We have people rioting in the streets, shutting down freeways, burning down neighborhoods but where are the voices of reason? Our leaders and the media are fanning the flames instead of calming them. Our President said there was a history of deep seeded racism in this country, while in truth America is the least racist country in the world. 750,000 young white men died to free the slaves. That is more than the First and Second World Wars combined. If racism were deep seeded in this country, how did we elect a Black President twice with Blacks being only 13.2% of the population?

Black Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton raised her hands and repeated, “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” on the floor of Congress. She said she didn’t know the facts of the Ferguson case and didn’t care about them because there was a bigger issue. What is the bigger issue for her? Does she want to tear down our justice system? Is it perfect? No, there is no such thing as perfect but over the last 238 years it’s been the most just, fairest in the world. What voice of reason is pointing that out?

We have people protesting across the country saying, “Hands Up, don’t shoot” when that is not what happened. Yet, if anyone tries to point out that both Michael Brown and Eric Garner would be alive today had they not resisted arrest, they are shouted down. The police are being blamed not the criminal. Neither case had anything to do with racism and yet that is what the protests are about. There are signs saying, “Black Lives Matter”. Planned Parenthood is using the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. If they didn’t kill 1,876 Black babies a day, the hypocrisy might not be so stunning.

The talking heads say these cases were about an “epidemic” of white police officers killing “unarmed” Black men. They are suggesting unarmed men can’t kill. Michael Brown is being made into some kind of hero when he robbed a store, roughed up the owner, assaulted a police officer, tried to get his gun and resisted arrest. Juan Williams said the officer should have just driven away. What? When has that been police procedure? When have police been trained to walk away if a suspect resists arrest? Is that what we want? Should the police say, “We’ve already reached our quota of Black arrests, so we’ll just ignore that Black man robbing the bank?”

The media tells us that it is open season on Black men by racist police officers. It has been repeated over and over that the Ferguson police department only had three Black officers and doesn’t reflect the diversity of the community. Did anyone ask why that was? Is it because the Police Department in Ferguson is turning down qualified Black candidates or is it that Blacks don’t apply to be police officers because the Black community raises their children to distrust and hate the police. Has ONE “journalist” asked why there aren’t more Black officers? Did the “journalists” ask if the law abiding Black Community wanted police protection? How many lives police officers save? What exactly is the goal of their portrayal of police officers being racists? Do they want a nationalized police force?

The facts don’t support their narrative. Blacks are only 13.2% of the population but they commit, according to New York Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, 70% to 75% of the crimes. The FBI reported in 2009 Blacks (13.2% of the population) committed 433, 934 crimes against Whites, while Whites (77.7% of the population) committed only 53, 685 crimes against Blacks. Blacks commit 72.5% of the homicides. Whites commit 25.3% of the homicides. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_crime_in_the_United_States

In 2013 Whites killed 193 Blacks, Blacks killed 448 Whites and Blacks killed 2,447 Blacks. If there is an “epidemic” of Blacks being killed, it isn’t by police officers, it’s by other Blacks. Those saying there is an epidemic of Whites killing Blacks are not the voices of reason.

Why are there more Blacks in prison? As stated earlier, they commit the majority of the crimes. Why do they commit most of the crimes? Might it be because most of them are fatherless and jobless. What effect has the welfare state had on the Black community? Were Black families better off before welfare? Why is there such a high drop out rate for Blacks?

We are told Blacks receive harsher sentences for the same crimes than Whites. But why might that be true? Is it really due to racism? Sentences are determined by the past record of the convict. With young Blacks having no jobs, due to endless illegal immigration, isn’t it more likely young Black men might commit more crimes?
If they have a record of past crimes, their sentences will be harsher. But the media, Black leaders and, sadly, our Attorney General, neglect to point that out.

Instead of talking about how “unfair” the justice system is because so many Blacks are in prison, we need to be talking about why such a high percentage of the Black population commits crimes.

Every single aspect of our system and culture is under attack, but those we look to for voices of reason, for factual information, for perspective, are instead, obfuscating facts and encouraging unrest. Our justice system was designed to apply our laws equally to all, to be blind to race, religion or creed. It’s application may not always be perfect, but it isn’t due to some fault of the system. We don’t need to change the system, we need to follow it.

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WARNING: The following contains frightening content, however, unless you know you are in danger you can’t fight it.

American Freedom Alliance’s Literary Café hosted a discussion with Guy Milliere, Professor at the University of Paris. Milliere is the author of forty books on France, Europe, the United States, Israel and the Middle East. He is also a Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute and has written thousands of articles published in France, Israel and the United States. His latest book is, “The State With the Yellow Star” about anti-Semitism in Europe and he is currently working on a book on the decline and fall of Europe.

In case you weren’t aware, Europe is declining and is about to fall. After World War II European leaders believed wars were due to nationalism, democracy and militarism. They have been working since to overcome those things with multiculturalism, unlimited immigration, and redistribution of wealth through socialism and the elimination of cultural traditions. The European Union was formed to accomplish those things.

Milliere explained there is no free speech in Europe any longer. You can be fined and/or jailed for speaking against what the government doesn’t want you to speak against. He told us he was fined $10,000 for speaking against Islam. Speaking against Islam is a hate crime……speaking against Christianity, is not.

The economic growth in Europe is less than one percent a year, however what is growing is government and poverty. Countries who recognize the danger and want to reverse it, are overruled by Brussels, where the European Union is located. The European countries tell their citizens they will take care of them cradle to grave.

Professor Milliere told us his students aren’t interested in learning or planning a career. They’re only there to get a diploma (they will get no less than a B for simply showing up). Their interest is how soon they will get a government check and how soon they can retire. The Professor said socialism destroys the mind. There is no innovation coming from Europe because there are no people interested in working that hard.

Of course, as the number of people dependent on government grows, so do the taxes (France taxes 75%) and as the rich are taxed more they leave. There is nothing more portable than wealth. The wealthy can have homes in a dozen different countries and be citizens of none. The middle class can’t leave and, as the financial burden is placed on them, they give up and join the dependent class. As the dependent class grows, the middle class paying for it shrinks, the tax base shrinks, and the dependent class gets poorer. There is a saying, socialists love the poor so much, they create more.

Milliere explained while there are numerous parties in European countries, there are no true conservative parties. The parties are all, primarily, socialist. In order to gain support for forming the European Union, citizens were promised more prosperity and more liberty (sound familiar?), but the opposite happened.

However, even an even bigger threat to Europe, than socialism, is Muslim immigration. The point of unlimited immigration was to end nationalism. But it’s resulted in more nationalism as their citizens feel the consequences. Milliere said when Muslims first started immigrating to Europe they wanted to assimilate but schools and politicians told them they didn’t need to, that they should keep their culture. They are now trying to impose their culture on Europe and Europeans are angry and resentful. However, due to “hate speech” laws, they are punished for speaking out.

The Muslim population grew very fast due to family reunification. Once one Muslim became a citizen he could bring in his entire family, which could be 20 or 30 more. Muslims took over areas, then entire towns. They have become “No Go” zones for natural born citizens. They have become nations within a nation and they make more and more demands of their host country. They say Europeans were colonialists and now they have to pay for it. Europeans feel guilty and acquiesce. My question is, why don’t Europeans understand as Muslims demonize Europe for being colonialists, Muslims are colonializing Europe? Are they not aware that Islam intends to colonialize the world?

Of course, as the Muslim population grows in Europe, politicians have to pander to them to get their votes (sound familiar?). Governments know if they upset the natural born citizens, nothing will happen, but if they upset the Muslims there will be riots and burned cars. Muslims are particularly fond of burning cars. So much so, that citizens have taken to placing a Muslim symbol on their cars to protect them from being burned.

Anti-Semitism has grown in Europe due to the Islam influence. Jews are beaten and robbed on the streets. If they report it to the police, they are told it’s their fault. Crimes are not identified as being committed by Muslims. In fact, when reporting on the conflicts in Syria, Libya, Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, no mention is made of Islam. The conflicts are caused by “extremists”.

If we can’t identify the enemy and discuss the danger objectively and factually, we can’t fight it. Europe has, effectively, made a “preemptive surrender” to Islam. Are we going to do the same?

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The other morning, on Glenn Beck’s radio show, Glenn was talking about a young mother named Cassidy, who contacted Glenn through his facebook page to tell him about her 5-year-old daughter being taught at school that the Pilgrims were the “first terrorists”. Glenn called Cassidy and asked her to tell her story on the show. (Link to story and show clip: http://www.glennbeck.com/2014/11/24/her-daughters-teacher-said-the-pilgrims-were- americas-first-terrorists/)

Cassidy said that she, herself, was home-schooled, and had struggled about whether to home-school her daughter. In the end, she decided to try public school. At first, everything seemed fine. But then, one day, as she was helping her daughter with homework, she showed her daughter an easier way to do something, and her daughter got upset and said, “you are my mommy, not my teacher”. Cassidy was taken back, but dismissed it as mere precociousness. Then her daughter said it again, a few days later. Cassidy went to the parent-teacher conference, told the teacher what her daughter had said, and asked if it was something the teacher had told the children. The teacher replied, “We can’t allow parents to contradict what we teach OUR children”. Cassidy reminded the teacher that it was HER child, not the teacher’s or the school’s. Then she asked how parents could help kids with homework. The teacher said it would be better if they didn’t help at all. Cassidy then asked about Thanksgiving, pointed to the artwork about Indians, and wondered when they were going to teach the kids about the Pilgrims. The teacher replied that there would be a lesson, but it would be minimal, since Pilgrims were the “first terrorists”.

It doesn’t surprise me that this administration is changing history. After all, isn’t that what Michele Obama said had to be done in order to achieve Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”? (Clip of Mrs. Obama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f2j_a_7XkE)

This is just one of the reasons the Department of Education needs to be abolished. They mandate that schools teach certain curricula or their federal funding will be pulled. What I find even more troubling is that the teachers accept all of this. While Cassidy was telling her story, I wondered why the teacher thought telling the children not to listen to their parents was a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Aren’t teachers parents, too? Why aren’t they having meetings with parents, and telling them the horrors they are being forced to teach? Why aren’t they asking for help? Why aren’t they outraged? They are teaching things they’ve never taught before, in ways they’ve never been taught. When they first received the lesson plans that said Pilgrims were “terrorists”, why didn’t they question them? Parents only find out about these things if they try to help their kids with homework… And, sadly, not all parents do.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Manhattan Beach School Board meeting, and watched the Board be questioned on why they were teaching Islam as morally equivalent to other religions. I couldn’t understand why none of them saw the danger in that.

Our children are being taught things that go against our religious beliefs, our moral foundations, and our cultural norms. For us, sex education was about how our bodies worked. Today, schools are teaching sexual techniques, and “alternative” lifestyles. In history, kids are being taught that Columbus and the Pilgrims were “terrorists”, and the Founders were “old, white slave owners”. The very foundation of our country is being undermined by our own public schools. Our children are being taught to be “citizens of the world”, not citizens of the United States. It’s a technique straight out of the communist goals! (Communist goals, as entered into Congressional record: http://msgboard.snopes.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=print_topic;f=95;t=000340)

Not only has prayer been entirely banned in school, we can no longer have Christmas pageants, or sing Christmas carols. It’s tragic. Those celebrations have always been deeply ingrained in American culture. Look at any American Christmas movie from the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s. When I was growing up, I sang in the choir. I loved singing the beautiful religious music ~ Ave Maria, the First Noel, O! Holy Night… Religious music is meaningful and inspiring. Music is an influential development tool, and our children are being denied access to very important historical music.

What has happened to us? I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone, or in the movie “They Came From Outer Space”, where aliens implanted chips in the backs of people’s necks, and removed all their emotions. I don’t see any concern from teachers, or principals, or school boards. Maybe we should check the backs of their necks.

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Last month I attended the Manhattan Beach School Board meeting to learn how and why they were teaching the Five Pillars of Islam in their schools. Unfortunately, since the parents weren’t able to get the subject on the Board’s calendar, except for a few people speaking about the dangers of Islam, the subject was not discussed.

This month parents were able to get Islam on the calendar. The last meeting there were less than thirty people in the audience, this month it was standing room only. The parents, Judy Diethelm and Keith Johnson, that removed their son from middle school were there. The many people who spoke to the board about Islam were thoughtful and very knowledgeable.

The issue most have with the teaching Islam is how it’s being presented. It is being taught as part of lessons on comparative religions, however three weeks were devoted to Islam, while the other religions received much less time. I read the chapter in the text book and it effectively white washed Islam. It says, “The holy book teaches that Muslims may not lie, steal or murder. It doesn’t not tolerate mistrust, impatience, or cruelty. The Qur’an says that Muslims must treat all of God’s creation with kindness and compassion.” The authors of this text must have missed, Qur’an 9:123, that says, “Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in you”.

Muhammad is portrayed in the lessons as simply a man who was given revelations from Gabriel. There is no mention of his forming an army and conquering tribes of Jews. Then beheading 700 to 900 men and boys in the city of Qurayza. There is no mention that he had eleven wives (one six years old) and numerous sex slaves. There is no mention of Jihad.

After the public comments section of the meeting, most of us went outside to talk as the board talked about fiscal matters and up coming events. They didn’t get to Islam until 10:00PM.

Three high school students from their school newspaper came out to interview the parents and those who spoke about Islam. They were very bright and engaging and we had a lively conversation with them. We interviewed them as much as they interviewed us.

They explained they had lessons on Islam from the seventh grade through high school. We asked if the same time was given other religions and, apparently, some years, yes, and some years, no. They were very adamant that, due to separation of church and state, there should be no preference given any particular religion. They spoke about this being a multi-cultural world and that they needed to be tolerant of other cultures. We asked them if they believed there was a difference between good and evil and they did. We asked if they were taught about Jihad in context to Islam. They weren’t.

I asked if they were taught that Islam was a theocracy, not just a religion. Did they understand it was a political ideology and a rule of law and that Sharia couldn’t be separated from Islam? One young man said they had covered Sharia but he didn’t understand it couldn’t be separated. The text book covers it by saying, “….it teaches how to organize society (political ideology) and how to implement the law (Sharia)”.

Another quote from the text I was troubled by, “His (Muhammad’s) conduct and words are valuable to Muslims because, along with the Qur’an, they can help guide Muslims to lead the kind of virtuous life Muhammad did – the kind of godly life God wants them to lead”. I’m sorry, but do we see beheading 700 to 900 men and boys, or having a six year old wife, as “virtuous?”

Finally at 10:00pm they took up Islam. One of the board members gave an impassioned argument on why it’s important to teach Islam and the board agreed.

I have no problem with schools teaching our children about Islam, what I have a problem with is how they portray Islam and in what context. (An example: http://clashdaily.com/2014/11/muslim-propaganda-mom-outraged-sons-homework-muslims-faith-stronger-christians/ )

Most of the people who came to protest believe, as do I, that Islam shouldn’t be taught as a comparative religion when, unlike other religions, it is a political ideology and rule of law. It should be covered the way Communism or Hitler or Stalin or Mao are covered.

I brought a quote from Omar Ahmed, Chairman of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

If our schools are going to teach Islam they need to cover what the conqueror, Muhammad did, what the Qur’an says about unbelievers, Jihad and what is happening in countries that have allowed high numbers of Muslim immigrants. They need to cover stoning women and honor killing. They need to cover the fact that all the terrorist attacks over the last several decades have been committed by followers if Islam.

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Someone please tell me, did Republicans win the last election? Will someone please tell John Boehner because apparently he didn’t get the memo. We need to tell him we elected Republicans to STOP Obama not HELP him.

Speaker John Boehner is pushing to pass an omnibus budget bill that would, in effect, stop the new Republican Congress from doing anything to stop Obama. They wouldn’t be able to defund anything. In fact the bill includes funding for illegal alien processing centers. If, as Boehner says, Obama’s executive action is illegal, why would he fund it?

What kind of leaders do Republicans have? We smashed the Democrat party, we have the first Southern Black Conservative Senator, we have no more Southern Democrat Senators and yet, our leadership is willing to accept defeat without even trying?

He and McConnell are saying we can’t risk shutting down the government. Why not? Because the media will blame Republicans? So what? They keep saying if we shut down the government again it will hurt Republicans. Really? The last shut down gained us more Republicans in Congress since 1928. I say SHUT IT DOWN!! With all the hand wringing that went on during the last shutdown, other than preventing Veterans from visiting monuments, there was no real harm done and it certainly didn’t hurt the Republican party. Is that all it takes for a President to act lawlessly? He just has to threaten to shut down the government?

What really annoys me is that Republican leadership is all too ready to accept the blame for a shut down. The reason for the last shut down was the refusal of the Democrats to negotiate at all. Republicans caved three times until they finally said, OK, we’ll give you the clean CR. Obama came back and said, Oh, no, that’s not good enough, now we want no debt ceiling. That is the tactic of this administration, not only won’t they negotiate (which is right out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals), they make unreasonable demands they know Republicans can’t agree to and then blame them for not being willing to “compromise”.

We need to melt down the phone lines, overwhelm Twitter and Facebook, send them millions of faxes and emails. We need to STOP Boehner, McCarthy, and McConnell from grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory.

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Everyone needs to see this film. Everyone. What has happened in the European Union is happening here and we need to take a clear look at the consequences.

American Freedom Alliance screened part of a documentary, “Europe’s Last Stand: The Five Pillars of Islamic Conquest” at the Santa Monica Screening Room a few nights ago. Two of the filmmakers were present to discuss the film after the screening. The filmmakers spent four years and traveled to a dozen countries to make this film. It’s been called the “most authoritative film ever produced documenting the rise of Islam in Western Europe.”


For the last twenty years Europe has been allowing millions upon millions of Muslims to immigrate into their countries. They touted multiculturalism and diversity as noble goals. But then bad ideas are always hidden behind, seemingly, noble goals? Admitting millions of immigrants who hate your culture because of their religious and political ideology isn’t noble, it’s suicidal.

I don’t know if the European countries believed Muslims would assimilate but if you understand Islam, that isn’t possible. Islam isn’t just a religion, it’s an ideology and a rule of law. They can’t assimilate……and don’t. In Europe, Muslims take over neighborhoods and then towns. They place signs around the towns that say it’s a Muslim area and various things are not allowed. Most don’t dress in Western clothing, women wear burkas. In England female police officers must cover their heads and faces if they serve in the Muslim neighborhoods. Bands of Muslims march through retail areas with bullhorns demanding liquor stores and bars stop selling alcohol. If they find an Englishman drinking in public, bands of young Muslims beat them.

Recently, as Catholic worshipers exited a Catholic cathedral, teams of Muslims threw stones at them. Laws have been passed against anti-Muslim speech. A couple in Liverpool were recently tried for speaking against Islam. They owned a small hotel and were overheard saying something negative about Islam by a Muslim woman staying there. She reported them to the police and they were arrested. They were eventually acquitted but by the time that happened they lost their hotel. Free speech in most European countries is an illusion. You are free to speak as long as it supports what the government approves of. Muslims are offended by the cultural norms of most the countries and for reasons hard to understand, most of the countries try to accommodate the immigrants rather than their natural citizens.

Along with the Muslim immigrants come radical Imam’s who have large internet followings and coordinate their efforts. They reject the laws of the secular society and replace them with Sharia in Muslim dominated cities. Sharia is not at all compatible with civil law but countries are allowing it. Under Sharia woman have no rights. How is that compatible in countries where all people have the same rights? How do countries allow two diametrically opposed sets of laws to exist? Reasonably, you can only have one Rule of Law.

I remember a Conservative commentator being asked about Sharia law being allowed in America and he said it could never happen. Never. He was dismissive of someone even thinking such a thing could happen in America. However, recently a Federal judge struck down Oklahoma’s Constitutional amendment against Sharia law. http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2013/08/16/oklahoma-ban-on-sharia-law-unconstitutional-us-judge-rules/

In England natural English citizens have tried to push back against the Islamization of England. They formed a group EDL (English Defense League) and held protests. Their protests were counter protested by Muslims and surprisingly, although the Muslims were the aggressors, the English police defend the Muslims against the EDL.

Remember England had it’s subways and buses blown up by home grown Muslim terrorists and yet they still allowed more Muslim immigration. Most of us find this hard to understand. This film explains that Europe was so devastated by WWII and the people were so determined to never have another war, they adopted a “live and let live” attitude. They want to be accepting of other cultures whether or not they were compatible with theirs. This has lead to very unwise immigration policy.

The filmmakers fear it’s too late to turn around the Islamization of Europe. Even if Europe were to stop Muslim immigration right now, Muslims are having ten children to Europeans having two. Muslims will outnumber the natural European population very quickly. Unless America wants to face the same fate, we need to understand Islam, and learn from Europe’s mistakes.

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On Thursday night the President defied the Constitution, the Rule of Law, the American people and the Country. This was an historic event, one I never believed could happen in this country. By his own admission, this man took authority the Constitution does not give him. http://insider.foxnews.com/2014/11/19/caught- camera-obama-called-exec-immigration-action-illegal-25-times

The purpose of immigration is to benefit the country, not illegal aliens. We have 93 million Americans who have stopped looking for work. How does legalizing five million (or more) illegal aliens, who can now compete with Americans who are working, benefit America or Americans? How does legalizing millions of mostly poor, uneducated people benefit America? In a struggling economy, why would we legalize more people than jobs created since 2009? We don’t have jobs for legal citizens.

We have a President who put illegal alien lawbreakers above the citizens of this country. He spoke at length about the hardships illegal aliens face but not once did he mention the hardships illegal immigration has imposed on American citizens, especially Black American citizens. He never mentioned the jobs Americans have lost to illegal aliens or the lower wages. Or the burden they impose on law enforcement, on our schools, on our healthcare system, on our culture or, most importantly, on the taxpayers. Illegal immigration costs California taxpayers $25 billion (with a B) a year and has turned a red state blue. Think what we could do with that $25 billion a year for our own children.

Obama pulled out every heart-wrenching, guilt provoking reason he could conjure up to justify his actions. He even quoted the Bible. I love when Liberals use the Bible to back up their socialist agenda. In an attempt to reassure people, he said he would direct more resources to the border. What does that mean? It can mean anything, but what it doesn’t mean is that a double fence will be built. And why would he need to do that when he has told us the same thing as 60,000 children and families crossed it this summer–the border is secure.

Obama keeps saying he had to do this because the House wouldn’t pass the Comprehensive Immigration bill passed by the Senate. Did I miss something? Does the Constitution require the House to pass a bill because the Senate passed it? Or that they must pass a bill the President wants? Aren’t the members of Congress supposed to represent their voters? Isn’t that how a republic works?

Let’s examine why the House wouldn’t pass the bill. They heard from their constituents. You know, “We the People. ” Aren’t they supposed to govern with the consent of the governed? The people don’t want a “Comprehensive Immigration Bill”. We don’t want any huge, two thousand page bills. We want the border secured FIRST. Period. If the President really had the illegal aliens’ best interests in mind, if he was truly driven by compassion for “people who just came here for a better life,” he would have agreed to securing the border long ago. But he won’t agree to securing the border outside of a huge “comprehensive” bill.

The House and the American people want immigration dealt with one piece at a time. We want the border secured FIRST and nothing else until it is. Why is it so “radical” to want to stop this from happening again? If you had been robbed would you leave your door open or lock it? It’s common sense. Have we lost all common sense?

This administration argues, on one hand, the border is more secure than it ever has been (as if that means anything). But, on the other hand, he claims that it isn’t secure because the House won’t pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. Why does that stop us from securing the border? Congress (both houses) passed a border fence bill in 2006 that required 700 miles of double fence. I believe only 36 miles have been built and construction stopped. Why?
Americans were fooled (as was President Reagan) in 1986 into believing the amnesty bill would be “one time and one time only” and would secure the border so that it never happened again. The border was never secured, nor did we have the infrastructure in place to do background checks, teach the new citizens English or any of the other provisions of the bill. The1986 bill brought us three million new citizens but it also brought us 20 million more illegal aliens. We might have been fooled in 1986, but we can’t be fooled again. We have made it clear to our representatives that we want the border secured to OUR satisfaction before having any discussion about what to do with the aliens.

When the talking heads tell us the newly legalized aliens will get background checks, pay back taxes and fines, learn English, etc. ask them how? Ask them how many people have been hired to do it. And ask them how they can verify any of that information. Many have numerous identities. If they have been living here for any length of time, they have false or stolen ID’s. There is an entire cottage industry supplying forged documents. Just go down to McArthur Park in Los Angeles and you can get a drivers license or social security card in fifteen minutes. The talking heads are trying to provide enough arguments to get us to agree to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, knowing the only thing that will happen is amnesty. Remember these are the same people who repeated over and over, “If you like your doctor/plan you can keep it. PERIOD, ” and “It was a spontaneous protest over a video,” and “there isn’t a scintilla of evidence the IRS did anything wrong.”

We are in a Constitutional crisis. Professor Jonathan Turley, who supported this President, has warned us that he is doing what our founders tried to protect us from. http://jonathanturley.org/2014/05/21/a-question-of-power-the-imperial- presidency/ We can’t allow this to happen. Do people not understand if this President can take power he doesn’t have, even if you support what he does with it, another President you don’t agree with can do the same. This President has demonstrated he doesn’t care what law says, he doesn’t care what limitations the Constitution places on him, he isn’t interested in working with Congress and he certainly doesn’t care what the people of this country want. Just weeks ago we made our position clear. We voted against his policies. He doesn’t care.

This was a sad and frightening day for America.

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