We have been so fortunate to have the American Freedom Alliance arrange for Melanie Phillips to speak to various groups this week. Melanie Phillips is a world renowned British journalist. She was the News Editor of the Guardian. Her weekly column appears in The Times and many other newspapers. She has a weekly radio show on the Voice of Israel and is a regular panelist on BBC Radio’s “The Moral Maze”.

She wrote the best selling book, “Londonistan” in 2006 and followed it with, “The World Turned Upside Down: the Global Battle over God, Truth and Power” with the forward written by Broadway and Hollywood screenwriter, David Mamet.,,

Phillips began by talking about some of the recent Islamic terrorist activities. She spoke of attack in Copenhagen, as well as an attack on a synagogue. Since the attack in France on Charlie Hebdo people have been speaking out in support of free speech. Eighty world leaders joined arms and marched in Paris saying “Je Suis, Charlie”. The people killed by a terrorist in Copenhagen were attending a meeting supporting free speech. Phillips pointed out these aren’t just an attacks on free speech, they are attacks on religion. And, sadly, although the world leaders spoke about the importance of free speech, their countries wouldn’t publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Phillips said terrorism works.

Salman Rushdie, after writing. “Satanic Verses” had to go into hiding due to threats on his life. He received little support. Many Europeans blamed him for insulting Islam. The message taken is that if you insult Islam you’re to blame for provoking them. The victims become the offenders.

The Egyptian President implored Imams to reform Islam, and Phillips explains there are many Muslims who believe Islam needs reform, but he isn’t being supported by the leaders in the European Union or America. Since WWII European leaders have bent over backwards to make their governments secular. They consider all religions equally dreadful and morally equivalent. They believe nationalism and religion are the causes of wars. They believe if they reach out to enemies in friendship everything will be OK. However, compromise is seen as a sign of weakness by Islamists. If we don’t show strength, it galvanizes Islamists and inspires more violence.

Secular governments fear upsetting Islamic States will cause unrest that will lead to a Holy War and they fear a holy war because they can’t control it. Jews across Europe are in serious danger. They are being told the government can’t protect them and because of that many of them are now fleeing Europe.

Phillips explained that if nationalism and religion were the causes of world wars boundaries between countries needed to be erased and they needed to immigrate people from other cultures. They believed if they mixed it all up people would all sing “Kumbaya” together. That is why they formed the European Union. The EU decides how many immigrants each country gets and from where. The countries have no say. But the result has not been what they expected. People are resentful of having their culture taken from them. They feel demoralized. Why vote if other countries can veto your vote? People feel there is an assault on their values not just on free speech and religion. There is a push back from natural born Europeans but when they protest, the police protect the Muslims not the natural citizens.

She explained how easy it is to radicalize English born Muslims. They are surrounded with sex, drugs and rock and roll and they like it. They participate in it but at the same time they are disgusted by it because it goes against Islam. Imams appeal to that self disgust.

Phillips spoke of her time at the Guardian, which she described as so far Left it was like the NY Times on speed. As she transitioned from Left to Right she said one of her colleagues told her the single most terrifying thing that could happen to her is that she turned into Melanie. She said the Left thinks because they are for the poor and less fortunate, they are “good” and whatever they do is “good” regardless of the consequences. And if they are “good” the Right has to be “bad” and everything they do is “bad”.

The Q&A was quite interesting. There were a number of Muslims in the audience. One talked about insulting Islam. Phillips pointed out that Christianity and Judaism are insulted all the time with impunity. The difference is that Jews and Christians don’t kill anyone for doing it.

She pointed out that in a recent poll 80% of Egyptian Muslims believe the appropriate punishment for leaving the religion is death. 20% of American Muslims support terrorism. And 40% to 60% of English Muslims believe Sharia should be the only law.

When asked what could be done to reverse what is happening, Phillips, explained more and more Muslims want reform and reform needs to happen. The Imams and Muslim leaders need to denounce ISIS, Hamas, Boka Haram, Al Qaeda and the like.

We also need to get out of the UN. There are 57 Muslim countries in the UN. They are the largest voting block. They want to make blasphemy a crime. When most of what comes out of the UN is a detriment to the Western countries, we need to stop supporting it.

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Al Gore and former Mexican President Filipe Calderon recently called for spending $90 trillion to redesign every city in the world to be car free. There has been little or no discussion of this in the main stream media. Why is that? If anyone on the right were to make such an absurd suggestion the media would still be laughing and mocking them endlessly.

Al Gore is the Godfather of Global Warming aka Climate Change. He is the Pope of the Climate Change Religion. He flies all over the world telling people the sky is falling and far too many people believe him. I went to protest a speech he was giving in Beverly Hills and people were lined up around the block to hear him. We held signs discrediting his claims. A few people came and spoke to us in gentle tones as if they were speaking to a, not too bright, child. They believed we were just too simple minded to understand the science (as if they did) and if they just pointed us in the right direction we’d see the light. When one of our group mentioned they had a PhD and gave them some factual data that was clearly over their head, they turned hostile.

So, let’s examine this proposal of Al Gore’s. He wants to spend $90 trillion to redesign every city in the world to take us out of our cars and private property and into apartments in high-rises (hmmm, sounds like Agenda 21, doesn’t it?). He’s actually serious about this. Does he know there isn’t $90 trillion in the world, (the closest estimate I could find was between $50 and $60 trillion)? So, he wants to take, nearly, TWICE as much money as there is in the world to combat “Climate Change”. Think about that for a minute. How would it even be possible to spend more money than there is? But say we could spend $90 Trillion to rebuild all the cities, why would we? It certainly couldn’t be done without using fossil fuels. And all that construction would put more CO2 and real pollutants in the atmosphere than cars could in hundreds of years. If “climate change” were the immediate threat Gore claims, this would exacerbate it.

If we spend more money than there is in the world to rebuild cities we already have, how are we going to pay for all those bloated government employee union salaries, benefits and pensions? How are we going to support all the poor? How are we going to pay for the school breakfasts, lunches and dinners? The free college? Obamaphones? Obamacare, etc., etc., etc?

Anytime someone tells you, “The debate is over”, it’s a sure sign, it isn’t. That should be a BIG red flag. Science is a never ending debate. It requires constant questioning. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of things considered “settled science” that have been proven wrong. How many years did they say the Piltdown Man was the missing link……until he was proven to be a hoax? How long has the Big Bang theory been sold as fact but is now being questioned?

An English High Court ruled that Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” contained eleven “factual inaccuracies” that had to be pointed out to students before it could be shown in schools. And yet, he won the Academy Award and the Noble Prize for his fraudulent claims. Why does anyone believe anything this man says?

Recently, an English newspaper, the Telegraph, published an article that explains how the temperature data has been being “altered” to support the Global Warming claims. We need to remember 178 countries signed Agenda 21 and governments fund the data collection. The trouble for the Global Warming salesmen is that groups not funded by governments also collect the data.

Determining the average temperature of the world is not an exact science to start with. Anthony Watts, through his website did a study of the temperature stations and found so many irregularities that their temperatures couldn’t be relied on to be accurate. Some were located in the middle of parking lots, or in shaded areas, or near machinery or on top of waste processing tanks. There are so many factors that effect temperature and it is too complicated for the average person to understand. That’s a Perfect Storm for fraud.

In 2008 Gore said the poles would be ice free in five to seven years. Well, it’s seven years and the poles haven’t melted. In 1993 he predicted all the coastal cities would be flooded by 2000 due to melting poles. Again, not the case. The media tried to use hurricane Sandy to validate his claim but Sandy wasn’t caused by melting poles or rising sea levels. Sandy was a hurricane. Hurricanes are not rare. The fact that Sandy’s name starts with an “S” means there were 18 hurricanes before it. Hurricanes have happened since the beginning of time and will continue to happen. And, in fact, here have been fewer hurricanes the last few years, not more.

Regardless of the predictions, made by Al Gore, proven wrong over and over, the media, Al Gore, and the UN funded IPCC will continue to push for car-less cities and government control over the activities of all living creatures in the name of “Climate Change” because Progressives never give up. NEVER.

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If it weren’t so serious it would be laughable to listen to the tortured arguments from the Left that we are fighting “extremists” not “Islamic Extremists”. Martha McCallum, asked State Department spokesperson, Marie Harf (the fact that she is a State Department spokesperson is laughable on it’s own) why “Islamic Extremism” was so hard to say. Miss Harf replied that it wasn’t hard to say but it wasn’t the only kind of extremism we face. Really? What other kind are we seeing?

Miss Harf said, “…the terrorists who are acting in the name of Islam are perverting the religion”………except they’re not. The Qur’an does say infidels must convert or die. Apostates must die. The terrorists are not perverting the Qur’an. While we know not all Muslims are willing to kill anyone, just as not all Germans were Nazis, but they know the Qur’an condones it.

On Sunday shows, Eric Holder was asked numerous times and ways if this wasn’t Islamic terrorism and he just wouldn’t say it. He said they were “radical extremists”. The Left just refuses to acknowledge Islam is a threat to the Western world.

We’ve all had enough discussions with Leftists and heard enough of them on television, radio and in print to know they are all on the same page. I’ve often marveled at it. They use the exact same words to explain or defend a policy. It’s as if they get a memo every morning with the talking points and all stay on script. How many times did we hear “…it was a spontaneous attack due to a video…” I’ve never understood why no one on the Left questions anything about their policies or positions even when they are colossal failures.

According to the Left ALL Conservatives are racist, homophobic, and anti-woman and they will search high and low for an exception to the rule to use to indite all the rest. However, in spite of 99% of all the terrorists acts in the last 20 years having been committed by Muslims, they refuse to identify Muslims as terrorists. And while accusing ALL Conservatives of being racist, homophobic, and anti-woman, they never speak of the fact that under Sharia law, women have no rights and being homosexual can get you a death sentence.

The Left would like us to believe everything is morally equivalent. Rabbi Michael Lerner in the Huffington Post said he feared the Islamic extremists as much as he feared the Christian extremists in Congress. Of course, you remember Christians beheading people and Christian suicide bombers blowing up buses and subways, don’t you? We’re to believe Islamic terrorists beheading journalists on TV, murdering satirists for mocking them and flying planes, filled with innocent people into buildings filled with innocent people, is morally equivalent to Christians not wanting to be forced to pay for birth control or make wedding cakes for gays.

Our Leftist friends remind me of the horror movies where the girl, being chased by the boogey man, runs upstairs where there is no escape instead of running out the front door to a neighbor. They don’t seem to be able to recognize danger when it’s chasing them up the stairs. “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

You have to wonder how none on the Left seem to have an original thought or the ability to have an objective opinion. On social media those that support the Left say the same things, give the same arguments, quote the same statistics. Have you checked the ingredients in Red Bull? Has Kale been sprayed with something? Are strange pods being grown on a collective farm somewhere? Why are there no differences of opinion on the Left?

How many times have you heard a Leftist say, “8 million people now have insurance that didn’t have it before”? These aren’t stupid people. They know the number is fabricated. They know a vast number signed up for Medicaid and were already eligible. They know even more people had their policies cancelled and can’t afford a new policy. They know the deductible for many families is so high they will be paying premiums they can’t afford for insurance they will likely never use. But not one of them will say it.

The same people who would never accuse an abused women of provoking her abuse, who would never blame a woman for her own rape, turn themselves into pretzels telling us we provoke terrorist attacks. They have been telling us since 9/11 that America is to blame, that we offended Islam and we get what we get. Where is it written that no one is ever to be offended? I’m offended by women wearing burkas, I’m offended genital mutilation, I’m offended by homosexuals being stoned, I’m offended by innocent men being beheaded on television, I’m offended by people entering this country illegally and making demands, and I’m even more offended by my government ignoring the Constitution and the Will of the People.

We would all agree that if we give our children everything they want, don’t require them to “earn” anything, bail them out when they get into debt, and make excuses for their bad behavior, they will never learn to take care of themselves and parents will have to bail them out the rest of their lives. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t agree that teaching people to fish is better than giving them fish. Yet, the Left is incapable of applying those concepts to welfare or other entitlements.

One of the most ludicrous claims the Left makes is “You didn’t make that”. They say you use roads, bridges, police, fire, etc. paid for by government. They say you went to schools paid for by government. Yes, everyone uses and benefits from those services. They are paid for with taxes and businesses, not only pay a large percentage of those taxes, they provide jobs for people who pay taxes. And yes, while everyone uses roads and bridges, police and fire, not everyone then builds a business. But more important is that a large percentage of the population that uses those services, pay NO taxes for them and get “earned income refunds” that takes money from them. People who pay no taxes are entitled to services they paid nothing for but the Left says businesses, who pay a large share of the taxes, aren’t paying their “fair share”. Huh?

I’ve recognized this is how the Left operates for a long time. But I couldn’t understand why. Then it occurred to me, it’s because they are collectivists. They don’t believe in individual rights, therefore individual thinking. They’re the “one size fits all”, “everybody gets a trophy”, “your children don’t belong to you”, “you didn’t built that”, crowd. If you believe in BIG government and that the collective is more desirable than individual rights, group think is necessary.

The Right has it’s own problems. And it’s precisely because they believe in individual rights that they do. Individuals have individual goals and desires. What is THE most important issue to one person may not even be on the radar of another. And because of that the Right spends more time fighting other Republicans than fighting Democrats, more time throwing their own people under the bus than attacking Leftist policies.

The Left will circle their wagons and protect their most reprehensible member (think Anthony Weiner) because the collective is more important than individuals or principals, where the Right will throw a member under the bus (think Todd Akin) as a matter of principal. The truth is the Republican leadership has no principals but they know their base does and they use that as justification to get rid of people they don’t like. Todd Akin had the highest Conservative rating in Congress.

Karl Rove started a PAC to campaign against Conservative candidates. His PAC’s targets are favorites of the Right, like Mike Lee, Steve King, Louie Gohmert, etc. We just witnessed, during the primaries, the GOP used unethical tactics to protect Thad Cochran from Conservative challenger Chris McDaniel.

Mia Love is another example. One day everyone was celebrating her win and bragging about the FIRST Black Conservative woman to be elected to Congress. The next day they swore she was unredeemable because she voted for Boehner. A similar about face happened to Scott Brown when he was elected Senator in Ted Kennedy’s seat. It was a historic victory for Republicans to win a seat held by Democrats for decades. But as soon as Brown voted for something the Right didn’t like they turned their back on him and he lost his next election. They don’t seem to understand that from a state as Liberal as Massachusetts, Scott Brown was as Conservative as anyone could expect and keeping him in that seat is smarter than giving it back to the Democrats.

Conservatives, by definition, are conservative. They are responsible people who don’t want anything from the government except to protect their person, property and rights and then leave them alone. They know they are capable of taking care of themselves and their families and know everyone, except the truly handicapped, are capable of the same. They know people have different beliefs, goals, tastes and desires. They believe people should be free to pursue their lives as they wish as long as they don’t harm anyone. Conservatives believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law and just assumed everyone else did.

The Left (Progressives) never give up. Never. No matter how unpopular an issue is, no matter how many times it is voted down, the Left never stops pushing for it. The Right is all too willing to compromise and give up on what they think is an “unpopular” issue. A perfect example is gay marriage. Before the Clintons and Obamas opinions on gay marriage “evolved” and they came out in favor of it, gay marriage was voted down every time it was brought to a vote. Liberal California voted it down twice. And yet, the reason California and more and more other states allow gay marriage is due to courts overturning state elections, not due to people changing their minds. But I hear the Right say, we need to move on because we’ve lost that battle. Funny, the Left NEVER says that. The NEVER move on. We lose these battles because we give up. The Left wins because they don’t.

The Right doesn’t like confrontations or being called names. The Left understands that and doubles down on it. They mock the Right, they pretend the Right is a small minority of nut jobs, even though the majority of this country identifies themselves as Conservative. Too many on the Right fold under this kind of assault. They are all too willing to “compromise” and the compromise always moves us farther and farther left.

The Left hires psychologists and sociologists and public relations companies to help them find the words and messages that appeal to people even when they are destructive and/or a lie. The Right is the WORST at messaging. They are on the right side of the issues. They are for the Rule of Law but they can’t seem to make an effective argument for it.

If the Right wants to survive, it needs to take some lessons from the Left. It needs to stop giving up, stop compromising, stop ceding power. The leadership of the GOP has surrendered the fight against Obamacare without a fight. Will someone, please, tell the Republicans they won!

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The Luxe Hotel on Sunset Boulevard was the location for the latest American Freedom Alliance Lecture and Conference Series.

Over the last few years parents across the country have become more and more concerned about the way Islam is being taught to their children. The Manhattan Beach Middle School received national attention when parents took their son out of school because the lessons appeared to be more proselytizing than history.

The first speaker was Samira Tamer. In addition to English, Samira is fluent in Arabic, Turkish, and French. She has been the chapter leader for the Los Angeles chapter of ACT for America since 2007. She also taught art and English, as a second language, in public school.

Samira brought two history books that are being used in public and private schools through out the state and read some of the lessons on Islam from the books. She pointed out that myths and legends about Islam are stated as fact, while information about Christianity is stated as belief. She explained the word “Islam” means submission. Christianity and Judaism are taught in the 6th grade followed by Islam in the 7th grade. However, the Judeo/Christian faiths are given a few days, while Islam is given three weeks.

As Samira speaks Arabic, she explained the meaning and significance of some of the Islamic words, such as “shahada”, the declaration of faith, once said is considered by Muslims as conversion. “Takkiya” which is approval of deception to further Islamic goals.

Our next speaker was Keith Hardine. Keith works as a Los Angeles Unified District Campus Aide. He supervises and mentors K-12 students. In addition he teaches “Self-Defense Civics” during and after school. Keith is also a professional consultant to law enforcement in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

Keith spoke on how to engage our children and stimulate their interest in our founding. He demonstrates to students how incompatible Islam is with our Constitution. If students understand how important natural law was to our founding, they can understand how antithetical Islam is to natural law. Keith always carries with him a copy of the Constitution and gives copies to students when possible.

I observed Keith teach one of his “Self-Defense Civics” classes. While he taught the students anti-bullying defensive tactics he cleverly tied them to individual rights and asked the students questions about how the Constitution protects those rights. One young man took out his copy of the Constitution and others gathered around to read over his shoulder. It was inspiring to see such interest in the Constitution from these kids but it demonstrates the value of allowing teachers to develop methods of inspiring that kind of interest.

Next to speak was Maurey Williams. Maurey is a social studies teacher at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego. Prior to that, in his capacity as a history teacher in middle school, he taught Islam. Maurey taught gifted and talented students, English, as a second language, as well as developmentally delayed students.

Maurey explained how important he believes it is to teach Islam and how he taught it. As a conscientious and objective teacher, Maurey reviewed the Judeo/Christian lessons with students in later grades but acknowledges that isn’t the norm. At the time Maurey taught Islam he had the flexibility to contrast the good with the bad, however, after Common Core introduces it’s history courses, that will not be the case. Maurey feels the biggest obstacle teachers have is too much government intrusion. He believes government is crushing teachers. That innovation in teaching comes from teachers being free to try new methods.

Michael Greer (ME) was the last speaker. I am a retired casting director with 30 years experience in the entertainment industry. Currently, I write a blog “Madder Than Hell” that is published in numerous Conservative publications. I also report on the American Freedom Alliance events on the GREER REPORT. I have 12 year old twin grandsons who will take Islam next year.

I believe we all understand the importance of teaching Islam to our children. It is an important part of history and a growing influence in the world. My concern is what is being taught and in what context. I did quite a bit of research on how it is being taught across the country. While, not all schools are teaching it in the same way, what appears to be universally true is that the history and tenants of Islam are, for the most part, whitewashed.

Students are being required to recite the “shahada” which is the Islamic declaration of faith. In some schools students are saying the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic and saying “one nation under Allah”. Some are taught Muslims discovered America. And in some schools Muslims are allowed to pray in school (but not Christians).

I researched what and who was behind the curriculum. I learned Saudi Arabian backed groups such as the “Council on Islamic Education” (recently changed to “Institute of Religious and Civic Values”) are funding teacher training and writing the curriculum. What isn’t being taught is Mohammad’s bloody history, the lack of women’s rights, the Three Stages of Jihad, and the goal of Islam to be the only religion and Sharia the only law.

The audience was full of questions and comments. Everyone very concerned about what is being taught and wanting to know how to stop it. Although there is no easy way, as school boards are unmoved, we all need to speak out about it as often as possible. Educate as many as we can. The best defense is knowledge.

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What are the police for? Are they to protect us by enforcing the law or is their purpose to be everybody’s best friend? According to Civil Rights lawyer Connie Rice, when they encounter the Michael Browns of the world they should say to themselves, “I’m here to protect this child, not to arrest this child”. The “child” in this case being 6’4’, nearly 300 pounds.

Congresswoman Karen Bass’s Townhall this Saturday was devoted to discussing what is wrong with the police. (Congresswoman Bass is always so happy to see me, we are becoming BFF’s). This Townhall was held in the Ward AME Church. I notice unlike Townhalls I’ve attended, given by other members of Congress, Rep. Bass never starts hers with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Rep. Bass began her Townhall by telling us she spent Martin Luther King day in Ferguson, Missouri. She said it didn’t look like the Department of Justice was going to bring any charges against Officer Wilson (to which there was a very negative reaction from the audience) but she is still certain there is “institutional racism” through out this country, especially in police departments. She said she went to the location where Michael Brown was killed. She said it was just a small neighborhood street where you might expect to see a baseball game being played. Really? I don’t recall seeing kids play baseball in the streets. Actually, these days, someone will call Child Protective Services if you let your child walk home from a park…..but I digress. She couldn’t understand what the police were doing there in the first place or what was wrong with Michael Brown walking down the middle of the street. She conveniently neglected to mention he had just robbed a store.

Rep. Bass then introduced State Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer, President of the Black Caucus. He is a member of the “Justice Reinvestment Committee”, whatever that means. I’m not sure how you “reinvest” justice. He bragged that the Chair of the Budget Committee and three of the five members were Black and because of that he could guarantee there would be a “Poverty Budget” this year (to enthusiastic applause). “Poverty Budget”? Jones-Sawyer said his district, AD 59, was the poorest in the state. It is also Congresswoman Bass’s district. I think that begs the question, if they represent this district, who is responsible for it being the poorest? This district has been represented by Liberals for decades. When do they accept their policies don’t work?

Jones-Sawyer mentioned that it costs California $57,000 per prisoner per year (Note: Texas spends about $14,000). He says we need to invest that money in people not jails. He said they decide how many jails to build based on how many people can’t read above a 3rd grade level. There is never any discussion about why so many can’t read above 3rd grade level. The only solution they seem to come up with is more money spent on more programs that never need to show results.

Next Rep. Bass introduced Civil Rights Attorney, Connie Rice. She was supposed to speak ten or fifteen minutes, however, Ms. Rice spoke nearly an hour about herself, how wonderful she was and how much everyone loves her. Karen Bass nearly had to wrestle the microphone from her to get her to stop.

Ms. Rice began by telling us she sued the LAPD nine times (to enthusiastic applause) and just loved doing it. She said the first time she met Chief Bratton she told him she was happy to meet him……and that she was going to sue him the next day. He replied (quite brilliantly, I believe) that she should join him to reform the department, not sue him. She was so honored he gave her an office at the police department (keep your enemies close). She then went on and on about how police should not arrest people for crimes she considered minor, that police should think in terms of helping people not arresting them. She talked about parents not being afraid their children will be killed on the way home. She said one weekend three of the people she represented lost a child. Two by gang shootings and one by the police. She didn’t say if the “children” were gang members or what the circumstances were. Did these “children” have pants on the ground and tattoos all over their bodies? Were they shooting at each other or the police?

She talked about a task force she trained that gave computers to all the children in the neighborhood. When did that become a function of the police? And why is every solution spending money and “giving” people things? She didn’t mention if this actually lowered the rate of crime in the area…..but they did like the police better.

As Ms. Rice continued to speak, Rep. Bass stood up and indicated they needed to move on but Rice would wave her away saying, “I’ll end with this story….”, ten minutes later, “I’ll wrap up by saying….”, another ten minutes later, “I want to tell you this story before I finish……”.

FINALLY, Rep. Bass opened the floor for questions. The first to speak was “Pastor Q”, a 40ish, nicely dressed Black man, who began by quoting Fredrick Douglass. “Power concedes nothing without demand”. He suggested the formation of a “Citizens Review Board” to oversee and control the police.

Michael Davis, a local high school student, wanted to reduce the number of police and “invest” in the community. I though it was admirable a high school student would attend such an event and express his opinion.

Pete White, a 30ish Black activist, said, “This is what we DO know, every 28 hours a Black man is killed by the police”. We do? I found conflicting numbers. USA Today reported the FBI says about two Blacks a week are killed by police. I couldn’t find an exact number but a little over 1000 people were killed in 2014. Which would mean more than twice that number of Whites are killed every 28 hours. Were they shooting at police? Were they threatening anyone? Why were they killed? He said there needs to be something done about “tribalism” in the police force.

I don’t know what you could do about “tribalism” or if you would want to. Men who put themselves in danger need to trust that their fellow officers have their backs. Without that trust the system falls apart. The bond men form in the police and military is necessary for their survival.

This Townhall was about justifying and ignoring breaking the law, bashing the police and promoting the idea that “institutional racism” exists.

Following the Townhall, there was a workshop organized “for people interested in learning about eligibility for sentencing appeals and early release under Proposition 47”.

What I find interesting, is that nothing is ever said about the civic responsibility of citizens. With freedom comes responsibility. There was nothing said about being responsible, obeying the law or respecting authority.

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Santa Barbara is my hometown. I grew up in Santa Barbara, graduated from Santa Barbara High School, was married there and my children were born there. So, when the local Santa Barbara News Press received national attention for being attacked and vandalized by pro-illegal immigration activists, for using the word “Illegals”, I drove up there, on Martin Luther King Day, to support my hometown newspaper’s right of free speech.

As I drove there I reflected that never in my wildest dreams would I have believed this trip would be necessary. Why would Americans ever have to defend their right to free speech?

What had incensed the protest against the News Press was a headline that said, “Illegals Line Up for Drivers Licenses”. The protestors said “illegal” is a pejorative term and shouldn’t be used. They carried signs that said, “We aren’t illegal, the border is illegal”. They demanded the News Press stop using the word “illegal”. The News Press replied that they have used the term for decades, it is the legal term and they would continue to use it.

The rally was scheduled for 12:30pm in front of the News Press offices in the De la Guerra Plaza. The Plaza has a U shaped road going from De La Guerra Street to the News Press building and back and forms a small grassy park in the middle.

I arrived early so that I could stop and visit with friends who own a wine bar across the street from the Plaza. As we stood in the doorway of their wine bar, we saw the rally had already started so I left to join it. I brought with me signs that said, “Je Suis News Press”. I wanted to keep the message on free speech. I knew a counter protest had been planned and I was certain they would change our message to anti-immigrant/racist……and they did.

As I approached the building I could see where the graffiti had been painted over but there was still pink paint splashed on the large carved wooden doors and also on several windows. The doors are old and historic and will need to be refinished. This damage was done by people supposedly “in the shadows”.

I joined the rally. It consisted of nicely dressed people, some in business attire, carrying American flags and home made signs, mostly supporting free speech. People came and asked if they could hold the signs I brought. As soon as I joined the rally I noticed a 40ish, Latino man in a plaid shirt and baseball cap. He had a professional looking camera and a microphone and was walking back and forth in front to the crowd supposedly interviewing people, but I noticed his camera wasn’t on. It was clear he was there to agitate. As he passed me he was saying Santa Barbara was his hometown. I told him it was my hometown too. He came back and said I should understand how offensive “illegal” was. I told him I support free speech no matter who it offends. I told him I’m offended every day by people telling me what I can and can’t say.

A real reporter from Univision asked if he could interview me. He asked me why I was there. I told him I was there in defense of free speech. I said without free speech, we are not free. This is a country of laws and laws had to be applied to all equally. I told him this country had been so successful and lasted so long because we believed in the Rule of Law and that the divisiveness we are seeing is being caused by the erosion of the Rule of Law.

He asked what my sign said and what it meant. I told him it said, “Je Suis News Press” which translates to, “I am News Press”. It was in support of France’s fight for free speech caused by the Charlie Hebdo attack. I told him I didn’t like what Charlie Hepdo had to say but I supported their right to say it because free speech isn’t about protecting the speech you like, it’s about protecting the speech you don’t like.

The fake Latino reporter continued to be disruptive. Whenever someone would try to take a photo or video of the crowd, he would stand in their way. Counter protestors started arriving. At the height of the rally, I’d guess there were nearly a hundred people on each side. The counter protestors were an interesting assortment of people. The younger ones mostly yelled, “Racist” and gave us the finger. One had bright pink hair, another with yellow hair turning green at the neck. Several people had spiky mohawks, one of them a middle aged woman. They had several very expensive banners. I wondered who paid for them as no one there looked as if they could afford such an expense. A woman wearing a shirt that said, “Legalize LA” walked up and down our line with a small “point and shoot” camera video taping everyone.

A grey haired, bearded man, held up a sign that said, “God isn’t Racist”. He and a woman with him spent most of their time screaming at people and shaking their fists. Another younger bearded man carried an upside down American flag and stomped on it. Some of our group would try to talk to the counter protestors but it always ended in shouting.

Eventually, the counter protestors gathered to listen to their own speakers and then marched around the Plaza. The first time around they shouted, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, the USA has got to go”. The next time around they shouted, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, the News Press has got to go” and the last time around they said, ironically, “Love, don’t hate”.

Illegal aliens want us to “love” them as they swear at us, tell us we stole this land, vandalize property and demand rights they aren’t legally entitled to. I wonder how they think that will win them support.

I can’t really blame them for being mad, however, when we have a President who has been making a mockery of our Rule of Law and promising them amnesty for the last six years. The population of Santa Barbara is now 44% Latino. It wasn’t close to that as I was growing up. There is no question illegal immigration has contributed to the increase. And the biggest tragedy is that they are bringing with them the policies they fled.

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We have people rioting in the streets, shutting down freeways, burning down neighborhoods but where are the voices of reason? Our leaders and the media are fanning the flames instead of calming them. Our President said there was a history of deep seeded racism in this country, while in truth America is the least racist country in the world. 750,000 young white men died to free the slaves. That is more than the First and Second World Wars combined. If racism were deep seeded in this country, how did we elect a Black President twice with Blacks being only 13.2% of the population?

Black Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton raised her hands and repeated, “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” on the floor of Congress. She said she didn’t know the facts of the Ferguson case and didn’t care about them because there was a bigger issue. What is the bigger issue for her? Does she want to tear down our justice system? Is it perfect? No, there is no such thing as perfect but over the last 238 years it’s been the most just, fairest in the world. What voice of reason is pointing that out?

We have people protesting across the country saying, “Hands Up, don’t shoot” when that is not what happened. Yet, if anyone tries to point out that both Michael Brown and Eric Garner would be alive today had they not resisted arrest, they are shouted down. The police are being blamed not the criminal. Neither case had anything to do with racism and yet that is what the protests are about. There are signs saying, “Black Lives Matter”. Planned Parenthood is using the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. If they didn’t kill 1,876 Black babies a day, the hypocrisy might not be so stunning.

The talking heads say these cases were about an “epidemic” of white police officers killing “unarmed” Black men. They are suggesting unarmed men can’t kill. Michael Brown is being made into some kind of hero when he robbed a store, roughed up the owner, assaulted a police officer, tried to get his gun and resisted arrest. Juan Williams said the officer should have just driven away. What? When has that been police procedure? When have police been trained to walk away if a suspect resists arrest? Is that what we want? Should the police say, “We’ve already reached our quota of Black arrests, so we’ll just ignore that Black man robbing the bank?”

The media tells us that it is open season on Black men by racist police officers. It has been repeated over and over that the Ferguson police department only had three Black officers and doesn’t reflect the diversity of the community. Did anyone ask why that was? Is it because the Police Department in Ferguson is turning down qualified Black candidates or is it that Blacks don’t apply to be police officers because the Black community raises their children to distrust and hate the police. Has ONE “journalist” asked why there aren’t more Black officers? Did the “journalists” ask if the law abiding Black Community wanted police protection? How many lives police officers save? What exactly is the goal of their portrayal of police officers being racists? Do they want a nationalized police force?

The facts don’t support their narrative. Blacks are only 13.2% of the population but they commit, according to New York Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, 70% to 75% of the crimes. The FBI reported in 2009 Blacks (13.2% of the population) committed 433, 934 crimes against Whites, while Whites (77.7% of the population) committed only 53, 685 crimes against Blacks. Blacks commit 72.5% of the homicides. Whites commit 25.3% of the homicides.

In 2013 Whites killed 193 Blacks, Blacks killed 448 Whites and Blacks killed 2,447 Blacks. If there is an “epidemic” of Blacks being killed, it isn’t by police officers, it’s by other Blacks. Those saying there is an epidemic of Whites killing Blacks are not the voices of reason.

Why are there more Blacks in prison? As stated earlier, they commit the majority of the crimes. Why do they commit most of the crimes? Might it be because most of them are fatherless and jobless. What effect has the welfare state had on the Black community? Were Black families better off before welfare? Why is there such a high drop out rate for Blacks?

We are told Blacks receive harsher sentences for the same crimes than Whites. But why might that be true? Is it really due to racism? Sentences are determined by the past record of the convict. With young Blacks having no jobs, due to endless illegal immigration, isn’t it more likely young Black men might commit more crimes?
If they have a record of past crimes, their sentences will be harsher. But the media, Black leaders and, sadly, our Attorney General, neglect to point that out.

Instead of talking about how “unfair” the justice system is because so many Blacks are in prison, we need to be talking about why such a high percentage of the Black population commits crimes.

Every single aspect of our system and culture is under attack, but those we look to for voices of reason, for factual information, for perspective, are instead, obfuscating facts and encouraging unrest. Our justice system was designed to apply our laws equally to all, to be blind to race, religion or creed. It’s application may not always be perfect, but it isn’t due to some fault of the system. We don’t need to change the system, we need to follow it.

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