Even those uninterested in politics have experienced, over recent years, a growing unease about our changing culture, traditions, history, and public opinion. Changes they may not like but feel helpless to resist.

For example, during Bill Clinton’s administration Congress passed a non-partisan bill, DOMA, that defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. Thirty two states had voted against same sex marriage (Liberal California TWICE). But, shortly after Obama became President, his Attorney General, Eric Holder, announced he would not enforce DOMA. An Attorney General has no authority to decide which laws to enforce but neither the media nor our representatives had any criticism. Not long after that the Supreme Court ruled that it was a violation of civil rights to deny gays the right to marry. And over night you became a bigot and could lose your job if you supported traditional marriage (ask the CEO of Mozilla). Although there had been a covert war on religion for decades, banning prayer in schools, separation of church and state, banning the Ten Commandments and Nativity Scenes from Public buildings and lands, etc. this ruling began the open war on Christianity.

Our country, founded by people fleeing religious persecution, was now persecuting people for their religious beliefs. This is how quickly and profoundly our culture is being changed. Our government was instituted by man to protect our rights. Local governments were organized to provide us with what we needed: Roads, power lines, water, police, fire departments, schools, etc. But, at some point, we began to realize our governments, local, state and federal, were no longer supplying what we needed but began telling us what we could have. It’s taken some of us longer than others to come to this realization, but even those still in the dark feel something is wrong. We aren’t being listened to. And it is becoming more and more apparent we are being lied to. But this isn’t confined to America. It’s been happening around the world. Why? How is it that people around the world, in countries large and small, are feeling their representatives, their leaders, aren’t listening to them?

Because they’re not. Although a faction of world leaders have been dreaming of, working toward, a New World Order for decades, if not centuries, it was the signing of Agenda 21 in 1992 by 193 countries that put it in action world wide. Agenda 21 would result in the end of nation states. We weren’t asked if we wanted this. In 1993 the EU was formed, which, for all intents and purposes, ended the sovereignty of the European Nations. At the same time, the North American Union was being pushed but thankfully we resisted it. If we had formed the North American Union, like the EU, we would have been unable to stop migration. English citizens learned too late how much an unending flood of Middle Eastern migrants would harm their culture, traditions, rights and safety. Once the British citizens understood they rose up and voted to leave the EU. Although they voted for BREXIT in 2016, the exit date has come and gone and they are still in the EU. Their leaders are working against the will of their people. They don’t want to leave the EU. Now in addition to the French people, the British people are taking to the streets every weekend wearing yellow vests to protest the high cost of energy, the never ending migrant invasion, the loss of their rights, and their representatives working against them. This is all due to Agenda 21 and the new and improved UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that is Agenda 21 on steroids.

I learned about Agenda 21 in 2009. And when I learned about it no one I knew had ever heard of it although it had already been in effect for 17 years. Why do you think that is? World leaders knew we would fight against it so they called it different things, like Sustainable Development, Green Cities, Smart Growth, etc. It is implemented locally through ICLEI (International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives). ICLEI is an International organization. Cities who join ICLEI get paid large sums of money to implement ICLEI’s Agenda. It’s actually illegal for American Cities to enter into international agreements but no one seems to be objecting or challenging it. When I was in Malaysia at the UN World Urban Forum, the New head of ICLEI, a Malaysian, Muslim woman was introduced.

If you wondered, as I did before I learned about Agenda 21, how it was possible for cities across the country…..and around the world to be doing the same things, saying the same things and not caring what their communities wanted, it was because they signed on to Agenda 21.

How was it possible that all of a sudden huge numbers of people from 3rd world countries were migrating to Western Countries around the world. Why did our leaders tell us we must accommodate the migrants culture, not that the migrants needed to assimilate to our culture. Our cultures are being turned into 3rd world. We’re being told our flag, our anthem, and the pledge of Allegiance is offensive to migrants. Our schools no longer continue those traditions, nor do they teach civics or the Constitution. Our history is being erased, statues taken down, founders demonized. You might remember Michelle Obama saying we needed to change our conversation, our history and traditions. That’s what is happening, isn’t it? We can’t even acknowledge biology anymore. Why is all of this happening? Agenda 21.

The first goal of the new UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is “End Poverty”. How do you suppose they do that? It’s obvious. Redistribute the wealth of the Western Countries to the poor ones. The Paris Agreement would have obligated Western Nations to pay for the damage Climate Change causes to poor counties. Never mind climate has damaged countries for thousands of years before man or cars or plastic straws. The other way to redistribute wealth is to flood Western Countries with poor migrants they’ll go bankrupt supporting.

Open borders, world wide migration, enabling homelessness, spreading diseases, eroding law enforcement, normalizing perversion & mental illness, eroding the family, eroding property rights, demonizing Christianity, skyrocketing energy prices (remember Obama saying that would happen with his energy policies), rationing abundant resources, abortion up to and including birth, infanticide, assisted suicide, legalizing drugs, the Green New Deal that bans air travel and cows…..all of it! It’s all Agenda 21.

What I fear is that in the 17 years before most of us even knew it existed, Agenda 21’s tentacles have reached so deeply into our cities, and our institutions have been so completely taken over by Liberals, that it can’t be reversed as I hoped it could be.

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I was asked to represent American Freedom Alliance in January at the Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission to speak in support of the Sheriff allowing ICE to pick up illegal criminals from our jails. I explained American Freedom Alliance was concerned with the threats to Western Civilization and that unchecked illegal immigration was one of them. After I spoke a Commissioner warned that Western Civilization was a White construct and to think what that meant. I returned this month to address her comments. The following is my statement.

“Last month one of your members was offended by my saying American Freedom Alliance was concerned with the threats to Western Civilization. I spoke her after the meeting and asked if she thought Western Civilization was a dog whistle for White Supremacy. She said yes she did and that I should chose different words.
We live in dangerous times when terms and words are redefined to mean something they were never intended to mean and paint negatively all who use them.

Western Civilization created governments of the people not of the government, where all men were created equal and justice was blind. They brought more people out of poverty than any other system. They protected the liberty of the individual and allowed self determination. The liberty of individuals allowed innovations that made our lives easier and more fun. Light bulbs, cars, planes, radios, television, cell phones, computers. Is the system perfect? Does it achieve all it’s promises? No, but it aspires to and it created a system that is the fairest and freest for all who lived there regardless of race, religion or creed.

At it’s inception Western Civilization was mostly White because without planes, trains and automobiles migration wasn’t as wide spread as it is now. Western civilization may have been created by White men but it created the highest standard of living for all, even our poorest. It created a system that benefit ALL, not just White people.

It is divisive to suggest anything developed by White people is racist. Do White people seek their own self interest? Sure, as do Blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc. It is normal for people to seek what is familiar, to be more comfortable with people who share their values and culture. That is human nature, not racism. If we are ever to live peacefully with each other we need to stop demonizing human nature.

Before last month no one had ever suggested to me Western Civilization was synonymous with White Supremacy. It is not. I don’t intend to chose different words and I will never stop working to protect Western Civilization.”

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I met some friends at a restaurant the other day. We were talking politics and mentioned that the Left might fear Pence more than Trump because of his religious morality. A waitress was passing by and said, “ugh, PENCE!”. We asked her if she didn’t like Pence. She said she didn’t. We asked if she liked Trump, she said, “I hate him”. One of our group asked why. She came over to us and said there were a million reasons. He asked to name one. She said, “He put children in CAGES”. We told her it wasn’t Trump, it was Obama. I told her the pictures of kids in cages were from the Obama years. We explained Trump has to follow the laws Obama put in place until Congress changes them. She asked, incredulously, where we got such information. We told her it was out there but she’d have to look for it. She didn’t believe any of us. Some kept trying to educate her but I no longer trusted eating there or changing her mind and left.

I realized it’s so hard to talk to Liberals rationally because they aren’t told the truth. I grew up trusting what I heard on the news. I believed they verified what they reported on. I was never aware of journalists political preferences. This isn’t the case anymore but way too many people think it is. They believe what they hear. The media published the pictures of children in cages and the little girl crying for her Mama and blamed Trump. When the media was proven wrong, if they even acknowledge they were wrong, it’s buried somewhere. It certainly isn’t given the time or energy the original narrative was given. And when every media outlet, except FOX (and they aren’t all that reliable) says the same thing……exactly the same thing, no wonder the waitress was dumbfounded when we told her Obama put kids in cages.

People see and hear what they want to see and hear. Democrats who voted for Hillary are only too willing to believe any negative thing they are told about Trump. I say this often because it’s true, there isn’t a thing a human can do or say that can’t be depicted negatively or positively. Everything…..everything Trump does is depicted negatively by the media. A simple recent example was when Speaker Pelosi cancelled the State of the Union the media said, enthusiastically, WOW, she was such a “Bad Ass”! When Trump then cancelled her use of an Air Force plane for a junket, the media said he was a childish “Bully”. The media said the Covington boy was “smirking” when he was smiling to defuse a tense situation.

The other day on The View, Joy Behar was correct when Whoopi Goldberg asked why the media was getting so many stories wrong. Joy said, “Because we’re so desperate to get Trump out of the White House”. Liberals and the media are desperate to prove Conservatives, Trump supporters are the racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, bigots they say we are. If “institutional racism” and homophobia were as rampant as they suggest they wouldn’t have to create hoaxes to prove it, there would be hundreds of real examples. There just aren’t. Conservatives aren’t violent people. They aren’t even that good at being confrontational. Conservatives are by definition Conservative.
The media are so anxious to jump on anything that will paint Trump supporters as “haters”. What they did to the Covington boys was despicable. These are kids. The media didn’t care, they edited video to make the boys look at fault. As the grandmother of 16 year old twin boys I imagined how I’d feel if I heard celebrities say they’d like to knock the smirk off my boys faces. How I’d feel if they were mocked and demonized for doing nothing wrong. And even when it was shown that they did not “surround a Native American veteran”, the media still painted them in a negative light. Media didn’t even investigate the truthfulness of Nathan Phillips. Phillips changed his story numerous times. He said he served two tours of duty. He did serve in the Military but he never left the States or saw combat. He said the boys surrounded him when the video showed he went up to the boys and then was joined by other native Americans. But even after this was known, Savannah Guthrie wanted Nick Sandmann to apologize to Phillips. There was also no mention of the Black Israelites yelling obscenities at the boys and that the boys didn’t react to them. Media never mentioned the Black Israelites even though they were yelling vile insults at the native Americans even before the Covington boys arrived. The media simply wanted to demonize the Covington boys because some of them were wearing MAGA hats. Media is just SO desperate, as Joy Behar admitted, to smear Trump supporters and get Trump out of the White House.

Then there’s Jesse Smollett (who I had never heard of before this). The media and Hollywood was only too willing to accept without question, Mr. Smollett’s story. Most of us could see holes a mile wide in his story but the “smear Trump and his supporters brigade” reported it without question. Police have mountains of evidence he planned a fake attack on himself in order to blame a hate crime on Trump supporters and by association, Trump himself. Liberal media is saying even if this event is a hoax, these sort of things happen all too often. OH, PLEASE! When? Where? Who has been rioting, burning things, and vandalizing? Do Liberal speakers need security on college campuses? Who is angry all the time? All you have to do is look at Twitter.

The media didn’t cover Trump celebrating Black History Month with a huge crowd of Blacks. The attendees weren’t interviewed about their support of the President. They don’t talk about the lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks EVER. They don’t cover anything that shows Trump’s policies working. Rocket man isn’t shooting rockets off or making threats anymore, is he? Trump has gotten most of our hostages returned without giving their captors anything. Obama didn’t even try. He only traded five TERRORISTS for one deserter. And when Susan Rice said the deserter served with “honor and distinction” the media had nothing to say. The media protected Obama with the same fervor they demonize Trump. Neither serves us or the Country well.

And now the media has nothing negative to say about ANTIFA, or BLACK LIVES MATTER, or the Green New Deal, or Medicare for all, or free college, or reparations, or guaranteed income, or abortion in the 9th month, or infanticide, or that the best argument the Left has against Trump is convicted perjurer, Michael Cohen. Most of these issues would have had a great deal of criticism from the media in the past.

But now nearly all media are owned by six companies (or six people). They are Liberal and hire Liberals. They no longer make any attempt to appear impartial or objective. In order to know what is true you really have to do your own research and most people aren’t inclined to or don’t have the time to. We would think getting SO many big stories wrong, getting caught editing video of George Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him look racist, Ferguson, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”, Russian collusion, no mention of fake dossier or who paid for it, Trump said ALL Mexicans were rapists and murders, the Covington boys, Jesse Smollett, etc. that they would at least try to be more careful and less biased……but I see no evidence of it.

God bless America! We need his blessing now more than we ever have since the American Revolution. Winning our revolution against the strongest military in the world was a miracle. I pray for another.

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I was invited to speak to the Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission this week in favor of the new Los Angeles Sheriff cooperating with I.C.E. The following is my speech.

I represent the American Freedom Alliance. We are concerned with the threats to Western Civilization, among them unchecked illegal immigration and the erosion of the Rule of Law. Because we believe the Rule of Law I am here to speak in support ICE.

Today I’m not going to discuss the pros and cons of illegal immigration, that isn’t what our support of ICE is about. It isn’t about ICE rounding up your nanny or neighbor. It’s about illegal alien criminals. CRIMINALS.

In spite of what others have said, it is not true that all law enforcement is against ICE. A few months ago Ventura Sheriff Geoff Dean spoke at the Thousand Oaks City Council meeting and explained what SB54 did and didn’t do. He had written an op-ed in the Ventura newspaper saying SB54 was NOT in the best interest of public safety. He said the Association of California Sheriffs did not support SB54. Sheriff Dean said SB54 puts him in an impossible situation. If he obeys California Law, he violates his oath to uphold the Constitution and if he obeys his oath to the Constitution he violates California Law.

Sheriff Dean said there are NO low level criminals in our jails, he said they don’t jail low level criminals. California has reduced hundreds of felonies to misdemeanors. He said criminals who have committed serious crimes are being released into our communities instead of over to ICE.

I’m sure those here in support of NOT cooperating with ICE have good intentions. They want to protect their children’s best friends family, or their housekeeper from being picked up. But if ICE can’t pick up criminals from jails, they have to go into the community to find them and your sweet nanny or neighbor may get swept up too. I may not agree, but I do understand people wanting to protect their nanny or neighbor, but I don’t understand protecting criminals.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. Invited me to his home on the fifth anniversary of his son’s death. I’ve seen the plaque in front of his next door neighbors house where his son, Jamiel Shaw Jr., was gunned down for no reason by an illegal alien gang member who had just been released from jail instead of being tuned over to ICE. How did not cooperating with ICE make the Shaw’s lives
safer. What reason is there for any illegal alien criminal to be released into our communities? Don’t we have enough of our own?

We’re told SB54 protects illegal alien victims who otherwise would be afraid of cooperating with the police. However, releasing the criminals…….the victims helped convict…….back into their community then puts them at risk of retaliation. How does that protect them? Or any of us?

It’s the FIRST job of government to PROTECT US. We expect law enforcement agencies to cooperate with each other. Don’t agencies share DNA & fingerprint data? Don’t other agencies hold criminals for extradition to other states? Don’t the police and Sheriffs
cooperate with the FBI? Why would they NOT cooperate with another law enforcement agency?

We just had another example of how dangerous this is with the death of Deputy Ronhil Singh, a legal immigrant. Sheriff Adam Christianson said, through tears, that California’s sanctuary laws were to blame for his death. Of course they are. I don’t understand the justification of refusing to turn an illegal alien criminal over to ICE.

Didn’t Sheriff Villanueva take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and uphold our laws? Isn’t it the job of the Sheriff to protect American citizens?
Why, on earth, would anyone want to keep, as Sheriff Dean said, “serious criminals” in this country? How does this benefit us?

We are told illegals have been here for decades so we shouldn’t enforce our immigration laws. Would this apply to Rapists, murders, bank robbers if they get away with their crimes for decades?

We would like the Sheriff to explain why illegal alien criminals are exempt from our immigration laws. If we used stolen or fraudulent identification, committed tax fraud, employment fraud, voter fraud, etc. We’d be in serious trouble. We don’t see illegal aliens held to the same standard. We are offended by a Sheriff, sworn to protect us, saying he’d bodily remove ICE…..who are fellow law enforcement officers……from his jail.

We have respected the Rule of Law all our lives. We have respected and supported law enforcement. We find it impossible to believe it is necessary for us to come here and ask law enforcement agencies to cooperate with each other to PROTECT US. It is still against the law to enter this country illegally. We are asking the Sheriff to cooperate with ICE to keep us safe.

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A Liberal friend of mine remarked that the new Democrat majority in the House was a return to sanity. Forgive me for laughing out loud but sanity would not be the word I’d use. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (affectionately AOC) wanting free college, free healthcare, and open borders proving how useless her degree in finance is. Rashida Tlaib who wants to “impeach the motherf***er. Ilhan Omar, who married her brother to get citizenship. Two of them Muslims whose allegiance is to Islam not America. And these are just some of the new members. DNC chair, Tom Perez said AOC is the new face of the Democrat party. Yes, very sane.

And what are the first things the new “sane” House does? Articles of impeachment with no evidence of any crimes or misdemeanors, a bill to end the Electoral College, and a bill to end the partial shutdown of government…..knowing none will get through the Senate or to Trump’s desk. They want to end the Electoral College which would end our Republic. Democracies never last long, but then they know that. A pure Democracy would result in the tyranny of the majority. California and New York would chose our Presidents and fly over country would become completely voiceless and irrelevant. That’s sanity?

The Democrat party (not necessarily the Democrat voters) has embraced “Democratic Socialism”. Do average people even know what that means? They think it means they can vote for socialist policies and vote them out if they don’t like them. That’s not how Socialism works,“democratic” or not. Once government has control it doesn’t relinquish it. Democrats no longer make any pretense of being for the working man. They are for illegal aliens. Bernie Sanders, AOC and others have pushed the Democrat Party far left. I suspect the 2020 Democrat primary candidates will push each other even farther Left.

My Liberal friend had scoffed when I told them the Democrat party supported abortion up to and including the date of birth. Scoff no more because NY Governor Cuomo said this week he wouldn’t sign any budgets that didn’t include funding for abortions up to birth. Hillary Clinton, in support of Cuomo, said this week there was “no time to wait” to accomplish this goal. Nancy Pelosi wanted us to recognize the “spark of divinity” in MS13 gang members….but apparently we must ignore the “spark of divinity” in human babies.

Democrats like to call Conservatives “alt-right” and “extreme”. Let’s clarify this right now. Conservatives, specifically, and the Republican Party, in general, have nothing to do with the “Alt-Right”. The “Alt-Right” may vote for Republicans but that’s because Democrats are for “diversity” (of color not opinion) and open borders and the Alt-right is not. Other than that the “Alt-Right” has more in common with the Left than Right. What is called “extreme” by Democrats are traditional values, Christianity, two sexes, the 2nd Amendment, and our founding documents. Republicans views on those issues haven’t changed or become extreme. In fact, to my disappointment, Republicans have become softer on those issues. But this doesn’t prevent Democrats from calling traditional values “extreme”. As usual Democrats are projecting, because it’s Democrats that have become extreme.

Democrats, ALL spoke against illegal immigration, listing all the reasons that are still true, they include criminals, gangs, drugs, they lower wages, take jobs from Americans, they’re unvetted, unfair to legal immigrants, etc. Democrats voted FOR a wall and $50 Billion to fund it. But now they say securing our border is racist, immoral, expensive and ineffective. First, national security isn’t racist. We’d feel the same if 60,000 people, many with criminal records, drugs & sex slaves, crossed our border from Canada. Second, it isn’t immoral to protect our citizens. In fact, it’s government’s FIRST responsibility. And if they think walls are immoral they need to take down the walls around their homes….and stop funding walls along other countries borders. Third, the claim a wall is expensive is laughable. They originally voted FOR $50 Billion (Where IS that money?). The State Department under Hillary misplaced $6 Billion and the Federal Government misplaces about $160 Billion a year. In our $4.4 Trillion budget, $5.7 Billion is pocket change. And Fourth, it isn’t ineffective and they know it. Border Patrol says walls are effective. Everywhere we have walls they have cut illegal crossings by 90% to 95%. The reality is Democrats are against walls because they DO work. Jim Acosta made a complete fool of himself while trying to mock those who support a wall, when he pointed out where the wall was there was no danger, no people trying to rush the border.

The Media’s hair is on fire over the poor nonessential federal employees who aren’t going to get paid until the shutdown is over (ever heard of “savings” or a “loan”). Oh, Democrats are SO upset about the employees that they are sipping pina coladas on a Puerto Rican beach instead of in DC meeting with Border Patrol, families of victims killed by illegal aliens, and people who live on the border……like the President IS. Speaker Pelosi refused to meet any of the Angel families and told DHS Secretary, Kirsten Neilson, she rejected “her facts”. Secretary Nielsen replied they weren’t her facts, they were THE facts.

Democrats now support any and all comers. California Governor Newsom said in his inaugural address, that ALL were welcome. There is no exception. Your sweet little nanny or cleaning lady is no different than MS13 or sex traffickers. We’re not supposed to mention 60% to 80% of women are rapped on their way to our border. Or that many of the children are sex slaves. Or that 90% of the drugs in our country are brought across our borders. The former head of the Border Patrol under Obama, Mark Morgan said MS13 gang members would laugh at the border patrol because it was so easy for them to cross back and forth across the border and the patrol could do nothing about it.

Democrats are saying in unison, there is no crisis on the border. They say it’s a “manufactured crisis”. Border Patrol says 20,000 family units (which means at least 2 or 3 people = approximately 60,000) crossed our border just in Dec. That’s the population of many towns. About 600 “OTL’s” (other than Latin) we’re apprehended last month. Many had direct or indirect connections to terrorist organizations. How many weren’t apprehended? Border patrol apprehends 50,000/60,000 a month. Again, how many don’t they apprehend? They estimate they apprehend one in three. That means about 150,000 get in EVERY MONTH. They overwhelm our schools, law enforcement, hospitals, etc. We just had a caravan of over 5000 come from South America and try to break through our border. Another caravan is forming.

While Democrats don’t want to secure our border and don’t care how many criminals come into America, while they protect illegal alien criminals in Sanctuary Cities, they have let us know they plan to “infringe” on our gun rights and ability to defend ourselves. A new plan besides the background checks to buy ammunition is to only allow people to buy 20 bullets a month. At the same time Democrats are pressuring credit card companies and banks to deny services to gun sellers and manufacturers to drive them out of business. With 328 killed in mass shootings last year Democrats demand more gun control but 2028 homicides by illegals (according to ICE) last year don’t require border control. Many more Americans are killed by illegal aliens than are killed by mass shooters. No, my Liberal friends, it isn’t a “manufactured crisis”.

Oh, yes, I’m really look forward to the “sanity” of the Democrat lead House. Single payer healthcare (we SAID was their goal), no Electoral College, no restrictions on abortions, free college, minimum income (that’s a good one), high taxes, ration energy & water (Newsom plans to tax drinking water), criminalize speaking against Islam or Climate Change, allowing illegal aliens to vote and serve in government, and endless investigations into everything Trump.

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Paris is burning as the citizens of England, Germany, and the Netherlands march to restore their countries sovereignty. Many of those marching and rioting don’t fully understand the goals of the Leftist elites, but they know they are no longer represented by their governments. Why aren’t world leaders representing their people?

Their leaders have been telling them the flood of migrants and refugees is good for their country and economy. They’re told diversity is a noble goal. They’re told they must not offend the new migrants. They’re told expecting migrants to assimilate is racist and bigoted. They’re told to ignore women and girls being raped. Women should dress modestly, or wear a button that says, “NO”, or carry a whistle. Citizens are told they need to adapt to the newcomers. But the citizens know this all defies logic and common sense. Citizens see their culture and traditions being eroded. They understand it’s their culture and traditions that bond them together. They instinctively know if the newcomers don’t share their values and traditions they cannot live together peacefully.

Paris protestors are unset about the gas tax and other “green” policies as well as unbridled migration from Middle Eastern and African countries. Even the people who believe in AGW are beginning to understand how oppressive the policies being implemented are to their lives. When people realize they can’t travel or move freely, when their access to cheap, abundant energy is rationed, their choices limited, and their governments won’t listen, their only recourse is to take to the streets. And while their access to energy is being rationed, their governments are bringing in limitless numbers of migrants from countries whose cultures clash with theirs.

At the same time the media is complicit in supporting the world’s elites pushing these policies against the will of their citizens. The media gives only the Left’s agenda and mocks, lies about and demonizes any opposing view. Meetings and conferences, public and secret, are held around the world every year planning for a future the citizens haven’t been asked if they want. This is not a representative government by any definition. This year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Poland ended just before Christmas.

The EU passed laws against speaking against Islam, Muslims, or Sharia even if what you say is true. They are talking about passing laws against Climate skeptics even if what they say is true as well. I wonder why people don’t question these laws. Are there laws against speaking against Christians or Jews? I’ve never seen people in search of the truth censor speech. The only reason to censor speech is to prevent people from knowing what is true.

We’re also told we need these migrants because we aren’t having enough babies to replace our populations. But why do we need to? Many of the low skilled jobs are being replaced by automation. Many jobs are simply going away. Plus, the globalists want to reduce the world population to under one billion, so we don’t need to replace our population and we certainly don’t need to increase it.

We are in a fight for the survival of the Western World. Many don’t comprehend how far reaching the threat is, they just know something is terribly wrong. They sense their leaders are not working on their behalf. The citizens of England voted to leave the European Union. They realized the EU didn’t have England’s best interests in mind, and why would they? They realized the EU was making decisions that hurt England and they were helpless to do anything about it. The farther you are from government, the less influence you have on it. So, the people voted to leave the EU. But their Prime Minister, Teresa May, is doing her best to stay in, against the will of her people.

The English, the French, the German people want to stop the flood of migrants into their countries. They want to stop the liberty stealing green regulations. They are realizing how these regulations and laws are robbing them of choices, jobs, how and where to live, and freedom. And those the Left is always beating their chests to protect, the poor, are hit first and hardest.

We Americans aren’t quite as far down the road as Europe because we had the good sense not to join the North American Union. We’d be in the same place as Europe if we had. In order for global governance to happen, the Western Cultures need to be reduced. This is happening by flooding the rich, educated countries with poor, uneducated migrants, many with cultures that conflict with ours. This is why American’s present conflict over the border wall is so important to the Left. If the English can leave the EU and stop the constant flood of migrants and America can truly secure our border and stop illegal immigration, global governance will be dead…..at least for now.

The Left is desperate to stop America from securing her borders. Have you ever seen Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi fight harder for anything then they are fighting to stop the border wall? Regardless of what they might say publicly, they know American citizens want a wall. This President won because we want a wall and he promised us one. They also know it’s in the best interests of the American people to secure our border and reduce illegal immigration to a trickle. They all said so in 2006. They all voted for $46 Billion for a physical barrier. Now they are fighting against $5 Billion for a wall. We all know why. The media knows why. The Liberal pundits on television know why. They just pretend they don’t.

We are in a fight for our culture, our traditions, our way of life as we know it. I don’t know if we will win, but fight we must.

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Trump spent the last weeks of the campaign hysterically warning about a non-emergency, the progress of a caravan of refugees a thousand miles from our border. Once the election was over, the matter was dropped. Well, to crib from Carpenter, if Republicans want to quit being accused of being “anti-immigrant,” they have to stop saying anti-immigrant things (e.g. calling them “animals,” talking about an infestation, making up a crime wave purportedly caused by immigrants).

A “non-emergency”??? Tell that to the Mayor of Tijuana. There are 5000 mostly young men overwhelming his city. We are a sovereign country that has the right to decide who is allowed to come into our country. These “migrants” broke down fences and threw rocks at police. They said they were coming whether or not we wanted them to. They turned down asylum and jobs offered by Mexico. And if these 5000 are allowed to come in, they can bring the rest of their families, so it becomes 20K, 30K MORE. And then more will come. Yes, that IS an emergency. Where do you get that the matter was dropped? There are anti-American groups funding these “migrants” and they plan more caravans.

And they are planning to come to California. We are already overwhelmed with illegal aliens and homeless. We can’t afford them and don’t have the resources (water or electricity) for them.
Republicans aren’t “anti-immigrant”, we’re anti-ILLEGAL immigration. We have NO PROBLEM with people coming here legally. What a slap in the face to LEGAL immigrants to allow people to just break into our country with no consequences when LEGAL immigrants wait years and do it right.

FYI, MS 13 ARE “animals”. No one said immigrants were. And crime IS up in direct relation with increased illegal immigration.

Indeed, this formulation should serve as a guidepost for Republicans:

FYI, Obama lost 63 House seats, 6 or 8 Senators in 2010. Republicans really don’t need guideposts from Democrats, thank you.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of science denial, they have to stop denying science.

Republicans don’t deny science. There is no science that proves man is causing AGW. Not a single scary prediction the Alarmists have come up with has the slightest relation to what is actually happening. Not a single computer model has been right. Science is based on skepticism. Just recently a skeptic proved the math in one of the scary predictions was wrong and the Alarmists agreed they made a mistake.

In fact, the people who deny science are on the Left. Scientifically, there are two genders, PERIOD. Believing you are a different sex has nothing to do with science. It exists in the mind. No matter how someone mutilates their body, their DNA is still male or female.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of being protectionist know-nothings, they have to stop saying that trade wars are easy to win, tariffs are good, consumers don’t suffer from tariffs, and the trade deficit means we owe other countries something.

Who said trade wars were easy to win? Who said tariffs were good? Who said any of those things? We know tariffs are not good but we also know they are a negotiating tool and not permanent.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of hypocrisy, they have to stop being hypocrites about the debt (bad only for Democrats), executive power (bad only for Democrats) and corporate cronyism (bad only for Democrats).

I’m sorry but Democrats have a lock on hypocrisy. I don’t know where you get the idea that we think the debt is OK. The Republican Party lost the House because of the debt and that they weren’t doing what the President wanted. Trump gave them a budget that had deep cuts and they ignored it. We rank and file Republicans are furious about the debt.

You need to stop listening to Liberal talking heads. They lie to you. We aren’t OK with the debt at all and that is why many turned away from the GOP.

But to accuse Republicans of hypocrisy when I sent you the videos of nearly every Democrat saying how destructive illegal immigration was for our country and now support it 100%. Do you need me to send you videos of Democrats saying marriage was between a man and a woman and now think marriage is anything you want it to be?

Nope, Democrats are nothing if not hypocrites.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of misogyny, they have to stop suggesting that women invent allegations of sexual assault, don’t want to work hard enough to be on the Judiciary Committee and aren’t intelligent.

Who said any of those things? Where do you get this stuff? CNN? Name names. I’m a woman and I have been the victim of sexual abuse so I know it happens. But I also know women DO lie and I would never say to believe every woman. Women are as capable of evil as men.

Maxine Waters ISN’T intelligent. I’ve met her, have you? She is the LAST person, male or female, who should chair any committee. Hank Johnson who thought Guam might tip over, isn’t exactly a genius either.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of being the party of the rich, they have to stop giving big tax cuts to the rich, attacking Medicaid, rubber-stamping a Cabinet of billionaires and tolerating their abuse of travel privileges.

First of all, the party of the “rich” is Democrat now. LOL!! Democrats have outspent Republicans in all the recent elections by a LONG shot. Are you saying the Democrats don’t give tax cuts to the rich? Or have billionaire cabinet members? Or abuse travel privileges? Nancy Pelosi used a military plane to fly her back and forth from California. Maxine Waters has used her position to enrich herself. So did the Clintons. So have the Obama’s, Bidens, Sanders, Kerry’s, etc. etc. How myopic are you?

If Republicans want to quit being accused of being doormats for dictators, they have to stop defending Trump when he refuses to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, to name just a few.

OH PLEASE!! Trump has done more to punish Russia and others than Obama or the Clintons ever did. What did Obama say? “Tell Vladimir I will be more flexible after the election”. Trump got all our hostages back from several countries without giving them anything. He didn’t trade FIVE terrorists for a deserter. He didn’t give pallets of money to Iran in secret. He got little Rocketman to stop firing rockets at Japan.

Oh, yeah, Trump the doormat. ROTFLMAO!!!

If Republicans want to quit being accused of kowtowing to the National Rifle Association, they have to stop blocking every measure the NRA opposes.

The NRA is defending our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. And I don’t care what you call them or us for doing so. We will NOT be intimidated by your name calling and we will NOT give up our Rights, PERIOD.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of contempt for the free press, they have to stop cheering when Trump calls the media the “enemy of the people,” takes away a reporter’s credentials for failing to be deferential enough and uses the instruments of power to threaten media critics.

You DO know, don’t you, that Obama banned an entire network, banned reporters, spied on reporters, tapped James Rosen’s phone, intimidated reporters, and tried to plant something on Sheryl Attkisson’s computer, don’t you? But the press is Liberal and loved Obama so they down played it.

When the press is actively working to bring down a duly elected President it IS an “enemy of the people”. When they report everything this President does in the most negative light, don’t mention the good he has done, misquote and misrepresent what he says they aren’t our friends. If Melania and Ivanka were Democrats the press would be falling all over themselves with praise instead of insulting them. You know that’s true.

In short, Republicans bring criticism on themselves when they talk and act in ways that are factually wrong and morally indefensible. It’s a big reason that voters who care about facts and public morality won’t vote for them.

Morality??? Who is destroying our moral fabric? Liberals!! Who runs the schools? Who controls the media & Hollywood? Who is sexualizing our children and telling them they can change their gender at will? Whose policies have destroyed the family, especially Black families. Who has made it comfortable to have children out of wedlock? Who is making celebrities out of teenaged mothers? Who is teaching eleven year olds how to put on condoms? Who ignores the Rule of Law? Is it or isn’t it against the law to enter this country illegally? Who is denying people free speech? Who is silencing the Right?

Please give me an example of something Republicans say that is morally indefensible. Or factually wrong. Was Obama morally defensible and factually right when he said you could keep your doctor and your plan? Or that Benghazi was caused by a video?

You need to look in the mirror. Progressives (that’s your party, not mine) want Socialism. This week NY Mayor de Blasio said we should do away with private property. BuzzFeed said this week ALL Conservative media needed to be banned. Our country was founded on Individual liberty and private property. It’s Progressives that have been eroding our rights for decades and you think YOU have the moral high ground??? That’s a laugh.

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