Marta and James Enstrom hosted the American Freedom Alliance Literary Café this month. The featured author was James Bennett, consultant, entrepreneur, a fellow of the Economic Policy Centre, and an adjunct fellow of the Centennial Institute in Colorado. He was co-founder of two private space transportation companies and other technological ventures. He has written extensively on technology, culture and society. He spoke about his most recent book, “America 3.0: Rebooting American Prosperity in the 21st Century” – Why America’s Greatest Days Are Yet to Come”.

Bennett began by explaining what America 1.0 and 2.0 were. In America 1.0 people supported themselves with family farms and small businesses. This world was replaced by America 2.0 that was an industrialized world of big business, big unions and big cities. The transition from 1.0 to 2.0 was tumultuous and the transition to 3.0 will be as well, however, Bennett believes we will survive as we have in the past. He believes 3.0 will bring tremendous productivity, technological advances and a limited government.

Bennett pointed out that the 20’s were a period of moral decline but that we returned to our moral foundation during WWII when we were united to defend God and country. Bennett believes 3.0 will be the age of technology which will lead to decentralization, individualism and entrepreneurialism. 3D printing will change how we do business. Self driving cars will allow you to call up a car when you need one rather than own one. Crowd funding will change the way people fund new businesses and entertainment projects. He said there will be $20 throw away satellite phones that will connect 3rd world countries to the Anglosphere. Technology will bring us the means to do things we never dreamed of.

Bennett said the worst thing this administration did was give control of the internet to the United Nations. However, he said entrepreneurs will find ways around any restrictions governments place on it.

Bennett feels the Left’s agenda (socialism/communism) is already coming apart. We have the example of socialistic policies not working. We have 50 years of the War on Poverty to see while we spent more than $20 Trillion, the poverty rate is the same and it’s implementation has destroyed families. Before the war on poverty the percentage of babies born out of wedlock to low income families was about 25-30% and now is about 75%. It doesn’t work and people are realizing it.

Bennett likened the Left to the “Ghost Shirt Dancers”. When Indians were moved on to reservations, those who refused to accept defeat, put on shirts decorated with signs that were supposed to make them bullet proof and they danced and chanted about being invincible. Soldiers came in and shot them and that ended their invincibility. Bennett believes the Left is doing their Ghost Shirt Dance.

Speaking about the threat of Islam in America, Bennett said they are making demands because we have opened the door to allow them to, but if we said no, he believes, they would back down. He said we should include in the oath new citizens take that they must obey no other law than American law and that the penalty be revoking their citizenship and sending them home. If we then enforced it, they would stop demanding Sharia law.

Bennett explained that before Ellis Island, we had no immigrant requirements to assimilate or speak our language. After President McKinley was assassinated by an unassimilated immigrant, we decided to change our policy. We put American flags in every classroom, recited the Pledge of Allegiance and taught civics. We required the new immigrants to learn English and assimilate. The policy of multiculturalism has reversed all of that. Europe has declared multiculturalism a failure and we need to do the same.

Bennett said we could easily secure our border and we must. But we must elect a President willing to do it. He also said, rather than fund, yet another, Republican candidate, we should be funding magazines with a conservative voice, movies, books, comic books…….a conservative version of the Simpsons.

When asked how he could be so optimistic, Bennett said giving into pessimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. By being optimistic, at least, you have a chance of bringing about what you desire.

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Congressman Stockman brought Ted Nugent to Obama’s 2013 State of the Union speech. In 2014 he made more Members of Congress’s heads explode when he walked out of Obama’s State of the Union speech. The Congressman is an entertaining man.

After serving two terms in Congress for two different districts in Texas, in 2012 Congressman Stockman ran for the Senate against incumbent John Cornyn and lost.

As Congressman from the district with the most per capita oil refineries and downstream petrochemical plants in the world, he worked for commonsense regulatory relief for the nation’s oil and gas industries, which would lead to less dependence on foreign oil.

NASA’S Johnson Space Center was in Stockman’s district and he served on House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. He believes in keeping the United States at the forefront of space technology.

Congressman Stockman, being a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment, introduced the very first pro-gun bill in the House in 2013, H.R. 35 to repeal federal “gun free” zones. He and Senator Rand Paul introduced the “Restore the Constitution Act of 2013” which would nullify any anti-gun Executive Orders. Also as Vice Chairman of the House Second Amendment Task Force, he authored legislation to strip funding to the UN should that body try to restrict America’s gun rights.

Congressman Stockman also issued an arrest warrant for Lois Lerner. He said Obama retaliates against those who oppose his agenda. Stockman is now being investigated by the Department of Justice and having to spend thousands to defend himself.

American Freedom Alliance’s Literary Café had Congressman Steve Stockman speak about his recent trip to the Middle East, the ISIS Rampage and it’s Implications for our security. He recently returned from Afganistan, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Israel and Egypt. He told us our Nobel Peace Prize President is about to weaponize the entire Middle East. It just won’t happen during his term. And if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, they will use it. And while the Middle East is being weaponized, by the time this administration is out of office we will have no nuclear weapons.

Congressman Stockman met with the Kurds. They are capable of fighting against ISIS but Obama won’t give them weapons. They can’t waste bullets so they have to ration them. Obama keeps telling us these countries need to defend themselves, so one has to ask why he won’t give them the weapons they need to do it. Stockman visited a refugee camp and will never forget a boy he met who carried pieces of his skull with him. ISIS shot off the top of his head. Doctors were able to save his life and replace his skull with a metal plate.

Stockman said we are ignoring history. Sadly too few of us even know history. He said Churchill warned the world about Hitler and was ignored. He said we were warned about 9/11 and ignored it. We are now ignoring the threat of ISIS. The man who told us we could keep our doctor is now telling us we are at peace under his administration.

Stockman said we are upside down in our foreign policy. Most of the countries are more afraid of Iran than Israel. But Obama has threatened to shoot down any Israeli plane that flies to attack Iran.

In the past, money and supplies we sent the Kurds had to go through Bagdad and never got to them. The weapons are sold to ISIS and defiantly paraded through the streets.

The Congressman also spoke of Libya. He said Kadafi may have been a crazy man but he was killing terrorists and helping us. He said Sidney Blumenthal helped overthrow Kadafi and made millions doing it.

Our country is being “fundamentally transformed” by immigration. On top of all the illegal aliens and H1B foreign workers, Obama has brought in 100 Thousand Muslim “refugees” a month since he took office. 93 Million Americans of working age are not working. The true unemployment rate is closer to 25%.

Stockman said Obama won because he organized his communities and we need to organize ours if we want this country to remotely resemble the one we grew up in.

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Robert Oscar Lopez has a PhD and teaches English and the Classics. He also happens to be gay and was raised by a Lesbian mother and her partner. He has been an activist against gay marriage and is now an activist for the rights of COG’s (Children Of Gays).

Lopez began his talk by saying he wasn’t there to re-litigate gay marriage. He believes the argument has been lost, he believes the Supreme Court will rule in favor of gay marriage, so congratulations to those who support it.

Gay marriage was premised on falsehoods. It was pushed on unwilling populations using nefarious tactics ranging from half-true propaganda to criminal intimidation.
And to that end, sexual and gender identification has been separated (unisex bathrooms and dressing rooms) and self-determination (counseling) has been forbidden for ex-gays.

Lopez has conducted several studies of Children Of Gays and written a book, “Jephthah’s Daughters”. He contends that raising children isn’t just about changing diapers, reading bedtime stories and helping with homework. No one would argue that a gay couple isn’t capable of doing those things as well as anyone. And certainly if the choice came down to a child being raised in an institution or by a gay couple, the gay couple would be preferable. However, Lopez points out that in every scenario of a gay couple becoming parents, the rights of the child are being denied.
Gay parenting is only about satisfying a gay couple’s perceived right to parent while the rights of the child are ignored. The child is being denied the right to be raised by a mother and father and in many cases denied even knowing who their biological parents are and what their heritage is.

I think most of us understand gay couples use surrogates, egg donors and sperm banks, but we’d be surprised to know many adopt trafficked children from other countries. In many cases these children are bought or stolen from unwilling parents. Lopez told us children of sperm bank donors have sued to learn their biological father’s identity and find siblings. They have formed groups to fight for their rights and Lopez suspects there will be a class action suit in the future.

Lopez collected personal stories from more than a hundred Children Of Gays and while most loved their parent or parents, they were not supportive of gay marriage or being raised by gay parents. COG’s are mostly raised in gay communities where most of their family and friends are gay activist. While, Lopez found COG’s who speak glowingly about being raised by gay parents, the large majority in his studies were not supportive. His book contains their stories. He also recommends visiting where many of the testimonials are posted.

Lopez cited several books written by COG’s that describe being raised by gays. Jakki Edwards in, “Like Mother, Like Daughter” tells of being raised by a Lesbian who made her living giving birthing babies to sell. Denise Shick in, “My Daddy’s Secret” explains the devastation of keeping her father’s transgender secret. And Dawn Stefanowicz’s book, “Out From Under: the Impact of Homosexual Parenting” that describes the cost unchecked and unleashed sexual appetites of adults have on the innocent. She was raised by a gay father who brought many partners into the home and exposed her to perversion she was too young to understand.

Many Lesbian families were created when a divorced mother with a child or children entered into a Lesbian relationship. Instead of the child having two Mommies, they often have two women competing to be the Mom. For Lopez the argument is about selfishness and self-centeredness and a lack of humanity. Lopez says he’s heard many stories from donor-conception and surrogacy but the story he’s never heard is a child expressing to a parent their grief over missing their biological mother or father…….and the parent apologizing. No matter what the gay parent’s justification, Lopez contends that the monogamous heterosexual male-female duo works to build community like no other sexually intimate bond can.

Lopez was raised by his biological mother and her partner. His mother and father were psychiatrists. His mother’s partner had three children and felt it important for them to have a continuing relationship with their father regardless of her feelings toward him, but his own mother felt no such obligation. This was a source of confusion for him. Although he was teased in school and seduced by men three times his age, he never considered counseling due to the fact that anyone he might see would likely be associates of his parents.

In all of the testimonies Lopez took, he found few COG’s who cared if their gay parents were married or not. Although they may be respectful and grateful of the parents who raised them, they are also aware of the extent the adults used and manipulated them for their own selfish purposes.

COG’s have a lot in common with children of divorce, adoptees, abused or abandoned children, trafficked children, orphans or donor children. The reason for the custody being given a non-parent may be justifiable, but in many cases it isn’t and in all cases it was hard for the child. Children are being robbed of their heritage when they are too young to consent. Gay parents don’t want to acknowledge this and the legalization of gay marriage won’t change that.

Lopez points out that in surrogacy contracts, you have a mother selling her child to a couple who is willing to buy the child……which, for all intents and purposes, makes that child a chattel slave. This violates three pillars of a child’s humanity, the right to be born free (not sold as property: slave), a child’s right to their mother and father, and a child’s right to it’s heritage.

Lopez’s studies met with vicious opposition from gay activist groups. He and five others submitted amicus briefs for the Supreme Court hearings on gay marriage. Two of the six were fired from their jobs. All received death threats. Several had their homes or places of business vandalized. Apparently it is no longer permissible to speak the truth about your own life. Lopez says complete strangers are constantly telling him how he should feel and what he should believe.

Lopez is now married to a woman and is a father. He believes whatever your sexual orientation, that is the unselfish, loving way to raise children.

During a Q&A I commented that I believe an important issue is being left out of the conversation. Boys learn how to be men from their fathers and girls learn how to be women from their mothers. In no configuration of a gay family is that possible. He agreed that was a serious problem but he said if you tried to make that point in any public setting you would be shouted down by gay activists, if not worse.

Robert Lopez is a very brave man to stand up against the very well funded, hostile and litigious gay mafia. Homosexuals are less than 4% (some say 2%) of the population, yet they have successfully bullied and intimidated the majority. I don’t believe people have changed their minds about gay marriage. I believe they are in such fear of losing their jobs or businesses, and so worn down by the name calling and ugliness, they are not willing to tell the truth about how they feel or have just conceded defeat. Recently, a study showing the population now favors gay marriage was proven fraudulent, so it’s hard to know the reality in this politically correct, kill the messenger, truth be damned, environment.

We will hear soon the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. If, as most suspect, they vote in favor, I believe it will open Pandora’s box and unleash consequences that we will live to regret.

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an incredibly brave woman. I’ve never seen the level of security I saw surrounding Hirsi Ali’s appearance in the sleepy, low crime city of Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara was described, as I was growing up there, as being for the “newly wed and nearly dead” and that certainly still holds true. It’s about as non- threatening a city as there is.

When we entered the parking structure an attendant told us our purses would be searched. They do that at sports events and government buildings, so I thought nothing of it, but as we walked out of the parking structure, we were met by a police officer who said any bags bigger than his clip board would not be allowed inside the theater, period. I had to go back and lock my purse in my car. When we got to the theater there were at least 30 officers outside and inside the theater.

One has to reflect on why this level of security has not been necessary in this country before. What has changed? Why are people who would carry out death threats against American citizens allowed in this country?

Hirsi Ali has every reason to take death threats seriously. She made a short film, “Submission” with film maker Theo Van Gogh in the Netherlands. It criticized the treatment of women in Islamic societies. A fatwa was issued against her and Van Gogh. Van Gogh was gunned down in the streets of Amsterdam. His assailant was subdued while trying to behead his dead body.

Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia and raised Muslim. She said she lived and breathed the Qur’an and wore a hijab until she was a teenager. She said she agreed with the fatwa issued against Salman Rushdie for writing. “The Satanic Verses”. Death to those who spoke against Islam seemed perfectly reasonable to her at the time.

Hirsi Magan Isse, Ayaan’s father was a leading figure in the Somalian Revolution and was imprisoned shortly after she was born. He was against female genital mutilation, but while he was in prison, when Ayaan was five years old, her grandmother had the procedure performed on her.

Hirsi Ali’s father escaped from prison and took his family to Saudi Arabia and then to Ethiopia, before finally settling in Kenya. In 1992, while visiting a relative in the Netherlands, Hirsi Ali requested political asylum. She became an activist against the treatment of Islamic women and against female genital mutilation. She was ultimately elected to the Dutch parliament.

After 9/11 Hirsi Ali listened to videotapes of Osama bin Laden citing “words of justification” from the Qur’an for the attacks. She said she was almost afraid to look in the Qur’an because she was afraid she would find the quotations. She found the passages bin Laden quoted and came to regard the Qur’an as just another historical book. She is now an atheist.
In 2006 Hirsi Ali came to America to work with the American Enterprise Institute.
She founded the AHA Foundation to fight for women’s rights. In 2013, when she became an American citizen, she was made a fellow at the Kennedy Government School at Harvard University. In 2005. Time magazine named her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

She said American’s willingness to accept other religions and cultures is working against the country particularly when it comes to Islam. We don’t understand it is not just a religion. She said accepting Islam means accepting Sharia law and a 7th century political ideology. It is not compatible with our culture or form of government. She said what we are seeing is not “radical” Islam, it’s orthodox Islam.

During a Q&A, Hirsi Ali was asked what can be done about a growing Islamic threat to the United States. She said the only way to stop it is Islamic reformation. The religion must be separated from Sharia and the political ideology. She said there are those who would like to see that happen and are working toward that end, however, unless or until that happens Islam will continue to move toward a caliphate and world domination.

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Last night the American Freedom Alliance held their 9th Annual Heroes of Conscience Dinner at the beautiful Riviera Country Club. It was a wonderfully successful evening, as evidenced by the club having to blink the lights an hour after the end of the event to get us to leave.

During cocktails I was so happy to learn of “The Enemies Within” author, Trevor Loudon’s recent marriage and meet his delightful new wife, Victoria. She is as witty and clever as Trevor.

The event began with Cantor Rachel Goldman beautifully singing the national anthem. AFA President, Avi Davis spoke about coming to America from Australia thirty years ago. He used the analogy of the various ingredients in a Jelly Bean coming from multiple countries to join to make a delicious treat, to demonstrate how exceptional America truly is. He then introduced, The Sage of South Central, Larry Elder, as master of ceremonies. Larry received a standing ovation even before Avi could finish his introduction. After the dinner, I asked Larry why he wasn’t running for the Senate seat Barbara Boxer is leaving. He said his last experience with the RNC (they endorsed Carly Fiorina after telling him he’d be a great candidate) soured him on the idea. I asked him to reconsider.

Jesse Lee Peterson, last year’s Heroes of Conscience honoree, gave the invocation. This was followed by a video about American Freedom Alliance. AFA Conference participants such as President Klaus of the Czech Republic, Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, Ambassador Bolton, among others, spoke about the importance of the work American Freedom Alliance is doing.

A video tribute to Honorees James and Marta Enstrom was shown. Jim had been a highly respected researcher and instructor at UCLA for more than thirty years. When he uncovered a fraudulent study used to ban diesel engines from California, rather than being praised by UCLA for exposing the fraud, they fired him. Undaunted, Jim waged a seven year battle for wrongful dismissal and was vindicated this year.

Marta, immigrating from Cuba, was educated here. Earning numerous degrees she became a judge. Marta stood by Jim in his battle to restore his work and reputation.

Next, a video tribute to Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer showed clips from their documentaries, “Mine Your Own Business”, “Not Evil, Just Wrong” and “Fracknation”. It also covered Phelim’s verbatim play, “Ferguson” that used the actual testimony from the Grand Jury. The play caused a great deal of controversy when most of the actors quit because it vindicated Officer Wilson. The video also covered Ann and Phelim’s current project, a feature film, “Gosnell” about Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who ran an abortion clinic that aborted hundreds, if not thousands, of full term babies. Ann and Phelim are fearless in confronting the lies used to cover the evil that is harming this great country.

Both couples honored this night received numerous, well deserved, standing ovations.

The speaker for the evening was George Gilder, an economic thought leader, technology pundit and best selling author of, “The Israel Test”, and “Knowledge and Power”. He spoke about California’s man-made draught. He pointed out that Israel has a similar climate and that although their population has grown faster than expected, they have no such problem. He spoke about unleashing the free market and reminded us that Capitalism is the most successful system in the world.

Avi Davis thanked the Riviera Country Club and it’s staff, Larry Elder and the AFA staff. He thanked everyone for coming and lending their support and ended with, “May God Bless you and may God Bless America”.

Cantor Rachel Goldman then inspired us her beautiful interpretation of “God Bless America”.

When the event concluded, the guests were anxious to speak to James and Marta, Ann and Phelim, Larry and George as well as some of the many notable guests in the audience.

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I must admit I knew next to nothing about the 1915 Armenian genocide, save having my parents tell me to eat my peas because there were starving Armenians. Although I would have happily sent the starving Armenians my peas, I had no idea where they lived or why they were starving. I don’t recall learning anything about it in school.

The last few weeks American Freedom Alliance has had three events commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian genocide. AFA held a radio conference, a forum and a film, “The Armenian Genocide”. Coincidentally, it was also the 70th Anniversary of the German Jewish genocide. When Hitler contemplated the extermination of Jews, he asked if no one cared about the Armenian genocide, why would they care about the Jews?

One of the speakers at the AFA Forum, Professor Levon Marasjlian told of a German newspaper, in 1924, saying what happened to the Armenians in Turkey could very well happen to the Jews in Germany in the near future.

Another speaker, Nancy Eskijian, the daughter of a genocide survivor and pastor of the Bread of Life Foursquare Gospel Church in Los Angeles, said the United Nations defined genocide as the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a race of people by killing them.

During the 16th and 17th centuries the Ottoman Empire included Turkey and a large part of the Mediterranean coast, the Red Sea coast, the Middle East and eastern Europe. During the height of it’s power, though mostly Sunni Islamic, it was a multinational, multilingual empire ruled by a Sultans. The Sultans allowed the various nationalities to self-govern, however, non-Muslim minorities had fewer rights than Muslims. By the end of the 19th century Christians started demanding equal rights. The Sultan started killing those who rebelled.

In 1908 the Young Turks forced the Sultan from office and took over. They considered the Armenian Christians a threat and in the name of nationalism, they claimed Turkey for the Turkish. Children of any nationality had to be raised as Turks. They started deporting and relocating Armenian Christians. In some cases Armenians, having been told they would be returning, bought train tickets to be packed into cattle cars to be relocated.

Nancy Eskijian explained the genocide was implemented in four stages. The first stage was to conscript men into the military and then kill them. The second phase was to cut the head off the snake and exterminate the leadership. The third phase was to deport or resettle the civilian population. This phase included forced marches into the desert. Women, children and the elderly died along the way. They were given little food or water and not allowed to rest. Mosques told their members that it was patriotic to kill Armenians and many went out and attacked the already weak, starving Armenians. The fourth phase was to deny it happened.
During this time Germany was an ally of Turkey and sent military officers to observe what Turkey was doing about their Armenian problem. Many feel the Armenian genocide was the inspiration for the Jewish genocide.

As they say, if we don’t learn from history we are bound to repeat it. Turkey became determined to not allow anyone to learn the history. It is not taught in schools and Turks who know anything about it say the Armenians were at fault.

Although there have been many books written about it, many personal accounts from survivors, and many confirming reports from American diplomats serving in the area during the genocide, America is not one of the twenty two countries that recognize the Armenian genocide.

Why do we think this is? In 1938 the New Turkish Republic was formed and tried to distance itself from the rule of the Young Turks. They modernized and westernized. America felt Turkey is an important ally in an area of the world unfriendly to America. Europe and the United States courted this new republic as an ally and remembering the genocide became unpopular.

What became apparent to me, from these three AFA events, is that the Armenian genocide wasn’t about Turks exterminating Armenians, it was about Muslims exterminating Christians and when we look at what is happening in the Middle East today, Muslims are exterminating Christians, AGAIN…….we have learned nothing from history.

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Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum conference at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa this weekend was not just informational, but inspirational, with an eclectic group of speakers. They spoke on subjects such as Liberty vs Socialism, Islam, the influence of Christianity on our founding, the evolution of Common Core, the dangers facing the American Church, integrity in the News and Entertainment industry, legislation robbing us of our freedom, and the imperative role of the church in changing America.

Andrew Lowe, an Irish immigrant, said he was a Center left European socialist when he came here. But witnessing how limited government allowed people to rise out of poverty, his heart turned to God and Liberty. He now mentors and educates others on the importance of limited government and protecting individual liberty.

Jamie Glazov, host of the Glazov Gang and author of “United in Hate Talk”, spoke about the influence of media on politics and policies. He spoke about how media supports immigrants speaking their native languages and not assimilating, creating a tower of Babel while at the same time, pushing us to all think alike. If we continue on this path we’ll all be wearing Maoist pajamas. He spoke about not being polite anymore. We need to fight fire with fire. He reminded us of Romney’s tepid reply after Obama “misspoke” about calling Benghazi a terrorist attack. Jamie said Romney should have turned to Obama and told him the blood of those men who died that night was on HIS hands.

One of the main speakers was Mary Byrne, an education expert. She spent half of her talk comparing scripture to our founding documents and quotes from our founders. She pointed out that our founders knew religious morality was necessary to maintain our Constitution and expected it to be taught to our children. Byrne reminded us that a Liberal Arts education was to cultivate a wise and virtuous people. Today a Liberal Arts degree equals a Servile Arts degree.

Byrne said the best way to control man was to obliterate his understanding of history. “No Child Left Behind” empathizes math and literature and minimizes history. The Mayflower Compact, which is the foundation of our Constitution, is no longer in the curriculum. Neither are individual achievements, only collective achievements.

Common Core designers were very clever. They copyrighted the curriculum which means not even a word can be changed without permission. There is no wiggle room for teachers to improvise or try other approaches. Social Studies now teaches about centralized ownership and social justice. It’s very anti-capitalist. It shifts loyalties from family to state.

Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute spoke about what his group is doing to fight legislation in California. He said the worst legislation was never legislated, Common Core. It was implemented without our knowledge or consent. He said the worst legislation that was passed by the legislature, was the law against homosexual counceling and unisex bathrooms. In a free country how is someone denied counceling, if they want it? His organization is suing on behalf of both issues. The unisex bathrooms issue is about it qualifying for the 2016 election. Groups collected nearly twice the signatures needed to put it on the ballot. The Registrar threw out more than half (something that isn’t statistically possible). If someone filled out the name and address for their spouse and then had him/her sign it, even if the signature matched their registration, they threw out not just your spouses signature, but yours too. He is hoping to get this resolved to get it on the ballot in 2016.

The legislature is now trying to pass an assisted suicide bill. Dacus said that is in violation of the Hippocratic Oath. It was the Hippocratic Oath, first do no harm, that was the beginning of the Western society. It was the first time people had been promised they would not be harmed. If doctors are going to break their oath, where does it end? Zeke Emanuel (Rahm’s brother) thinks 75 years is long enough for anyone to live.

Dacus spoke of the shift from parental rights. Schools need parental consent to give your child an aspirin, but they can take your child for an abortion and not inform you, let alone, get your consent. Dacus said it is the natural order for government to take power. We need to be involved to protect our values and rights.

The keynote speaker for the convention was a man, nearly as well known as his Presidential candidate son, Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz. As Rafael commanded the stage, walking and talking, connecting to the audience, it wasn’t hard to see where Ted gets his passion. Rafael said secular humanism has infected too many churches. He said social justice sounds like a good thing, who wants social injustice? But social justice is collectivism that denies individual liberty. It has no place in the church.

Separation of church and state is not in the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Our founders never intended to prevent the church from having influence over every aspect of life. In fact, it was the pastors running up to the American Revolution who preached about individual liberty. As the revolution was breaking out, Pastor Peter Muhlenberg’s text for the day was Ecclesiastics 3: “to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven….”. He turned to his congregation and said, “there is a time to preach and a time to prey, but that time has passed away…….there is a time to fight and that time is now come”. With that he removed his black robe to reveal his military uniform. He asked who would join him and 300 men did.

Cruz said Congress printed the first Bible in America. It was the primary textbook in our schools. In 1962 the Supreme Court banned prayer from schools, the following year the Bible was banned from schools. The crime rate climbed, morality declined.

Cruz believes our churches must speak out and we must demand it. He said in 1973 when the Supreme Court passed Roe vs Wade, the churches were silent. He quoted Proverbs 17:15, “he who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord”. And Exodus 18:21, “Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them, as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens”.

Cruz also reminded us that many evangelical Christians don’t vote. Their pastors need to preach the importance of it. He said it’s the church’s fault if religious people don’t run for office or vote. And we need to encourage both.

Cruz spoke of Benjamin Franklin. During a difficult point in the Constitutional Convention, when no one was agreeing, he asked why they didn’t pray about it. He said if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without God’s notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid? They prayed and fasted for three days and came together to agree on the Constitution.

Cruz said the wicked will legislate their immorality upon us. If we lack moral discrimination, pulpits are to blame. If we are losing interest in religion, pulpits are to blame. Preachers need to preach moral principals.

As I listened, I thought of the Catholic schoolteacher who was fired for posting her support for traditional marriage on her private Facebook page. Her church fired her.

During breaks between speakers, Pastor Cruz warmly and graciously greeted attendees, listened to them, comforted them and posed for pictures.

Phyllis Schafly, who is now 90, addressed the convention by video. Her daughter, Anne, represented her in person. She told us the best solution for income inequality is to get married and stay married. She said people, not government, make the difference. Apathy is defeat, energy is victory. We must be involved. We must each find where our talents are best used and concentrate on educating those you can.

Eagle Form’s motto is God, Family, Country. This event was a perfect reflection of their vision.

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