A Liberal friend of mine remarked that the new Democrat majority in the House was a return to sanity. Forgive me for laughing out loud but sanity would not be the word I’d use. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (affectionately AOC) wanting free college, free healthcare, and open borders proving how useless her degree in finance is. Rashida Tlaib who wants to “impeach the motherf***er. Ilhan Omar, who married her brother to get citizenship. Two of them Muslims whose allegiance is to Islam not America. And these are just some of the new members. DNC chair, Tom Perez said AOC is the new face of the Democrat party. Yes, very sane.

And what are the first things the new “sane” House does? Articles of impeachment with no evidence of any crimes or misdemeanors, a bill to end the Electoral College, and a bill to end the partial shutdown of government…..knowing none will get through the Senate or to Trump’s desk. They want to end the Electoral College which would end our Republic. Democracies never last long, but then they know that. A pure Democracy would result in the tyranny of the majority. California and New York would chose our Presidents and fly over country would become completely voiceless and irrelevant. That’s sanity?

The Democrat party (not necessarily the Democrat voters) has embraced “Democratic Socialism”. Do average people even know what that means? They think it means they can vote for socialist policies and vote them out if they don’t like them. That’s not how Socialism works,“democratic” or not. Once government has control it doesn’t relinquish it. Democrats no longer make any pretense of being for the working man. They are for illegal aliens. Bernie Sanders, AOC and others have pushed the Democrat Party far left. I suspect the 2020 Democrat primary candidates will push each other even farther Left.

My Liberal friend had scoffed when I told them the Democrat party supported abortion up to and including the date of birth. Scoff no more because NY Governor Cuomo said this week he wouldn’t sign any budgets that didn’t include funding for abortions up to birth. Hillary Clinton, in support of Cuomo, said this week there was “no time to wait” to accomplish this goal. Nancy Pelosi wanted us to recognize the “spark of divinity” in MS13 gang members….but apparently we must ignore the “spark of divinity” in human babies.

Democrats like to call Conservatives “alt-right” and “extreme”. Let’s clarify this right now. Conservatives, specifically, and the Republican Party, in general, have nothing to do with the “Alt-Right”. The “Alt-Right” may vote for Republicans but that’s because Democrats are for “diversity” (of color not opinion) and open borders and the Alt-right is not. Other than that the “Alt-Right” has more in common with the Left than Right. What is called “extreme” by Democrats are traditional values, Christianity, two sexes, the 2nd Amendment, and our founding documents. Republicans views on those issues haven’t changed or become extreme. In fact, to my disappointment, Republicans have become softer on those issues. But this doesn’t prevent Democrats from calling traditional values “extreme”. As usual Democrats are projecting, because it’s Democrats that have become extreme.

Democrats, ALL spoke against illegal immigration, listing all the reasons that are still true, they include criminals, gangs, drugs, they lower wages, take jobs from Americans, they’re unvetted, unfair to legal immigrants, etc. Democrats voted FOR a wall and $50 Billion to fund it. But now they say securing our border is racist, immoral, expensive and ineffective. First, national security isn’t racist. We’d feel the same if 60,000 people, many with criminal records, drugs & sex slaves, crossed our border from Canada. Second, it isn’t immoral to protect our citizens. In fact, it’s government’s FIRST responsibility. And if they think walls are immoral they need to take down the walls around their homes….and stop funding walls along other countries borders. Third, the claim a wall is expensive is laughable. They originally voted FOR $50 Billion (Where IS that money?). The State Department under Hillary misplaced $6 Billion and the Federal Government misplaces about $160 Billion a year. In our $4.4 Trillion budget, $5.7 Billion is pocket change. And Fourth, it isn’t ineffective and they know it. Border Patrol says walls are effective. Everywhere we have walls they have cut illegal crossings by 90% to 95%. The reality is Democrats are against walls because they DO work. Jim Acosta made a complete fool of himself while trying to mock those who support a wall, when he pointed out where the wall was there was no danger, no people trying to rush the border.

The Media’s hair is on fire over the poor nonessential federal employees who aren’t going to get paid until the shutdown is over (ever heard of “savings” or a “loan”). Oh, Democrats are SO upset about the employees that they are sipping pina coladas on a Puerto Rican beach instead of in DC meeting with Border Patrol, families of victims killed by illegal aliens, and people who live on the border……like the President IS. Speaker Pelosi refused to meet any of the Angel families and told DHS Secretary, Kirsten Neilson, she rejected “her facts”. Secretary Nielsen replied they weren’t her facts, they were THE facts.

Democrats now support any and all comers. California Governor Newsom said in his inaugural address, that ALL were welcome. There is no exception. Your sweet little nanny or cleaning lady is no different than MS13 or sex traffickers. We’re not supposed to mention 60% to 80% of women are rapped on their way to our border. Or that many of the children are sex slaves. Or that 90% of the drugs in our country are brought across our borders. The former head of the Border Patrol under Obama, Mark Morgan said MS13 gang members would laugh at the border patrol because it was so easy for them to cross back and forth across the border and the patrol could do nothing about it.

Democrats are saying in unison, there is no crisis on the border. They say it’s a “manufactured crisis”. Border Patrol says 20,000 family units (which means at least 2 or 3 people = approximately 60,000) crossed our border just in Dec. That’s the population of many towns. About 600 “OTL’s” (other than Latin) we’re apprehended last month. Many had direct or indirect connections to terrorist organizations. How many weren’t apprehended? Border patrol apprehends 50,000/60,000 a month. Again, how many don’t they apprehend? They estimate they apprehend one in three. That means about 150,000 get in EVERY MONTH. They overwhelm our schools, law enforcement, hospitals, etc. We just had a caravan of over 5000 come from South America and try to break through our border. Another caravan is forming.

While Democrats don’t want to secure our border and don’t care how many criminals come into America, while they protect illegal alien criminals in Sanctuary Cities, they have let us know they plan to “infringe” on our gun rights and ability to defend ourselves. A new plan besides the background checks to buy ammunition is to only allow people to buy 20 bullets a month. At the same time Democrats are pressuring credit card companies and banks to deny services to gun sellers and manufacturers to drive them out of business. With 328 killed in mass shootings last year Democrats demand more gun control but 2028 homicides by illegals (according to ICE) last year don’t require border control. Many more Americans are killed by illegal aliens than are killed by mass shooters. No, my Liberal friends, it isn’t a “manufactured crisis”.

Oh, yes, I’m really look forward to the “sanity” of the Democrat lead House. Single payer healthcare (we SAID was their goal), no Electoral College, no restrictions on abortions, free college, minimum income (that’s a good one), high taxes, ration energy & water (Newsom plans to tax drinking water), criminalize speaking against Islam or Climate Change, allowing illegal aliens to vote and serve in government, and endless investigations into everything Trump.

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Paris is burning as the citizens of England, Germany, and the Netherlands march to restore their countries sovereignty. Many of those marching and rioting don’t fully understand the goals of the Leftist elites, but they know they are no longer represented by their governments. Why aren’t world leaders representing their people?

Their leaders have been telling them the flood of migrants and refugees is good for their country and economy. They’re told diversity is a noble goal. They’re told they must not offend the new migrants. They’re told expecting migrants to assimilate is racist and bigoted. They’re told to ignore women and girls being raped. Women should dress modestly, or wear a button that says, “NO”, or carry a whistle. Citizens are told they need to adapt to the newcomers. But the citizens know this all defies logic and common sense. Citizens see their culture and traditions being eroded. They understand it’s their culture and traditions that bond them together. They instinctively know if the newcomers don’t share their values and traditions they cannot live together peacefully.

Paris protestors are unset about the gas tax and other “green” policies as well as unbridled migration from Middle Eastern and African countries. Even the people who believe in AGW are beginning to understand how oppressive the policies being implemented are to their lives. When people realize they can’t travel or move freely, when their access to cheap, abundant energy is rationed, their choices limited, and their governments won’t listen, their only recourse is to take to the streets. And while their access to energy is being rationed, their governments are bringing in limitless numbers of migrants from countries whose cultures clash with theirs.

At the same time the media is complicit in supporting the world’s elites pushing these policies against the will of their citizens. The media gives only the Left’s agenda and mocks, lies about and demonizes any opposing view. Meetings and conferences, public and secret, are held around the world every year planning for a future the citizens haven’t been asked if they want. This is not a representative government by any definition. This year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Poland ended just before Christmas.

The EU passed laws against speaking against Islam, Muslims, or Sharia even if what you say is true. They are talking about passing laws against Climate skeptics even if what they say is true as well. I wonder why people don’t question these laws. Are there laws against speaking against Christians or Jews? I’ve never seen people in search of the truth censor speech. The only reason to censor speech is to prevent people from knowing what is true.

We’re also told we need these migrants because we aren’t having enough babies to replace our populations. But why do we need to? Many of the low skilled jobs are being replaced by automation. Many jobs are simply going away. Plus, the globalists want to reduce the world population to under one billion, so we don’t need to replace our population and we certainly don’t need to increase it.

We are in a fight for the survival of the Western World. Many don’t comprehend how far reaching the threat is, they just know something is terribly wrong. They sense their leaders are not working on their behalf. The citizens of England voted to leave the European Union. They realized the EU didn’t have England’s best interests in mind, and why would they? They realized the EU was making decisions that hurt England and they were helpless to do anything about it. The farther you are from government, the less influence you have on it. So, the people voted to leave the EU. But their Prime Minister, Teresa May, is doing her best to stay in, against the will of her people.

The English, the French, the German people want to stop the flood of migrants into their countries. They want to stop the liberty stealing green regulations. They are realizing how these regulations and laws are robbing them of choices, jobs, how and where to live, and freedom. And those the Left is always beating their chests to protect, the poor, are hit first and hardest.

We Americans aren’t quite as far down the road as Europe because we had the good sense not to join the North American Union. We’d be in the same place as Europe if we had. In order for global governance to happen, the Western Cultures need to be reduced. This is happening by flooding the rich, educated countries with poor, uneducated migrants, many with cultures that conflict with ours. This is why American’s present conflict over the border wall is so important to the Left. If the English can leave the EU and stop the constant flood of migrants and America can truly secure our border and stop illegal immigration, global governance will be dead… least for now.

The Left is desperate to stop America from securing her borders. Have you ever seen Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi fight harder for anything then they are fighting to stop the border wall? Regardless of what they might say publicly, they know American citizens want a wall. This President won because we want a wall and he promised us one. They also know it’s in the best interests of the American people to secure our border and reduce illegal immigration to a trickle. They all said so in 2006. They all voted for $46 Billion for a physical barrier. Now they are fighting against $5 Billion for a wall. We all know why. The media knows why. The Liberal pundits on television know why. They just pretend they don’t.

We are in a fight for our culture, our traditions, our way of life as we know it. I don’t know if we will win, but fight we must.

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Trump spent the last weeks of the campaign hysterically warning about a non-emergency, the progress of a caravan of refugees a thousand miles from our border. Once the election was over, the matter was dropped. Well, to crib from Carpenter, if Republicans want to quit being accused of being “anti-immigrant,” they have to stop saying anti-immigrant things (e.g. calling them “animals,” talking about an infestation, making up a crime wave purportedly caused by immigrants).

A “non-emergency”??? Tell that to the Mayor of Tijuana. There are 5000 mostly young men overwhelming his city. We are a sovereign country that has the right to decide who is allowed to come into our country. These “migrants” broke down fences and threw rocks at police. They said they were coming whether or not we wanted them to. They turned down asylum and jobs offered by Mexico. And if these 5000 are allowed to come in, they can bring the rest of their families, so it becomes 20K, 30K MORE. And then more will come. Yes, that IS an emergency. Where do you get that the matter was dropped? There are anti-American groups funding these “migrants” and they plan more caravans.

And they are planning to come to California. We are already overwhelmed with illegal aliens and homeless. We can’t afford them and don’t have the resources (water or electricity) for them.
Republicans aren’t “anti-immigrant”, we’re anti-ILLEGAL immigration. We have NO PROBLEM with people coming here legally. What a slap in the face to LEGAL immigrants to allow people to just break into our country with no consequences when LEGAL immigrants wait years and do it right.

FYI, MS 13 ARE “animals”. No one said immigrants were. And crime IS up in direct relation with increased illegal immigration.

Indeed, this formulation should serve as a guidepost for Republicans:

FYI, Obama lost 63 House seats, 6 or 8 Senators in 2010. Republicans really don’t need guideposts from Democrats, thank you.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of science denial, they have to stop denying science.

Republicans don’t deny science. There is no science that proves man is causing AGW. Not a single scary prediction the Alarmists have come up with has the slightest relation to what is actually happening. Not a single computer model has been right. Science is based on skepticism. Just recently a skeptic proved the math in one of the scary predictions was wrong and the Alarmists agreed they made a mistake.

In fact, the people who deny science are on the Left. Scientifically, there are two genders, PERIOD. Believing you are a different sex has nothing to do with science. It exists in the mind. No matter how someone mutilates their body, their DNA is still male or female.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of being protectionist know-nothings, they have to stop saying that trade wars are easy to win, tariffs are good, consumers don’t suffer from tariffs, and the trade deficit means we owe other countries something.

Who said trade wars were easy to win? Who said tariffs were good? Who said any of those things? We know tariffs are not good but we also know they are a negotiating tool and not permanent.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of hypocrisy, they have to stop being hypocrites about the debt (bad only for Democrats), executive power (bad only for Democrats) and corporate cronyism (bad only for Democrats).

I’m sorry but Democrats have a lock on hypocrisy. I don’t know where you get the idea that we think the debt is OK. The Republican Party lost the House because of the debt and that they weren’t doing what the President wanted. Trump gave them a budget that had deep cuts and they ignored it. We rank and file Republicans are furious about the debt.

You need to stop listening to Liberal talking heads. They lie to you. We aren’t OK with the debt at all and that is why many turned away from the GOP.

But to accuse Republicans of hypocrisy when I sent you the videos of nearly every Democrat saying how destructive illegal immigration was for our country and now support it 100%. Do you need me to send you videos of Democrats saying marriage was between a man and a woman and now think marriage is anything you want it to be?

Nope, Democrats are nothing if not hypocrites.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of misogyny, they have to stop suggesting that women invent allegations of sexual assault, don’t want to work hard enough to be on the Judiciary Committee and aren’t intelligent.

Who said any of those things? Where do you get this stuff? CNN? Name names. I’m a woman and I have been the victim of sexual abuse so I know it happens. But I also know women DO lie and I would never say to believe every woman. Women are as capable of evil as men.

Maxine Waters ISN’T intelligent. I’ve met her, have you? She is the LAST person, male or female, who should chair any committee. Hank Johnson who thought Guam might tip over, isn’t exactly a genius either.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of being the party of the rich, they have to stop giving big tax cuts to the rich, attacking Medicaid, rubber-stamping a Cabinet of billionaires and tolerating their abuse of travel privileges.

First of all, the party of the “rich” is Democrat now. LOL!! Democrats have outspent Republicans in all the recent elections by a LONG shot. Are you saying the Democrats don’t give tax cuts to the rich? Or have billionaire cabinet members? Or abuse travel privileges? Nancy Pelosi used a military plane to fly her back and forth from California. Maxine Waters has used her position to enrich herself. So did the Clintons. So have the Obama’s, Bidens, Sanders, Kerry’s, etc. etc. How myopic are you?

If Republicans want to quit being accused of being doormats for dictators, they have to stop defending Trump when he refuses to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, to name just a few.

OH PLEASE!! Trump has done more to punish Russia and others than Obama or the Clintons ever did. What did Obama say? “Tell Vladimir I will be more flexible after the election”. Trump got all our hostages back from several countries without giving them anything. He didn’t trade FIVE terrorists for a deserter. He didn’t give pallets of money to Iran in secret. He got little Rocketman to stop firing rockets at Japan.

Oh, yeah, Trump the doormat. ROTFLMAO!!!

If Republicans want to quit being accused of kowtowing to the National Rifle Association, they have to stop blocking every measure the NRA opposes.

The NRA is defending our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. And I don’t care what you call them or us for doing so. We will NOT be intimidated by your name calling and we will NOT give up our Rights, PERIOD.

If Republicans want to quit being accused of contempt for the free press, they have to stop cheering when Trump calls the media the “enemy of the people,” takes away a reporter’s credentials for failing to be deferential enough and uses the instruments of power to threaten media critics.

You DO know, don’t you, that Obama banned an entire network, banned reporters, spied on reporters, tapped James Rosen’s phone, intimidated reporters, and tried to plant something on Sheryl Attkisson’s computer, don’t you? But the press is Liberal and loved Obama so they down played it.

When the press is actively working to bring down a duly elected President it IS an “enemy of the people”. When they report everything this President does in the most negative light, don’t mention the good he has done, misquote and misrepresent what he says they aren’t our friends. If Melania and Ivanka were Democrats the press would be falling all over themselves with praise instead of insulting them. You know that’s true.

In short, Republicans bring criticism on themselves when they talk and act in ways that are factually wrong and morally indefensible. It’s a big reason that voters who care about facts and public morality won’t vote for them.

Morality??? Who is destroying our moral fabric? Liberals!! Who runs the schools? Who controls the media & Hollywood? Who is sexualizing our children and telling them they can change their gender at will? Whose policies have destroyed the family, especially Black families. Who has made it comfortable to have children out of wedlock? Who is making celebrities out of teenaged mothers? Who is teaching eleven year olds how to put on condoms? Who ignores the Rule of Law? Is it or isn’t it against the law to enter this country illegally? Who is denying people free speech? Who is silencing the Right?

Please give me an example of something Republicans say that is morally indefensible. Or factually wrong. Was Obama morally defensible and factually right when he said you could keep your doctor and your plan? Or that Benghazi was caused by a video?

You need to look in the mirror. Progressives (that’s your party, not mine) want Socialism. This week NY Mayor de Blasio said we should do away with private property. BuzzFeed said this week ALL Conservative media needed to be banned. Our country was founded on Individual liberty and private property. It’s Progressives that have been eroding our rights for decades and you think YOU have the moral high ground??? That’s a laugh.

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Let me ask you a question. In Asian countries, China, Japan, North and South Korea, North and South Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. what is the race of most or all of their leaders? Asian, right? In Latino Countries, Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Venezuela, etc., what is the race of most, if not all, of their leaders? Latino, aren’t they? What about Black countries, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Haiti, etc., what is the race of most or all of their leaders? Black? So, why is it surprising, or racist, or evil that in America, a White majority country, most, but certainly not all, of our leaders have been White?

Yes, America was discovered and founded by White men, that is simply a fact. There was no evil intent. In fact, to use today’s Liberal mantra, the Pilgrims just wanted a better life for their families. Evil certainly does exist, but it isn’t exclusive to White men. White men didn’t invent slavery. Slavery has existed as long as man has been on earth. Indians had slaves long before White men landed on America’s shores. There isn’t a race of man that hasn’t committed atrocities. Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge killing fields, where more than 1.5 million were hacked to death with machetes, wasn’t caused by White men. The Armenian genocide of 1.5 million wasn’t caused by White men. Rwandan and Darfur genocides weren’t caused by White men. Venezuela’s downfall wasn’t caused by White men. Christians beheaded, gays thrown off buildings, women stoned to death in the Middle East is happening today and none of it by White men. White men are not responsible for all the ills and evils in the world, humans of all races are and we have to push back when the social justice warriors say they are.

The other night Don Lemon said White Men were domestic terrorists. We hear college professors, Liberal pundits, and politicians talk about White privilege. Many schools teach that our country was founded by old White slave owners. We’re told America is institutionally racist and doesn’t deserve respect because America, under the leadership of White men, has been responsible for slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, Japanese interment, and many other evil acts. The implication is that Whites, primarily White men, are responsible for all the evil in the world and they need to step aside and let other races take the lead.

Don Lemon said the caravans (of illegal aliens) coming to our border are nothing to fear. He said last time few illegal aliens actually cross our border (about 1000 a day cross our border daily). Lemon needs to talk to the families of the Remembrance Quilt who have lost family members to illegal aliens. Lemon said what we have to fear are “White men radicalized to the Right”. He was blaming all the mass shootings on White men. But not a word about Black on Black shootings. More than 1400 last year in Chicago alone.

OK, lets talk about who the White mass shooters have been. They are primarily, White men, but what they are not are “White men radicalized to the Right”. They have either been mentally ill or they have been Leftists. The Pittsburgh shooter was an anti-semite, Trump hater. People on the Right are not anti-semites. Those sentiments belong to the Left. But the media has tried their hardest to tie mass shooters to the Tea Party or someone on the Right. Remember when Brian Ross found a Tea Party member with the same name as the Colorado Movie theater shooter. Ross was almost gleeful.

But are all the domestic terrorists, as Don Lemon claims, White men? Did White men kill 3000 and injure 6000 in the World Trade Center? Did White men kill 14 at a Christmas party in San Bernardino? Or 49 in the Orlando nightclub? Or the two soldiers at the military recruiting center in Little Rock, Arkansas? Are the Tsarnaev brothers, who killed 3 and maimed 260 at the Boston Marathon, White? How about the man who drove a truck down a sidewalk in New York killing 8 and injuring 11? Did White men bomb children at an Ariana Grande concert in England, or kill Charlie Hebdo employees in France? How about using trucks to mow down pedestrians in Europe?

The Left keeps telling us how evil America is because of White men. Who exactly are the White men they are talking about? Who were the slave owners? Democrats. Not a single Republican owned a slave. And it wasn’t only Whites who owned slaves. Blacks did too. Who fought, tooth and nail, against the end of segregation. Democrats. Who turned fire hoses on civil rights demonstrators? Democrats. Who created the Ku Klux Klan? Democrats. Who fought voting rights and civil rights? Democrats. Who fought against Women’s Voting Rights? Democrats. Who interred the Japanese? FDR, a Democrat. So, what the Left fails to mention when they point out the evil things American has done, is that they were done by their comrades, the Democrats……while White Republicans fought against their evil deeds.

Before I end this, I want to address the claim that Trump and his supporters are “White Nationalists” aka “White Supremacists”. Where are all these White Supremacists? I’ve never met one. Have you? I know Richard Spencer is one but he is a collectivist, socialist, atheist, which is the antithesis of the Right. He might have a small following but they have no influence.

To be clear, Trump and his supporters are not White Supremacists. They don’t believe White people are better or worse than any other race. And there are PLENTY of Blacks, Latinos and Asians who are Trump supporters so how can they be White Supremacists?

We simply can’t allow the Left to continue their war on White people. How can they justify fighting discrimination and injustice by discriminating and being unjust to another race?

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I am posting the following because it so perfectly demonstrates the kind of conservations we Conservatives have with Liberals everyday on Facebook, Twitter and other places. They take no responsibility for the division in this country. Even though we on the Right believe in the same values Americans have always believed in, the Left calls us extremists. It is the Left that has changed and wants us to follow. No, thank you.

My responses to Robert are in bold.

With all due respect Miss MTH, all you did for 8 years was demean, disgrace, lie and wring your hands about the fact that Barrack Obama became our President. You even said: “I had more faith in the American people…” in one of your posts after he easily beat Romney in 2012. And for years, you and your Tea Party pals believed he was not born in America. And what did Obama do? Nothing. He never Tweeted early-morning rants and showed his grace and dignity by his own self-deprecation. And who was the leader of the Birtherism Movement? It was your pal, Donald Trump.

I did not “demean, disgrace or lie” about Obama. But, yes, I had more faith in the American people than to elect a Marxist, anti-semite who wanted to “fundamentally transform America”. A man whose mentor, Jeremiah Wright, said, “God Damn America”. A man who had his records sealed and the media wasn’t even curious why. Please give me an example of a “lie” I said about Obama.

I am aware of people not believing Obama was born in America. Since none of the birth certificates shown were authentic, it is understandable, however, I wasn’t one of them. Any child born to an American citizen in any other country is an American by birth. But the Tea Party in general, was not “Birther”. I’m sure I know more about that as a Tea party organizer than you do. And to be ACCURATE, as I’m sure you want to be, the Clintons were the leaders of the Birther movement.
I always enjoy Liberals telling us what we think and stand for… if you knew.

Doris Parrish is a 96-year-old resident of a southern town here in the USA and has been voting for the last 75 years. This year, she has been told she can’t. A new law in her state requires residents to show a government-issued photo ID in order to vote. Doris doesn’t have a driver’s license, because Doris doesn’t have a car. Doris doesn’t have a passport; a vacation abroad was never in her future.

Of course she can vote. In every state there are people who will drive her to the DMV to get an ID. I’m sure she knew she when she was going to stop driving and could have planned accordingly. After all, ID is required for many things. Why don’t you want her to be able to do the things that require an ID? My mother was 98 when she died last year and up until the day she died, she was capable of getting to the DMV on her own. I know not all 98 year olds are, but someone can help them.

Doris isn’t alone. At this moment, 33 states have proposed or already adopted the same voter I.D. laws that have disqualified Doris Parish from the one fundamental thing that we all do as Americans. We vote. It’s estimated that 11% or roughly 20 million people don’t have government-issued voter I.D.’s and will be disenfranchised this November. Why? To crack down on the “terrible problem” of voter fraud. Governor Rick Perry of Texas is serious about cracking down on the problem. He said: “Making sure that there is not fraud, making sure that someone is not manipulating that process makes all the sense in the world to me.” (and he is now Trump’s Energy Secretary??)

And Perry was right. As a Governor of a border state, he knows illegal aliens vote. BTW, Unions require voter ID to vote in their elections. Democrats require ID to get into their Convention. Why don’t you want to know if the person voting is who they say they are? BTW, all Americans don’t vote. Only 59.7% of eligible voters voted in 2016.

Because voter fraud is such a huge problem that during a five year period in the Bush Administration, when 196 million votes were cast, the number of cases of voter fraud reached 86. Not 86,000. 86. Here’s what that number looks like as a percentage of votes cast. .00004%. Four one hundred thousandths of a percent. This would be called a solution without a problem, but it’s not. It’s just a solution to a different problem.
Republican’s have a hard time getting certain people to vote for them. So life would be a lot easier if certain people just weren’t allowed to vote at all. I’m ashamed to say that 32 out of the 33 voter I.D. laws were proposed by Republican legislators, and passed by Republican-controlled statehouses. And signed into law by Republican governors.

And I’m proud of Republicans for doing so. I just love how Liberals insist there is no voter fraud….because it ALL benefits them. Please explain to me how you have MORE votes than eligible voters if there is no fraud. Please explain why Registrars leave dead people on the rolls, especially the ones who vote.

Certain people will never vote for Republicans, that is true. Because we don’t buy their votes with freebies and we never will.

There has to be a will to prosecute voter fraud and in Democrat lead states there is no will. It should be easy to prove fraud when dead people vote. In cases where people are bused from state to state or district to district to vote, it is extremely hard to prove. Project Veritas got a video of a Democrat strategist bragging about bussing people around to vote for 30 years. Explain how that isn’t fraud.

I have a friend who went to vote on his way home after work and was told he already voted. How do you catch the person who voted in his name? I’m serious, answer these questions for us.

Eleven districts in California had more votes than eligible voters. Only 59.7% of eligible voters voted in 2016. Therefore, more than 40% of the votes were fraudulent. Explain the following.


Republicans believe in a prohibitive military. They believe in a common sense government. And that there are social programs enacted in the last half-century that work but that there are way too many costing way too much, that don’t. They believe in the rule of law and order and free market capitalism.

Partially, yes. We believe in a strong military. We believe we have the right to defend ourselves and our country. We believe in our country’s sovereignty. Yes, we believe in “common sense government” if by that you mean, Constitutionally limited government. However, I don’t know what social programs you think WE think work. Has the “War on Poverty” worked? After 50 years of throwing money at it the same percentage of people are in poverty. How about generations of people living on Welfare? What has that done to the Black families who BEFORE 1965 were strong? BEFORE 1965 Black illegitimate births were about 4% and now are nearly 75%. How’s that working for ya?

So, my friend, where do Democrat social programs end? You are aware, are you not, that the Democrats are talking about free college, housing, minimum income, as well as Medicare for all.

And yes, we believe in law and order and free market capitalism. Americans have been for those things as long as I’ve been alive. Who has changed? Not us.

The Tea Party believes in loving America but hating Americans. Tea Party Congressman Allen West of Florida said: “I must confess, when I see anyone with an Obama bumper sticker, I recognize them as a threat to the gene pool.” (and that’s why he didn’t get re-elected.) They believe in loving America, but hating its government. Conservative activist, Grover Norquist.said: “I don’t want to abolish government, I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.”

What utter nonsense. Where on earth do you get the Tea Party hates Americans? We ARE Americans. We don’t even hate people who disagree with us. But, yes, we are afraid of those who want to “fundamentally transform America”. Why wouldn’t we be? West is right. Those who want to “fundamentally transform” America from a Capitalist, Constitutional America to a Socialist/Communist/globalist country ARE a threat to the gene pool of America.

And, no, West saying that is NOT why he didn’t get reelected. He was redistricted out of his district. (LOOK IT UP). A Republican candidate from the district West’s district was folded into, stepped aside for West to run and West nearly won in a primarily Democrat district…..and would have if not for voter fraud.

And they believe that anybody who disagrees with the Tea Party has sinister anti-American motives.
Herman Cain said: “The objective of the liberals is to destroy this country. The objective of the liberals is to make America mediocre.” Seriously Herman? (That’s why he did not get re-elected) Most of all, you must never, under any circumstance, seek to reach a compromise with your opponent. Or do any of what Democrats and genuine Republicans both call ‘governing.’ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said in 2009: “Our top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term.” Isn’t that the Democrat priority for Trump?

No, we don’t think everyone who disagrees with us is anti-American. We aren’t collectivists. We don’t think every Liberal thinks the same. We know many well meaning but misinformed Liberals. However, having said that, we know many Liberals ARE anti-American. All you have to do is listen to their anti-founding, anti-Constitution, anti-American exceptionalism, anti-Capitalism, anti-White, speech to know that is true.

There are people in both parties who want global governance (which requires weakening America). The Bushes (Republicans) talked about the NEW WORLD ORDER. If you have been reading my blog you would know I’ve gone to Conferences where they are planning the end of nation states. Why wouldn’t we be against that? Do YOU want that? Even though many of the leaders in BOTH parties want global governance, the ONLY ones fighting against it are Republicans and Trump is one of them.

BTW, Herman Cain wasn’t “re-elected” because he said that. He never held political office. He was a candidate for President and dropped out when the Left slandered him the way they slandered Kavanaugh and Thomas. His dropping out had nothing to do with him saying Liberals want to make America mediocre…….especially when MANY Liberals DO.

And one other plank in the Tea Party platform. If you are poor, it means that you are either too lazy or too stupid to be rich. Andre Bauer, Tea Party Leader and the Lt. Governor of South Carolina said: “My grandmother was not a highly educated woman but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed.” It’s almost hard to believe that Republicans can’t get Doris to vote for them.

AGAIN, nonsense! Show me where the Tea Party ever said anything of the sort. I have been involved with the Tea Party Patriots since their beginning. Show me where it says that in their “platform”.

There are ALWAYS going to be people who are either unable or unwilling to take care of themselves. No one begrudges those unable to care for themselves, but few want to support those unwilling….and you know as well as I do, that there are too many UNWILLING. There is nothing “kind” about enabling people, who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, to be dependent. We now have more jobs than we can fill. There is no excuse for able bodied people to be on welfare, food stamps or any other freebie.

During Tea Party rallies and in campaign speeches, we’ve been told that America has been founded as a Christian nation and if the founding fathers were here today, they’d tell us so. Here’s John Adams in the treaty of Tripoli: “As the government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” And here’s Thomas Jefferson: “…that our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions.” And here’s the first amendment to the US Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

I always love Liberals cherry picking founders quotes. The context of that quote was that there is no government religion, that all religions are welcome. He was NOT saying America wasn’t a primarily Christian country, because it was.

John Adams also said: “Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

AND: “Human passions unbridled by morality and religion…would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net.”

And Thomas Jefferson also said: Christianity would be the best religion in a republic, especially one like the United States with a broad diversity of ethnicities and religions.

What’s more frightening than the perversion of our great history is that sensible strong smart Republicans, the very men and women who should be standing up to radical fundamentalism, are so frightened in losing primary battles to religious zealots that they’ve thrown in the towel on sanity.

“Radical fundamentalism”???? I have no idea what that is. It’s something that lives in Liberal brains but nowhere else. The perversion of our “great history” is from those who call our founders “White slave owners”….without pointing out they inherited their slaves and it was against the law to free them. Perversion is saying Columbus was evil because he killed Indians without pointing out the Indians died unintentionally from diseases. Without mentioning the pilgrims got along well with the Indians. The perversion is saying the Democrat party wasn’t the party of slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, etc.

Please name the “religious zealots” sensible strong Republicans are losing to. You apparently think “sensible strong Republicans” are those willing to vote with Democrats against the will of their voters.

It’s ironic because the biggest enemy of the phony Republican isn’t Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama. It’s this man: (Jesus Christ) He said “Heal the sick. Feed the hungry. Care for the weakest among us. And always pray in private.”

WOW! Woop, THERE IT IS! Jesus is the enemy??? WOW!

The Tea Party believes:
Ideological purity – no, we believe in individual liberty
Compromise as weakness – we ALWAYS compromise, you DON’T
A fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism – Many in the TP are Christians but the Tea Party has no position on religion.
Denying science – LOL! No, we actually believe in science. Democrats don’t believe your DNA determines your sex.
Unmoved by facts – what facts have you provided?
Undeterred by new information – LOL!
A hostile fear of progress – how is resource rationing, no cars, no private property “progress”??
A demonization of education – when we went from first in the world to not in the top ten, education SHOULD be demonized.
A need to control women’s bodies – no, a desire to protect life. BIG difference. Woman know how to prevent pregnancy.
Severe xenophobia – again, no, we aren’t the ones who are obsessed with race.
Tribal mentality – we aren’t the ones who walk in lockstep. We’re not collectivists who want everyone the same. We’re like herding cats.
Intolerance of dissent – we aren’t silencing anyone, Liberals are.
A pathological hatred of the US government – LOL, thanks for demonstrating how unhinged the Left is. We don’t hate government, we just want a Constitutionally limited government.

They can call themselves the Tea Party. They can call themselves Conservatives. And they can even call themselves Republicans. Though Republican’s certainly shouldn’t. But we should call them what they are: The American Taliban. And the American Taliban cannot survive if Doris is allowed to vote. And you, Madderthanhell, are worried about Trump not being honored or recognized as a true leader of our country? Today he said: “I think the shootings at a Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA were ‘anti-semitic.’” Ya think? It is no wonder he is starting to be rejected by so many. And? Yes, it was due to the anti-semitism supported by LIBERALS! Why would anyone disagree with that? Can you deny the anti-semitism on our college campuses? Your beloved Obama was pals with Louis Farrakhan, the biggest anti-semite on the planet.

Tea Party is the “Taliban”??? Gee, there’s a unifying statement. The Tea Party supports the things we, as a country, have supported all my life. How is that destructive? We haven’t changed, the Left has. Can you deny the Left was FOR secure borders, for marriage between a man and a women, two genders, Capitalism, free speech, due process? It’s DEMOCRATS who have changed. We believe in the SAME THINGS we have always believed in.

Rejecting Trump by anyone is absolutely justified these days. Republicans are leaving him in droves as they have finally realized they voted for a TV personality. I see that others have called you out for being a Fox News disciple. I agree with them. If you sit around and watch or listen to people like Rush, Hannity, Beck, Ingraham all day, you are bound to be brain-washed by nonsense.

ALL Liberals can say is Conservatives sit around watching FOX. That is your go to argument. If you believe FOX is biased, why do you think your media isn’t?  That’s the only argument you ever make…that we watch FOX. That way you can just dismiss everything we say. If you read my blog you would know I don’t get my information from FOX. I get my information first hand from the people involved in politics, in planning, in science. I go and speak to the people involved. I’m friends with people involved.

If you think Trump supporters are leaving him you are DREAMING. Not only aren’t they leaving, we are being joined by former Democrats. #WalkAway. Especially, Blacks.

Have you seen Trump rallies? He not only fills the stadiums, nearly as many are outside wanting to get in. But dream on.

You say you love your grandchildren and have two daughters. Go spend time with them rather than vomiting out fundamentalist right-wing bull-crap. If you want to help America, I suggest you write things and find ways where we can converse with each other rather than being Madder than Hell and can bring all of us together again because we will ALWAYS be: WE THE PEOPLE.

What will it take to heal our country? With all the anger and division…we now need contagious optimism from everyone no matter who they vote for, what their skin color is or where they reside. Please try writing about that in your blog.

I have written about it.

I spend lots of time with my family. I’m perfectly capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time.

If YOU want to heal America stop telling us we are “vomiting out fundamentalist right-wing bull-crap”. Stop saying we get our information from FOX. Stop calling us racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamaphobes, religious zealots, etc. Stop pretending you have the moral high ground. Stop pretending you are the tolerant, inclusive people when you are actively slandering, silencing and insulting us.

You are completely intolerant of the Right and your only suggestion is for US to conform to YOU. How about you stop insulting us. How about YOU start being inclusive of Conservatives, White men, sovereignty, the Constitution, Capitalism and the Rule of Law?

Respectfully, There was NOTHING respectful of what you said.

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I’m madder than hell and I can’t take it anymore! I can’t stand the hypocrisy of the Left! I can’t stand their deceit! From the minute Donald Trump won the Presidency the Left has done everything possible to overturn the election….So much for the peaceful transfer of power.

The Left can’t believe they aren’t in power and they will do anything to get it back. ANYTHING. Everyday the media calls President Trump a liar and worse. A lie is when someone intends to deceive. Trump uses parody and sarcasm but the media takes him seriously because the Left has no sense of humor. Trump exaggerates, jokes, and at times may speak out of turn and later change his mind but I don’t believe he intents to mislead people. Obama intended to deceive when he said we could keep our doctors and plans. When he said Benghazi was caused by a video. Hillary meant to deceive with her private server. If any media outlet acknowledged what they said wasn’t true, they said they “misspoke” but they never called them liars. Everyday the media questions Trump supporter’s intensions, decency, and character. They ascribe evil intensions to everything Trump does and by extension his supporters. Yet they take no responsibility for the rising hostility in this country.
Many have said the media is an arm of the Democrat party but I’m beginning to believe the Democrat party is an arm of the media. It’s the media that is not just covering up and protecting the Democrat agenda, they are driving it.

As a country we have always been against Communism and Socialism. But now the media sees nothing wrong with Democratic Socialism. They see nothing wrong with admitted Communists running for office or serving in Congress. They weren’t concerned when Black Lives Matter chanted, “What do we want? Dead Cops! When Do we want it? NOW!”. They excuse ANTIFA violence. They spend days blaming guns on mass shootings. They want guns taken from law abiding citizens, but spend no time on the hundreds of shootings in Chicago where law abiding citizens can’t protect themselves.

The media supports open borders and letting illegal alien criminals out into the communities, instead of over to ICE, allowing them to reoffend. They never explain how that makes us safer….because it doesn’t. They repeat over and over that illegal aliens are less likely to break the law than natural born citizens, even though FBI statics prove otherwise. They have no problem with 14,000 Hondurans marching to our country. The media depicts them ALL as poor families fleeing corrupt countries to have a better life when they are overwhelmingly young men. They are carrying and waving Honduran flags. There is no objective analysis of why this is happening. No concern for the diseases they may bring to our country we haven’t seen in centuries, if ever. No concern that many are MS13 or criminals of all sorts. The media calls us racists, bigots and haters if we point any of this out.

The Democrat party and the media used to be against illegal immigration. Bill Clinton even passed stronger border security. Have you seen any comprehensive media coverage of the flip flop or why it happened? I have posted video of Democrat leaders giving rational, factual arguments against illegal immigration. Clinton, Obama, Schumer, Reid, Feinstein, Barbara Jordan, all spoke against it when they still represented the “working man”. They did a 180 when they realized poor, uneducated people, dependent on government social programs would vote Democrat. They now represent illegal aliens and visa overstays not the “working man”. And the media never points this out. Has anyone seen the media honestly cover what Medicare for all would mean? And when you match it with open borders, what would happen? Does anyone doubt for a second if Democrats thought illegal aliens would vote Republican they would build the wall? This is the hypocrisy I can’t take anymore.







Jeff Zucker of CNN blamed Trump for the amateurish bombs sent to Democrats saying, “Words matter”. Yes, words matter and the Left understands that better than anyone. They change words, ban words everyday. It’s hard to keep up with what is acceptable to say from one day to the next. But the Left is totally incapable of self-examination. They don’t consider it’s inciting violence when Eric Holder says, “If they go low, we kick them”, when Hillary Clinton says they can’t be civil until they win back power, or Maxine Waters says to get in people’s faces & harass Republicans where ever they are. Nancy Pelosi said violence against the Right was acceptable collateral damage. No, none of THOSE words matter.

A dozen times a day the media calls President Trump Hitler or a racist, or a dictator, or fascist or unbalanced or senile. They’ve been calling Conservatives racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamaphobes, zenaphobes, toothless idiots, and worse. FBI agent Strozk said he could “smell” Trump supporters. We know we aren’t any of the things the Left calls us. We took it for a long time but now we’re SICK OF IT!

You will never hear the media admit their part in the division in this country. Did the media condemn ANY of the people who have encouraged violence against the President or his supporters? How about when Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House? Or the Shakespeare play in the park depicting Trump being stabbed. Or Snoop Dog’s video depicting him shooting Trump. Or Kathy Griffin’s severed Trump head. Or Johnny Depp asking when was the last time an actor assassinated a President? How about when Peter Fonda and Tom Arnold encouraged terrorizing Baron Trump.








Having said that, I would never say there are no crazy people who are registered Republicans, but they are few and far between. They are an anomaly. Compared to the number of screaming, door scratching, unglued Kavanaugh/gun banning/pro-abortion protestors, compared to ANTIFA and BLM, crazy people on the Right don’t even register on the radar.

While the media is busy blaming the Right for the crazy bomber, how much did they cover the ricin sent to Senator Collins and other Republicans a week ago? I can’t even remember there was so little coverage. Did the media blame Democrats? Did they blame democrats when a crazy Bernie Sanders supporter tried to kill Republican Congressmen and seriously wounded Congressman Scalise? Last week wasn’t the first time ricin or a white powder was sent to Conservatives. It’s happened many times. In fact, most well known Conservatives receive death threats nearly daily. But the media isn’t interested.

The media keep ranting about THEIR 1st amendment rights (I’ve yet to see their 1st amendment rights infringed). Has the media spoken against the censoring of Conservatives on social media, at Universities, in Hollywood, government agencies, and else where? They are silent about the free speech rights of Conservative Americans. While we understand the 1st amendment refers to the government silencing people, we, as Americans, have always agreed our free speech rights applied to all facets of our lives. Recently, Facebook shut down hundreds of Conservative sites. These were pages with millions of followers. These were pages for organizations that had paid thousands of dollars for ads and promotions. The difference between the Right and Left is that, the Right understands if we don’t like the content of a Facebook page or Twitter account, we don’t follow them. If we don’t like a television show, radio program we turn it off. If we don’t like the subject of a movie we don’t go to see it. The Left wants to ban the television show, radio program or movie. They don’t want ANYONE to see or hear them.

Just this week Megyn Kelly was fired from NBC for simply asking if it was racist at Halloween for a White person to dress as a Black person they admire. I suspect NBC has wanted to find a way out of their contract with Kelly for some time but this highlights their hypocrisy. Jimmy Kimmel didn’t ask if Blackface was OK, he dressed in Blackface on their network. He’s not being fired. We all know why and we can’t stand it anymore.



I’m also sick of Liberals dismissing any facts we show them because it’s from what they consider “unreliable sources”. They consider ALL Conservative media “unreliable” and simply dismiss anything without considering whether or not it’s true. They know Liberal media won’t publish or cover anything that conflicts with the Liberal agenda. So, of course, it’s only found on sources they won’t accept. That they don’t question the reliability of their sources shows a lack of critical thinking. If they think Conservative media is biased why don’t they think Liberal media is biased? Nearly every media source, radio, television, newspapers, is owned by a handful of Progressive Liberals. Saul Alinsky is the mentor of Progressive Liberals and it is evidenced in the media everyday. They marginalize and demonize their opponents. Alinsky says not to show opponents respect, and they don’t. The President isn’t causing animosity toward the media. The media is causing animosity against themselves because they are intellectually dishonest. We aren’t the toothless, drooling morons as they depict us. We are intelligent, properly educated people who know when we’re being conned. The media KNOW Trump isn’t Hitler, they KNOW Trump isn’t a racist. They KNOW he gave the NAACP a free office on Wall Street. They KNOW some of the illegal aliens are rapists, murders and MS13, they KNOW open borders will bankrupt the country, they KNOW Medicare for all isn’t sustainable, they KNOW Hillary and Bill Clinton are two of the most corrupt people on earth. They KNOW Trump has done many good things for this country but they will never be honest about it.

That’s why I’m madder than hell and not willing to take it anymore.

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With the escalating harassment and violence directed at those on the Right, Liberal pundits keep saying it comes from both sides. NO, IT DOESN’T! They then cite Charlottesville and a Tea Partier spitting on Congressman John Lewis and calling him the “N” word. They say the Tea Party was no different than the anti-Kavanaugh protestors.

Let’s start with Charlottesville. This was an “Alt-Right” event. Let’s be very clear, the “Alt-Right” is neither Republican or Conservative. White Supremacy has never been part of the Right. White Supremacy, segregation, KKK, Jim Crow are ALL from the Left. Richard Spenser, who organized Charlottesville, believes we are part of a collective and that our rights come from government. He doesn’t believe in individual Liberty. Conservative Republicans have nothing in common with the Alt-Right. Regardless, that doesn’t prevent the Left from calling everyone on the Right “Alt-Right”, but we can’t allow them to get away with it. Calling us “Alt-Right” is another Big Lie repeated over and over until it’s believed.

The other Big Lie is that a Tea Partier spit in Congressman John Lewis’s face and that numerous people used the “N” word. I know this didn’t happen because I was there. I was taking a group of Tea Partiers into the tunnels between the Capitol and the office buildings. I was on the steps going into the office building when the group with Lewis arrived. Lewis was followed by Jesse Jackson Jr. with an iPhone in each hand recording everything. It is obvious the group was trying to provoke the anti-Obamacare protestors. As I mentioned, there are tunnels connecting the Capitol and the office buildings. There was no need for them to walk through the crowd of protestors. At one point Lewis stopped and stood in front of a protestor. The crowd was chanting, “Kill the Bill” but no one used the “N” word or spit in his face. Since they couldn’t entrap or provoke anyone, they just made it up. There were hundreds of cameras and cell phones in the crowd, as well as Jesse Jackson Jr’s two, filming what happened. Andrew Breitbart offered a million dollars if anyone had a video proving Lewis was spit on or the “N” word was used. I have no doubt Jesse Jackson Jr. would have been happy to claim the reward……..if he could have.

I can speak with some confidence about the actions of the Tea Party. I traveled to DC seven times during the Obama administration for protests and rallies. I also went to every Tea Party rally within a hundred miles of Los Angeles. I was an organizer of two Tea Parties. Unlike the Left, we never broke a window, looted a store, burned a car, blocked traffic, threw things or hit anyone. We never told our members to “get in people’s faces”. We never told them to harass members of the Obama administration. We told everyone to be peaceful and respectful and they were.

Certainly, there was the odd person, here or there, with a sign that insulted Obama. We always made that person leave or get rid of the sign. Of course, someone would have taken a picture of that person before they got rid of the sign and published it to claim it represented the Tea Party. But these examples were the exception. I’ve often wondered if those people weren’t plants. Our events were always peaceful.

When I took the group of Tea Partiers into the tunnels, the Commander of the Capitol police came over and introduced himself to me. He asked me to keep the group against the walls and not block the halls and to try to keep our voices down because it echoed down there. I told him to tell his officers to let me know if there was a problem and I’d take care of it. He said, “Oh, I’m not worried about you. I’ve never had to arrest one of you and you clean up after yourselves”. Do I need to point out HUNDREDS of Kavanaugh protestors were arrested? Do I need to point out the TONS of trash left them and during the Obama administration by Occupy Wall Street”?
I went to Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Rally in DC. They estimate the crowd as being in excess of 600,000. I sat in the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial because I wanted to see how big the crowd
was. There were no signs, just masses of happy people who love America. Several times I went down into the crowd. It was shoulder to shoulder but no one pushed or shoved. People just moved so you could move through them. People helped others pass through. Mounted police rode through the crowd and people patted the horses and moved aside. And as it broke up, and people left, there wasn’t a piece of paper on the ground.

Can anyone name when the Right rioted to prevent a Liberal from speaking on a college campus? How about hitting people with bicycle locks? Show me where the Right screamed at members of Congress or protested in front of their homes. Or threatened the lives or their children? Or shouted people out of restaurants. Who calls who racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamophobes, Xenophobes, etc? How many on the Left have been censored on social media? How many College Professors are afraid to say they are Liberal? How many Democrat members of Congress have been shot? For that matter, how many mass shooters are Conservatives or members of the NRA?

No, the disrespect, lawlessness, and violence does NOT and NEVER HAS come from the Right. And we can’t allow the media to keep saying it does.

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