Have you ever wondered why the mainstream media use “ISIS” while the president uses “ISIL”? Last week, during an interview, a reporter said ISIS immediately after the president had said ISIL. Sometimes you hear reporters saying “ISIS or ISIL”. When the president first started using ISIL, I expected the press to follow suit, but they haven’t. What I find interesting is that no one from the press has asked the president why he keeps saying “ISIL”. Perhaps they already know that which I find obvious.

“ISIS” stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” and “ISIL” stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”. I had never heard of Levant before, had you? Most of us haven’t, so, as long as the press isn’t interested in explaining the difference between ISIS and ISIL, the low-information voters won’t know the significance of the president using one over the other. The Levant is the eastern Mediterranean area that includes Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Judea, Samaria, Lebanon, and Syria. (Here is the Wikipedia page on it, if you want to learn more details:

What the president is doing when he says ISIL is acknowledging the Islamic State’s authority over this area. It seems to me that anyone who supports Israel or the other sovereign nations in the area would never acknowledge Islam’s authority over any of their territory. And an Alinskyite such as President Obama would never give an enemy the respect of acknowledging their authority over anything. In my opinion, the president’s use of ISIL reveals his true feelings. In fact, despite the president’s words of support for Israel, his actions speak much louder. As does his use of the term ISIL.

Americans are a generous, accepting people, but our desire to make others feel welcome is at our own peril. I keep hearing some, especially the mainstream media, giving Islam the moral equivalence of Christianity. It is hard for me to say this, since I am not at all a fan of his, but Bill Maher really stated the difference as well as anyone when he pointed out to Charlie Rose that there are no Christians stoning homosexuals, and that if beheadings were happening at the Vatican, there would be more attention. Here is the YouTube link, if you want to watch it yourself: v=TKDObUuPsRE.

People who tell you there are “moderate” Muslims are lying to you. The Qur’an is quite clear. The Qur’an doesn’t have a New Testament, where Mohammed tells his followers to love their neighbors as themselves, and then dies for their sins. The Qur’an tells its followers that infidels must convert of die. PERIOD. The Qur’an says for them to prepare the “seeds of war” to terrorize the enemy (Qur’an 8:60). Qur’an 3:32 says that Allah does not love the unbeliever. Qur’an 48:29 says believers must be severe against unbelievers. Qur’an 5:33 says the punishment for those who do not follow Islam is death, crucifixion, severing of extremities, and imprisonment. Qur’an 9:5 says idolaters should be besieged, captured, and ambushed. If they convert, forgive them.Qur’an 9:29 says to fight those who do not believe (rather than those who attack you). Qur’an 9:111 says to strive against the unbelievers, and not be unyielding. It says their abode is hell. Qur’an 8:12: “Instill terror in the hearts of the unbelievers, smite them above their necks.” Qur’an 47:4 says “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers, strike off their heads… When ye have made wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives…” Qur’an 9:123 says “Murder those of the disbelievers and let them find harshness in you.” Qur’an 2:191 says “Kill them wherever you find them and drive them out from wherever they drove you out.” Qur’an 2:193 says “Fight them on until there is no more tumult and religion becomes that of Allah.” Qur’an 8:17 says “It is not ye who slew them; it is God; when thou threwest a handful of dust, it was not thy act, but God’s.”

When people try to tell me that not all Muslims believe in terrorism or beheadings, I ask them to point out the ones who don’t. There may be Muslims who are repulsed by the terrorism, but, in my opinion, they are willing to step aside and allow others to do it… Because they view it is a “necessary evil”. Their Qur’an tells them so.

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Jerry Brown betrays his oath of office, the rule of law, his state, and the country, and, yet, he will, no doubt, be re-elected. It is hard for me to accept this. This week, with the President of Mexico smiling by his side, Brown declared that all illegal immigrants were welcome in California. He has made it clear that California will not be enforcing any immigration laws. I don’t believe even the illegal immigrants living in California want a never-ending flow of illegal immigrants competing for their jobs. Brown’s position is against the will of the people and the best interests of the state. In the past, this would have been reason enough for a candidate to lose an election.

What the Governor should have done is tell President Nieto he wasn’t welcome in California until he released Sgt. Tahmeeressi who is being unjustly held in a Mexican prison. Instead he was warmly welcomed.

Governor Brown has, for all intents and purposes, given California to Mexico. He has almost single-handedly destroyed this beautiful state. During his first governorship, he approved the unionization of public employees. That resulted in turning California from a red state into a blue state. Now, during his second governorship, he has turned California from a white majority to a white minority. Illegal immigration already costs California $25 billion a year. Illegal immigrants pay only about $2 billion in taxes, they take jobs away from Americans, drive down wages, strain our resources, and fill our prisons. Please don’t tell me that the benefits of illegal immigration outweigh the costs! And certainly don’t try to tell me the border “has never been more secure”! What an absurd thing to say, when THOUSANDS are flooding across it every week. You can talk to me about the border being secure when that flood has been reduced to ZERO.

There is no way this ends well. California already has the highest taxes in the country and it is about to impose even more, through the implementation of AB32, otherwise known as Cap and Trade. We already pay one third of all the welfare in the country. How dare Governor Brown impose this burden on us?? People and businesses are leaving California in droves. Any increases in population California experiences are due to illegal immigration. A recent study showed that all new jobs are going to immigrants, both legal and illegal. The California logging industry has been shut down to save the spotted owl. Ironically, this caused the spotted owl to migrate elsewhere, because it can’t fly through overgrown forests. Water to the farms in San Joaquin Valley, which used to be the bread-basket of America, was shut off to save a bait fish not even indigenous to the area. The drought in California is entirely man-made ~ yet Governor Brown wants to keep depleting our resources more and more.

We have always been a country that respected the rule of law over the rule of man. We now have far too many elected officials who don’t respect the rule of law at all, who think it’s all right to ignore laws they don’t like. As a result, we are watching our country being dismantled from within. If we don’t secure our borders and respect the rule of law, the nation will fall. And, I fear, may never recover. We may never regain the wealth and power we once had. This will not be just to the detriment of America, it will be to the detriment of the entire world. As I watch this unfold, I weep.

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A month or so ago I started to see trailers for “The Giver” on television. I thought it was a television movie or series, and I didn’t pay much attention to it. I didn’t see any trailers for it in the theaters until I noticed that Fathom Events was having a screening for it. That reinforced my belief that it was a television movie, since they were going to have a special screening for people to see on the big screen.

A couple of weeks ago I started reading on conservative sites that this movie had a great conservative message, and we should all see it. I started to take more notice, and realized it was a feature film. But I was perplexed. I had worked in the entertainment industry for 30 years, and never saw a movie released or promoted this way. When I told my daughter I was taking my grandsons to see “The Giver”, she said she had never heard of it. Neither had my grandsons, nor their friends. This movie is based on a book by the same name. It’s basically the same genre, and for the same audience as “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent”. It was written for a teen audience, but it isn’t being marketed to them.

I was further confused to learn that “The Giver” was produced by Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein, personal friend of the Clintons and Obamas, who said he was going to produce a movie with Meryl Streep that would shame the NRA and end gun ownership! Big donor and active supporter of everything liberal! Yes, THAT Harvey Weinstein!

I was, then, even more shocked to see Harvey personally promote the movie. I’ve never seen Harvey personally promote any of his movies, but he promoted “The Giver” ~ and on the O”Reilly Factor, no less! He said he had a screening at his house for the stars, friends, and family, and everyone loved it. Kids, adults, everyone. What??

I took my grandsons to see it yesterday. Like “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent”, it was about One-World Government, with the “Elites” deciding how the citizens live. The “Elites” have access to everything, while the population has access to very little. Meryl Streep’s character in “The Giver” says “When people have the freedom to chose, they chose wrong”. As in “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent”, citizens are discouraged from having family ties after childhood, and they are dictated by the “Elites” what jobs they will have for life. In “The Giver”, if you fail at your job, or are deemed unnecessary, you are “released” (which means killed). The climate is the same every day, because of government “climate control”. The people all live in the same dwellings on streets surrounding the city, they all dress alike, and ride bicycles. They get an injection of drugs as they leave their dwellings every morning (in the name of good health), and are not allowed out after dark. Children are assigned family units, and when they reach a certain age, they are assigned a job.

The citizens in “The Giver” have no memory of history or what the world was like before the war, but there is one man who does possess all the memories of history. He uses his knowledge and wisdom to advise the “Elites” and, therefore, as he ages, that knowledge must be passed on to a younger man. The young hero of the movie, Joshua, is chosen to receive the knowledge. He learns about love, and joy, and death; heroism and fear; accomplishment, discovery, and faith. He also learns about animals (there are none in this Utopian world).
Joshua stops taking his morning drug injections, and starts feeling things. He recognizes the value of freedom, despite the risks. He learns that if he can escape and cross the border beyond the mist, it will release all the citizens’ memories and free them.
As I watched the movie, I kept wondering if Harvey had a different vision. Harvey liked this movie enough to promote it himself, and on the FOX network, yet! What does Harvey think this movie’s message is?

This is the Utopia all the Liberal policies he supports are pushing us into against our will. “The Giver” is closer to Agenda 21 than any movie I’ve seen yet. A reduced population, controlled by “Elites”. Everything for the people is planned ~ from what they eat, where they can go, what they wear, to what work they do. The movie says this is evil, and our hero must free everyone from it.

I’m dumbfounded. Does Harvey think it’s the Right not the Left that wants this Utopia? The Right is for LESS government, not more! We’re for personal liberty. We’re for choosing our own destiny. Is Harvey aware that it’s leftist policy to force people out of their cars and onto bikes? It’s leftist policy to medicate people to get them to conform. Just look at how our children, especially our foster children, are being over-medicated to control their behavior! Did Harvey hear Melissa Harris-Perry tell us our kids didn’t belong to us, they belong to the collective? Is he aware our schools are telling our children they can’t have “best friends”? Does he understand that Common Core is government propaganda, dressed up as a curriculum? Common Core History leaves out our Founding Fathers, Lincoln, Hitler, and Martin Luther King! It talks about what various “groups” did, but not what individuals did to shape and influence events in history. We can’t have kids know that one person can change the course of history, can we?

Does Harvey know it’s the left that wants to reduce world population and control the citizens? Agenda 21 was denounced by the Republican party, but the Democrats are all-in. It’s the left that pushes “Climate Change” to force us into “sustainable communities”, and off our private property. It’s the left that’s giving the EPA power to seize our property if rainwater collects in a puddle. It’s the left that’s shutting down our affordable energy production.

At the end, Joshua approaches a house where a happy family is gathered around a Christmas tree, singing Christmas carols. Does Harvey know it’s the left that’s removing religion from the public square and not allowing Christmas carols in schools? And, Harvey, it’s your pals, the Clintons and the Obamas, who don’t support Israel. Aren’t you Jewish?

The message I got from “The Giver” was that Utopia and One-World Government is evil and wrong, and that individuals need to be free. Individuals can change the course of events. What message did Harvey have intend?

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We often hear that “the only reason socialism has never worked” is that the “wrong people” were “in charge”. I always wonder what angels the leftists think don’t have donors or special interest groups they are beholden to. Donors and special interest groups tend to want laws bent to their desires. Where would those Angels come from? 

Socialism doesn’t, and cannot, work, not because the wrong people have been in charge, but because it goes against human nature. Human nature doesn’t ever change. There have always been good people and evil people, generous people and greedy people, industrious people and lazy-asses….. And there always will be.

Man was not designed for mediocrity. Man was designed to compete, to question, to explore, to innovate, and to bond with others. Man was designed to form close ties with family, friends, community, and country. Our bodies produce chemicals that reward us for those things ~ and socialism goes against every last one of them. 

When we win, we produce dopamine, which is an immediate and short-lasting high. The lack of dopamine leads people to substance abuse, as they attempt to artificially reproduce the feeling of winning and accomplishment. 

Serotonin is a long-lasting chemical that creates feelings of well-being. It is produced by accomplishment, charity, and faith. Oxytocin is another long-lasting feel-good chemical, produced during social contact, such as bonding with friends and family, and having trust in people we respect. Charitable acts reward the giver as much as the receiver. These two chemicals are necessary for our emotional well-being and social stability.

Endorphins are another feel-good chemical. Most of us know that exercise releases endorphins, but did you know that so does laughter, music, and sex? This chemical, like dopamine, has only a brief effect.

These chemicals are the reason social justice programs like “everybody gets a trophy” and not keeping scores in sports are so wrong-headed. Self-esteem comes from accomplishment and our chemical reaction to it, not from a trophy we didn’t earn. Kids know they didn’t earn that trophy.  They don’t get a shot of dopamine for “participating”, they get it from winning. They know who can run faster, throw a ball better, or jump higher. Childhood is when we learn to be good losers and gracious winners. It’s when we learn to not give up. If you lose, you figure out why you lost, and then you work to overcome those shortcomings. It’s an exercise in character-building. When all that work finally pays off, your body rewards you with happy feelings. 

Our schools, obsessed with “diversity” and “fairness training”, are also trying to break the bonds necessary to the human condition. My grandsons’ school told the kids they weren’t allowed to have best friends or to play with the same kids every recess. I can’t even fathom the rationale behind such insanity. Bonding with family and friends is probably the single most important factor to a sense of well-being!
We all need to feel we “belong”. Gang members will tell you they joined the gang because it gave them a feeling of belonging.

A perfect example of socialism not working are public sector unions. Public employees cannot be fired, and their pay is determined by seniority rather than merit. They quickly realize that, since they won’t be rewarded for working harder, they need hardly work at all. When you can’t get fired, and you get paid no matter how terrible your work, there is no motivation for performance standards. Your co-workers will only resent you if you demonstrate that the job can be done faster or more efficiently.  And, since you aren’t being rewarded for winning, you don’t create anything new or accomplish any goals, and your body never gets the chance to produce those all-important chemicals that give you a sense of satisfaction. We only value what we earn. Whatever is given to us that we didn’t earn, has no value. That’s why most people who win the lottery spend the money before the ink is dry on the check.

All people are unique. We like different things, have different talents, pursue different goals and dreams. We should celebrate these differences. Socialism assumes we all want the same thing. We don’t. The goal of socialism is for us all to have the same standard of living: a job, a place to live, a college education, food. The only way that is possible is if that standard of living is abject poverty. See Cuba, China, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union for real-life examples.

If man merely exists, if he does not push his limits, challenge himself, explore, or grow, his body doesn’t ever get to produce the chemicals that give him a sense of joy. And if those chemicals aren’t produced from accomplishments, acts of charity, and bonds of family, friends and community, people seek them from other sources. That’s why alcoholism and substance abuse are so common in socialist and communist countries like Russia and Sweden. 

Socialism can never work, because humans are designed for higher expectations, not lower. 

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This morning, as I was driving to Los Angeles City Hall for a protest against Mayor Garcetti’s welcoming of illegal alien children to the city, I heard about our President’s meeting with the presidents of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Supposedly, they were to discuss a solution to stop the illegal flood of those countries’ citizens into the US. Apparently, our President thinks the best way to stop this invasion is to grant all these illegals refugee status, and to send our planes to bring them here from Central America. Really? Can someone, please, explain to me how that will stop the invasion? If they don’t have to pay “coyotes” and travel across Mexico, it’ll be easier, not harder, for them to invade America… And on OUR dime!

That’s Obama’s solution? That’s the best he can do to stop illegal aliens from flooding our country? I’m not a world leader, but even I can come up with a better idea than that! I’d tell those presidents they need to go on television and tell their citizens they are being lied to, that America has not changed its laws, and they shouldn’t spend their money traveling across Mexico, because they’ll be sent right back! I’d tell them that until they stop their citizens from violating our sovereignty, they will receive no foreign aid, and all trade with them will be stopped. You and I know that if Obama really wanted this to stop, he could stop it NOW.

When I got to the City Hall, I was more than disappointed. There were no more thantwenty protestors. Not one from the numerous groups we sent notices to. Except for a Latina anti-amnesty woman and me, the rest were all from the black community. It’s very disheartening. This is such an important issue. Los Angeles is broke, California is broke, the United States is broke. We have our own homeless children to take care of, we have homeless Veterans who are not getting medical care… It’s as if Mayor Garcetti knocked on your door and said, here are ten children, they’re yours to raise now.

I made a sign that said “No Border, No country”. All the reporters wanted to take pictures of it. There were more reporters and camera crews than protestors. I’m sure they will point out how few of us cared enough about this issue to come out today. They interviewed most of us. After the camera was off, one of the reporters from Channel 62 wanted to talk off the record. During the interview I had said the people most hurt by illegal immigration were blacks. They didn’t come here illegally, they didn’t come of their own free will, they were brought here as property. I said if we owed anyone jobs, it was them. The reporter asked how many blacks I’ve seen working in the fields. I asked him why we would want to see them working in fields? I told him Americans were educated and skilled, and didn’t need to do manual labor. We don’t need illegal immigration to get farm workers. We used to have the bracero program that bussed workers from Mexico to work in the fields, and then bussed them back. That worked just fine. I pointed out that illegal immigration costs California $25 billion a year, but illegals only pay $2 billion in taxes. California contains one-twelfth of the country’s population, but it pays ONE-THIRD of all welfare, because of illegals. I also reminded him that America has the most generous immigration policies in the world. We allow twice as many legal immigrants as all the other countries in the world combined. I asked why people whose first act is to break our laws are more deserving of largesse than the millions who have already applied to immigrate and are waiting in war-torn countries?

The reporter said that if you told someone there was a job available, the first thing they’d ask is how much it paid, and then they’d tell you they’d rather get unemployment. After my head exploded, I told him that if we didn’t pay people 99 weeks of unemployment, or give them never-ending welfare, people would take jobs. I told him that if not for the endless flood of illegal aliens driving wages down, there would be a labor shortage, and businesses would have to offer better pay. I told him I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my country just so businesses could get cheaper labor.

We had circulated fliers about this event for several weeks, and I know most of us understand the grave threat this illegal alien invasion poses to the sovereignty of our nation, but people are becoming less and less likely to show up for protests. I understand people are overwhelmed by how fast this country is changing, they are burned-out and discouraged. Many are disillusioned, because it doesn’t seem as if anyone is listening. Many are just plain afraid, and have given up. I get it. It’s exhausting. But now is not the time to give up!

We have an election in November. Don’t get complacent just because the media and both parties keep telling us Republicans will take back the Senate. I’m not convinced that is true, unless we all get out and help elect Republicans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Republicans have the answers, too many of them don’t, but the only people who do have answers just happen to have an (R) behind their names. Once we have the majority in the Senate and the House, we can worry about influencing the RINOs to vote the way we want. But in the meantime, we HAVE to stay involved. It’s only four more months. You can do it!!

If we don’t elect a conservative president in 2016, then I won’t blame you for giving up, but for now, just hang in there. History has shown that when it looks like we can’t win, that’s when we do. The odds were against General Washington and his army. They were shoeless, freezing, hungry… And yet they won. Remember the old adage, it’s always darkest before dawn. I beg all of you, stay engaged ~ we can still stop this!

New Zealander Trevor Loudon was on a speaking tour here a few weeks ago. I heard him speak several times, and he kept telling us that we didn’t understand our own power. We seem to have forgotten that we elected more Republicans in 2010 than ever before. We gave the House to the Republicans. We elected scores of Republican governors and legislatures, and those states are flourishing! Mr. Loudon said the left never saw that coming. We scared them to death. He told us he went to a progressive event in DC not long ago, and all they talked about was the Tea Party and conservatives. Their demonization of us is high praise. The more we scare them, the more they demonize us. We have to let it roll off our backs. Trevor said he cares about America, because if it falls, so will the rest of the West. He asked us to work harder than we ever have before. We have to walk precincts, do phone banking, and observe the polls. We have to talk to people whenever we get the chance. Ask people questions. Ask them why they think there are so many closed businesses along every Main Street. Ask them how illegal immigration help them. Ask them if they couldn’t use the $2,000 a year it costs their family to support illegal aliens. Ask them why our public schools are doing so badly. How is the country doing? How is the world doing with a weakened America? Just ask them if they are better off now than they were six years ago.

You just can’t give up! Not now. Not yet.

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The first time I heard the claim that man was causing global warming, I thought it was a joke. When I realized that not only weren’t they joking, they were deadly serious, I had to know why. They claimed CO2 was responsible for all kinds of evils, but I knew that CO2 was a nutrient necessary for life on our planet. I also knew that CO2 is emitted by every living creature in nearly everything we do. Reducing CO2 would require de-industralizing our country, destroying our economy, and reducing crop output. It would lead to deaths of living creatures. I determined to learn as much as I could about “global warming”, and find out what was behind it. For the last ten years or so, I have been reading, researching, and listening to actual scientists who study these disciplines.

This July I spent three days with hundreds of scientists at the 9th International Conference on Climate Change. These are experts in their fields, and they showed us a myriad reasons why Anthropogenic Global Warming is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on man. You can watch videos of the Conference here: I recommend it highly.

One of the first things I discovered when I started researching global warming was a petition signed by more than 31,000 scientists in response to the Kyoto Accord. This petition said that warming and cooling cycles were normal for the planet, and that man’s activities have very little, if any, effect on climate. This demonstrated to me that there is no “consensus” of scientists on the matter. The petition was circulated only in the United States, so I would imagine the number of signatories would be even greater in the worldwide science community. You can see the petition for yourself:

I printed out the 31 pages of California scientists who signed the petition. I like to show it to people who try to tell me that “97% of scientists agree man is causing global warming”. They never fail to be shocked.

I was excited to meet the scientists who created and circulated the petition when they received awards at the conference. One of them, Dr. Willie Soon, has PhD’s in astrophysics and geoscience. He sat at my table at the conference. The group explained that when they circulated the petition, many leftist forces tried to sabotage it by sending in petitions signed by bogus people. That way, they could point out these fake signatures, and cast doubt on the petition’s validity. Too bad for the spoilers – the authors of the petition are no dummies! They caught every fraud, and vetted every signer!

Shortly before the conference the news broke that NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) had been manipulating temperature data. Here is one of the articles that I read about it: skeptic-says-government-manipulated-temperature-data/.

We tend to trust information from agencies such as these, but, remember, they are hired and funded by our government. If our government has an agenda, they would certainly not allow NOAA to deviate from it. NOAA seems to forget that other scientists across the country have been keeping data logs of their own. Several of the speakers showed us the data released by NOAA before and after 2000. It shows NOAA lowered the temperatures from the 1930s (the hottest period in US history) and raised the temperatures from the 1990s, just so they could claim 1998 as the peak hottest year. 1998 was not at all the hottest year, but since there weren’t any SUV’s to blame in the 1930s, that decade’s true data didn’t fit their narrative.

The Conference started with a reception where we met and mingled with the speakers. Lord Christopher Monckton is the rock star of climate change “skeptics”, and he was surrounded by admirers and reporters at every turn. The reception was followed by dinner with speakers such as Patrick Moore, PhD, founder and ex-member of Greenpeace, and John Coleman, former weatherman for “Good Morning, America” and former CEO of the Weather Channel.

Patrick Moore spoke about founding Greenpeace and protesting against nuclear power, whaling, and the killing of baby seals. He is still an environmentalist, as are all of us who want clean air and water (which we currently have). Dr. Moore now agrees that nuclear power is the cleanest, safest form of energy. He pointed out the tactic of scaring the public to serve a political agenda. The movie “Clear and Present Danger” scared America away from nuclear power. Dr. Moore showed us pictures of his early years in the movement. He resigned from Greenpeace when they started pushing the Global Warming meme, which he knew wasn’t true.

John Coleman spoke about starting the Weather Channel, and then resigning from it when the rest of the board voted to change data to support the Global Warming agenda. This was a theme that ran all through the Conference, and was emphasized over and over. The data we are being given has been manipulated to fit a political agenda. For us to make intelligent decisions, we have to have factual information.

Another scientist at my table was William M. Gray, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science, and expert in tropical meteorology. His specialty is hurricanes. In his talk on “Climate Change and the Hydrosphere”, he showed us evidence that there are actually fewer hurricanes now than in the last 30 years. Here is a great video on the topic:

The claims Al Gore made in his “Inconvenient Truth” film about there being more hurricanes were never true. In fact, an English court ruled that the “factual inaccuracies” (aka: blatant lies!) in the Al Gore documentary must be pointed out to the audience whenever the film is shown.
Many of the speakers brought up the fact that CO2 is only a little over 3% of the “greenhouse gases”, and that man contributes about 2% of that 3%. It is beyond statistically insignificant. No one is saying man isn’t contributing any CO2, but his contribution isn’t significant enough to change either temperature or climate.

Anthony Watts, a meteorologist, is the founder of the most-viewed climate website, “Watts Up With That” ( He is also a three-time winner of the Best Science Blog award. I found his website years ago. When he founded it, he posted a list of all the temperature stations across the country, and asked people living near them to go photograph them, and see if they comply with the regulations for their locations and upkeep. What he learned is that a majority of the stations are located in areas that affect the readings. They are in the middle of parking lots, near air- conditioning or heating units, over waste treatment plants, etc. Mr. Watts even tested the type of paint used on the stations, and found that it affected the temperature readings. His point is that if we can’t trust the temperature readings to be accurate, why would we destroy our economy, and completely reorder our lives?

This graph was shown by several speakers. It shows all the climate change projections. None of them take into consideration the effects of sun or cloud cover. They all predict warming, but the actual data (in blue and green at the bottom of the graph), shows just how far off they are. They don’t even match the actual data from previous years!

There were so many interesting speakers! Astronaut Walt Cunningham and Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, expert in solar physics and solar terrestrial physics and head of space research at the Pulkovo Observatory in Russia, as well as head of the Selenometria Project on the International Space Station, spoke about how solar activity has the greatest influence of all on temperature and climate. Oddly enough, it isn’t included in any of the climate models.
Larry Bell is an endowed professor at the University of Houston, where he directs the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture. He has written nearly 300 articles for Forbes magazine, and the book “Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power behind the Global Warming Hoax”.

There were dozens of experts in the fields of atmosphere, climate, and related sciences. The entire list of speakers is on the Heartland website, for those who want to learn more.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California gave a very entertaining talk on all the scary government claims of the last 30-some years, which have all been wrong. Yes, every last one. The government loves to scare us and spend billions of our tax dollars
to combat some phantom threat. However, when said threat is inevitably proven false, we never get an apology or an explanation. So many people are left thinking the government actually solved something. I’ll bet some of you once believed hair spray caused holes in the ozone layer, didn’t you?

One of the highlights of the Conference was Lord Monckton, Lady Margaret Thatcher’s science advisor. He is always entertaining. He goes to all the UN Earth Summit conferences, where he is one of the few voices of reason. The press never tells the public the contents of the agreements the UN always wants all the countries to sign. Lord Monckton does his best to inform us. He travels the world, trying to educate people about the consequences of these agreements. Several videos of his speeches have gone viral, and were in great measure responsible for our Congress not signing
UN agreements that would compromise our sovereignty. He showed us a recent video that had almost three million hits in two days, but the views mysteriously dropped off the day after that. He learned that someone paid over $250,000 to have searches for his name redirected to fake websites! The global warming alarmists can’t prove him wrong, so they keep trying to silence him.

Lord Monckton was kicked out of the Durban Summit, but he is not one to be deterred – he and Craig Rucker ( parachuted in! Last year’s climate summit proposed reducing CO2 by 100%. Yes, 100%! This would require all living things to stop exhaling. What a perfect example of how insane the alarmists are! It’s worth noting that most regulations and penalties are levied against America, and not any other country. One of the agreements strove to invalidate all American patents. These things would be laughable, if they weren’t so deadly serious, and if our own representatives didn’t keep trying to sign these moronic agreements. Like Agenda 21, which Congress signed with nary a peep.

This is what Lord Monckton had to say about the conference:

Many of the scientists and experts explained that temperatures haven’t risen in 17 years and 10 months. Even the IPCC, Phil Jones, and other climate alarmists have had to concede that fact. CO2 has been rising, but that is a good thing – it has made the earth more lush and green and created greater crop yields. One of the panels showed greenhouse plants injected with CO2 as compared to plants that didn’t receive injections. The CO2 plants were about five times bigger, with bigger root systems and more leaves. CO2 is the life’s blood of plants, just as oxygen is for man. CO2 is not, and never has been, a pollutant. It is a nutrient necessary for life. Reducing CO2 will lead to lower crop yields, and, eventually, widespread famine. The Jurassic period had 17 times more CO2 than we do now, and there was abundant plant life. More CO2 is better!

Not one prediction the climate alarmists have made has come true. Al Gore said we’d be flooded by the year 2000. That didn’t happen. He said polar bears were dying. There are more polar bears now than 30 years ago. They can swim for 60 miles, and live half their lives in the water. They are in no danger whatsoever. He said there would be more hurricanes and tornadoes, but there are fewer. He said the glaciers were melting, but they aren’t. He said CO2 increases cause temperature increases. Current data proves that false beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Temperature and climate are affected by solar activity, ocean currents, cloud cover, and several other factors (some of which I wasn’t previously aware of). Climate has been changing since the beginning of time, and will continue changing. Man may contribute CO2 to the atmosphere – all living things do – but that’s a good and healthy thing!

The life’s blood of our economy is energy. Cheap, abundant energy is what made this country the richest, most successful country in the world, one with the highest standard of living, and the cleanest environment. Rich countries are always the cleanest. Shipping our industries to places with fewer environmental regulations doesn’t affect the environment one iota, but it does destroy our economy by redistributing our jobs and wealth to other countries. Why are so many countries so poor? Because they don’t have access to cheap, abundant energy. This isn’t because they lack resources, it’s because they signed Earth Summit agreements that don’t allow them to use fossil fuels, and they can’t afford wind or solar power, which is ten times more expensive. The agreements force Western countries to pay for poor countries’ outrageously expensive wind and solar energy.

The good news is that we are winning the debate. Five years ago, Global Warming was one of the top concerns of American citizens. Today, it isn’t even in the top 15! As the years pass, and all the dire predictions fall flat, people stop believing the lies. When the alarmists keep claiming if it’s hot, it’s global warming, If it’s snowing, it’s global warming, rain?, global warming, drought?, global warming, impotence, car accidents, post-nasal drip, and a thousand other things, it’s laughable. It’s Chicken Little on steroids.

Do you wonder, if the actual data shows no significant warming, and human activity has little to no effect, and more CO2 is a good thing, why, then, do our president and the progressives keep pushing laws that restrict our consumption of energy? Why are they trying to force us our of our cars, and into smaller homes? If they got their way, what would our country be like? Would we still be free?

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Karen Bass just loves us. She is always so-o-o-o happy to see us show up. She makes sure to point us out to the rest of her constituents. There is a group of us that tries to go to all her townhalls. Yes, we are aware that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass what we think. While we do get perverse pleasure out of being a thorn in her side, we aren’t there for her, we are there for her constituents. If we can influence even one person ~ which we have done ~ it’s worth the effort.

Before the Karen Bass townhall, the LA-Santa Monica Tea Party had Trevor Loudon, author of “The Enemies Within”, speak at their meeting. He is from New Zealand, and has previously written a book on Obama’s radical associations. His new book names many of the radicals in our government. He said we may wonder why a New Zealander would care so much about the fate of America, but if America falls, so will the rest of the Western countries. America has been the peacekeeper of the world. Who better? What other country has been as generous as America?

Mr. Loudon pointed out all the ways progressives are undermining America, but, just as we were all ready to slit our wrists, he rallied us with a call that we, the Tea Party, didn’t know our own power. We are so much more powerful than we believe. The leftists are scared to death of us. The fact that they spend so much time demonizing us indicates how frightened they are. In 2010, we gave the Republican party record numbers of Congressmen; we got them the House. Plus, we gave America more Republican governors and state legislatures. And, just weeks ago, we did something that had never been done before ~ we voted a majority leader out of office. Mr. Loudon said we have to work very hard to take back the Senate this year, and the White House in 2016. And we can’t allow the GOP to force Jeb Bush on us, or we’ll certainly lose.

Trevor went with us to Karen Bass’ townhall. I don’t remember much of what she said, since it was all propaganda, but she did say she sponsored a bill that would forgive college loans if the student spends ten years working in “public service”. Oh, great, who is going to leave “public service” after ten years to try and establish themselves in an actual career? What a soul-sucking proposition that is!

The Congresswoman changed her Q&A routine. She now has four people ask questions before she answers them. This way, she really doesn’t have to answer direct questions. I reminded her that I had previously asked her whose jobs the illegal aliens would be taking, and that she had replied that they were already working (which I believe is against the law). I told her she had been correct, since a recent Labor Board report said all the job gains since 2000 had gone to legal and illegal immigrants. Then I asked her to explain to her constituents how illegal immigration helped them, and why she refused to protect the sovereignty of this country and the Rule of Law, something she had sworn on the Bible to do. Keith followed me, and asked her about the 14th Amendment. He was followed by Trevor Loudon, who asked her about her numerous trips to Cuba (which is not legally allowed). Her answers to all of us were evasive, yet telling. She said everyone knew her position on illegal immigration, that she is completely for it (yes, she fully admitted she was for illegal immigration!) She said she did follow the Constitution (in complete contradiction to her previous answer!) and that she thought there were plenty of jobs to go around (which begs the question, why are almost a hundred million Americans out of work?) She said we have infrastructure that is crumbling (weren’t “shovel-ready jobs” funded by one of the Stimulus Bills?) She then addressed Trevor’s question about Cuba, by saying she had traveled there several times, both before and since being in Congress, and was for “normalizing relations with Cuba”.

After the townhalls, we like to stay around and talk to people. I did a short interview for a Breitbart reporter, and overheard a woman asking Keith why he would join a racist group like the Tea Party (Keith always wears his Tea Party T-shirts to these events). I joined the conversation, and the woman glared at me, and called me a racist. I asked her why she thought that, and she said it was because I had used the term “illegal alien”. I told her that was the legal term. Keith continued to try to engage her in a calm, respectful way, but she just got more and more angry. You win some, you lose some.
Several people came up to us, and thanked us for saying the things we had said. And several asked where they could find some of the information we mentioned. I consider that a victory!

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