I remember well the day American astronauts first walked on the moon. It was July 21st, 1969 ~ my youngest daughter was three months old, and I had a serious ear infection. We had dinner with some friends, and watched as Neil Armstrong stepped down onto the lunar surface and said, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. We were filled with such pride and wonder. We thought the future was limitless, that there was nothing we couldn’t achieve.

Less than a month later, In August, a music festival took place in a field in Woodstock, New York. The contrast between these two events couldn’t have been more stark: one was a triumph of science, technology, discipline, and hard work, the other, an abandonment of discipline, boundaries, and cultural norms. On one hand, we had “counter-culture” hippies, with long straight hair, no make-up, sandals and bell-bottom jeans, who started communes, grew organic vegetables, professed “free love”, “peace, not war” and “sex, drugs, and rock and roll”. On the other hand, mainstream culture celebrated hair falls, lots of make-up, Jean Shrimpton-style false eyelashes, mini-skirts, go-go boots, and Studio 54.

We, in the mainstream, thought the hippies were harmless, and would fade into obscurity in a haze of marijuana smoke. It never occurred to us that they would grow up to become politicians, college professors, journalists, and filmmakers, who all want to tell us what to eat, what to drive, where to live, and how to think. Like alien pod people, they transformed from “do your own thing” to “do what I say, or ELSE”.

It took ten years to make JFK’s announcement that we would put men on the moon a reality. Back then, we believed that by 2014 we would certainly have reached Mars, or something even more ambitious, but here it is, 45 years later, and not only haven’t we gone anywhere in space, we no longer have a space program! We beat Russia into space back in the 60s, and now we have to ask Russia if we can hitch a ride on their space shuttles, and NASA’s “new mission” is “Muslim outreach”.

Instead of going “where no man has gone before”, we are regressing. There has been very little innovation. Many of the inventions and discoveries we depend on today came out of the space program. In the medical field, there are pacemakers, ear thermometers, invisible braces, scratch-resistant lenses, and pumps for regulating medications. For our homes, there are smoke detectors, microwave ovens, freeze-dried food, memory foam, water filters, cordless tools, and, of course, Tang. We use satellite radio, fire-resistant materials, lasers, and so many more byproducts of the space program. Our economy and way of life would be quite different, if not for the space program. But, except for computer technology, which is not regulated (yet), regulations, even more so than taxes, have slowed innovation to a crawl. People wonder why, if we can “send a man to the moon”, we can’t cure cancer or Alzheimer’s. A new computer program can be developed for less than $100,000, but one new medication costs more than $1 billion to bring to market. On top of that cost, in today’s litigious society, if a person has an adverse reaction to a new drug (and with every drug, there is a percentage of the population that will have an adverse reaction), they immediately sue the company. And we wonder why drugs are so expensive! While the left regulates businesses out of business, they demonize them as being “greedy”.

Instead of removing restrictions on exploration, innovation, invention, and new business, our government is “investing” in welfare, food stamps, and social programs that make people dependent. This administration has increased our debt by $7 trillion, but what do we have to show for it? They keep talking about investing in infrastructure, but none of that $7 trillion has gone to infrastructure. We have not built more dams, retrofit any bridges, or built new nuclear plants. We have not sent any astronauts to the moon. What do we have to show for spending more money than all the previous presidents in American history??

We need a new direction. We need to feel pride, and believe that anything is possible. We need to reach for the stars, again.

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Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute is based in Virginia. For the last six years they’ve conducted a Summit at the Reagan Center in Santa Barbara. Michelle Easton, president of CBLPI always brings along a number of young women who have or are interning with the Institute. The purpose of the Institute is to prepare young women for conservative leadership.

I have been very impressed with the work CBLPI is doing. I’ve not only attended every Summit, I visited the Center in Virginia when I went to Washington D.C. to hear the Supreme Court arguments for and against the Affordable Care Act. Michele and Camille (her right hand) treated me to a lovely lunch and tour and we talked about the inspiring women who support their efforts.

This year, Michele Bachmann was the keynote speaker. I went to Washington D.C. because Congressman Bachmann (she uses “Congressman” as that is the official term) appeared on Hannity and asked the American people to meet her on the steps of Congress, to tell them we didn’t want obamacare. She was on the forefront of every protest against the ACA, the IRS, illegal immigration, and every other assault on our liberties. The day the House passed obamacare, just as the last few of us were about to leave the tunnels that connect the Capitol to the office buildings, she came through and stopped to talk to us. And that night, as the House voted, she, Steve King, and Todd Akin came out on a balcony to tell us what was happening. When the vote was over, she told us we may have lost the battle, but we were going to win the war. And with that, at 10:30PM, she returned to her office to draft the first of many repeals.

During my entire life, women like Michele have been held up as role models, revered, and honored. Congressman Bachmann not only earned a law degree and an L.L.M. in Tax Law, she served in the Minnesota State Senate, was a tax attorney for the IRS, is a Congressman in the House of Representatives, and was a Presidential Candidate in 2012. And she did all this while being a mother to five children and a foster mother to 23! She makes me feel like a slacker.

Of course, the Left has done their best to demonize her. Michele is so beautiful, it is almost impossible to take a bad picture of her, but TIME magazine managed to find one, and used on the cover of their magazine to make her look like a crazy woman. This is what is being done to people who were once admired.

Michele, as a member of the Intelligence Committee, is privy to information we aren’t. What she was able to tell us is that she asked the FBI how many people from her state had joined ISIS, and if they were being stopped from returning to the United States. The FBI told her, if these people had an American passport, they would not be stopped. She read them the statute that prohibits this, but they said they interpret it differently. She drafted a bill that couldn’t be “interpreted” differently. She also brought to light how many people in this administration would never pass a security test. For this “impertinence”, she was roundly criticized. But don’t we want our Representatives to tell us such things? Isn’t it their job to do so??
Sadly, this is her last term. She will be sorely missed.

Another inspirational woman, Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote, was honored by CBLPI with the “Woman of Exceptional Courage Award”. I was pleased to be seated next to her at the luncheon. She was glad to know I worked with Linda Paine on the Election Integrity Project.
Catherine spoke of the harassment she has suffered at the hands of our out-of-control government. Besides having her personal and business taxes audited and investigated several times by the IRS, she was visited several times by the FBI, ATF, OSHA, and other agencies. The government refused to acknowledge misconduct by their agencies, but never interviewed any of those who were harassed.

Another truly awesome woman who spoke at the Summit was Rachel Campos-Duffy. She’s a funny, firey, and accomplished conservative Latina. Not only is she the mother of SEVEN (her 5- month-old was with her at the Summit), she is a spokeswomen for the Libre Initiative, an organization that educates and advocates for economic empowerment of Hispanics through limited government, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance. She wrote a book called “Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-home Motherhood”, runs the blog, and regularly appears on the TODAY show, The View, Fox and Friends, and Hannity, as well as other shows. On top of that, she is married to Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy. She spoke about her illegal alien grandfather, her childhood, why she was a conservative, and how she met her husband on MTV’s Real World. For the rest of the Summit, her adorable, happy, big-brown-eyed baby daughter was strapped to her chest.

Marjory Grant Ross, Publisher of Regnery Publishing, the leading publisher of conservative books, spoketousaboutherlife,family,andhowshebecameapublisherofconservativebooks. She publishes Dinesh D’Souza’s books, Mark Levin’s, David Limbaugh’s, and others.

Debbie Saucedo, a Santa Barbara entrepreneur, told us about starting a wholesale bakery by renting a kitchen during the night until she could afford her own, and building her company, which was eventually bought by Bristol Farms.

Our own PolitiChicks, Morgan Brittany, Ann-Marie Murrell, and Dr. Gina Loudon all spoke. As usual, they were funny and informative. They have a new book ~ “What Women Want”.

What gave me the most hope was the panel of young women from the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute who spoke about what is going on at their various college campuses. We hear a lot about the leftist bias of the colleges, the communist professors, and the rampant intolerance for conservative views. But listening to these young women restored my hope for the future. Andrea Carlson from the University of Illinois, Lisa Ebiner Gavit from USC, Viktoriya Mukha (who was born in the Soviet Union) from UC Berkley, and Nicole Poole from Valdosta State University all speak up and challenge their professors and fellow students. Lisa Gavit told us about putting up a pro-life display in the middle of USC. She checked on it all day between classes, and, at the end of the day, when she went to take it down, she found a few women tearing up the materials and posters. She didn’t react negatively, she asked them why they felt as they did. She had a calm, rational conversation with them, and, in the end, they said she made some points they hadn’t thought about. Whether or not she changed their minds, she got them thinking. Nicole Poole, a passionate Black conservative, told us about growing up in a leftist family. Coming from an underprivileged background, she has ignored all obstacles to become an outstanding student and leader.

As part of the summit, the attendees got to visit the Reagan Ranch. For anyone who hasn’t visited the ranch, it is quite an experience, and a stark contrast to the present occupier of the White House. What strikes you is how small and humble the house is. Remember, this was the primary residence of Ron and Nancy for the six years between his Governorship and his Presidency, and the place they vacationed at during his Presidency. Reagan closed in the screened porch to make the house slightly bigger, and built a few guest cottages behind it, but it is very small and there is nothing fancy about it. It’s a working ranch house. Reagan said if this wasn’t heaven, it was a piece of it… And he was right!

I hope to see more of my friends join us at the next Clare Booth Luce Summit.

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The man who occupies the White House is only pretending to be President. He clearly loves the title and the power, but he doesn’t want to actually do the job. Between golf games, he likes to give speeches, bask in the attention of various sycophants at fundraisers, and hobnob with vapid celebrities, but doing actual work? Not so much. I imagine he thought he could just appoint people who shared his ideology and let them run things, but it appears many of them share his aversion to doing the job, as well.

Apparently, this President learns of scandals and national security threats from the newspapers, just like the rest of us. I’ve always been of the belief that we had CIA and FBI charged with keeping tabs on what was going on in suspect countries. I want a President who is more informed than I am, don’t you? Why is it that this president doesn’t seem to know what is going on either around the world, or in his own administration? He minimizes every threat, while saying he’ll “get to the bottom of it”. Fort Hood was “workplace violence”, Benghazi was “a spontaneous protest that got out of control”, Fast and Furious was “a mistake by a low-level employee”, ISIS was the “JV team”. He didn’t think there was any point in arming the Syrian rebels, because they were all “doctors and lawyers”.

It’s no secret that he never meets with his Cabinet, has never met most members of Congress, and seldom (if ever!) gets security briefings in person. He wants his briefings on his iPad, and who knows if he even bothers to read them. Every other President has gotten his briefings from an intelligence officer. One would expect a President to have some questions when he is advised of a threat or concern. Wouldn’t he want to know what should be, or was being done about it? Please explain to me how ISIS amassed and trained an army of more than 30,000 without anyone noticing? Recently, on a 60 Minutes interview, when the President was asked why he hadn’t taken the threat of ISIS seriously, he blamed his intelligence agencies. He said they “underestimated” them. But we know the intelligence agencies were warning the President for more than a year. Apparently, this President believes evil will go away all by itself, if he just ignores it. After all, didn’t he tell us he, himself, killed bin Laden and saved GM?

The head of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson, gave an embarrassing testimony in front of Congress about how an armed intruder was able to jump the fence and get deep into the White House, as well as how a felon with a gun was able to share an elevator with the President, or how the Secret Service didn’t find broken glass from shots fired at the White House four days earlier. Apparently, “optics” were more of a concern than safety. They wouldn’t want the public to see someone attacked by dogs or shot down on the White House lawn. She was clearly not qualified for the job. It’s no wonder there has been a moral problem in the agency. Thankfully, she resigned, but not until there was outrage from both sides of the aisle.

This President has said many times how important “social justice” is to him. He
doesn’t appoint the best people for the job, he appoints “politically correct” people. We have an affirmative action administration. There have been dozens of screw-ups, but
until Ms. Pierson resigned, no one else has lost their job. It is clear that this President’s priority is to transform the country into what he considers a “fair” country, where competence isn’t as important as “fairness”. I would have to ask, how is it fair to replace people who are actually qualified to do a job with people who aren’t? I guess qualified people have been in charge for too long, and need to step aside for the unqualified to have a turn. Most of us learned early in life that we may not be able to qualify for a job we want. We might have wanted to play professional basketball, but lacked the required height. When it comes to national security, I want the best, not the “politically correct”.

Every President takes an oath of office to protect and defend America, it is a President’s first and foremost obligation. But this President is only pretending to. There are well-meaning people who believe that if America didn’t go to war, there would be no wars. Leftist friends of mine have told me they believe in the “innate goodness of man”. That’s very sweet, but how do they explain murder, rape, theft, and cruelty? There is evil in the world, and you don’t combat it by pretending it doesn’t exist. This President ran for office telling us he’d end wars, and bring peace to the world. Now people are seeing what happens when the enemies of civilization see America as weak. Knowing America will not step in, our enemies are emboldened. This President’s military advisors advised him not to withdraw all our troops from Iraq, but he ignored them. He didn’t ignore them because he has more military expertise than they do, he ignored them to advance his political agenda. He then pretends that Maliki wouldn’t agree with a status of forces agreement. Because we abandoned Iraq, we have lost all the land we liberated, but no matter what his military advisors say, he refuses to consider sending troops back in.

Securing our borders and screening people coming across them is as important to
national security as waging wars. Because our border is not secure, we seeing diseases we’ve never seen in this country. We have our first case of Ebola. There is also an infection going through some schools that is related to polio and causes paralysis in some children. It is not a coincidence this infection has broken out at the start of the school year, when our schools have been flooded by illegal alien children. Our borders are wide open, and we aren’t screening anyone. This President relaxed health screenings and quarantine rules four years ago, during the “bird flu” threat, when they should have been tightened. Once again, he didn’t let a crisis go to waste. If you recall, the CDC told us “Bird flu” would create a pandemic, and then “swine flu”, and then H1N1. None of them did. Now they are telling us not to worry about Ebola. After all, is it “fair” that we don’t have those diseases? This President shut down travel to Israel for a week last year, but he won’t consider shutting down travel to and from West Africa where there is an Ebola outbreak. Why?

This President is only pretending to protect and defend this country. He’s only pretending to be a friend of Israel, he’s only pretending to investigate the IRS, Benghazi, and the rest, he’s only pretending to be outraged by beheadings, he’s only pretending to care about healthcare, he’s only pretending to crd about Ebola. He has said America has been arrogant, he has said we didn’t create any of this, he has said we stole our wealth from other countries, he has told us how important “social justice” is to him. After all, it isn’t fair to keep people from coming to America, it isn’t fair for Americans to have such a high standard of living, it isn’t fair America was the world’s super power, it isn’t fair we don’t have Ebola. He only pretends to be President. His interest is in transforming America. Other than that, he’d rather be golfing… Or hanging with Beyonce and Jay-z.

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You’ve heard leftist pundits claim that Conservatives want Voter ID because they want to “disenfranchise minorities”. They say we are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. They say there is no voter fraud, therefore, Conservatives must be racist. See how that works? Right out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook!

From an objective viewpoint, if there were voter fraud, what would be the most logical and best way to combat it? Well, it would be to make sure the voter is the person they claim to be, wouldn’t it? What is the best way to prove you are who you say you are? Maybe a photo ID. With all the leftist hand-wringing over what a hardship it is to make people get photo ID’s, I have to ask them: is it a hardship to not be able to get on a plane, or stay at a hotel, or enter a government building, or get a credit card, or buy a beer? Or the infinite number of other things that require you to present a photo ID? Since having a photo ID is an advantage to people, there is no reason to object to people having one. And, considering that states which require Voter ID have seen an increase ~ not a decrease ~ in voter registration, “disenfranchisement” is, clearly, not a problem. But, then, again, when have facts ever gotten in the way of the leftist agenda?

So, why, then, wouldn’t leftists want voters to have photo ID’s? It’s because there is voter fraud, and it’s rampant. Although both parties have committed it, the leftists have elevated it to an art form. Let’s just look at a few statistics: in 2012, a little over 206 million Americans were eligible to vote. Of that number, a little more than 146 million were registered to vote. The difference between those numbers is critically important. In the 2012 election, 64% of registered voters voted (around 94 million people). However, there were hundreds of districts which had more than 100% turnout of people eligible to vote. Yes, you read that right ~ not people registered to vote, but merely eligible. And they all voted. Such a thing would not be possible without rampant fraud.

I’ve been involved in the Election Integrity Project here in Los Angeles. We went to meet the Los Angeles Registrar, and were given a tour of the facilities. We were shown how the votes come in and how they are processed and verified. My biggest problem with the process is that the votes are counted and the election called before irregularities like erroneous numbers of eligible voters are found. The election is called before they can verify if someone voted more than once, or in more than one state. Or if the person who voted just happens to be dead.

Before the 2012 election, the Election Integrity Project found 6,080 people who duplicated their registration using the new online voter registration system. Although they notified the Registrar’s office, the double registrations weren’t cleared before the election. Of those duplicate registrations, 113 (more than half of whom were between 18 and 24) voted twice in the 2012 general election. There is no statewide voter registration database in California, so voting in more than one county is not hard. EIP also found 14,958 dead voters, and 2,389 people who voted more than once. Voter fraud has to be caught before the vote is placed in the ballot box, otherwise there is no way to know which ballot is fraudulent.

I observed the polls during the 2010 and 2012 elections. The difference I observed between the two elections was that during the 2012 election around half of the voters voted on provisional ballots. I observed two different polls in two different locations, and this held true for both polling places. During the 2010 election, I only saw a small fraction of people voting provisionally. I have to wonder what happened between 2010 and 2012 that resulted in such a change. I also observed people registering and voting at the same time. In California you have to register 15 days prior to an election. I asked if it was legal to register and vote on the same day, and was told Gov. Brown conveniently signed a bill two weeks before the 2012 election that would allow same- day registration. It doesn’t go into effect until the 2014 election, but they were observing it anyway, so that they wouldn’t “disenfranchise” any voters.

When people can register and vote the same day there is no way to verify they are eligible to vote before they vote and the election is called. This, and allowing early voting or more voting days, has resulted in unions and other groups bussing people from one district or state to another to vote more than once. One county in Florida had 158.85% voter turnout. We also know that, in California, many illegal aliens vote. They simply fill out voter registration forms, and no one stops them.

With all this going on, how can we trust our elections? Did Obama really win in 2012?? And why isn’t the GOP doing anything about it? Apparently, nearly 30
years ago, the RNC was charged with voter intimidation in New Jersey. As a result, the RNC, to avoid fighting the claim, agreed to refrain from ballot security activities. For all intents and purposes, the RNC gave the DNC a “get out of jail free” card for voter fraud, and they have been gleefully using it ever since. The RNC has challenged this ruling, and it is going to the Supreme Court, but, unless, or until it is overturned, the Republican Party can’t do anything.

We cannot accept this. We must have clean, honest elections. We need more people observing the polls and working to pass Voter ID laws. We must roll back the programs that encourage voter fraud. Our country is being stolen from us a dozen illegal votes at a time.

Here are some links to give you more information and evidence: Mississippi had more voters than eligible: voters-than-eligible-voters-counting-dead-people-and-felons/ notice-to-160-counties-it-says-have-more-registered-voters-than-are-actually-eligible-to-vote/

Florida has 158.85% voter turnout: _fraud_in_st_lucie_county_florida

Colorado has more votes than voters: people/

Milwaukee has 17 precints with over a hundred more votes than voters:

Ohio has more votes than voters: petition-claims-obama-got-more-votes-one-co/

Kansas has more votes than voters: population/

Missouri has more votes than voters: census-population/

Maine has thousands of ineligible registered voters: _fraud_in_st_lucie_county_florida 60000-voter-list-irregularities-to-la-county-registrar/ overturn-cochran-victory/?PageSpeed=noscript

GOP agrees not to fight voter fraud:

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Have we forgotten what it means to be American? We used to be able to describe American values. America used to have a persona, a culture, an identity. Norman Rockwell was famous for capturing that identity beautifully. Families around the Thanksgiving table, soldiers welcomed home from war, kids arguing over a game, a boy asking a girl for a date. Now we’d be mocked for even thinking that represented America. Maybe it doesn’t anymore. Is that a good thing?

From our founding, we have been a Judeo/Christian country. Our values were self- determination, personal responsibility, hard work, free markets, faith in God and country. We’re the rugged individualists, the pioneers, the cowboys. We’re the guys in the white hats. Until recently, our Olympic uniforms included actual cowboy hats. Last year, they gave our Olympic athletes berets. When have berets ever been identified as American??

Our identity is being wiped from the public square. Every sign of who we are, or what we’ve been, is vanishing. The “Freedom from Religion” cabal is going around the country threatening or filing lawsuits against any sign of religious faith. They don’t want Christmas trees or Nativity scenes in public parks. They don’t want the 9/11 iron cross displayed at the memorial. They don’t want football teams praying, or players thanking God after scoring. They don’t want Bibles in hotel rooms. This isn’t what our Constitution promises us! It guarantees our freedom OF religion. These people are against all faith, their very name states it boldly: freedom FROM religion. Daniel Webster once said “But what are lands, and seas, and skies to civilized man without society, without knowledge, without morals, without religious culture.”

Our schools aren’t teaching history, or giving our children any reason to love America. They are teaching that everything that made America great is corrupt and/or evil. Our kids are being taught we are greedy, irresponsible pigs, who are destroying the planet. In fact, we have the cleanest country in the world. The left fails to point out that the richer the country, the cleaner it is. They intimidate our children into fearing guns. Did our cops-and-robbers and cowboys-and-Indians games turn us into killers? The left is teaching our children that what many of us believe to be immoral is now moral. They are taking away our children’s free choice. Bake sales and lemonade stands are being banned. They are teaching collectivism, social justice, and moral relativism. A few weeks ago, a father in uniform was refused entry to his child’s school. They told him he couldn’t enter unless he changed clothes. He was told his uniform might offend some of the children. What??! We’re now offended by our military? The left is removing every reason for our children to feel pride and love for America.

Recently, the 9th Circuit Court ruled that American students can’t wear patriotic clothing on Cinco de Mayo. Why? Because it might incite violence. Really? Really? Wearing an American flag on your shirt in AMERICA would incite violence? Why would we protect those threatening that violence? Why is an American school celebrating a phony Mexican holiday anyway? May 5th is not the Mexican Independence Day. It doesn’t matter if most of the kids are Mexican by heritage, many of them were born in America. And those who weren’t are living here by our largesse. Most of those kids are Americans. Our immigration laws require immigrants to learn our language, our form of government, and to assimilate into our society. They are supposed to accommodate our culture, we’re not supposed to accommodate theirs. More and more, schools are rejecting the Pledge of Allegiance and not singing the National Anthem because they don’t want to “offend” someone from another country. On 9/11, at a school in Florida, students came to school with American flags on their cars and trucks. School officials removed them. Why are we allowing people to come to this country who are offended by our flag? And why would we restrict our freedoms in order not to offend someone? Immigrants used to be people who wanted to be Americans, not people who want to impose their culture on us, while benefiting from our generosity!

Rep. Maxine Waters said people against Sharia law were bigots. She actually thinks two conflicting forms of law should be tolerated. How are Sharia law and our Constitution compatible, for example on woman’s rights or religious freedom? CAIR isn’t interested in Muslims assimilating into our culture, they are interested in imposing their culture on us. And we are allowing it.

The war on the Redskins football team is another example. The left is trying to intimidate all teams with Indian names into changing them. Many schools have already bowed to threats of lawsuits and loss of federal dollars, and changed their teams’ names. I always believed that giving teams Indian names was a sign of respect and honor. I think most of us think that. Our teams were strong, proud, and fearless. I don’t understand how that is disrespectful. It is a way to honor our Indian heritage. Most Indians feel that way as well, but the left doesn’t care. They refuse to rest until they wipe all Indian symbols from our culture. After all, they have already succeeded in making the wearing of Indian headdresses a sin. The left went apoplextic when Pharrell Williams appeared on the cover of a magazine in an Indian headdress.

What was the symbol of the ideal life in “The Giver”? A family gathered around a Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols…..something the left is trying to eliminate from our culture. What is the theme of most of our favorite classic movies? Christmas, family, soldiers, love, and loyalty. Look around, they are all being wiped from our culture. No sign of our religious faith, no sign of our heritage, no sign of those who fought and died for us, no sign that we believe in anything. No sign of those who came before us. We are afraid to speak, afraid to stand for anything, afraid to say no. Who are we anymore??

Some reference links for the news stories mentioned in the article: exciting-crowd/ for-refusing-to-tell-players-they-had-to-stop-praying-on-the-field/ rape/

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Have you ever wondered why the mainstream media use “ISIS” while the president uses “ISIL”? Last week, during an interview, a reporter said ISIS immediately after the president had said ISIL. Sometimes you hear reporters saying “ISIS or ISIL”. When the president first started using ISIL, I expected the press to follow suit, but they haven’t. What I find interesting is that no one from the press has asked the president why he keeps saying “ISIL”. Perhaps they already know that which I find obvious.

“ISIS” stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” and “ISIL” stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”. I had never heard of Levant before, had you? Most of us haven’t, so, as long as the press isn’t interested in explaining the difference between ISIS and ISIL, the low-information voters won’t know the significance of the president using one over the other. The Levant is the eastern Mediterranean area that includes Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Judea, Samaria, Lebanon, and Syria. (Here is the Wikipedia page on it, if you want to learn more details:

What the president is doing when he says ISIL is acknowledging the Islamic State’s authority over this area. It seems to me that anyone who supports Israel or the other sovereign nations in the area would never acknowledge Islam’s authority over any of their territory. And an Alinskyite such as President Obama would never give an enemy the respect of acknowledging their authority over anything. In my opinion, the president’s use of ISIL reveals his true feelings. In fact, despite the president’s words of support for Israel, his actions speak much louder. As does his use of the term ISIL.

Americans are a generous, accepting people, but our desire to make others feel welcome is at our own peril. I keep hearing some, especially the mainstream media, giving Islam the moral equivalence of Christianity. It is hard for me to say this, since I am not at all a fan of his, but Bill Maher really stated the difference as well as anyone when he pointed out to Charlie Rose that there are no Christians stoning homosexuals, and that if beheadings were happening at the Vatican, there would be more attention. Here is the YouTube link, if you want to watch it yourself: v=TKDObUuPsRE.

People who tell you there are “moderate” Muslims are lying to you. The Qur’an is quite clear. The Qur’an doesn’t have a New Testament, where Mohammed tells his followers to love their neighbors as themselves, and then dies for their sins. The Qur’an tells its followers that infidels must convert of die. PERIOD. The Qur’an says for them to prepare the “seeds of war” to terrorize the enemy (Qur’an 8:60). Qur’an 3:32 says that Allah does not love the unbeliever. Qur’an 48:29 says believers must be severe against unbelievers. Qur’an 5:33 says the punishment for those who do not follow Islam is death, crucifixion, severing of extremities, and imprisonment. Qur’an 9:5 says idolaters should be besieged, captured, and ambushed. If they convert, forgive them.Qur’an 9:29 says to fight those who do not believe (rather than those who attack you). Qur’an 9:111 says to strive against the unbelievers, and not be unyielding. It says their abode is hell. Qur’an 8:12: “Instill terror in the hearts of the unbelievers, smite them above their necks.” Qur’an 47:4 says “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers, strike off their heads… When ye have made wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives…” Qur’an 9:123 says “Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in you.” Qur’an 2:191 says “Kill them wherever you find them and drive them out from wherever they drove you out.” Qur’an 2:193 says “Fight them on until there is no more tumult and religion becomes that of Allah.” Qur’an 8:17 says “It is not ye who slew them; it is God; when thou threwest a handful of dust, it was not thy act, but God’s.”

When people try to tell me that not all Muslims believe in terrorism or beheadings, I ask them to point out the ones who don’t. There may be Muslims who are repulsed by the terrorism, but, in my opinion, they are willing to step aside and allow others to do it… Because they view it is a “necessary evil”. Their Qur’an tells them so.

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Jerry Brown betrays his oath of office, the rule of law, his state, and the country, and, yet, he will, no doubt, be re-elected. It is hard for me to accept this. This week, with the President of Mexico smiling by his side, Brown declared that all illegal immigrants were welcome in California. He has made it clear that California will not be enforcing any immigration laws. I don’t believe even the illegal immigrants living in California want a never-ending flow of illegal immigrants competing for their jobs. Brown’s position is against the will of the people and the best interests of the state. In the past, this would have been reason enough for a candidate to lose an election.

What the Governor should have done is tell President Nieto he wasn’t welcome in California until he released Sgt. Tahmeeressi who is being unjustly held in a Mexican prison. Instead he was warmly welcomed.

Governor Brown has, for all intents and purposes, given California to Mexico. He has almost single-handedly destroyed this beautiful state. During his first governorship, he approved the unionization of public employees. That resulted in turning California from a red state into a blue state. Now, during his second governorship, he has turned California from a white majority to a white minority. Illegal immigration already costs California $25 billion a year. Illegal immigrants pay only about $2 billion in taxes, they take jobs away from Americans, drive down wages, strain our resources, and fill our prisons. Please don’t tell me that the benefits of illegal immigration outweigh the costs! And certainly don’t try to tell me the border “has never been more secure”! What an absurd thing to say, when THOUSANDS are flooding across it every week. You can talk to me about the border being secure when that flood has been reduced to ZERO.

There is no way this ends well. California already has the highest taxes in the country and it is about to impose even more, through the implementation of AB32, otherwise known as Cap and Trade. We already pay one third of all the welfare in the country. How dare Governor Brown impose this burden on us?? People and businesses are leaving California in droves. Any increases in population California experiences are due to illegal immigration. A recent study showed that all new jobs are going to immigrants, both legal and illegal. The California logging industry has been shut down to save the spotted owl. Ironically, this caused the spotted owl to migrate elsewhere, because it can’t fly through overgrown forests. Water to the farms in San Joaquin Valley, which used to be the bread-basket of America, was shut off to save a bait fish not even indigenous to the area. The drought in California is entirely man-made ~ yet Governor Brown wants to keep depleting our resources more and more.

We have always been a country that respected the rule of law over the rule of man. We now have far too many elected officials who don’t respect the rule of law at all, who think it’s all right to ignore laws they don’t like. As a result, we are watching our country being dismantled from within. If we don’t secure our borders and respect the rule of law, the nation will fall. And, I fear, may never recover. We may never regain the wealth and power we once had. This will not be just to the detriment of America, it will be to the detriment of the entire world. As I watch this unfold, I weep.

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