide the “science” that proves there are 100’s of genders or that they can be changed at will or that men can menstruate). 

This document says the Religious Right “provides constant cover for White Supremacy”. I’d like them to explain how. The Bible teaches that God created ALL of us and loves us all. It says he knew us in the womb. I’ve seen nothing in the Bible that indicates God favors one skin color over another. The only ministers I’ve heard preach about a favored skin color are the Black Liberation Theologians like Jeremiah Wright or Raphael Warnock or Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan. I would challenge the Secular Democrats to name a White religious leader who preaches White supremacy. I’ve not heard one.

They say the Religious Right provides a “dominionist view of the environment that undermines our capacity and will to address the climate crisis”. It says it is a “political agenda sanctioned by a higher power that does not align with our basic constitutional values and democratic principals”. Really? How? Our Constitution was based on religious principals. 

They ask Biden to “dismantle it’s (religious right) grip on our government and counter it’s inaccurate and revisionist messaging around our nation’s founding’. I have to ask the party of taking down statues and teaching our founders were racists, that our Constitution wasn’t written for Black people (“ALL men are created equal”??), that Democrats ended slavery, who the revisionists are?  There is a school named after Lincoln that is changing it’s name because they say Lincoln didn’t think Black lives mattered.  Lincoln? Seriously? 

They want Biden to “educate the American public by reasonably defining what religious freedom means”. They say there is no greater example of how destructive the Religious Right is than Trump’s “mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic”. This from the people who fought against Trump shutting down travel, who encouraged people to visit Chinatown, take the subway and not wear masks. These are the people who said a vaccine under Trump’s leadership would not be safe but now want to take credit for it. 

They suggest ending government funding to religious groups if it is to fund religious purposes. It suggests ending all religious exemptions. “Reverse all executive orders, rules, memoranda, and other actions that exempt faith-based organizations…”. Do you wonder why churches have not been considered “essential” during this pandemic? Wonder why they are targeted so severely? 

They want to repeal all nonmedical exemptions to mandatory vaccinations for children. This takes away parental rights. They want to take over all faith based adoptions and have the government decide who can adopt. 

They want to “fully and robustly fund comprehensive, medically accurate sex education”. I find this exceptionally egregious. They aren’t teaching the biology of sex that we remember. They are teaching “how to”. They are teaching our grade school children how to masterabate. They are teaching “VAO” (vaginal, anal, oral) sex and that anal is preferable because it doesn’t cause pregnancy. 

They go on to suggest passing the “Scientific Integrity Act” and suppress any scientific findings or reports that contradict what they say is scientific consensus. May I remind them scientific research is based on skepticism and that MANY things we believed were “settled science” turned out NOT to be?

They want to rescind the “process for detecting attempted entry into the United States by terrorists or other public-safety threats”.  This was Trump’s ban from terrorist countries the Left calls the “Muslim ban”.  They ignore the fact that Obama did EXACTLY the same thing or that out of about 50 Muslim countries only 5 were banned so it was hardly a “Muslim ban”. Again, who are the revisionists? 

They want Biden to appoint an Attorney General to the Department of justice to support the Governors who have unconstitutionally locked down their states and taken their citizens Constitutionally guaranteed Rights away. Require government officials to “separate their personal religious beliefs from their work”. What exactly does that mean???

They say there is a rise in “White Christian Nationalism” and that it is a “national security threat”.  I don’t know any members of “White Christian Nationalism”, do you? I certainly don’t know any Christians that are a threat to national security. I DO know many non-Christians who are, however. Like, maybe, Eric Swalwell. The Secular Democrats suggest the “Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice dedicate resources to deradicalization programs aimed at hate groups (and who defines “hate groups”? The SPLC???), including, but not limited to, White nationalists (aka Trump supporters); increase monitoring of such groups, including the online environment, and take action to address increased hate crimes toward minority faith communities; and shift rhetoric to label violent White Nationalist extremists as terrorists”. What does this sound like to you??

Notice they don’t include BLM or ANTIFA as hate groups. Who is committing the violence? No one on the “religious right”! Who burned down our cities? No on the “religious right”! Who is being threatened and attacked?  People on the Right! Who is really spreading hate? The hate we see daily, the attacks, the riots, the harassment, the censoring, comes from the Left not the Right. 

They go on to suggest appointing a representative to address “Religious Freedom Abroad” to implement these practices in other countries. “Reframe Patriotism” by avoiding phrases like “God and Country” or any implication that service members are guided by faith. And in times of crisis leaders should be reminded prayer is not appreciated by non-Christians (in other words, don’t mention God or offer prayers of comfort). They say “In God We Trust” is a is a relic of McCarthyism. They say not to use the phrase “Judeo-Christian values”. 

Here is the complete document. I urge you to read it and to pass it to your family and friends. Please don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself and see if it concerns you.  ALWAYS do your own research. Anytime someone says not to question them, DO! As it is said “question boldly even the existence of God”. 

May God Help Us.

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